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Franks Music Centre 1961

August 28, 2012

Music Store: Frank’s Music Centre
City: Chatham Ontario Canada
Opened: 1961
Original Location: 230 Queen Street.

* The store has had many locations over the years including many different places on King Street and a long stay on St. Clair.
* In its early days, it was a popular place to buy sheet music, get a variety of different musical instrument lessons, buy organs, and purchase records.

* Circa 1983 – Franks Music Centre had 25 music teachers at the time.

* Steve Eyres took over ownership in 1996. Previous to that, Larry Lozon had been owner for almost all of its previous years.

The above photos are circa 1970’s & 1980’s.

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Exotic Pets band 2012

August 27, 2012

Band: Exotic Pets
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Genre: Indie Rock, originals
Year: 2012
Contact: N/A

Notes: The band performed their first show as part of indie fest Aug 24 2012 @ the River Rock along side The Eric Welton Band & By Divine Right. Jason, Todd & Dennis were all members of Square Root Of Margaret, the longest running original indie underground band from Chatham.

Exotic Pets are:
Jason McFadden (vocals, guitars)
Todd Clarke (drums, percussion, electronic devices)
Dennis Reissner (bass guitar),
Steve Wiseman (guitars, vocals).



Parkview Tavern Chatham Ontario

August 16, 2012

Venue: Parkview Tavern (AKA Bear)
City: Chatham Ontario Canada
Year: 1980’s & 90’s
Address: 35 William St N

Notes: Located downtown across from Tecumseh Park. A popular small bar in Chatham for many many years until it was finally demolished for existing beyond its years.The Parkview featured cover bands every weekend along with the odd original band. The Popcorn band was a regular feature there. The club had a laid back appeal that was popular with the college scene, as well as the 40 something classic rock kids of the 70’s.

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Taylor Made 1993

August 16, 2012

Taylor Made
Genre: Rock & Roll
Year: 1993
Home: Chatham Ontario

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Intaerim Band 2012

August 11, 2012

Band: Intaerim
Recording: Alive Off the Floor
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario.
Released: 2012
Genre: Rock
Formed: 2011 (August)

Jason Guttridge – Lead Vocals
Mitch Dauphin – Guitar, Vocals
Ben Goldhawk – Lead Guitar
Chris Genttner – Bass, Vocals
J-Rad Sterling – Drums

Track listing:
1. Alive, 2. Ocean, 3. Home, 4. Don’t Wanna Miss You, 5. Wings Of Worry, 6. Sober, 7. Window, 8. Shining, 9. Won

Notes: Jason & Mitch were previously in Monday’s Child. J-Rad also plays drums for ‘Go Man Go’ & Full Frontal.

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