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Beatniks Cafe Chatham

December 27, 2011

Venue: Beatniks Cafe
City: Chatham Ontario
Location: 125 King St W (Downtown)
Year: 1999

* Beatniks was lost to a fire that broke out in the year 2000.
* Small vibrant bar that welcomed live bands including blues, alternative, Punk etc.
* A funky little bar in downtown Chatham where numerous debaucheries and outlandish performers were the norm.

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Gary Stocking and Magnum

February 17, 2011

Band: Gary Stocking & Magnum
Circa: 1990 – 1999
Genre: Country, Rock
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1999

Gary Stocking:  Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Dwayne Boismere:  Lead Guitar / Vocals
Darryl Boismere:  Drums / Bass Guitar / Vocals
Tim McLean:  Steel Guitar / Vocals
Scott Meriano:  Drums / Sound / Lights

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Judy Paling Second Chance At Love 1999

August 13, 2010

Artist: Judy Paling
CD: Second Chance At Love
Year: Circa 1999
Home: Chatham Ontario

Judy Paling
Chuck FitzGerald
Steve Kubica

Additional Artists: Amber Ladd, Richard Arsenault, Beth Fox, Noreen Donnell, Gary Barnett.

Songs: Second Chance At Love, He Rises Up In Me, Say Yes, How Beautiful, Go Light Your World, Bring That Child To Me, He’ll Be Waiting For Something To Happen, He Is Good, Thy World, His Strength Is Perfect.

Recorded & Mixed At Baseline Studio, Chatham.

This release was dedicated to the memory of Mile Nuets & the grade 5/6 class of St. Agnes School. 



Ben Srokosz – choose to decide

November 2, 2009


Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: choose to decide
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 1999

  Ben’s third album brings change, expansion and experimentation to his music.  New song structures, better production, and a slightly different sound keeps things fresh and satisfying. 
  This is clearly a personal document; “choose to decide” comes in the wake of Touch Green’s break-up, reflecting the band’s influence on Ben’s new music. 
  Best of all, the sound of “choose to decide” is open to many possible directions.  Songs like “fog” and “good to know” tell us that Ben is moving into more uncharted territory and is taking more of the melodic side of his sound to the forefront.

  why so shy
02  a long way home
03  good to know
04  i’m so tired
05  this day is strange
06  over and under
07  words for june
08  summer
09  the garden
10  its all a matter of thinking
11  blame the names
12  sleep
13  fog
14  just a second
15  mountain skies

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Ian And Sylvia – Movin’ On (1999)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Movin’ On (1967-1968)
Date: 1999 (Mercury) Made In Canada
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

  This CD contains the two albums Ian & Sylvia released on MGM, Lovin’ Sound (1967) and Full Circle (1968). Here they started developing a richer, fuller sound. This is probably my favorite single-CD release of Ian & Sylvia. Notes by Nicholas Jennings.

1. Windy Weather (Tyson) 3:07  2. Hang On To A Dream (Tim Hardin) 2:15  3. I Don’t Believe You (Dylan) 3:11  4. Where Did All The Love Go (Fricker) 2:41  5. Mr Spoons (Tyson) 2:24  6. National Hotel (Tyson) 2:07  7. Sunday (Tyson, Fricker) 2:03   8. Pilgrimage To Paradise (David Rea) 3:24  9. Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin) 2:13   10. Big River (Cash) 2:02   11. Trilogy (Fricker) 2:45   12. Lovin’ Sound (Tyson) 2:34  13. Here’s To You (Hamilton Camp) 2:34  14. I Learned From Leah (Tyson, Fricker)  15. Woman’s World (Fricker)   16. Mr Spoons (Tyson) 2:47   17. Shinbone Alley (Fricker)   18. Please Think (Keith McKie) 4:34   19. Stories He’d Tell (Tyson) 5:52   20. Jickson Johnson (trad) 3:57  21. Tears Of Rage (Dylan, Manuel) 4:52   22. Minstrel (David Rea) 3:55

Lovin’ Sound:
David Rea: lead guitar
Paul Harris: keyboards, orchestrations
Harvey Brooks & Don Payne: bass
Bill LaVorna & Donald MacDonald: drums
Produced by John Court.

Full Circle:
David Rea: guitar
Bill Pursell: piano, organ
Weldon Myrick: steel guitar
Norbert Putnam: bass
Ken Buttrey: drums
Charlie Fox: string choir arrangements
Produced by Elliot Mazer.



Rock Radio Station Launches In Chatham (1999)

May 30, 2009

CKUE 95.1FM: The Rock, a rock music station established on October 6, 1999. In 2002, CKUE swapped broadcasting frequencies with CKSY.



CHRIS HART Sings for the MATADORS (1999)

May 19, 2009


Artist: The MATADORS
Release: Matadors (Demo)
Style: Rockabilly
Date: 1999

Chatham Connection: Singer Chris Hart is from Chatham.During his high school years he fronted the punk rock band L.O.T.D. (Lice Of  The Dead). After moving to London, he joined Jivaro Fracus, and later the Matadors. In 2000, Chris began a venture into solo records.

At the time, the band did a mix of covers and original music.

The Matadors are:
Joel Parkins – Guitar
Steve Crew – Drums Linda McCartney – Organ
Jefry Sheppard – Dog House Bass
Chris Hart – Vocals

01. Ride
02. Other Man
03. Hangin’ Round
04. London Dungeon (Misfits cover)

These songs were recorded at dB studios in London, Ontario in 1998-ish.
I was lucky enough to catch Chris perform in local punk & rockabilly bands before he moved on to London. Chris’s voice is amazing. He may not like that I think he has an early Danzig/Misfits sound, but he does, and he turned it into his own. Go listen.

Note from chrwradio : Chris Hart went on to record his own record entitled Lonesome Blood. Linda McCartney sadly died that year of cancer related illnesses. Jef and Joel, however, transformed the Matadors into what the original intention of the band was….a youth oriented Satanic outreach and musical revue. The new Matadors also put out a record, aptly named ‘Heartless’, in 2002.

* Watch/listen to the recording preview below.

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