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Eric Welton 2006 – zig zag

October 7, 2016

Artist: Eric Welton
Release: Zig Zag
Year: 2006
Home: Windsor
From: Chatham
Genre: Indie, pop, folk

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Eric Welton.

1. Dog
2. And You Are
3. 88
4. Again
5. Bright Lights
6. Whatever I Want
7. Another Day
8. ziGZag
9. A Line Through the Mouth of a Man
10. Tiny Bots
11. Falling
12. Ignore
13. Vedo
14. Stuff
15. Whatever You Want
16. Is It Right?

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Ralph Murphy 2006

August 6, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: 2006
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Among many other roles & duties this year, Ralph had a big year in 2006 with re-releases of a few of his hit songs he wrote appearing on compilation albums & a DVD release.

* 2006 – Ralphs Cowrote “Half the Way”, performed by Crystal Gayle and became a number one hit. Re-released: Album: Easy Listening, Various Artists.
* 2006 – Re-release of ‘He Got You’, Artist: Ronnie Milsap. Album: The Essential Ronnie Milsap (Double Disc).
* 2006 – Re-release of his #1 hit ‘Half the Way’. Performer: Crystal Gayle. Live DVD: The Ultimate Collection: Live [Bonus DVD],
* 2006 – Ralph had success in the UK charts with ‘21st Century Christmas’ (co-written by Paul Brady). It was written in 2005 for fun and sent to Cliff Richard who they knew liked Christmas songs. to their pleasant surprise he recorded it in 2006 and had a UK and European hit with it (No2 in UK!).


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The Weekenders

August 21, 2010

The Weekenders

Band: The Weekenders
Year: 2006
Formed: 2001
Genre: ’50’s and ’60’s covers.
Home: Chatham, Wallaceburg

Tim Nishimura
– Bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Vercauteren – Guitar, vocals
Jeff Emerson – Lead Guitar, vocals
Matt Daudlin – Sax
Grayling Church – Drums, vocals

Scott Gallowayplayed keyboards for the band in the earlier years of the band.

Watch videos of the band in the comment box below.



April 29, 2010

Band: Lye
Genre: Electronic rock
Year: 2006
Release: 2005 – Companion

Chatham Connection: Drummer Nigel Barylewicz is from Chatham. He spent his high school years playing guitar in local death metal bands. Nigel later moved to Toronto after high school and released a bunch of solo experimental records through the 2000’s. He plays several instruments, but landed this gig as the drummer for the popular band Lye.

Brett Carruthers: Vocals
James Toth: Guitar
Stephany Seki: Bass
Nigel Barylewicz: Drums

Notes: After solidifying their lineup, Lye took on new management, a new name, and a redeveloped website and worked for months to perfect their live show. Lye now consists of vocalist Brett Carruthers, guitarist James Toth, bassist Stephany Seki and drummer Nigel Barylewicz. Never afraid to jump from the stage and join their fans, the members of Lye have founded their reputation on an interactive and cathartic live show. Carruthers is a manic frontman whose range of emotion runs from one extreme to another. After announcing “this song is a love song” Carruthers bursts into a screaming rage amidst members of the audience.

In 2007, the band released a DVD ‘Live At The Opera House July 8 2006’.

Visit them online here or here.


A Dying Fixation

April 23, 2010

Band: A Dying Fixation
Year: 2006
Genre: Metal
Home: Tilbury

Cory Chauvin
– Guitarist (ex-Lesser Known, D.N.A.)
Darren James – Vocals (Dismata, PitBull Grin)

Notes from their page
Rearing it’s ugly head in June 2005 “A Dying Fixation” was spawned from a simple concept…friends getting together to deliver a punishing dose of extreme groove-oriented hard-core / metal music. A new project where the main focus is to bring something a little fresh to the current scene while leaving a trail of musical destruction behind them.
  They have released three tracks on ‘’ that include Vultures, Home Town Grotesque, and Martyrs Wear Murder Weapons.

Visit them on myspace here.




February 13, 2010

Release: Dim The Lights…
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham, Windsor

  This was the last album that Foreign Film Star released. The Windsor area based band features Jamie Reaume from Chatham. Jamie has been relentless on the acoustic solo circuit as well as putting out Cd’s  with this band on a consistent basis.

Jamie Reaume – Guitars, Vox
Mike Yunker – Bass
Matt Bailey – Guitars
Nick Capanelli – Drums, Percussion

01 Shadow Puppets
02 Lungs
03 Eversense
04 Clouds & Velvet
05 In Passing
06 The Ones & Zeros Of Digital Rain
07 Impossible Engine
08 Leaving For Left
09 Blindfold
10 Finding Your Way Through A Dream Backwards
11 In A Lifetime
12 Fan Of Chemicals
13 A Beautiful Pulse
14 Safe Trip



Mike Gorman CD Twilight Harvest

February 12, 2010

Band: Mike Gorman
Release: Twilight Harvest
Year: 2006
Genre: Folk and Blues
Home: Southern Ontario

Music & Lyrics by Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman – Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Janalynne Rogers, Jennifer Thorpe, Mike Williams – Harmony Vox.
Larry Smith – Guitar, banjo, Bass, harmony Vox
Willie P. Bennet – Harmonica, Harmony Vox.
Jerry Fletcher – Pedal Steel, Guitar
Dean Harrison – Piano, Organ, Accordian
John Allen – Fiddle, Mandolin, Violin
Claire Ishoy – Cello
Peter Hysen & Joel Gehman – Bass
Jonathon Davis – Drums