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Ralph Murphy Circa 1998

August 12, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: Circa 1998
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Amongst many other projects, roles, & duties, highlights for Ralph Murphy this year include:

* 1998 – Ralph co-writes the song ‘I’m Still Here, You’re Still Gone’ performed by Randy Travis. Album: You & You Alone. Label: Dreamworks.
* 1998 – Ralph co-wrote one of her biggest hits ‘Half the Way’. Artist: Crystal Gayle. Album: Super Hits.
* 1998 – Ralph co-wrote the ‘I Was Right About You’. Performed by John Prine. Album: Lucky 13.
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Mustard Seed Band 1998

July 25, 2011

Band: Mustard Seed
Genre: Rock
Formed: 1998
Home: Blenheim (Chatham-Kent)

Todd Lenover – Lead guitar, lead vocals
Jon Paul Huggins – Rhthym guitar, backing vocals
Jeff Pickle – Bass
Stuart Huggins – Percussion.

Note: Todd would later go on to front Finding Core.


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Jubilation Release Music

May 2, 2010

Group: Jubilation
Release: Second Chance At Love
Year: 1998
Genre: Gospel, Christian Rock.
Home: Chatham-Kent (Dresden)

Judy Paling
Richard Arssenault

This CD includes four original songs and features Amber Ladd (Oshawa) on vocals. Paling’s three daughters can also be heard on the release.
Note: This is their second recording. The first CD was entitled “My Wings For His Glory“.

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New Society

May 2, 2010

New Society
Year: 1998
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Punk/Hardcore

Chris Newby – Lead Vocals
Jess Allin – Guitar/ Back up Vox
Brian Venne – Bass Guitar
Scott Gillett – Drums

 New Society was a punk band started back in highschool in 1998. They all went their seperate ways after highschool. Later, Brian and Scott started “The Rucks” with Lee Fletcher.

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Grounded 1998 Demo

April 13, 2010

Click to enlarge CD Cover

Band: Grounded
CD Demo: For the School Girls
Year: 1998
Genre: Rock
Home: Wallaceburg

Dan Dufour – Bass, vocals
Bryan Moreland – Guitar, B vocals
Wess Bechard – Rhythm guitar
J.R. Wood – Drums, percussion

02. Faster’s Better
03. Basic Earl
04. Sleep In
05. So Hard to Believe
06. Comical Release
07. Mush
08. All Over Again
09. Hide
10. Orange Plug

Produced by: Chris Pistagnesi and John Riolo



The Marauders Release Celtic Fire 1998

February 5, 2010

The Marauders
Release: Celtic Fire
Year: 1998
Genre: Celtic
Home: Chatham

Dave Thibert (18) – Fiddle
Paul Thibert (13) – Fiddle
Mike Schatte (14) – Guitar

Notes: A few years later, Michael Schatte would form Midnight Mojo then embark on a few solo releases as of 2010.

All tunes arranged by The Marauders
Digitally Recorded and Mastered Oct. – Nov. 1998 at Baseline Sound – Chatham, Ontario

Recording Engineer: Gary Barnett
Produced by Gary Barnett & The Marauders
Photography: Al Thibert (Cover) & Gary Schatte (Inside)

Watch the CD video preview below.

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The Dave Murphy Band 1998

February 3, 2010

: The Dave Murphy Band
CD Release: Mysterious Juice
Year: 1998
Genre: Funk, rock & blues
Home: Toronto/Hamilton

Chatham Connection: Guitarist Dan Noordermeer is from Chatham. Dan played locally with ‘River Road’, was a long time member of the Jeff Healey Blues Band, and has done session work on several CD releases.

About Chatham’s own Dan Noordermeer:
  Guitarist extraordinaire Dan Noordermeer has been with the band for almost a decade, and continues to dazzle audiences with his formidable talents. Originally from Chatham, Dan now resides in Hamilton. Dan is known for his Samson-like mane of hair and his wicked sense of humour. Unlikely as it seems, Dan was a full time country musician for many years before joining the band. But for those familiar with his playing it’s no surprise, since he has an uncanny ability to play every style of music with incredible authenticity, passion and virtuosity.

CD & band notes:
  Over 200 shows a year quickly earned the band its reputation as one of the most talented, versatile and hardest working acts in the business. This is their second release.

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  The disc is packed with fifteen original tunes, spanning the enormous stylistic range that the band is renown for. “Right this Moment is the lead off track – a funky horn drenched number celebrating the joys of living in the present, or “’carpeing the diem” as Dave might say! “Waking up the Dead” is driving blues that swings hard from start to finish, and features one of many stellar solos on the album by guitarist Dan Noordermeer. “It’s Only Money” is pure rock and roll, and lots of fun, whereas the gospel-tinged soul of “How’ve You Been” is highlighted by a moving vocal performance demonstrating Dave’s newfound maturity as both a singer and songwriter. The fifth song of the disc, “Lose Your Mind” is an uptempo funk-rock song which includes a great solo by Dave on the Hammond organ. And on it goes for ten more tracks, with lots of pleasant surprises along the way: The sonic wall of guitars and unrelenting groove of drummer Danny Lockwood on Lying There leave no doubt that the band can rock hard. The jazzy “Fast Twitch Blues” moves along at such a clip that one wonders how long the guys can hold on! “Let’s Play Outside” is a trip through a 70’s time machine with a very funky bass track by Chris “Bottom End” Bruce, and the upbeat groove of “Drano For Your Soul” features a fabulous extended sax solo by Toronto’s Mark Armstrong. The album closes as strongly as it begins: “Just One More” is a rousing sing-a-long swing blues number; the band rocks on “One Million Bands,” which offers a amusing commentary on the indie music scene; and the emotional Stranded on the Mainland is marked by a haunting piano and vocal performance by Dave. The final track “The Way it Goes” showcases the entire band, with an extended jam closing out the disc that recreates the excitement of the band’s live performances. “Mysterious Juice” is a huge eclectic mix of great music by one of Toronto’s most exciting live acts.



Jay Allan 1998

November 11, 2009

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Artist: Jay Allan
Release: Please Don’t Change
Year: 1998
Genre: Country
Home: Bothwell (Chatham-Kent)

Notes: Ontario singer/songwriter Jay Allan has been writing songs since the age of 14.

Please Don’t Change….3:50
 2. Home Sweet Home…3:09
 3. The Way That I Do…3:37
 4. High School Dance…4:43
 5. Silver Clay Road…3:50
 6. Square One…3:26
 7. I’m Gettng By (Lonely All the Time)…3:16
 8. Sam (Reflections of a Man)…3:20
 9. Until It Was Gone…2:14
10. Sure, I Could Say…3:20
11. (Not Just Another) Face in the Crowd…3:30

All songs written by Jay Allan Schnekenburger        
Visit Jay online here and here.



John Peneycad Near The Cross (1998)

November 11, 2009

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Vocalist: John Peneycad, 32
CD Release: Near The Cross
Year: 1998
Resides: Chatham
Music: Gospel Music
Appearances:  The peoples Church in Toronto (Nationally Televised)
  100 Huntley Street

  This is the second CD release from John who has been receiving praise for his work on a larger scale than he expected. On Nov. 6th 1999, he won the covenant award for “Inspirational Song of the year”, along with nominations for Album of the Year and Favourite Male Vocalist. “Empty Cross” is not only the song that won this for John, but it was also the first song he ever wrote.
John is active with his music and travels through out Ontario sharing his music.
Photo by:  E. Shreve CDN

Update: 2002 saw John and his family move to Moose Jaw with his new work after 13 years in Chatham




Ben Srokosz – forward / gradual

November 2, 2009

Cover Art

Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: forward / gradual
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 1998

  Ben Srokosz’s 2nd album, Forward/Gradual was recorded to 8-tracks between May 13 and May 28th, 1998 in Ben’s bedroom and shed. It was the first CD release by Spur of the Moment Records. The album wavers between an upbeat celebration and a dark, almost regretful rememberence.

  forward / gradual
02  personal best
03  one weekend
04  twice, gain
05  before the fall
06  your face
07  afternoon
08  hospital white
09  doubtful
10  perfect life
11  every day i do the same
12  on the escarpment

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Sylvia Tyson in Quartette (1998)

October 29, 2009




Sylvia Tyson in Quartette
Artist: Quartette
Release: In the Beauty of the Day
Year: 1998
Chatham Connection: Sylvia is from Chatham-Kent

Sylvia Tyson
Caitlin Hanford
Cindy Church
Gwen Swick

  With the untimely death of original member, Colleen Peterson, in 1996, Quartette elected to continue performing, and welcomed another musical friend, Gwen Swick, to the group. Gwen’s skills as a songwriter and vocal arranger carried the group to a new level as they prepared to record once again, and the result was “In The Beauty Of The Day,” released in 1998.

  Quartette has received several Juno nominations, won a Canadian Country Music Award for best vocal collaboration, performed with major symphony orchestras across Canada, and recorded the CMT-TV special, “A Quartette Christmas.” They have also released two Christmas CDs, “It’s Christmas!” in 1996, and “I See A Star” in 2002, both of which are collections of traditional and original Christmas songs, and their Christmas shows have become a tradition with audiences across the country.

1.  I Don’t Want to Cry
2.  Me and My Love and I
3.  Sentinel Crow
4.  In the Beauty of the Day
5.  Ask Me
6.  All Things Can Change
7.  E.Z.
8.  I Don’t Believe I Do Believe
9.  A Love That Just Won’t Stray
10. I Walk These Rails
11. Long Chain of Love
12. Rain on the Highway


  Sylvia Tyson first made her mark in the ’60s with the folk/country duo Ian & Sylvia which recorded 13 albums. Ian and Sylvia, who married in 1964, were at the forefront of the ’60s North American folk movement.

  Following Ian & Sylvia’s breakup in 1977 as an act and as a couple, Sylvia released seven solo albums.

  In the ’70s, Sylvia hosted CBC-Radio’s roots music series “Touch The Earth,” and hosted CBC-TV’s “Country In My Soul” series.

  Sylvia received Canada’s highest civilian award, the Order of Canada in 1995. She is one of the founders, past president, and song honoree of the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1992, and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2003.

Sylvia has completed her first book, a work of fiction.

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Steve Shearer – A Pocket Of Songs (1998)

May 17, 2009

Artist: Steve Shearer
Home: London
Release: A Pocket Of Songs
Date: 1998

All songs written and performed by Steve C. Shearer.

1. A Pocket Of Songs And A Beat Up Guitar
2. Spaceships And Aliens
3. Destiny
4. Not All That Long Ago
5. Cradle To The Grave
6. A Dream Come True
7. Learning How To Fly
8. The Ballad Of Gord And Irene
9. The Last Invitation
10. The Old Folks Memorial Hall
11. Here’s Mud In Your Eye
12. Recklessly Romantic And Hopelessly In Love
13. I Never Thought I’d Be Caught Dead Falling In Love Again
14. Going Down The Road
15. Until We Meet Again

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Sadie SuperNova (1998)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Sadie SuperNova
Home : Chatham 
 Release Title : The Tragic
Music Style : Bealtes/Sub-pop/Acid-Metal
Date : 1998

Musicians :
Shawn Meriano – All
Scott Meriano – Drums on #1
Sean Anderson – Drums on #2, #5
Notsuoh Ekim – Fiddle on #7
Doug Dewitte – Drums on #8

The Scoop : This is Shawn’s solo project that was recorded at his fathers  (Tony Meriano – Barn Yard Studio) music studio, As well as material he worked on while touring the country with his full time band ‘Whatever’.
   The Ear Catcher is “Girl Meets Girl”. This was a good creative underground demo & helped re-introduce Shawn back into the local scene which he had left  behind the past few years in pursuit of musical adventures beyond our little city.

Recording creditsProduced, Engineered & Mixed by Shawn Meriano.

Listen to Sadi SuperNova here



Pseudo Star (1998)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Pseudo Star
Home : Dresden / Thamesville / Chatham Kent
Release : Pseudo Star  (the album is self titled)
Music Style : Indie Pop/Rock
Date : recorded 1998, released 2003

Musicians : (in order of appearance in picture)
Craig Robinson : Guitars + Vocals
Charlie Miller : Bass Guitar + Guitars
Steve Bellan : Drums + Vocals
Mathew Workman : Guitars + Vocals

The Scoop :     Pseudo Star is a lo-fi indie pop/rock experience.  Drawing influences from The Beatles,  The Who,  to Sonic Youth and Pink Floyd, to Treble Charge and Alternative Rock,  each member brings a different style of music into the band.  The philosophy was always simple : To write original material in the style of the bands they loved.  The band’s sounds range from soft mellow songs to loud and noisy spaced-out jams.  Pseudo Star was formed in 1996,  and has played several shows in the Chatham Kent area.  Work began on an album that was to be titled “Sunday with the empty”.  Recording was finished in 1998,  but the band lost interest in the project,  as they began to write new material,  and in some cases,  form other bands.  Pseudo Star disband on a happy note in 2000,  and were able to actually finish the album in 2003.
Recording Credits : Recorded in 1998 at The House of Bleen.
Recorded by Dennis Reisner.
Mixed down / Mastered by Rod Reynolds at the Writing Room.  Some tracks are live.
    *Editors Note : The House of Bleen was the home to Square Root Of Margaret. Dennis Reisner plays bass for S.R.O.M.

CD Track Listing
1. Lyle Pennysworth, 2. Plum 54, 3. Average Girl, 4. Green Apples, 5. Wrong 6. Chrome, 7. Peppermint, 8. Her Green Felt Hat, 9. Extremely All the Time (Live), 10. Live Rock and Roll, 11. Fugazil



Lesser Known – Inner beast (1998)

May 4, 2009


Lesser Known

Lesser Known

Artist : Lesser Known
Home : Windsor / Tilbury
Release : Inner beast (CD Demo)
Music Style : Metal
Date : 1998

Musicians :
Mike Davidson (Spaz)- Vocals
Cory Chauvin – Guitars
Paul Turgeon – Drums
Roger Beaudry – Bass

The Scoop : The band made an effort to come to Chatham whenever possible.
Great production on this recording.

Recording credits
Produced, Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Ron Skinner.
The Farm House & Big Smoke Audio. Dennis Patterson.
CBC Radio Studio 211, Rob Selmanovic

Track Listing

1. Hate List, 2. Check The Zone  3. Change, 4. Kill For You  5. Chrome Plated Machine  6. Dark Waters 7. Four Friends & The Devil  8. Now… Ya Got It ?,  9. Payin’ Dues  10. Frustrating, 11. Crazy Like A Loon 12. MF Git 5 Down

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Junipur – Evening Feeling (1998)

May 4, 2009



Artist: Junipur
Home: Erieau (Chatham-Kent)
Release: Evening Feeling
Music Style Indie pop
Date: 1998

Musicians :
Phil Dennis – Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Matt Maillet – Guitar
Adam Dysarz – Bass
Jonathan Abrosimoff – Drums

The Demo: Junipur took on influences from the fuzzed out sub pop style scene that was happening with bands like sonic youth & Erics Trip. Sloppy but beautiful. This is a great demo with creative bursts & good when you want to get away from the typical stuff.
Oh Ya, & every CD came with a sticker, can’t beat that !

Track Listing.
1. Bus
2. so much more
3. astrohighway
4. in between
5. eightch
6. polka
7. shady pale
8. purple
9. cloudy
10. sub
11. pluto.

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    * Watch/listen to the preview below.