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Den-igan – 2011

December 19, 2018
Artists: Den-igan
Release: Self Titled
Year: 2011
Genre: Folk
Format: CD

Formed: 2009

Chatham Connection: This was recorded at Eyrespace studios in Chatham, by Bob Hiltz.

 Danielle was born in Chatham, but grew up in the Windsor music scene before moving to Vancouver in 2015.


Recording members:
Danielle Haslip – Vocals, guitar

Marc Haslip – Bass, piano, add. guitar, and harmonies on ‘Sunshine Dan’.

1. Consider It
2. Pancakes, No Heart Ache
3. Sunshine Dan
4. Take Me Home
5. Roaring Weekends
6. Souris, Sourire
7. Don’t Tell Me It’s Just Bad Luck
8. Rock Bowling

9. Children

CD Preview below:

* Youtube videos here.
* Soundcloud here.
* Bandcamp here.


The Blurry Pickers 2011

January 12, 2018


Band: The Blurry Pickers
Release: Songs of the Billyneck Redhills
Year: 2011
Home: Southern Ontario
Genre: Roots/Bluegrass

Chatham Connection: The Blurry Pickers include Chatham natives Blair Babcock, James Davies, Jeff English and Christy Muddle.

Band Members (Circa 2017)
Blair Babcock (bass/vocals)
James Davies (washboard)
Sara Edge (vocals)
Jeff English (guitar/vocals)
Todd Gillies (guitar/vocals)
D’Arcy Good (fiddle/vocals)
Christy Muddle (vocals)
Jeff Rothwell (mandolin/vocals)
(Members list collected from circa 2017. It may or may not reflect who was on these recordings, or in the band at the time of this recording)

01. Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
02. Honeysuckle Baby
03. Fairlee Well
04. In the Hills of Ol’ Kentucky
05. Hobo’s Romance
06. A Long Way from Home
07. Lonesome Maggie
08. On a Bended Knee
09. 18 Wheels on the Highway
10. When I Lay these Burdens Down
11. Blurry-Eyed John
12. Jamland

* Reverbnation here.
Facebook here.
* Itunes download here.
* Spotify here.
* CDBABY download here.


Castle 2011 In Witch Order

October 6, 2016


Band: Castle
Release: In Witch Order
Year: 2011
Genre: Doom Metal
Reside: san Fransisco
Record label (Europe): Van Records)

Local Connection:
   Guitarist Mat Davis (from Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg) first made waves in the metal scene locally with his band M.A.D.(The Mad) in the early nineties. M.A.D. released a few albums through Fringe records. Mat later moved to London Ontario & did well in the band Salmonblaster.
He moved to San Francisco about eight years ago & is now having a good time with Castle, alongside his girlfriend fronting on vocals & bass guitar.
Mat is constantly on tour through all of the U.S.A., Canada, & Europe. This tour cycle has been expanding & repeating many times during the bands life.

Side One:
1. Descent Of Man
2. Fire In The Sky
3. Slaves Of The Pharaoh
4. Knife In The Temple
5. Total Betrayal
6. Spellbinder

Side Two:
1. Lost Queen
2. Shaman Wars
3. Sleeping Giant
4. Butcher Of Los Angeles
5. Devils Castle

Discography to date
* Castle – 2014 – Under Siege
* Castle – 2013 – Backlands (Juno nominated)
* Castle – 2011 – In Witch Order. (“Album of the Year” honors from Metal Hammer Norway)

* Bands website link here.
* Download album link here.
* Facebook link here.
* Twitter link here.


Obscure – 11 – Soul and Blood

October 1, 2016

Band: Obscure
Release: Soul & Blood
Year: 2011 (Sept.20th)
Genre: Rock

Jordan Sterling – Guitar, Vocals, Percussion, Keys.
Colin Sinclair – Bass, Vocals, Keys, Percussion.
Spencer Cartier – Drums, Percussion, Keys.

1. Surrealist
2. All Is Not Sequential
3. Broken & Fleeting
4. Engine
5. Acid Lust
6. Oh, Me
7. And Hell Followed…
8. Drown
9. Dry-Erase Sunshine
10. Opium Girl

* Recorded during the summer of 2011 at Eyrespace Studios.
* All songs Copyright Obscure 2011
* All songs written and performed by Obscure.

* Additional Percussion on And Hell Followed by Josh Gyssels.
* Additional Vocals on And Hell Followed by Angela Speller.
* Photography by Angela Speller.
* Graphic Design and Artwork by Jordan Sterling.
* Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios.

* Download/listen to this recording here.



Ralph Murphy 2011

August 10, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: 2011
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

2011 High Lights:
* 2011 – Released Murphy’s Laws of Song Writing “The Book”. He has been lecturing at summits & speaking engagements around the world spreading his mass knowledge of song writing & hit song writing accomplishments.
* 2011 – Ralph appears in the Canadian Indie Charts with a No. 1 song ‘Working at Christmas’, performed by Paul Brady and Terri Clark, written by Keith Donald, Ralph Murphy, and Paul Brady.
* 2011 – Ralph receives the Jo Walker-Meador International Award.
2011– Ralph co-writes ‘Guilty’ performed by Doug Gray. Album: Soul of the South.

Buy the book here:


Hundred Proof EP Sampler 2011

August 3, 2013

Band: Hundred Proof
Release: 3 Song EP Sampler & Extended Player
Released: 2011
Formed: March 2008
Style: Hardcore
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

The band released a three song sampler online.
Tracks: 1. Breaking Point, 2. Runnin’, 3. Two Faced.
* They followed it up with a six song release entitled Extended Player.
Tracks: 1. You own your future, 2. Runnin’, 3. Elitist, 4. Breaking Point, 5. Two faced, 6. Acceptable Losses.

Band Members:
Adam LeDrew – Vox
Troy Fraser – Guitar
Lee Resistant – Bass (Fletcher, the Rucks)
Alex Hill – drums (davis block)

Download link:




Aaron Allen 2011 CD

July 31, 2013


Band: Aaron Allen
Release: IV
Year: 2011
Home: Chatham Kent
Resides: London, Ontario, Canada

1. The Fall
2. Take Me Home
3. Hey
4. Don’t Look Back
5. The Darkside
6. Changing My Direction

Notes: In July of 2011, Aaron Allen quietly released 100 copies of a solo album entitled “IV”. This album features 5 solo songs and one song featuring the Small City Saints. He wanted this album to have a more striped down effort, full of heart and not production. This cd is available by request only at this time.

Aaron Allen – IV – 2011
Aaron Allen – A Place Called Hell – 2009
Aaron Allen & the Small City Saints – 2007
Aaron Allen – Self Titled – 2006



The Janet Theory Reunion 2011

March 25, 2012

Band: The Janet Theory
Year: 2011
What: Reunion show
Genre: Rock/Punk
Home: Chatham Ontario

Note: Complete details (article) in pictures above.
Current projects:  Members have went on to form other bands such as Dead Girls Union, Sound of Static, Face4Radio, Demo Kid, Nikki Nine Doors, & Infinite Arms. (As of 2012)




The Long Lots 2011

February 7, 2012

Band: The Long Lots
Release: In the Valleys of Our Hearts (EP)
Genre: Rock (Dirty Blues)
Year: 2011
Home Town: Chatham Ontario Canada
Formed: Summer of 2007

Jay Amerlinck – Vocals & guitar
Gary Jongbloed – Guitars
Jeff O’Rourke – Bass
Jay O’Rourke – Drums

ear to the ground
2. dirty blues
3. contract
4. raise the sun
5. dead & gone

Notes: Recorded by Ben Strokosz October 2010.

* Preview CD @ Youtube here.
Download CD @ Itunes here.
Home page here.
Preview or buy the CD online here.
Myspace page here.
Reverbnation page here.
Dirty Blues performed live here.


Time Giant 2011

January 30, 2012

Artist: Time Giant
Release: Grow
Year: 2011
Formed: 2006 (Windsor)
Genre: Rock
Chatham-Kent Connection: Pat & Ryan are from Erieau.

Tyrone Buccione
– lead guitar, lead vocal, sax
Patrick Wilken – bass
Ryan Watson – rhythm guitar
Charlie McKittrick – drums and backing vocals

02. Buyer’s Remorse
03. Let It Grow
04. Temple In the Sky
05. Manifestation
06. After the Battle At Mt. Megiddo
07. Lobotomy

* Changed their name from Time to TimeGiant in February 2011.
* Ryan and Pat were both part of a band in Blenheim during high school called Bad Karma. Ryan went on to play with Red Rose Portrait, and Pat went to play with Rock Candy.
* TIMEGIANT is a Windsor born Toronto-based rock n’ roll band with experience, grit, and raw intensity. After touring the nation on multiple occasions.

Time – Self Titled EP
TimeGiant – Grow

Itunes. (Download/preview CD)
You Tube Zenith (Track from CD)









Chatham music event flyers for 2011

December 25, 2011

Flyers for all the weekly music events that happened in Chatham Ontario during 2011.


Craig James Laur Music 2011

December 12, 2011

Artist: Craig James Laur
Year: 2011
Genre: Acoustic, Singer/ song writer
Home: Chatham-Kent (Wallaceburg)
Resides: Toronto
Former bands: ForClosure, Creek Street Sessions and more

Craig James Laur has been playing music for almost 10years. In his early days as a musician he was the front man for Wallaceburg band For Closure. The modern rock band was a local success playing covers and originals. More recently he was the front man for Wallaceburg local band Creekst.sessions. The blues rock band was also a local success playing covers and originals. The local radio station showcases the talent of both bands on a regular basis. In search of new opportunity, Craig is now recently a part of the Toronto music scene. Him and Kurt Dickson, a good friend and talented drummer, are an acoustic duo playing regular gigs at venues like “The Rose and Crown” and “Sheesha Lounge and Coffee House.” Though Craig still enjoys playing covers, he is expanding as a song writer and has many new original songs. The duo are still in search of a Toronto-based bass player, as they have booked steady gigs as a full band and are looking forward to starting a successful trio.

You Tube  link here.
Reverb Nation Link here.

Watch his video below in the comments section (while available)


Suds 2011

December 12, 2011

Band: S.U.D.S.
AKA: shed union district standards
Year: 2011
Genre: Celtic Rock and Roll
Home: Chatham
Formed: 2009
Type: Originals & Covers together

Danny Wright – Guitar, lead Vocals
Darryl Twigg – Guitar, Vocals
Goody – Bass guitar,vocals
Skinny – Drums,vocals

Notes: This band can often be seen performing at the Elephant’s Nest and they really bring the party.
Danny also performs in ‘Go Man Go‘, a new metal project who just released a demo this year.

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Sarah Hiltz 2011 Music For December

December 12, 2011

Artist: Sarah Hiltz
Release: Music For December
Released: Nov. 29 2011
Genre: Christmas
Home: Chatham Ontario

1. Just For Now
2. It Came Upon A Midnight Clear
3. Christmas Song
4. Still, Still, Still

All tracks performed, recorded and mixed by Sarah Hiltz at home and at Eyrespace Studios in November 2011.

Sarah is emerging as a singularly talented songwriter with a voice all her own. In a modern blend of two classic and very different genres, echoes of Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Feist ring out faintly through the structure of Sarah’s artistry.

Sarah has been busy touring around Canada on different ventures. She often performs with a live band and does many duo shows with her friend Linz R.

2010 – letters (EP)
2009 – How Many Fires
2003 – Close To Me
2000 – The People Of Chatham Kent

Visit her website here.
Download or peview this CD here.
Visit Sarah on YouTube here.

  • Watch/listen to the video preview below.

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Bold Equation 2011

December 11, 2011

Artist: Bold Equation
Release: Born Killer EP
Year: Sept. 2011
Genre: Dubstep
Home Town: Chatham Ontario
Press Contact:
Previous Group: Stress Related.

1. Born Killer
2. Clak Clak
3. Earthquake
4. Unleash The Fury

Notes:  AKA Chris Spafford has come a long way in being a supporter of the local scene to becoming a scene maker. Locals may know him back in the day as the very young skate board shop owner of “High Five”. A young go getter who was one of the central figures behind getting our sleepy town a skate park. That was no easy task!
I have watched this guy grow as he dabbled in music in the likes of hip hop, rap etc.  The good thing about him is that he always worked with others & took the knowledge he learned & kept progressing.
It is great to see this guy take his ambitious passions to new levels each & every time. We are talking about a guy who takes his vision and makes it happen.  If his track record proves correct, this is not the high point of his musical trials. The best is yet to come. Keep an eye on  Bold Equation…. The math adds up.

Watch videos below in comment section.


Michelle Wright 2011 CD

November 26, 2011

Artist: Michelle Wright
Release: The Wright Songs – An Acoustic Evening With Michelle Wright
Year: 2011
Genre: Country
Born: Chatham-Kent
Resides: Merlin Ontario, currently in Nashville

Notes: The Wright Songs – An Acoustic Evening With Michelle Wright captures the magical essence of the more than 40 acoustic trio concerts Canadian country music star Michelle Wright performed in Canada during the past two years. Recently inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, Wright has chosen to spotlight songs from her CDs both old and new on this, her first live album. The Wright Songs features sparkling acoustic arrangements of many of Wright’s biggest hits, including her career-making smash, “Take It Like A Man,” the SOCAN–award winning “I Surrender,” her ground-breaking look at adoption, “He Would Be Sixteen,” her successful collaboration with pianist Jim Brickman, “Your Love,” and thirteen other fan favourites recorded at theatres in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and Olds, Alberta, at various times during 2009 and 2010.

Michelle had 25 top ten hits in Canada. Seven went to #1
Five Gold records
Two multi-platinum records
World wide record sales nearing two million units & one million in Canada
Toured North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, & Australia

1. In The Blink Of An Eye
2. I Surrender
3. You Can’t Lose Them All
4. What Love Looks Like
5. He Would Be Sixteen
6. Something Wild
7. Crank My Tractor
8. I Don’t Wanna Be That Strong
9. Safe In The Arms Of Love
10. Guitar Talk
11. Your Love
12. The Old Song And Dance
13. I’ve Forgotten You
14. Broken
15. Nobody’s Girl
16. Take It Like A Man
17. Everything And More

* Watch the CD preview below:

If video does not appear above, watch it here.



Walkin ’47

November 25, 2011

Band: Walkin ’47
Genre: Cover band (Rock & Roll)
Home: Chatham
Year: 2011
Year formed: 2007
Contact: Facebook website.

Drew Varsava – Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Percussion
Scott Aarssen –  Rhythm Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Brian Cox – Lead Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Jason Denys – Bass Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Steve Bellan – Drums

The band usually plays host to fundraising events which help our community.
A few shows include the Annual Halloween Spooktacular, Movember, Tonyfest, Links Luau Fundraiser, LobsterFest 2009, & Playin’ for Peyton.

Visit our contact page to send us your pics & info on local bands.


Eric Welton 2011

November 13, 2011

Artist: Eric Welton
Release: Kill Them with Kindness”
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk
Year: 2011
Resides: Windsor
From: Chatham Ontario

Live band:
Eric Welton – Vox, guitar
Luke Pelotte – Drums
Josh Zalev – Bass
Erik Myskow – Guitar

Eric grew up in Chatham, where his step Father (at the time) owned Sound Trax as well as the fleamarket inspired store below it. After high school,   Eric went to Toronto to study Media Arts. He moved to Windsor between 2002-2004.
Eric hosts the Open Stage at a local pub named “Villains” every Tuesday night, along with members of his band.
Eric is also the newest member of Square Root Of Margaret, The Chatham band just released a record in 2010 entitled “WYSiWYG”.

Tracks: 1. Kooler, 2. Kill Them with Kindness, 3. Gone, 4. the Evil in Your Violence, 5. Hazel Eyes, 6. Every Day, 7. Spherikal, 8. I Know I’m Dying,  9. LC/DC, 10. unOther.

* Watch/Listen to CD Preview below.


Preview & download the CD online @

More links



Bent Str8 band 2011

November 10, 2011

Cover Band:
Bent Str8
Genre: Classic Rock
Home: Chatham
Year: 2011

Dwayne Boismier
Darryl Boismier
Terry Barker

About: BENT STR8 is a hard hitting 3 peace Band. Consisting of Lead Guitar/ Harmonica/Accoustic , Drums and Bass. All three members are lead singers which makes for sweet three part harmony and also makes the Band sound BIGGER than it really is. BENT STR8’s set list consists of anything from Pink Floyd to the Hip. Neil Young to Uncle Cracker and everything in between. The Band also has some Country roots which ables them to reach a wider range of audience covering tunes from Johnny Cash, Keith Urban and Toby Keith just to name a few.

Current shows (at time of print)
Dec 31 2011 – New Years Eve Bash @Central Hotel in Pain Court
Dec 9-10, 2011 @ Big Shots Billiards, Chatham.
Dec 3, 2011 at 7:00pm @ Ranch 2000 ( 23496 Centre side rd. Chatham )

Contact them on Facebook “Bent Str8t”.

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Finding Core 2011 Release

October 31, 2011

Band: Finding Core
Release: Fifty Two Ten (8 song demo)
Year: 2011
Formed: Circa 2000
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham

Notes: The band broke up in August of 2012.

Kenny Deuxberry – Lead Vocals
Eric Broadbent – Guitars & Backing Vocals
J.Z Taine – Bass & Backing Vocals
Paul Demars – Drums & Backing Vocals

01. Falls Silent
02. Loaded Gun
03. Tomorrow
04. F-Bomb
05. Fantasy
06. Pass You By
07. Gemini
08. Runaway

2006 – Silence
2011 – Fifty Two Ten

Visit them online here.
Buy/ Preview their album online here.



Sal Piamonte 2011 CD

October 17, 2011

Band: Sal Piamonte
Release: Lives in Devil City
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock
Website: here.
Download from Itunes: here.
YouTube page: here.

Chatham Connection: Former Chatham resident now living in the Ottawa area.

Sal Piamonte – Vox, guitar
Eric Disero (who also mixed and mastered the album)
Dan Stadnicki (Serial Joe, Liam Titcomb)
Mike Goyette (Artificial Joy Club, Save Ferris)
Dan Joseph

Notes: Breaking into the American market with songs “Humble Heart,” and “Moments They Pass,” from his 2008 “Rogue EP” release, Sal then proceeded to write, record, and self-produce 2010’s “Free Money LP,” which not only demonstrated Sal’s versatility as a world-class songwriter and producer, but got him signed to a worldwide publishing deal with 2850 Music (Lionel Ritchie, GroupLove, John Waite, etc) in Santa Monica, California in the process.

01 Big Sleazy
02 Take Me Home
03 Devil Woman
04 Get Up, Get Up
05 Just a Little Bit
06 Tonight
07 Shining Star
08 Nasty Girl
09 Whatcha Say
10 High Road
11 Go All Night
12 Big Sleazy Outro
13 Take Me Home (Radio Edit)


Chatham Concert Band 2011

August 21, 2011

Band: Chatham Concert Band
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada
Year: 2011 (84th season for the band)

Book: The Chatham Concert Band: 80 Years of Musical History 1927-2007.
Written by: Ken Crone
For a copy of the book, call Crone 519-354-5257 or Pugh 519-436-1150. (as published in the above article)

The Chatham Concert band performs every Wednesday through the summer in Tecumseh Park.

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Arm The Homeless Chatham 2011

August 17, 2011

Band: Arm The Homeless
Year: 2011
Genre: Rage Against The Machine cover band
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year Formed: 2004
Contact: their Facebook group.

Tom Vandeven – Guitars
Matt Broadbent – Bass
Chris Bechard – Drums
Andrew Gallagher – Vocals

Photos by: Devin Gallagher

Notes: ATH was formed in early 2004 when Andrew, Chris, Matt and Tom just wanted to rock out to the grunge/rock tunes that they grew up on in the late 80’s/early 90’s. All four members were involved in various music projects and decided to collaborate together on this project.

Arm The Homeless is a Rage Against The Machine cover band first and foremost with the odd 90’s cover, depending on what show you hit up.

Catch them live @ The Elephants Nest in Chatham when they stop in.

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Go Man Go 2011

August 11, 2011

Band: Go Man Go
EP Release: Self Titled
Year: 2011
Genre: Metal
Home: Chatham Ontario
Formed: 2011
Contact: Face Book group

Jordan Ginty– Guitar/Vox (Punish Them)
J-Rad Sterling– Drums/Samples/Vox (Full Frontal)
Danny Wright– Vox (S.U.D.S.)
Matt Broadbent – Bass (All Business)
Cody Woods – Guitar (newest member added after the recording)

Notes: Produced by Brady Krzemiem at BK Studios.
Go man Go started as just Sterling & Ginty jamming in the basement. They wrote 5 songs in roughly 2 months then decided to go to BK studious and record an Ep, that way it would be easier to find members. In the process of recording they brought in Danny Wright to add some Vocal tracks. At the time of print, Go Man Go is looking for a second guitarist.

01 Wasted Night
02 New Best Friend
03 Troubuffalo
04 Of Epic Proportions
05 My Fault
06 Not The Same

Watch the Preview below:

If above video does not appear, watch it here.

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Danielle Robert Music 2011

August 7, 2011

Artist: Danielle Robert
Release: Danielle Robert – Demo
Year: 2011 (Summer)
Genre: Pop & Indie
Home: Pain Court (Chatham-Kent)

1. Washing Machine
2. Bent Tree
3. Should I Blink?
4. Sunrainy Soul
5. The Son and His People
6. Je suis guérie
7. Julie’s Song

Born in 1992, Danielle Robert is a singer-songwriter hailing from Pain Court, Ontario, a small francophone village in southwestern Ontario. Danielle holds grade nine piano accreditation with The Royal Conservatory of Music. She is currently entering her second year in the Honours Bachelor of Music Program at Wilfrid Laurier University, pursuing a degree in music therapy. Her musical creations are quoted as “earthy and organic” and are classified in the indie/pop category.
Daniel has been playing locally at the Coffee Culture in downtown Chatham while on her summer break.

Watch the CD preview video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Visit her online @
Listen to her demos

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Cameron MacLean 2011

July 28, 2011


Artist: Cameron MacLean
Genre: Folk, Indie
Year: 2011
Home: Chatham Ontario
Resides: Montreal

Songs include: Walls Between, Dead Wood, Sky is Grey & Train Song.

Bio: Cameron has shared the stage with many successful East Coast artists, having lived in Fredericton for five years before recently moving to Montreal. He has twice opened for ECMA-award-winning performer Christina Martin, in both Fredericton and Montreal, and has played in some real groovy venues throughout the Maritimes, Quebec, and Ontario.

He has also shared the stage countless times with many established Fredericton-based performers, such as friends Logan Hawkes (from ECMA-nominated band Slate Pacific), Kelly Waterhouse (from Fredericton reggae supergroup Dub Antenna), and Nick Howe (from up-and-coming Fredericton band Duke Haiku). Last year Cameron was a performer at the Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton.

August 2011 will see Cameron on tour with Sarah Hiltz (also from Chatham) The dates include.

August 11 – 3:40pm – Wallaceburg – CKXS In Studio performance
August 12 – 7:00pm – Chatham – ARThouse
August 13 – 9:00pm – Windsor – Taloola Café
August 22 – 8:00pm – Kingston – The Artel
August 23 – 8:30pm – Ottawa – Avant Garde
August 25 – 9:30pm – Montreal – Shaika Café
August 26 – 5:00pm – Peterborough – The Spill
August 29 – 7:00pm – Toronto – The Old Nick

Visit him online here:


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Mati Haskell Music 2011

July 28, 2011

Artist: Mati Haskell
CD Release: 10, 2 & 6
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Blues,roots
Year: 2011

Notes: A soulful combo of Blues, Roots, Gospel and Soul music infused with Folk and Jazz, 10, 2 & 6 boasts an all star group of Nashville’s finest musicians featuring Americana superstar, John Cowan, Jonell Mosser and Gospel great’s, the McCrary Sisters.

01. Show Me
02. Nothin’ But The Blues
03. Be Back Soon
04. Purgatory
05. Why
06. Blessing (feat. Jonell Mosser)
07. Back To Your Arms
08. Let’s Make A Baby King
09. Fade To Black
10. Big Big Mountains (feat. John Cowan)
11. You Give My Blues A Name

Buy her album here:

Watch the cd preview video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Allyson Morris 2011 Music

July 28, 2011

Artist: Allyson Morris
Genre: Jazz
Year: 2011
Home Town: Chatham Ontario
Resides: Toronto area

Notes: Allyson’s talents has led her to producing, arranging and providing back-up vocals on various musical ventures. Allyson is currently working on her debut CD.

Visit her website here:

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Charlie Dorner Music 2011

July 26, 2011

Artist: Charlie Dorner
Home: Chatham-Kent
Genre: Country Music
Year: 2011

Charles has been performing country music with his voice & acoustic guitar for years. He is known for his choice of classic country outlaw covers by all the bad boys. Charles has also been crafting his own music over the years.
You can catch him live around town at various functions, most recently at the ULTIMATE SPORTS BAR in Chatham.

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July 26, 2011

Genre: Hip Hop
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 2011


visit them online here.


The Repertoire 2011

July 13, 2011

Band: The Repertoire
Year: 2011
Genre:  “50’s and 60’s” Hits
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Email Contact:

Brian St.Pierre – Vocals, guitars
Jared Lozon – Stand up & electric bass
Chris St.Pierre –  Cocktail drums


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Observatory 2011 CD

June 26, 2011

Band: Observatory
Release: Secrets of Memory Man
Genre: Alternative Indie Rock
Year: 2011
Email Contact:
Free CDdownload  (while it lasts): Download CD.

Members: Not listed

01 Silver Veins
02 Mr Grey
03 Astral Grenades
04 Clayton
05 A Windmill Made of Iron
06 Curious Flyer
07 It’s Textbook
08 Downer’s Grove
09 Cobra Commander
10 Sams hotel
11 Love and Money
12 Last Shine
13 Happy Exo Skeleton Days

Watch the Video CD preview below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

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The Big Dirty 2011

June 22, 2011

Band: The Big Dirty
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Formed: 2009
Genre: Metal

Jesse Bisson – vocals
Chris Wylie – guitar
Kyle Matte – bass
Joe Carson – drums

Previous bands members have been in include:
chuck norris and the delta force chorus
immoral disparity

Visit them online @



Bear Flag Music 2011

June 9, 2011

Click on pic to enlarge

Group: Bear Flag
Release title: Everywhere
Year: 2011
Genre: Indie, experimental, instrumental, rock.
Home: Chatham Ontario

Written, recorded and produced by:
Tom VanDeven (From Chatham)
Jack Lawtey (From Immingham, UK)

01. Prelude to 550 / Highlights
02. 550 / Instances
03. Pitter Patter
04. Milkfish
05. The Ida Funkhouser Roadside Memorial
06. Czachs Phauwk
07. Stuck In Traffic
08. Trackmarks! (A Harrowing Tale Of Adventure)
09. Delphin Blue Eve
10. Golden Republic
11. Ad Astra
12. Yksi

Download or preview the music here:



Infinite Arms Band of Horses Tribute Band

June 7, 2011

click pic to enlarge

Band: Infinite Arms

Type: Began as a ‘Band of Horses’ Tribute Band
Formed: 2011
Home:  Chatham Ontario Canada.

Jesse Verleye – Vocals, guitar (Face for Radio, Janet Theory)
Kyle Jubenville – Vocals, guitar
Dave Richie – Guitar (Face for Radio, ’57 Chevy, Janet Theory)
Shawn Beaulieu – Bass (Demo Kid, Janet Theory)
Glenn Smith – Keyboards (’57 Chevy)
Charles (Chuck) Young – Drums (Face For Radio, Janet Theory)

The band will begin playing live in June 2011.
June 10 – Private Party
June 24 – Elephant’s Nest opening for The Long Lots.
July 1 – Canada Day in Tecumseh Park, Chatham.
Aug 26 – @ Encore w/ JD Bixby (Canadian Idol) & Aaron Allen.
Aug 27 – Private Party.
Dec 30 – @ Encore W. The Long Lots & Time Is A Hymn.



The Vinyl Room in Chatham

May 24, 2011

click pic to enlarge

Store: The Vinyl Room
City: Chatham Ontario Canada
Location:  325 Queen St. Chatham
Phone: 519-351-2727

The Vinyl Room is a brand new store in Chatham that carries records, nostalgia items, and collectables. Go check it out.

Opened May 2011

Email your info on bands & events to:



Daybreak CD Wallaceburg Band

May 18, 2011

Band: Daybreak
Release: When Heaven and Hell Collide
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock
Home: Wallaceburg

Eric Badder – Lead Guitar/Back vox
Chris Driessens – Bass Guitar/Back vox
Todd Elliott – Drums/Percussion
Danny Owens – Vocals/Rhythm guitar

Preview and buy the CD online here.

Visit them online @



Demo Kid Home Demos Volume 4

May 18, 2011

Demo Kid
Release: Home Demos Vol. 4
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock/Pop
Home: Chatham, On. Canada

Shawn B. – All instruments & Recording
Jesse V. – Vocals (track 4)
Rivers Coumo – Vocals & writer track 7.

1. Pocket Full of Candy
2. To Die For
3. Beautiful Day (Free Download)
4. Our Little Secret (Free Download)
5. Don’t Stop the Party (Free Download)
6. On Holidays
7. My Brain is working over time.
8. Sex in Space

Notes: This is a collection of home recordings and song ideas produced, engineered, mastered, written, performed and mixed by Shawn B. at his home studio. Except #7, Vocals & Lyrics written by Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. Shawn has been busy connecting the local scene by running the Chatham Music Archive website which promotes local music releases & events on a daily basis. He is also a home recording enthusiast who has been releasing music for many years to friends and local music lovers.

Watch the CD Preview below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.




Assume No Order 2011

May 4, 2011

Band: Assume No Order
Release: Slaggered (EP)
Date: 2011
Genre: Experimental instrumental metal
Home: Toronto

Download the Release for free, click here.

Notes: Nigel Barylewicz began in Chatham as a guitar player for local death metal bands while in high school. He later moved to Toronto and began releasing experimental (mostly metal) albums, performing all the instruments on the recordings.

Nigel Barylewicz – Nigel Barylewicz
Grant Johnson – 3AM Radio Theremin Outro

1. Aggregate, 2. Solidification, 3. Pelletized, 4. Blast Furnace.

Assume No Order – 2011 – Slaggered (EP)
Assume No Order – 2010 – Nothing More
Assume No Order – 2007 – Exit Dark (EP)
Assume No Order – 2002 – Nigel
Nigel Barylewicz – 2001 – A Selection Of Works



All Against I 2011

April 29, 2011

Band: All Against I
Home: Chatham, Ontario
Genre: Rock/Metal
Year: 2011

Jason Summerfield – Vocals, Guitar
Jason Andersen – Bass
Ki Larsen – Drums

Notes: All Against I is a newly formed Rock/Metal band. Ki & Jason were previously in the band ‘Nerve’ for many years.

Contact them through their facebook group All Against I.



Tom Lockwood CD 2011

April 14, 2011

Artist: Tom Lockwood
CD Release: Common Ground (Tom Lockwood with Jaimee Paul)
Year: 2011
Genre: Blues
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada.

  This is a 13 track CD featuring a couple of original compositions from guitarist Tom Lockwood, his first electric guitar release.

Notes:  Tom performed in many bands through the early 1970’s before moving to Chatham (from Detroit) in 1977.
Through the 1980’s, Tom’s focus was on composing music on Classical and steel string guitar. During the nineties, Tom released 2 CD’s. 2011 marks 34 years of private guitar teaching for Mr. Lockwood. He can also be seen performing solo or with his band at Blues festivals, corporate events, or special entertainment for various functions.

Vocals – Jaimee Paul
Guitar – Tom Lockwood
Trumpet – Leif Shires
Bass – Bob Hiltz & Bob Wilson
Keyboards – Mark Tremblay
Drums – Mark Wolfe

Photography & graphic design by Aaron Summerfield

You can purchase this CD at
Frank’s Music Centre, Strings n’ Things, Tony’s One Stop, The Book Brothers, Aug’s Video(Blenheim), Smith & Wilson (Cedar Springs)

Watch the CD video preview below:

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Tom Lockwood Discography
Passion Flower – 1989
Streamline – 1991
Ascension – 1996
Hands On – 2003
Point Of View – 2007
Common Ground (with Jaimee Paul) – 2011




Charlie Burgess 2011

April 2, 2011

Artist: Charlie Burgess (AKA LC)
Release: Adrenaline Rush
Genre: Hip Hop
Year: 2011
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

Notes: Back at it again, Charlie Burgess releases his brand new free mixtape “Adrenaline Rush” for promotional use only. This is his 3rd mixtape this year and 7th mixtape in 10 months

Preview the release online here.
Free download here.
Visit him on you tube here.


Artist: Charlie Burgess (AKA L.C.)
Release: EP
Year: 2011
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Itunes download link here.

This second release for 2011 includes 20 songs.



Tonys One Stop Music Shoppe 2011

March 27, 2011


click to enlarge

Store: Tony’s One Stop Music Shoppe
City: Chatham Ontario Canada
Address: 83 Center Street (Downtown)
Phone: 519-351-4885
Year: 2011

Founded by Tony Meriano, a fixture of the Chatham-Kent music scene for over 35 years, Tony’s One Stop Music Shoppe is committed to providing Southwestern Ontario with the very best music services.From music equipment, to studio gear, to live sound, Tony’s has the experienced staff to help you make the right choices, and take your productions to the next level. Contact them today.

Visit them online here.



Full Frontal Band 2011

March 5, 2011

Band: Full Frontal
Genre: Rock covers & originals
Year: 2011
Year formed: 2009
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario

Myke Oz. Parent – Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar
Rob Cowan – Lead guitar, backing vox
Don Brissette – Bass, backing vox)
J-Rad Sterling – Drums, samples, backing vox

Notes: The band has been playing the club scene and also is known for their ‘After Burner’ ZZ Top tribute act (formed in 2007) which  includes a few members from this line up. A true party rock band making the rounds today.

* Facebook link here.




Chatham Music History Tidbits

February 19, 2011

Chatham Music History Tidbits
By Shawn Beaulieu.

1883 – McKeough Public School Band. The Forest Street School opened in 1882 and closed in 2001.
1906Victor Lauriston writes the song “Maple Land”, a song of Canada. Entered according to Act of Parliament of Canada at the Department of Agriculture. Music by George Hahn. 

The Chatham Concert Band was organized in 1927.
1964The Turf Room opens in Downtown Chatham January 7th 1964 inside the Chatham Hotel. The club was host to bands from home and afar for many, many years.
1964 – A Record Hop was held every Friday at the Chatham Memorial Community Centre in 1964, in Chatham. The Dj was Mark Lade from CFCO Radio. The Hops carried into 1966 too. Also in 1964, every Friday night at the Pyranon Ballroom, the Teddy Bear Hop was held.
1966 – CFCO Radio – Some of the on-air names at CFCO at this time: Vern Rombough (mornings) Jim Knettle (middays) Fred Merrit (afternoons) Jim Junk (evenings). News:  Jim Cassidy (joined from CJET in Smiths Falls),  Pete McGarvey, Dave Hodge (sports).
1967 Bruce French – Canadian concert guitarist Bruce French of Ridgetown is now studying the Lute. Bruce has already mastered the ukulele and Spanish guitar. He also attended the Detroit Conservatory of Music studying from the great Italo Taranta. The 24 year old was a member of various local orchestras while studying. Bruce French has become a well respected and well known name to classical music enthusiasts through out Ontario.
1968 – Another live venue – Casino Royale @ 210 King St. W. Bands such as The Grim Reapers, The Grass Company (Kim Mitchells/ Max Webster early band), & The Blues Man Revue.
1969MC5 play the Rondeau Pavillion July 9th 1969.
1969 – The Kingsway Hotel, a live venue with many acts coming through and home to locals The Jack Austin Trio.
1970 – Legendary Bob Seger performs at the Rondeau Pavilion Sept. 2nd 1970 as the ‘Bob Seger System’.
1970 – Shock Rocker Alice Cooper live in Chatham-Kent  Dec 28th 1970 on his ‘Easy Action’ tour.
1970 – Diamond Hall Music Centre announces their official opening of the new larger store at 40 King Street West.
1972Musical Strings ‘N’ Things Ltd., (aka “Strings ‘n’ Things”), opened for business in 1972. Its first location was in a small store on Fourth Street.
1973 – The legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich and his orchestra perform at the Capital Theatre in Chatham on Feb. 28 1973.
1975 – The ‘Red Barrel’ was a rockin’ venue with such great local bands as Friends & The Myers Bros. & The Jubilaires. (Located inside the Wheels Inn)
1976 – June 15th 1976, legendary rock band ‘Rush‘ perform at the Chatham Memorial Arena. In the fall of 1950 the Chatham Memorial Arena officially opened to the community.
1976 Stompin’ Tom Connors Live in concert at the Memorial Community Centre. Thurs. Sept. 16th at 8pm. Chatham welcomes Canada’s number one country entertainer at the time.
1977Circle of Sound was a record shop in Chatham in 1977. Vinyl was the popular format that music was sold as, better known as the LP or Album.
1977Marty Robbins Show @ The Memorial Arena.
1978 – Sarnia band  ‘Max Webster’ performs at the ‘Wheels’ in Chatham in 1978. The band had Kim Mitchell on guitar and vocals.
1978 – The Roller Alley opens in Chatham Nov. of 1978 on River Road. Disco music was the craze at the time. The economy bottomed out around 1982, and so did the disco & roller skating craze. Just like the Chatham Roller Alley, most of them became bingo halls.
1979 –  Chatham was on the Muppet Show, yes, really. Super Country Star Crystal Gayle did a cover of Slyvia Tyson’s (from Chatham) song ‘River Road’, the song about our River Road. The video is her performing it on the Muppets show. Watch video here.
1979 – In 1979, Ralph Murphy (Raised in Wallaceburg) had a huge year. He co-wrote “Half the Way” performed by Crystal Gayle and it became a number one hit. Ralph was also the producer for many of the tracks featured on April Wine’s Greatest Hits album released this year.
1979Bobby Vee, one of Rock and Rolls all time greats performs at the Blue Bonnet in Tilbury Friday Nov. 9th 1979. His hits include “Rubber Ball”, “The Night has 1,000 Eyes”, “Take Good Care of My Baby”, and “Run to Him”.
1979 – Polydor recording artists “Goddo” play at the Thames Arts Centre (known today as the Chatham Cultural Centre) Oct. 7th 1979, with special guests “FM”. Over 600 people attend the 700 seat venue. View ticket stub.
1979 – The Toronto Heavy Metal band ‘Lips’ (Changed their name to Anvil shortly after) played the Turf Room in Chatham 1979. They became a popular metal band around 1983 after the release of their song ‘Metal on Metal’ as Anvil.
As of 2009, the band has released thirteen studio albums, and has been cited as having influenced many notable heavy metal groups, including Slayer and Metallica.  The band was the subject of the 2009 documentary film Anvil! The Story of Anvil,  Upon its release, the film garnered critical acclaim from many major publications, and has since brought the band renewed recognition, including opening slots with AC/DC and Saxon. Appearances at major heavy metal festivals, including Download and Loud Park, also followed the release of the film.
1980 – Country Star Charlie Pride performs at the Chatham Arena Friday August 29th 1980. Opening bands include Janie Fricke & Chatham’s Homegrown. He recently played the Capital Theatre in 2011.
1980 – The William Pitt Hotel (and the whole building) was sold and torn down in 1980. It was replaced with the Chatham Downtown Centre. A.K.A. Sears Mall.
The William Pitt Hotel was host to many bands and entertainers over the years.
1981 – Local singing star Cassandra Leigh (Vassik) does her second performance on The Tommy Hunter Show.
1982 Mr. Dress Up comes to town.
1982 – (March 1982) Cassandra Leigh (Vassik) – Country and western singer of London (formerly of Blenheim) won $2,500 worth of recording time in the second annual Country Roads competition for country music acts from South Western Ontario. This was held in London. Cassandra is currently performing with her band Destiny. They are Kent County’s most popular dance band group. She would go on to Major Label succuess through the 1990’s.
1983 – Eightball Billiards & Games opens in October 1983. From the early 90’s until it closed in 2004, EightBall was the main consistent provider of live entertainment with variety. The venue also had one of the nicest owners in the world in Tony Almeida.
1983 – Jan 1983. Sound Shop, one of Chatham’s first music stores, is closing after 25 years. The store on four King Street was owned by Gwen and Paul Beardsal.
1983Helix plays the Aberdeen Jan. 1983, a year before their Commercial success with the song ‘Rock You’. The Aberdeen was Chatham’s infamous rock music bar well into the late 1990’s. It began as a hot spot for country bands. The aberdeen was ran by Al & George. Famous quotes included “Come on people, let’s go” and ” This is a hotel not a motel”.
1983Franks Music Centre celebrates its 25th Anniversary.  Larry Lozon has been owner for roughly 20 of those years. It originally was located at 230 Queen Street. Besides selling instruments, Franks Music had 25 music teachers at the time.
1983 – The Lacroix Street Bridge was built.
1983Manpower forms (formerly ‘The Force’). As of the latest update (2011), the band has been together for 28+ years.
1984 – Local Chatham Bassist Bob Wilson (A.K.A, Robert Sinclair Wilson)(Friends, Quadrant) plays on Kim Mitchell’s record Akimbo Alogo, featuring the hit song ‘Go for a Soda’.  Bob also played bass in major acts such as Troiano and Black Market.
1985 – Country singer Brad Preston. Brad will be performing on the TV show ‘You Can Be a Star’ which has a viewer audience of 10 million.
Preston currently plays guitar and sings in the local favourite country band ‘The Melody Ramblers’.
The engagement came about when Brad sent his 1983 release ‘ Roses Always Turn Red’ to the show.
1986 – 1986 was the grand opening of the T-House at 342 Queen Street.
1986 – In April 1986, the Kent Kordsmen celebrated their 25th anniversary.  They are a harmony “Barber Shop” style singing group.
1986 CKSY 94.3FM: an adult contemporary music radio station began airing on July 1, 1986. In 2002, CKSY swapped broadcasting frequencies with CKUE.
1988Kim Mitchell performs at ‘Copperfields’ (Downtown Chatham Bar) Wed. July 27th 1988. Tickets $15 Advance.
1989 – The popular Dr. Feel Good’s bar on Keil Drive in Chatham held its grand opening in 1989. It was owned by Frank Dimara.
1989 Kideo live at the Chatham Cultural Centre, Sunday Oct. 15th, 1989.
1991 – May 2nd 1991: The Northern Pikes perform at the Chatham Cultural Centre. Their big hit was “ She Ain’t Pretty”….She just looks that way.
1991 – King Street is host to a new bar named “Rascel’s”. It was formerly named Copperfeilds. Rascel’s brings some bigger names to town including Rick Emmett(Triumph), and David Wilcox. It was also home to rock & roll tribute acts on the circuit.
1991Tryx : March 1991.  In Chatham, bands & musicians donate their time and talents to Charities. This is done allot in this community. The local group Tryx packed the Cultural Centre to perform for kids & parents to raise money for a local charity. The band was made up of Stephen Neale – Bass, Tony Meriano – Drums, Sandra Shaw – Keyboards, Ted Shaw – Guitar.
1992 – If you wanted to buy a record from your favourite band in 1992, you probably bought it at Sam the Record Man located in the mall (Downtown Chatham Centre) and it was most likely a cassette.
1992Sylvia Tyson  was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame during the Juno Awards ceremony.
1994 – Local country favs The Melody Ramblers Retire. Sherley St. Pierre and his wife Theresa formed the country music band “The Melody Ramblers” in 1953.
1994 –  Tony’s One Stop Music Shoppe opens for business at 433 Merritt Ave.  They specialize in Sound production and staging for the big acts and smaller acts. Tony’s deals in musical equipment sales and rentals. Many of you may know Tony Meriano from his years with Musical Strings ‘N’ Things.
The store would later move to 83 Centre Street in 2004.   Tony is also a musician along with his sons Shawn and Scott who have played in several bands. It is a family run business.
1994Slyvia Tyson was made a ‘Members of the Order of Canada’.
1995 Sylvia Tyson is named to the ORDER OF CANADA in March 1995. Established in 1967 by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Order of Canada is the centrepiece of Canada’s honours system and recognizes a lifetime of outstanding achievement, dedication to the community and service to the nation.   The Order recognizes people in all sectors of Canadian society. Their contributions are varied, yet they have all enriched the lives of others and made a difference to this country.
1995 – Chatham Kent’s Country star Michelle Wright performs her first headlining Canadian Tour. She also hosts the ‘CCMA Awards Show’ on CBC.
1996 – Steve Eyres takes over operations and ownership of Franks Music Centre.  Steve also started ‘Eyresspace studio’ which is home to the best local recordings. Along with all that, he also performs in the popular local rock cover band ‘Tangled Puppet’.
1996 – Country star Michelle Wright’s television special ‘Songs & Secrets’ airs on CBC. 1996. Michelle was the Honorary Chairperson for ‘Operation C.A.T. Scan’, a fundraising campaign that raised almost two million dollars for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chatham, Ontario (the hospital where Michelle was born). The campaign raised money for the hospital to purchase its first C.A.T. Scan machine.
1996 Cornstalk event draws huge numbers in 1996 and 1997. Held near Blenheim, outdoor event drawing 4-8000 people. 15 plus bands performing from noon till 6a.m. The best out door (B.Y.O.B.) event to ever hit the city.
1997 Michelle Wright was the Celebrity Spokesperson for the 1997 Special Olympics World Winter Games and contributed to the Power of Peace CD celebrating the 50th anniversary of CARE. In the title track “The Power of Peace” Chris de Burgh sings together with Oleta Adams, Enrique Iglesias, Peobo Bryson, Gerald Levert, Aretha Franklin, Kenny Rogers, Giorgia, and Emmanuel.
1998 – Wallaceburg raised Ralph Murphy has a few major song writing credits this year for Randy Travis & Crystal Gayle.
1998 – Conductor Doug Sanford conducted two orchestras, The East York and Okanagan Symphonies.
1999 – Chatham born Shaune Ann was a finalist in the 1999 Lilith Fair Competition to tour with Sarah McLaughlin, sponsored by Star 98.7 FM, chosen for the Top 20 finalists out of 3,000 applicant submissions.
1999 – Local blues band Midnight Mojo performs live on the “Open Mike” show with Mike Bullard. “Open Mike” (1997), was one of the longest running late-night talk shows in North America. The Gemini award-winning series was the most-watched late-night talk show in Canada’s largest market, comparable in popularity and success to late-night heavyweights Letterman and Leno.
2000Steve Shearer (Harmonica) Mr. Shearer is known world wide for his work with the Cowboy Junkies on their most successful album ‘The Trinity Session‘. Steve also released a solo record ‘Steve Shearer & the Erie Ramblers’.
2001 – In 2001, Chatham born Shaune Ann toured with Peter Fonda and Branscombe Richmond (Renegade) in Tahiti and Campo Grande, Brazil as a lead vocalist for the World Motor Cycle Tour representing Indian Motor Cycles.
2002 –  In June of 2002, Michelle Wright travelled to Zambia to film a television special for World Vision, the child sponsorship organization
Wright is no stranger to charity. She was the Honorary Chairperson for “Operation C.A.T. Scan”, a fundraising campaign that raised almost two million dollars for St. Joseph’s Hospital in Chatham, Ontario (the hospital where Wright was born). The campaign raised money for the hospital to purchase its first C.A.T. Scan machine. She also released her album ‘Shut Up And Kiss Me’ this year.
2002 – The Chatham Concert Band was organized in 1927 and in 2002 celebrated 75 years of continuous operation. The band is under the direction of Band Master Vaughn Pugh.
2003 – Jeff Healy’s Jazz Wizards play the Kiwanis Theatre in Chatham Nov. 26th 2003. 8PM $29 cover.
2003 – Local rock band ‘The Janet Theory’ release their fourth CD ‘Sacriluscious‘.  The release scores two years of playing on legs of the years biggest tours ‘Warped Tour’ through Canada & The U.S.A. Two tracks also become part of compilation Cd’s in the U.S.A. & Canada.
2003 – In Chatham-Kent, Smoking is now banned in all public places, including restaurants, bars, billiard halls, bingo halls, bowling alleys etc..This takes effect June 1st 2003. The bar scene starts to crumble and the live music scene takes a crash.
2004 – Tommy Hunter performs @ The Kiwanis Theatre Jan. 30th.
2004 – ”Love Changes Everything” is an original song written & performed by Chatham born Shaune Ann and featured in the ABC Family Network Movie-Of-The-Week special “I Want To Marry Ryan Banks” in January 2004.
2005 – Pianist Ben Smith – Currently: Studies at the Glenn Gould Academy in Toronto now. He has completed 4 years of piano performance study previously.
Ben will play his debut performance with Orchestra London on May 7 at St. Paul’s Congregational Church in Chatham. He moved away about five years ago to pursue his education. Ben has won several major awards for his piano performance and has also studied violin and organ, which take the back seat to his piano studies.
2005 – an extensive Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) poll determined Ian & Sylvia’s (Sylvia Tyson) song “Four Strong Winds” to be the “most essential” piece of Canadian music.
2005 Bob Lucier – Resides: Burlington. Over 400 people attended a hall of fame tribute for Bob in April 2005 in Grande Pointe, his home of which he left in 1962 to pursue a music career. He played steel guitar on the famous ‘Tommy Hunter Show’ for 17 years (Starting in 1973) along with releasing his own CD’s and doing work on several artist’s albums over the years such as Ann Murray. Bob currently performs with the band Magnum, released a new CD for his own work, and just finished a TV documentary for country star Shania Twain.
2006 – On December 29, 2006, CKUE-FM (The Rock) announced that Jeff Burrows, former drummer of The Tea Party, would be taking over the 10 a.m.-3 p.m. host position at the radio station on January 2, 2007. (2011 update, Jeff still holds this position as well as playing in the band Crash Karma.) Some of Jeff’s Highlights” Albums sold: 1.6 million records sold with The Tea Party. Largest crowd (multi-band bill support): 490,000 people – SARS relief concert, Toronto. Touring: worldwide touring included Canada 21 times, Australia 12 times, Europe 9 times, USA 8 times.
2007Oscar Demers – Pedal Steel, Guitar. Oscar Demers gets inducted into the Grande Pointe “Hall Of Fame” in 2007. He performed with The Jubilaires. The Jubilaires  disbanded years ago with a new formation coming as the Jubilaires II. The group originally formed circa 1956.
2008Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability.  Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show” while it aired on the CBC television network from the mid ’70’s until its demise. He was also the first steel guitarist with the famous Johnny Burke and Eastwind.  Before that, he played in Bill Anderson’s “Po’ Boys band”, “Myers Brothers and the Jubilaires”, and a few others. Bob’s steel guitar playing is on many of Ann Murrays albums recorded through the years.
2008 – Pedal Steel and slide guitarist Rene Brosseau Nominated by CCMA. * Nomination: Nominated by ’Canadian Country Music Awards’ for “Steel Guitarist of the Year”.
2008 Ken Crone. Ken has also just released a book that outlines the 80-year history of the Chatham Concert Band.
2008Square Root of Margaret Cross Canadian Tour begins.
2008Rockstock  hits the Chatham Airport. They shut down the airport to bring you the biggest concert that Chatham Kent has has had since ‘Cornstalk’ in 1997. 2008 was the inaugural concert, with headliners such as Finger Eleven, Sloan, The Trews and Thornley. Around 6,000 people attended this event.
2009 – Guitarist Dan Noordermeer as a member of the Jeff Healey band releases the album Mess of Blues. In May, the disc wins Album Of The Year at the
30th Annual Blues Awards in Memphis. 2009 JUNO AWARDS: “Mess of Blues” Nominated for “Blues Album Of The Year. Touring worldwide with Jeff Healey since 2002. Dan Nordermeer recorded this final album with Jeff in London England & Toronto Canada.
2009 Justin Steele (13) won two gold medals from the Solo Championships in the Grade 3 Light division at the North American Solo and Pipe Band Championships.Winner of many awards from different Highland Games across Ontario. Justin was also the winner of the So You Think You’ve Got Talent contest.
2010 – The Chatham-Kent music scene lost a loyal supporter Wednesday (March 3rd 2010) when Tony Meriano, owner of  Tony’s One Stop Music Shoppe in Chatham, died at the age of 61. Tony was an active drummer since his first real gig in 1969 (The Cricketts), to his current band in 2010. He was also on the board of directors for many festivals and events including our “Festival of Nations” (held each year at Tecumseh Park since 1986). Many knew him for his many years at ‘Stings N Things’ where Tony & Clint ran the store before Tony opened his own shop with his family. I was speaking to Tony quite often just before his passing and he was very excited to get involved with this website because of his natural love for music history. He did give us several pictures and info so far.
It is sad that so abruptly he had passed just before we were to talk more and to have him share his stories with all of us. Tony, you will be missed by all of your friends here. Almost every single person and band listed on this website knew Tony, or had Tony help them in some way. He was involved in helping many charities that benefited the community.Simply, a good man.
2010 – Jerseys bar closes in February 2010 after 6 and a half years of being open.  The venue brought live bands to Chatham almost every weekend and packed them in. The bar located at 125 Keil Drive in Chatham closed out to a full house with entertainment provided by ‘Toast & Jam’. A popular duo performing covers.
2011 Square Root Of Margaret has become the longest running original (music) band in Chatham-Kent.
2011The Golden Tap closed its doors after its final night on April 17th 2011. Owner Ed Arndt opened the Country bar 14 years ago.  It was previously known as the Kingsway. The venue was host to live bands every weekend.
2011Michelle Wright (Country singer) was formally inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of fame this year. As of 2011, Michelle had 25 top ten hits in Canada. Seven went to #1. Five Gold records. Two multi-platinum records. World wide record sales nearing two million units & one million in Canada. Toured North America, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, & Australia.
2012Ralph Murphy inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame. He wrote several hit songs & produced gold records among many other highlights.


Diego de Oro 2011

February 19, 2011

click pic to enlarge


Guitarist: Diego de Oro
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 2011
Current: Guitar Teacher at Franks Music Centre.
Genre: Rock, Blues, Flamenco & Classical guitar
Credits: Bachelor’s degree in classical guitar performance. 25 years experience.
Real name: Darryl Orr

Darryl has made a living playing guitar for over 20 years. This has taken him around the world except the Pacific rim countries. He also performed for the Duchess of York.

Darryl moved back to Chatham recently and is a regular in the CK Guitar Summit. He just finished a show as a feature performer for Tom Lockwood’s Saturday Night Music Series at the Cultural Centre.

On other notes, Darryl created a product for guitarists called the “GUITAREST”. It holds the guitar in position so your body maintains a healthy, ergonomic position.  It is a must for every steel-string and nylon player. You can order this and his DVD at his home page listed below

You tube website:

Video Below

If video does not appear above, watch it here.



The Black Watch 2011

February 10, 2011

Band: The Black Watch
Genre: Metal
Home: Chatham Kent
Year: 2011

Scott Caron – Vocals (City In Ruin)
Will Playfoot – Guitar
Jim Mclean – Drums
Jason Shaw – Bass
Bryce Birkin – Guitar (S.U.D.S., Us & Omens)

Notes: Just released a track entitled My Time to Shine in Feb. 2011.

Listen to The Black Watch online here and here.



Michael LeClerc 2011

February 4, 2011
Click on pic to enlarge

Artist: Michael LeClerc
Release: Radio (EP)
Released: Feb 01, 2011
Genre: Rock, Pop
Hometown: Chatham Ontario Canada
Resides: Other

Michael LeClerc – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Jonathan Ebanks – Lead Guitar

1. Radio, 2. Breathe, 3. Life, 4. Turnaround, 5. Bombs

Notes: Michael moved away from Chatham at around the age of 23 and has lived in Whistler, Lake Louise and most recently, spent 5 years in the Cayman Islands.  He played in high school bands locally,  but mostly performed solo.

2011 is a new year for Leclerc who finally just finished recording at 4th Street Recording Studio, Santa Monica, CA with Platinum/Gold Producer Jim Wirt (Incubus, Fiona Apple, Live, Hoobastank) on a five song EP released in Feb, 2011.
Over the last 2 years Leclerc has opened up for the Tragically Hip, played for the famous WWF wrestler Rick Flair on his wedding day, traveled to Los Angeles to record demos, given his time to a numerous amount of charity events and arranged a small tour through the state of California, Sept 2009 along with lead guitarist Jonathan Ebanks. They had great success with 17 shows and 100 demos sold in a matter of 4 weeks!!
If you like laid back melodies for the easy days or a funk, folk up beat feel to keep you groovin’, then Michael Leclerc is an artist you don’t want to miss! He has a very eclectic sound that drives a soulful feeling!
Michael performs with his good friend Jonathan Ebanks who is from the Cayman Islands. Jonathan has played with Damien Marley, Ziggy Marley and many more. He is a guitar master and Jon and Michael are on their way to California to tour and work with producer Jim Wirt to try and get the music to Film companies and maybe a few labels. They have one Film Production Company interested already.

Download the album from Itunes or CDBABY. Download links below.
Itunes here. CD Baby here.

Visit his website  here.

Video CD preview below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Polka in the Park 2011

January 31, 2011

Event: Polka in the Park
Location: Tecumseh Park in Chatham, Ontario
When: Last Sunday in July (annually)
Organized by: Charlie Tomecek & Mary Lou Downs
Genre: Polka music

The idea began with Tom & Mary organizing monthly polka jams in November of 2002. They are held at the Kent Belgium Dutch Hall (KBD Hall).

Notes: Musicians from Ontario, Michigan, and Ohio. Many featured groups and lots of accordion and button box jamming. Bring a lawn chair. Live music held  from 1:30 to dusk. The Sunday Polka Party radio show (Dan Coppens, Detroit disc jockey) broadcasts from the park on WNZK 690 AM radio.

Some featured artists previously included the Button Box Buddies, Martin Brothers Plus, Frank Moravcic, Linda Hochevar, Eddie Adamic, Niagara Button Boxers, Ron DeBlander, Wendell Bauer and Mike Mahler and the Blue Waves.




Letterbomb band 2011

January 29, 2011

Band: Letterbomb
Release: Hollywood’s Not For Me
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock, pop, punk
Format: Original Music
Home: Chatham Ontario
Buy this CD online @ ITUNES here.

Brennan Dube – Vocals, Guitar
Nick Grand – Guitar
Dylan Pendleton – Bass
Cameron Dube – Drums

Bio: This young band is the dream of guitarist and lead singer Brennan Dubé. He always wanted a life on the stage, but he never had anyone to perform with. He joined up with other friends to create bands such as That One Band and Kore 17 but they didn’t last. But not all hope was lost when his 11-year old brother Cameron began to show motivation and passion for playing drums. Once Cameron and Brennan kick started the band, they went looking for a bass player. It wasn’t long before their third member and current bass player, Dylan Pendleton joined the group and Endless Sorrow was born. Guitarist Nick Grand joined the band in April of 2010 they began to perform with great results. The band changed their name in May from Endless Sorrow toLetterbomb and haven’t looked back since. In August of 2010, Letterbomb took a trip to Toronto and recorded there first full length album Hollywoods Not For Me. The album consists of 11 tracks is planned for a late 2010 release.

1 Implicit
2 Hollywood’s Not For Me
3 Wipeout
4 Rock It
5 Endless Sorrow
6 Tell Ya What
7 Last Letter
8 Fire In The Rain
9 Backflips and Barrelrolls
10 All I Ask
11 Until The End


Visit Letterbomb online here, here, and here.



The Players Club 2011

January 5, 2011

Venue: The Players Club
Location: 125 Keil Drive, Chatham On. Canada.
Phone: (519) 397-0705
Opened: July 2010 (Formerly Jerseys)

The Players Club is a versatile venue that often hosts popular cover bands on the weekends. 
What they offer:

* Live bands, Dj, open mic nights
* Full Menu
* 3 Volleyball Courts
* Front Room can hold up to 70 people and is a fantastic place to hold work meetings.
* Sport fans a variety of televised entertainment including, NFL Sunday Ticket, NHL Center Ice, NBA League Pass, MLB Extra Innings, OHL Action Pack, US College Basketball and Football, and NASCAR HotPass.
* 3 Pool tables
* Texas Hold’Em Poker in our World Poker Tour Amateur Poker Leaguue

Update: The venue closed in the summer of 2011.


The Laws 2011

January 4, 2011

Duo: The Laws
Release: Try Love
Year: 2011
Genre: acoustic folk-grass
Members: John and Michele Law

Chatham Connection: John Law was born in Chatham Ontario.

I Believe in You, Love Again, Try Love, Walking Away, Rebel Cowboy Dream, Who’s Keeping Score, Wherefore and Why, In the Clouds, Beer Mountain Rag, With My Heart, Same Rain

Notes: The Laws made their first trip to Cape Breton last year to record their sixth album. They have also been busy playing live and are getting ready to tour across The United States and Canada for most of 2011.

Fast forward…. now with 9 years of touring throughout Canada, the United States and Australia, and 5 CDs, Ontario-based The Laws have been called “the best duo out of Canada since Ian and Sylvia.”, (Editors Note: Sylvia was also from Chatham) won the 2007 Chris Austin Songwriting contest, secured a writing deal in Nashville and have been featured on CMT, Entertainment Tonight Canada and as “rising stars” on the upcoming PBS special, Legends and Lyrics. They published a cookbook and have appeared on numerous cooking and national news shows, generating almost as much press for their culinary skills as for their music.

What’s coming up for The Laws? A second cookbook, a new CD, cooking DVD, and music video.

Visit them online here or here.
Buy their albums at ITUNES here.

New video: Songwriters: John Law/Michele Law/James GordonDirected and produced by Ben Srokosz, Camera and Editing by Jonathan Abrosimoff.

If video does not appear above, watch it here.


Courtney Wells in 2011

January 4, 2011

Band: Courtney Wells
Year: 2011
Genre: Motown, Rock, Soul, Pop
Resides: Toronto

Chatham Connection: Courtney lived in Chatham from 1999 to 2005. During that time she was an active member of Theatre Kent.  Courtney worked for them for several years teaching drama courses and their amazing TK Wings Summer Camp. She acted as a councillor and and then graduated to take on the Co-ordinator position. It wasn’t until her recent move to Toronto, that she began to pursue music. Her talents in stage and dance will lend a great hand in her music.

See her return to Chatham in 2011.
Jan 7 (Fri) Courtney Wells @ Encore.
Jan 8 (Sat) Courtney Wells @ PURE Black Box Theatre.

Band Members:
Courtney Wells -vox
Scott Baragar – low end
Sasha Siegel – beater of skins
Reuben O’dell Barkow – melody maker


Listen to her music online at
Visit her on You Tube at