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Sal Piamonte 2011 CD

October 17, 2011

Band: Sal Piamonte
Release: Lives in Devil City
Year: 2011
Genre: Rock
Website: here.
Download from Itunes: here.
YouTube page: here.

Chatham Connection: Former Chatham resident now living in the Ottawa area.

Sal Piamonte – Vox, guitar
Eric Disero (who also mixed and mastered the album)
Dan Stadnicki (Serial Joe, Liam Titcomb)
Mike Goyette (Artificial Joy Club, Save Ferris)
Dan Joseph

Notes: Breaking into the American market with songs “Humble Heart,” and “Moments They Pass,” from his 2008 “Rogue EP” release, Sal then proceeded to write, record, and self-produce 2010’s “Free Money LP,” which not only demonstrated Sal’s versatility as a world-class songwriter and producer, but got him signed to a worldwide publishing deal with 2850 Music (Lionel Ritchie, GroupLove, John Waite, etc) in Santa Monica, California in the process.

01 Big Sleazy
02 Take Me Home
03 Devil Woman
04 Get Up, Get Up
05 Just a Little Bit
06 Tonight
07 Shining Star
08 Nasty Girl
09 Whatcha Say
10 High Road
11 Go All Night
12 Big Sleazy Outro
13 Take Me Home (Radio Edit)


Daisy Ella Mojo Crew 2 Song Demo (2003)

May 3, 2009


Artist : Daisy Ella Mojo Crew
Home : Chatham / Ottawa Area
 Release Title : 2 song demo
Music Style : Adult Contemporary Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Maurizo Salvatore Piamonte – Vocals, Guitars
Joanne Polack – Drums, Backing Vocals
PJ Larabie – Bass

The Scoop : The band consists of a member from Chatham, but they mainly reside in the Ottawa area. They were down for a short period & recorded these 2 tracks in town.
  The band is getting radio support with this new material & good things are happening.