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Ralph Murphy Circa 1993

August 12, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: Circa 1993
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Amongst many other projects, roles, & duties, highlight releases for Ralph Murphy this year include:

* 1993 – Ralph co-writes ‘Crime of the Century’, performed by Shania Twain. Album: Shania Twain
* 1993 – Ralph wrote tracks 5 & 8, for Annihilator’s ‘Set The World On Fire’ CD.
* 1993 – Ralph co-writes ‘I Was Right About You’ performed by Keith Sykes. Album: It’s About Time.
* 1993 – Co-writes ‘Call My Name’ performed by: James Royal. Album: Various ‎– Sous Les Pavés…(Les Tubes De Mai 68).
* 1993 – Ralph wrote for Dude Mowrey’s Self titled release on Arista Records.
* 1993 – Ralph wrote tracks 5 & 8, for Annihilator’s ‘Set The World On Fire’ CD.

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Taylor Made 1993

August 16, 2012

Taylor Made
Genre: Rock & Roll
Year: 1993
Home: Chatham Ontario

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The Whaling Band 1993

December 26, 2011

Band: The Whaling Band
Year: 1993
Genre: Rock, classic rock
Home: Chatham Ontario

Ray Whaling – Guitar
Terry Allen – Drums
John Griffore – Bass

The group performed covers & originals.
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Shattered Existence 1993

March 27, 2010

Shattered Existence
Demo Release: Necromancy
Year: 1993
Genre: Rock
Home: Tilbury

E.J Chapados – Vocals
Kevin Deburger – Bass
Chris Hammerton – Guitars
Rod Beaudry – Drums
Ryan Odette – Guitars

This is the bands second demo release.
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3 East Release Subject To Change

March 10, 2010


Band: 3 East
Release: Subject To Change
Year: 1993
Format: Cassette Tape
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal
Home: Sarnia

Chatham Connection: Singer Chris Young moved to Sarnia from Chatham after high school. He had played in a few underground bands here during high school. He ended up recording a few demo releases with 3 East. Chris’s brother Charles (Chuck Young) stayed in Chatham and became the drummer for Foster Child, The Janet Theory, FL3P, Dead Girls Union, and Face For Radio (as of 2010).

Chris Young – guitar/vocals
Chris Hamlin – guitar
Brett Savory – drums
Matt Keefe – Bass

Notes: When having to come up with a genre, they consider themselves power metal. The good vibe about this band is the humour. They had allot of fun and were a great group of guys. Sometimes they would just write a goofy little song to a heavy riff and it worked. The sarcasim was working for them. 3 East worked hard to create events and shows within the underground scene and gained support from the punk movement as well. The guys were young when they wrote these demos.

01 Belonging Kind
02 Life Without Existence
03 Cup Of Madness
04 Lost In Darkness
05 Insanity…My Domain
06 Through My Eyes
07 Puddle Of Memories
08 Chaotic Death
10 Eastern Winds
11 Shitty Day

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Sylvia Tyson in Quartette (1993)

October 29, 2009
CD Cover

Artist: Quartette
Release: Quartette
Year: 1993
Chatham Connection: Sylvia is from Chatham-Kent

Sylvia Tyson
Caitlin Hanford
Cindy Church
Colleen Peterson

1. The Circle
2. Denim Blue Eyes
3. Unabashedly Blue
4. Soul To The Bone
5. Neon Cowboy
6. It Never Rains On Me
7. Hard Times
8. Cowboys And Rodeos
9. Lost Between Barren Shores
10. Papere’s Mill
11. Hobo Girl
12. When God Dips His Pen of Love in my Heart
13. Red Hot Blues
14. King Of The Cowboys

  Quartette’s debut CD, review – “a ‘must listen’ for the wonderful blend of voices. Since their first appearance at Toronto’s Harbourfront venue in the summer of 1993, Quartette has quickly become one of the most electrifying collaborations on the Canadian music scene. The four women combine formidable individual talents into an astonishing whole. The soaring harmonies and unique arrangements create a musical mosaic with flavours of R& B, swing, Cajun, bluegrass, and gospel, all solidly rooted in traditional country music.”
review source.

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The Melody Ramblers Celebrate 40 Years Of Music

August 24, 2009

Band: Melody Ramblers
Home Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 1993
Year Formed: 1953
Style: Country Music

Current Line-Up
Rene Brosseau – Steel Guitar, Vocals
Dan St. Pierre – Lead Guitar
Larry St. Pierre – Drums
‘Gene’ Eugene Beaulieu – Bass, Vocals
Wendy Jenkins – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Mark Buckwheat – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

  Who would have thought when Sherley St. Pierre and his wife Theresa formed a small country music band “The Melody Ramblers” in 1953, they started a country music tradition. Even though country music styles have changed over the years, the name “Melody Ramblers” has remained and still lives on after 40 years.
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Demo Kid note 2009: I heard much about this band growing up and it was nice to know that my uncle was in this band juring their 40th year celebration. Since then, I have been lucky to meet, play and record with members from this band recently. Growing up as a punk and metal kid, I would never be into this band musically, but as I grow up and appreciate music for music, I realize that this was one band that set the standards for the best around. A band with a local legend respected by generations.