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I See Aura 2020

April 30, 2021

Band: I See Aura
Release: I See Aura (EP)
Year: 2020
Genre: Metal
Home: Chatham-Kent/ Windsor.
Year Formed: 2019

Local Connection: Mike & Josh are from the Wallaceburg area & Nick is from Windsor.
Notes: Nov. 21st, The band release another song called The Witch Machine.


  1. Plagues
  2. Cold Carnality
  3. Reanimated Regret
  4. Asceticism
  5. 2020

Josh Hinch – Bass/Vocals
Mike VanCouter – Guitar/Vocals
Nick Predhomme – Drums

Watch video sampler of the tracks below:

* Link to Ep here.
* Youtube link here.
* Facebook link here.
* Spotify link here.