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Julie Ross 2005 Demo

December 19, 2019

Julie Ross

Release: Treasures & Ghosts (5 song demo)
Year: 2005
Genre: Adult Contemporary, folk.
Home: Chatham Ontario.

Note: The demo includes one original track ‘Rearrange’ & four cover songs.

Update 2019: Julie has since put out a few full length releases, hosted open mic in town for many years off & on, and hosts a weekly song circle (Circa late 2010’s) that allows people to share their musical craft with other local like minded people.

Julie Ross: Vocals & guitar.
Linz: Vocals & piano.

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The Singing Teentones 2005

January 31, 2011


Group: The Singing Teentones
Year: 2005
Home: Chatham Ontario
Style: Church Choir Group
Formed: 1961
Members: 14

Members included
Gary Kivel, Bob Hillman, Linsa Soloman, Carol Anne Mackness, Becky Spicer, Former members John and Ruth Cornelius (currently back from Africa mission work)

This year marks the 40th anniversary since their debut record was released. That album was recorded in 1965. This year is the groups second reunion.



howdareyou 2005

January 16, 2011
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Band: howdareyou
Release: Tanlines and Bruises
Circa 2005
Genre: Metal
Home: Chatham/London Ontario

DERKE: guitar
M.O.P.: guitar, vocals
JENNER: vocals, percussion, guitar, noise
K-C: drums, percussion
Topes: bass, vocals, keyboard, guitars

Mark John: Drums
Kallyoons: Bass, vocals, guitar, programming
Marucci: Drums, percussion

: Local members also played in the band The Greys and Egoseed.
Visit Them Online here and here.

Watch their video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Jef Kearns Four 2005

May 16, 2010

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Band: Jef Kearns Four
Year: 2005
Genre: Jazz Covers
Home: Chatham

Jef Kearns – Wood wind
Andy Tattersall – Guitar
Bob Hiltz – Bass
Scott Meriano – Drums
Sarah Hiltz – Vocals

Notes: The band can be found playing the Metro Lounge (Chatham) every Thursday. The band includes highly skilled individual players who have come together to perform Jazz music.

Visit Jef online here.



Eye in Me 2005

February 11, 2010

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Band: Eye in me
Release: Space Invaders and private Investigators
Year: 2005
Genre: Punk Rock
Home: Wallaceburg

Matt GloverGuitar, Vocals
Patrick Richardson Vocals, Bass
Kurt DicksonDrums

01. Subculture demons
02. Shut it out
03. Life like that
04. Signals of distress
05. lonely projections
06. Preach
07. The problem
08. Sunday morning mulligans
09. State of the scene
10. Bar song
11. Space invaders and private investigators
12. blindfolded.

  • Watch/listen to  the preview below.




Bobby Lucier 2005

December 17, 2009

Group: Bobby Lucier and Mel Aucoin
Release: 88 & 10
Circa: 2005
Genre: Country Music

Chatham-Kent Connection: Bob Lucier is originally from Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe).

Notes: Bob and Mel played on the Tommy Hunter Show for many years. Their amazing musical talents have set the standard for country music throughout the years in Canada.

Chatham’s own Mike Francis (“Pepe”) plays acoustic and electric guitar. Mike has made a name for himself in the music business as a producer for major acts. His Father is Ray Francis, known for his solo records, and his days with the Whippoorwills.

Big Beaver 2. Tennessee waltz 3. So afraid of losing you again 4. Don’t know why
5. Silver wings 6. Behind closed doors 7. Song for Alice 8. King of the road
9. It Don’t hurt anymore 10. Some day soon 11. Blue eyes crying in the rain 12. Lonestar

John Hughey writes Liner Notes for this CD
Hi folks,
For those of you who don’t know Bob Lucier, don’t know what you’ve missed thru the years and for those of you who do know him know him as a great person and a very talented musician. 
I’ve known Bob for a great many years now and consider him a very good friend.
But, the main reason I am here is to tell you about Bob’s new CD. He sent me a preview copy and I am very impressed.  He is like a great wine, he gets better with age.
Bob, I think the CD is great and it’s one that everyone should have in their “play all of the time”
collection. I know it will be in mine. Good luck with your continued success.
“God Bless”…John Hughey



Ben Srokosz – 2005 Release

November 2, 2009

Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: all the broken hearts
Genre: Indie Rock
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 2005

Note: Ben plays all instruments.

After a five year hiatus, Ben Srokosz is back with “all the broken hearts.”  The songs span those five years, with moods and subjects that reflect the metamorphasis of an indie noise songwriter into a pop driven musician.  Let these 12 songs take you back to the days that Much Music was hyping Sebadoh or chasing the Superfriendz around the entire country.

01  meaning to say
02  fortune
03  the pain
04  impossible
05  my worst mistake
06  life in a small town
07  the road
08  i need you still
09  sleep all day long
10  between us
11  broken hearts

* Watch/listen to the CD preview below.

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* Download this release here @ bandcamp.



The Laws – Another Road and a Live CD (2005)

July 24, 2009


Artists: The Laws
Two Releases:  1. Another Road. 2. Live @ the Camp St. Cafe
Year: 2005
Connection: John Law was born in Chatham Ontario.

John Law – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Michele Law – vocals, bass
” … terrific harmonies and strong song writing from an Ontario husband/wife duo at the crossroads of country, folk and bluegrass. ” The Montreal Gazette

   The Laws worked Canada tirelessly, coast to coast, heeding the advice of musician friends who told them, “Stay in Canada and really work on your stage performance,” as Michele recalls. At the same time, they were building a repertoire of original songs to comprise the bulk of their live set. For three years they worked Canada and Australia, then made their fateful 2003 trip to Texas. By that time they had a second album (Two) out, which was followed in 2005 by two more long players, Another Road, a studio effort, and a live album recorded in Crockett, Texas, Live @ The Camp St. Café.
Another Road 2005 Release:
Songs include: Six String and a Song, Texas Callin’
Long Way From Gone, Let’s Pretend, Wondering If There’s More,
I Turn To You, I’m Falling, Another Road, Dreams 
Your Only One, Lovers Tune

Live @ the Camp St. Cafe – 2005 Release:
Songs include: Long Way From Gone,  Six tring and a Song,
Beaumont Rag, Stone, Glass and Wood,
 I Turn To You, Your Only One, Every Humble Knee,
Texas Callin’,Dreams, Lovers Tune, Believe Our Love,
Holes in My Shoes

Click on the video below to hear samples from the CD.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

 Visit them here, here and here.



Amy Rivard – Cashmere CD (2005)

July 16, 2009

Artist: Amy Rivard
CD: Cashmere
Year: 2005
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario
Resides: Windsor
Style: Adult Contemporary, Jazz

   Amy’s brand new CD release “CASHMERE” is, as its title suggests, a collection of silky pop tunes, seductive Latin rhythms and soft jazz favourites along with a few smooth originals.

  Amy Rivard is a singer, actress, writer. She was most recently seen touring as a chorus member with the group Celtic Woman. Additionally, Amy recently created the webisode series, “What’s Up Canuck?” starring Candy Canadiana, a character Amy created while being on the road. She is writing and producing new episodes for youtube and hopes to get 1 new webisode up per month.

   Ms. Rivard is a classically trained singer and began her singing career by competing in many Kiwanis festivals where she placed first in opera/operetta & musical theatre. Soon thereafter, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honors Degree in Music Theatre from the University of Windsor. This program was the only University Degree Program in Canada and accepted roughly 12 students per year. She has toured with Riverdance and performed the show on Broadway at the Gerswhin Theatre.

She toured the musical Camelot in a co-production with the Manitoba Theatre Centre, Theatre Calgary, & the Citadel Theatre. In addition, she toured with Sam Orbison’s production about his brother Roy Orbison, “The Roy Orbison Story” and Celtic Woman in their tour Celtic Woman: A New Journey as a chorus member. Amy spent over a year in Japan where she performed at Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland & the Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.

  Amy is always busy collaborating and writing. She wrote her one woman cabaret show which has been seen across the globe on SilverSea 6 Star Cruiselines, the Old Vic Theatre in London, England & the Cafe De Paris. Her cabaret also brought in the 2005 New Year at Second City in Toronto. Amy performed in a number of Toronto clubs and released her debut album Cashmere. The album contains numbers from the Great American Songbook, Cashmere, written by Amy and songs written by George Grosman(son of Oscar winner, Ladislav Grosman,The Shop on Main Street)

   Amy can also be seen in a number of commercials, which can be found on her website and on Youtube. You can currently see her on PBS in Celtic Woman: The Greatest Journey and Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration

Listen or buy the CD here.
More links: Her home and ‘Myspace’.


MICHELLE WRIGHT Christmas (2005)

June 17, 2009

Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 2005 (Canada); 2007 (United States); 2008 (Europe

Produced by: Tony Haselden & Russ Zavitson

1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 
2. Jingle Bell Rock 
3. Joy to THR World 
4. I Know Santa’s Been Here 
5. Little Drummer Boy 
6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinde 
7. Christmas Song 
8. Silent Night 
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain 
10. Winter Wonderland 
11. O Come All Ye Faithful 
12. White Christmas 



Nerve (2005)

June 16, 2009

Band: Nerve
Home: Chatham
Year: 2005
Release: 2 Song Promo CD

Chris Wright (Guitars/Vox),
Ki Larsen (Drums, Backup Vox)
Jason Andersen (Bass)

1. The Way You Feel
2. SDM (Sonic Death Monkey)

  Recorded @ BY Studios w/ Shawn Mariano & Nathan Bond
  Released as a promo CD at live shows and local radio stations.  ‘The Way You Feel’ was played on the Rock Indie Show regularly and it enjoyed a few spins in Detroit on 89X Homeboy Show,  WRIF and FM96 Indie Spotlight in London.
  This was a pre-release to the full length to get the ball rolling while they  finished the rest of the album.


Angry Orphans – Aorist (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: Angry Orphans
Release: Aorist
Year: 2005
Home: Chatham

    Angry Orphans reside from Chatham Ontario.  We play music of philosophy and ideas.  We’ve been a band somewhat a year and have graced stages, causing all thought. We are a five piece band of 4 young boys and one young girl. We play dark music of many types.  Our music is always a surprise.  You won’t be expecting this.  We write our music as well as cover others’ art that has spoken to us.

    Note: By the sounds of this demo, I must say this is the previous works of “The God Life” And future members of “The Grave Misunderstanding”.


That Whaling Band – Grateful (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: That Whaling Band
Release: Grateful
Year: 2005

Ray Whaling – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Martin – Bass
Joel Laprise – Drums

   Whaling is the best 70’s inspired guitar jam band in general. A man with a true passion for his craft and is all about the music. I got to see him perform before I was of age since my Dad joined the band on bass for a while.  They rehearsed at my house. The music is solid & the passion is real, and to top it all off, they are down to earth guys.
   Not to cut the other members short, Ray has been blessed to play with the best in the business locally. Whaling is a great band that is worth a listen.

Ashley Coulter & Sarah Hiltz – Vocals on #4
Bob Hiltz – Bass on #6
Scott Galloway – Keys
Len Temelini – Sax

1. Blue Chile 2. Funky Tune 3. Guitar Song 4. Run For The Road 5. Rusty Rosy 6. Eyre Space 7. Give It Away 8. Saved My Life 9. Tell Her 10. Twilight Nest

Click on the video below to preview the CD

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to them here :



The Greys – Four (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: The Greys
Release: Four
Date: 2005
Home: London based, Steve is from Chatham.

All songs written by Steve Kallyoon & Nathon Bond. Steve started out singing in the local metal band Ego Seed a few years back with his brother in the band on guitar.

1. Through The Hills
2. Space kennedy
3. Problems
4. All My Time
5. Daydreams
6. When The Summer Ends
7. Sleepy Soul
8. Not A Curse
9. Live
10. Still After

* Watch/Listen to the CD Preview on the youtube link here.

Listen here :



Orinj – Sky’s On Fire (2005)

May 17, 2009


Artist: Orinj
Release: Sky’s On Fire
Date: 2005 era
Home: Chatham

Tracks: 1. Well Yeah 2. Downside 3. Sound Of Silence 4. Safeguard

Andrew Tompsett – Vocals
Jonathan Van Wyk – Guitars
Kelly Myre – Bass
Jarrod Lucier – Drums



Observatory (2005)

May 17, 2009
eclick to enlarge
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Artist: Observatory
Release: (Self Titled) 15 Songs
Date: 2005
Home: Chatham
Listen to them here:



Stillframe Comes To Life (2005)

May 7, 2009

Band: Stillframe
Year: 2005
Home: Chatham
Style: Rock

Mesha Richard  – Vocals
Jason Pike – Guitars
Ryan O’Brien – Bass
JD Richard – Drums 

Click on video below to here song samples.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen online here : 0r


Square Root Of Margaret – Outer Spaces (2005)

May 6, 2009


Band: Square Root Of Margaret
: Outer Spaces
Home: Chatham Ontario
Release Date: 2005
Formed: Oct.1992 / Disbanded: Oct. 2012.

This 4 song CD ep is available for purchase exclusively at SRoM’s live shows! Outer Space and See That Dirt? are two long-standing live favorites that have been committed here to disc for the first time! Slow Motion Potion and Chemical Love Song are two rare favorites of the band that have almost never been performed live.

Check out the multi-media version of the EP for some other neat surprises, including a live cover of a classic Daniel Johnson song, performed by Po and Todd on the front porch of the House of Bleen!



Room Without A View Say Good Night. (2005)

May 5, 2009


Room Without A View
: Chatham.Tilbury
Year: 2005

Musicians :
Farley – Guitar
Shawn – Guitar, Vocals
Rick – Vocals, Bass
Steve – Drums

   The band releases a few more tracks via the internet then disbands to close out there high school years. Farley (Jason Macfarlane) goes on to switch to playing drums. He does so for Karma Line & Ruthless C*nt Killers.
listen here



The Sound of Static (2005)

May 5, 2009
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The Sound of Static
: 2005

Band :
MAT DREW – Lead Vocals, Percussion
RYAN “Julio” ODETTE – Guitars, Vocals
DAVID MAJOR – Drums, Vocals

   The Sound of Static is a 4 piece band that hails out of Chatham, Windsor and London. S.O.S comes from the remains of local seasoned bands the Janet Theory, Gates of Rage (Pit Bull Grin) and Whatever.

    Mat, Dave, Julio and Mark decided to get together for a few pops and some RnR. Immediately everything seemed to click and their first song Broken (and on top of the world) was written on the spot and the Sound of Static was born.. S.O.S plans on playing near a town near you soon and recording of an EP is planned for release early 2008, as a lot of people are wondering what you’re gonna get when you mix death metal with pop…the sound is neither metal nor pop…but something disturbingly in between!!!

listen here



First Line Third Planet Debut CD (2005)

May 5, 2009

Band : First Line Third Planet
Release : Self Titled
Home : Chatham
Year : 2005

Andrew Gardner – Vox/Guitar
Adam Dysarz – Lead Guitar/Vox
Chuck Young – Drums
Jay Warwick – Bass

The Scoop. This was a great demo. This is the only CD released by them & is solid all the way through.  Do listen to them. Before forming this band, Chuck was in  The Janet Theory & Foster Child. He was also helping out long time buds playing drums on the Dead Girls Union CD put out this same year.

Guest backing vocals by Sarah Hiltz.

Click the video below to preview the CD.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen here:
soundclick   or myspace



Dead Girls Union (2005)

May 4, 2009


Artist DeadGirlsUnion
Home: Chatham
Release: 5 song EP.
Year: 2005

Free CD Download: Here (Right click and save target as)
(winzip file)

Jesse, Shawn, & Chuck have been playing together since 1991 when they formed Foster Child then later The Janet Theory. This was put together by Jesse to release a few songs with no intention of playing live, although they did do a few shows in all, in 2004-2005.
The band agreed to make their demo available for free download, as a gift to friends in 2009.

Jesse-Dylan Verleye  – Vocals/Bass
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitar/B.Vocals/Bass
Dave Richie – Guitar/B. Vocals
Chuck Young – Drums
Bob Hiltz recorded & played some bass & leads & keys on this demo.

Mixed and mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios in Chatham.
Artwork by William D. Scott
CD packaged and pressed by Ben Srokosz.

Track List:
1. save your breathe
2. daddy’s little girl
3. worst enemy
4. the new crazy
5. better than they are

* Watch/Listen to the album preview on youtube here.


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