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   Thanks for looking around, and a big thanks to all of you who enjoy, or play the greatest hobby in the world… music.

We give our respect to everyone  in our scene, past and present! Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this website what it is!

Shawn B.

About the Chatham Music Archive



  1. hi there Reeko, maybe you can add a link to my site. when you get a chance,


    greg mankiss, chatham ont.


  2. Reeko,

    Any chance you can add our band “Walkin’ 47”?
    We’ve been around since 2007, Local boys, mostly private shows and charity gigs. We’ve raised over $25,000.00 dollars for local charities over the past 2 yrs. We’re very proud of it.
    Contact me for more info and photos(feel free to pull some from facebook).
    Check us out on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=51289880819&ref=ts

  3. Enjoy this site very much.

  4. Hey just wanted to throw a shot in there. In a local band called BULLETTHREAD for more info you can check us out on our facebook page or e-mail me. We would love to get added to this list. Very cool site to keep up to date with local talent.

  5. The Chatham Funk All-Stars? A group of long-time friends who still get together for a show or two a year. Bandmembers include: Don Duval, Rob Mitchell, Jason Vandernaalt, Adam Pole, Brian Vandernaalt, Brad Bossence, Blair Babcock, Alysson Storey, Rob Rankin, and Frank Cipolla.


  6. http://ckxsfm.com/whaling/

  7. Hey Shawn. . you do a mention of my old band “Newsociety” on the bio for “The Hollow” but i noticed we weren;t up on the page. if you wanna add it i can find an old photo.
    The members were

    Chris Newby – Lead Vocals
    Jess Allin – Guitar/ Back up Vox
    Brian Venne – Bass Guitar
    Scott Gillett – Drums

    We were a punk band started back in highschool in 1998. We all went our seperate ways after highschool. Later Brian Venne and I started “The Rucks” with Lee Fletcher.

    • Now posted, send in the pic Scott. 🙂

      • no problem. I just sent my buddy an email. he should send me a photo over within the next day. and than I will send it your way.

  8. Shawn:

    Another trip into the past. The “Violations” were an R&B group from the late ’60’s & early ’70’s. The core group was Mel Crewe – vocals, Lazzie Day – guitar, Bill “Junior” Crosby – guitar, Dennis Lucas – Bass. They would recruit other members as necessary – St.Clair Shadd on saxophone, Brian Blakely – drums. Any more specific info you can probably get from Dennis – he lives on Colburne Ext. or Mr. Crewe who I believe is still an Alderman in Chatham Kent.

  9. Hey man local boys S.U.D.S. wanna join too. check us out if you like.

  10. Shawn…

    Local band The History of revolution wants to join the ranks of 2010..

    check out our stuff…

  11. I came across your site while browsing and what memories! Grew up in Chatham and knew quite a number of the members the groups featured in your website. What a blast from the past!!! Thanks!!!

  12. Ask Mitch Robinson about the days of Legz and Justin Tyme (bands).
    Great job on this site.

  13. looking for a band to play Canada Day …beach in Erieau before fireworks…family setting…can you help us out

  14. looking for a picture of the dance hall at erie beach. believe it was called ramblers motor inn and dance hall went to summer camp there

    • please someone has to have a picture of the ramblers motor inn and dance hall at erie beach

  15. Hi Shawn,
    I’m a former Chatham resident. Love your site, and love what you’re doing.
    This is probably too marginal for your site but if you wanted to include everything, I’ll mention that I formed a band called “Good Question” in 1990 or so, purely as a diversion. Recorded one album of original songs (named for the band) at Barnyard Studios in Blenheim (owned by the irreplaceable Tony Meriano, engineered by Steve Fowler with the able assistance of Sean Meriano) in 1991, and performed once at the Cultural Center (in a smaller room, not in the main hall). Brad Davis on bass, Fred Feyen on drums, Paul Vanderkooy on 12-string acoustic, and me, Bill Van Dyk, on guitars. I wrote most of the songs, Paul Vanderkooy wrote two (on the recording). Thanks. bvandyk@rogers.com

  16. is there any way you can add our band the TBH we only been around since august 3rd 2013 and we have played 2 birthdays and a party for my friend who has cancer, so contact me for pictures and information. My email is chrisbrown27@hotmail.ca

    • You can email the complete info to our email posted on this page above. We normally don’t post bands unless they have been around for at least a year due to constant member changes new bands go through in the first couple years.

  17. Hey Shawn, great site. Still waiting for some Time is a Hymn on here when ya get time. We can get you some music and pics anytime you ask. englandsson@hotmail.com

  18. Anyone know anything about the Kentucky Fried Children Band (KFC)???? Believe they originated from the Sarnia area. Thanks!

    • Thanks!

  19. lived thru the 70s at all the bars just wondering how Allen Trudell Tom Sparks and Randy Coil Bob Wilson Steve fowler are doing I’ve been in bc for 30 years and new these guys well

    • They are all good & still performing in various bands. Sad to inform you that Steve Fowler had past away November 21, 2011.

  20. Hello,
    I am currently searching for information about my father. He was said to be in the music industry and was around the Chatham Blenheim area. His name was Marcus Lindsay, he may have went by Mark Lindsay. He is now deceased. If anyone has any information about his music talents it would be greatly appreciated.

  21. Hello

    I’m looking for Eileen O’Toole

    She was in the Toronto area early to mid nineties then moved to Chatham

    Any information will be very welcome

    Bill Henderson

  22. Classic Country Jam this Sunday May 13th at the Merlin Legion – join us for great singing and dancing from 3 pm – 7 pm – host band The Marquis – dinner available as well. What a great site to let everyone know about LIVE MUSIC!!!

  23. Interested in booking the OHara Brothers Band? Please contact me through email.

  24. Looking for recording of the Violation Band from Chatham Ontario. Junior Crosby & Lazzy Day played in the band.Thank you for your reply

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