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Sarah Hiltz 2017 Release

December 10, 2017

Artist: Sarah Hiltz
Release: Beauty In The Blue
Date: Nov. 7th 2017.
Genre: Modern Folk, Singer-Song Writer

01. I Took A Risk
02. Inside My Mind
03. Without You
04. No Proof
05. What We Leave Behind
06. Best I Can Believe
07. Fight Your Dark
08. Traveller’s Grace
09. How To Pour Whiskey For Strangers
10. Beauty In The Blue

Notes: Sarah Hiltz is an emerging singer/songwriter expanding the alternative Canadian folk tradition with her latest album, Beauty in the Blue, a compilation of songs and stories culled from her multiple journeys across Canada as a travelling musician on cross-country Via Rail passenger train, “The Canadian”. Inspired by the vastness and diversity both of Canada’s northern landscape and its inhabitants, Sarah fell in love with the quiet strangeness of train travel, the ever-changing vistas out the carriage windows, and the frank, open way strangers share their stories in those carriages; in hearing stories of pain, suffering, and beauty, Sarah found herself inspired to document not only the stories shared with her through song, but her own struggles in how to engage with those stories beyond her own art. Beauty in the Blue, co-produced by Sarah and Kevin Howley (Running Red Lights), sounds like the soundtrack to a country-wide journey– lush, nuanced vocals and jazz-influenced songwriting is complimented by a highly sensitive rhythm section and stand-out guitar work provided by Sarah’s long-term collaborators, drummer Jordan Michaelis and multi-instrumentalist David Puzak. The conversational lyrics are an attempt to connect strangers who share their stories, and in so doing create a bridge across the eclectic gap in our Canadian experiences, expressing what many suffering pain, loss, and confusion have found before- that through the storms that flash blue across our skies, there is beauty to be found if we are vulnerable with one another, if we listen, if we share our stories.

Sarah Hiltz – 2000 – The People Of Chatham Kent (6 songs)
Sarah Hiltz – 2003 – Close To Me
Sarah Hiltz – 2009 – How Many Fires LP
Sarah Hiltz – 2010 – Letters (Limited Release) EP
Sarah Hiltz – 2011 – Music For December EP
Sarah Hiltz – 2013 – Til The Sun Falls
Sarah Hiltz – 2017 – Beauty In The Blue

All songs written by Sarah Hiltz 
Produced by Sarah Hiltz & Kevin Howley
Recorded at Dream Date Studio and Palace Sound by Kevin Howley
Mixed by Josh Bowman
Mastered by Harris Newman
Artwork by Becca Howes

* Download/Preview release at bandcamp here.
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* Youtube here.



Dore Mear Beon 2017 Release

August 13, 2017

Artist: Dore Mear Beon
Release: A Commending Paean for the Forgotten Henrietta Swan Leavitt
Year: 2017
Genre: Rock (instrumental, math rock)
Home: (Chatham-Kent) Tupperville.

Andrew Sagriff

Music project written and produced by Andrew Sagriff.
Mixed by Kyle Ashbourne.
Mastered by Dan Brodbeck.
Group vocals on “Cygnus” performed by Brady Smith, Chase Henry and Ryan Northcott, Lyrics contributed by Chris Walters.

01. Relations: Pulsation
02. Relations: Luminosity
03. Thu Gine
04. Harvard Computers
05. Cygnus
06. Delta Cephei
07. Red Shift
08. Island Universe
09. Magellanic Clouds
10.  Mo Iosal 07:24

Links: (Download/Preview release at band camp link below)
* Bandcamp here.
* Youtube here.
* Facebook here.



Serious Festival 2017 CD

April 26, 2017

Band: Serious Festival
Release: Always Ok
Year: 2017
Genre: Rock
Resides: Windsor area
From: Chatham-Kent.

Colin Luby

Recording/player info: N/A

01. Stranger on my mind.
02. Always ok
03. The Norm
04. Fourohone
05. Feeling Lucky
06. Death will come on so sweetly
07. Prolific or threatening
08. A learned thing
09. Thin air
10. Great things
11. Science fiction

Notes: SeriousFestival is the musical project of Colin Luby, started in his basement in 2010/11. He has been writing and performing these songs, and others, since.

  • Download it at iTunes or spotify.

* Bandcamp here.
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Bren Dube 2017

April 25, 2017

Artist: Bren Dude
Release: Paradigms
Year: 2017
Home: Chatham
Genre: pop/folk

01. Lost
02. Space
03. Grow
04. Honest
05. Hope
06. Let Go
07. Live on
08. Dawn
09. 9
10. White Light

  • Available on iTunes & spotify.

* Youtube here.


Music Event Posters 2016

January 11, 2017

Live music promo posters by The Chatham Music Archive 2016.



November 27, 2016

Artists: 1HQ
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 2016
Genre: Dance/club music, humour

Matt Deneau
Jeff O’rourke

Material posted online 2012-2016.
* Soap
* 10 Inches
* FireCracker
* Where you at ?
* Drinkers Anthem
* Dirty Girls
* Dance Floor
* Feel The Beat
* Back It Up
* Feel The Beat
* Booty Call
* Chocolate White
* Beat Em Up
* Hallucinate
* Cry Babies
* Shlim Baby
* Red Rover

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Chatham-Kent Mountaineers 2016

November 13, 2016

Band: Chatham-Kent Mountaineers
Year: 2016
From: Chatham Ontario.
Genre: Celtic rock
Format: Covers & originals.
Formed: 2008

Current line-up
Dan Davidson – lead vocals and drums
Alysson Storey-Davidson – fiddle, vocals, flute, harmonica
Rob Rankin – guitar, mandolin, banjo
Justin McMath – bass guitar
Steve Wiseman – guitar, vocals

Notes: The CK Mountaineers have recently played at the Sandbar in Erieau, Queen’s Head Pub in Tilbury, Blenheim (BYC Survivor competition/fund-raiser),

* Website here.
* Myspace link here.