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All Against I 2011

April 29, 2011

Band: All Against I
Home: Chatham, Ontario
Genre: Rock/Metal
Year: 2011

Jason Summerfield – Vocals, Guitar
Jason Andersen – Bass
Ki Larsen – Drums

Notes: All Against I is a newly formed Rock/Metal band. Ki & Jason were previously in the band ‘Nerve’ for many years.

Contact them through their facebook group All Against I.



Nerve – Super Sucker CD (1996)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Nerve
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Super Sucker (cassette only)
Music Style : Hard Rock
Date : 1996

Musicians :
Chris Wright – Vocals, Guitar
Ki Larsen – Drums
Steve O’rourke – Bass (on CD recording)
Mike Dow – Bass ( joined as live bassist around 2002-2003)

  Track Listing.
1. Locked & Loaded 2. Superhero 3. Bent 4. Dweeb 5. Empty 6. Shot Down 7. Ignore

The CD : Another great recording by Steve Eyres & his new studio. This CD contains 7 tracks. The most notable being ‘Super Hero’ which saw plenty of air time on the local indie spotlight radio time slot.
     The band is notorious for their ‘on again’ ‘off again’ relationship but still manage to appear live when it counts.
This is a solid demo of the extreme true hard-core nature & instantly put Nerve on the radar as a band with promise. Lack of new material slowed things down for the next 5 years, but they re-emerged in 2003 exactly where they left off. Powerful & to the point.
   This cassette release came out in a great year where the underground scene championed above all. The CAW Hall was the place to catch bands & the Legendary (now closed) Aberdeen was hosting a new generation of bands spawned from the grunge era.
   Supersucker was re-mastered and re-Released on CD in 2002 just before the NMSC (southwestern Ontario’s New Music Showcase) that year where they placed second overall.

Recorded, mixed, and engineered by Steve Eyres (1996) At Steve Eyres Basement Studio.

Click below to play video preview of their 1996 release “Supersucker”.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to Nerve here



Nerve is Ready to Rawk! (2008)

May 3, 2009


  I Grew up with these guys and jammed with them when we were kids. They have been around for awhile but keep getting better.  In March 2009, they will release an EP online entitled ‘The Tragedy: Part I’. I have heard it and it simply steps them ahead 100 percent. What they lacked before was personality in the vocals & such. I think they got the message from allot of fans who love em and they went for it. The new stuff is more dynamic, interesting, soulful, and metal how it is supposed to be.  Metal can become stagnant but Nerve managed to carve their own way this time, which is refreshing for this style.

 Below is footage from 2008. They have developed in many ways since this footage was shot.