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Eric Welton 2006 – zig zag

October 7, 2016

Artist: Eric Welton
Release: Zig Zag
Year: 2006
Home: Windsor
From: Chatham
Genre: Indie, pop, folk

All songs written, performed, recorded and produced by Eric Welton.

1. Dog
2. And You Are
3. 88
4. Again
5. Bright Lights
6. Whatever I Want
7. Another Day
8. ziGZag
9. A Line Through the Mouth of a Man
10. Tiny Bots
11. Falling
12. Ignore
13. Vedo
14. Stuff
15. Whatever You Want
16. Is It Right?

* Download at bandcamp here.
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Ralph Murphy 2006

August 6, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: 2006
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Among many other roles & duties this year, Ralph had a big year in 2006 with re-releases of a few of his hit songs he wrote appearing on compilation albums & a DVD release.

* 2006 – Ralphs Cowrote “Half the Way”, performed by Crystal Gayle and became a number one hit. Re-released: Album: Easy Listening, Various Artists.
* 2006 – Re-release of ‘He Got You’, Artist: Ronnie Milsap. Album: The Essential Ronnie Milsap (Double Disc).
* 2006 – Re-release of his #1 hit ‘Half the Way’. Performer: Crystal Gayle. Live DVD: The Ultimate Collection: Live [Bonus DVD],
* 2006 – Ralph had success in the UK charts with ‘21st Century Christmas’ (co-written by Paul Brady). It was written in 2005 for fun and sent to Cliff Richard who they knew liked Christmas songs. to their pleasant surprise he recorded it in 2006 and had a UK and European hit with it (No2 in UK!).


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The Weekenders

August 21, 2010

The Weekenders

Band: The Weekenders
Year: 2006
Formed: 2001
Genre: ’50’s and ’60’s covers.
Home: Chatham, Wallaceburg

Tim Nishimura
– Bass, guitar, vocals
Jeff Vercauteren – Guitar, vocals
Jeff Emerson – Lead Guitar, vocals
Matt Daudlin – Sax
Grayling Church – Drums, vocals

Scott Gallowayplayed keyboards for the band in the earlier years of the band.

Watch videos of the band in the comment box below.



April 29, 2010

Band: Lye
Genre: Electronic rock
Year: 2006
Release: 2005 – Companion

Chatham Connection: Drummer Nigel Barylewicz is from Chatham. He spent his high school years playing guitar in local death metal bands. Nigel later moved to Toronto after high school and released a bunch of solo experimental records through the 2000’s. He plays several instruments, but landed this gig as the drummer for the popular band Lye.

Brett Carruthers: Vocals
James Toth: Guitar
Stephany Seki: Bass
Nigel Barylewicz: Drums

Notes: After solidifying their lineup, Lye took on new management, a new name, and a redeveloped website and worked for months to perfect their live show. Lye now consists of vocalist Brett Carruthers, guitarist James Toth, bassist Stephany Seki and drummer Nigel Barylewicz. Never afraid to jump from the stage and join their fans, the members of Lye have founded their reputation on an interactive and cathartic live show. Carruthers is a manic frontman whose range of emotion runs from one extreme to another. After announcing “this song is a love song” Carruthers bursts into a screaming rage amidst members of the audience.

In 2007, the band released a DVD ‘Live At The Opera House July 8 2006’.

Visit them online here or here.


A Dying Fixation

April 23, 2010

Band: A Dying Fixation
Year: 2006
Genre: Metal
Home: Tilbury

Cory Chauvin
– Guitarist (ex-Lesser Known, D.N.A.)
Darren James – Vocals (Dismata, PitBull Grin)

Notes from their page
Rearing it’s ugly head in June 2005 “A Dying Fixation” was spawned from a simple concept…friends getting together to deliver a punishing dose of extreme groove-oriented hard-core / metal music. A new project where the main focus is to bring something a little fresh to the current scene while leaving a trail of musical destruction behind them.
  They have released three tracks on ‘’ that include Vultures, Home Town Grotesque, and Martyrs Wear Murder Weapons.

Visit them on myspace here.




February 13, 2010

Release: Dim The Lights…
Year: 2006
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham, Windsor

  This was the last album that Foreign Film Star released. The Windsor area based band features Jamie Reaume from Chatham. Jamie has been relentless on the acoustic solo circuit as well as putting out Cd’s  with this band on a consistent basis.

Jamie Reaume – Guitars, Vox
Mike Yunker – Bass
Matt Bailey – Guitars
Nick Capanelli – Drums, Percussion

01 Shadow Puppets
02 Lungs
03 Eversense
04 Clouds & Velvet
05 In Passing
06 The Ones & Zeros Of Digital Rain
07 Impossible Engine
08 Leaving For Left
09 Blindfold
10 Finding Your Way Through A Dream Backwards
11 In A Lifetime
12 Fan Of Chemicals
13 A Beautiful Pulse
14 Safe Trip



Mike Gorman CD Twilight Harvest

February 12, 2010

Band: Mike Gorman
Release: Twilight Harvest
Year: 2006
Genre: Folk and Blues
Home: Southern Ontario

Music & Lyrics by Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman – Vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica
Janalynne Rogers, Jennifer Thorpe, Mike Williams – Harmony Vox.
Larry Smith – Guitar, banjo, Bass, harmony Vox
Willie P. Bennet – Harmonica, Harmony Vox.
Jerry Fletcher – Pedal Steel, Guitar
Dean Harrison – Piano, Organ, Accordian
John Allen – Fiddle, Mandolin, Violin
Claire Ishoy – Cello
Peter Hysen & Joel Gehman – Bass
Jonathon Davis – Drums



Ridge Road 2006

February 11, 2010

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Band: Ridge Road
Year: 2006
Home: Chatham-Kent

Stuart Wicks – guitar and vocals
Greg Sharpe – bass
Wayne McDermid – drums



Dan Knight and Rebel Heart 2006

January 15, 2010

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Band: Dan Knight and Rebel Heart
Year: Circa 2004, 2006
Genre: Country, R&B, Rock
Home: Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg

Rebel Heart is a high energy, variety band with deep roots in R&B, rock, and country. The band contains four members. The band has toured across Canada and the United States for more than 12 years and has played at some of both countries hottest clubs, including Laughlin, Nevada at the Riverside Casino, Miss Marquette Casino in Iowa, and several other casinos throughout the U.S.

Rebel Heart has opened for Ricky Van Shelton, Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo, Restless Heart, Jo El Sonnier, Exile and many other headliners throughout Canada and the U.S.A

Dan Knight, Ken Mungar, Tony Bandoni and Shawn Tasker are a dynamic foursome. They deliver enthusiasm and enjoyment to all of their music. Their styles and experiences combined make them the hot act they are and enable them to present versatile arrangements of old classics, through to the contemporary music of today.

Dan Knight is a rockin’ guitarist providing lead vocals to the band. Dan has been running a family business which has given him the time to write and produce the quality material that he is used to creating. In 1987 he had a release with the song “She Lives In a Big House”. Although most of Dan’s accomplishments have been on his own, he spent nearly three years with music artist Joe Firth where he performed at some of Canada’s finest rodeos (Ponoka Stampede, Calgary Stampede, and Klondike Days) and has opened for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Tony Bandoni is fret board rippin’ lead guitarist. Being one of Canada’s hottest lead players, Tony has been nominated as Canada’s instrumentalist of the year on three separate occasions. His portfolio includes Michelle Wright and Ronnie Fray.

Shawn Tasker is the youngest member of the band whose abilities shine as an enthusiastic drummer and vocalist. He has previously played with blues artist: Robin Banks, and country artists: Lorie Scott and Marshall Law as well as The Terry Ashley Band.

Ken Mungar is a groovin’ bass player with strong lead vocals. Ken has played with bands like the Rodriguez Twins, Charlie Clements, Dusty Wayne, The Concrete Cowboys and now Rebel Heart.

Along with their good humor and enthusiasm, both on and off stage, Rebel Heart performs up-tempo, toe-tapping music along with emotionally charged ballads, leaving audiences feeling fully entertained.


Leah Morise 2006

November 13, 2009

Artist:  Leah Morise
Release: Take Me Anywhere
Year: 2006
Genre: Folk, Jazz
Home Town:  Chatham-Kent
Resides: London (Area)

Notes: This is Leah’s debut CD. The former self-described “Chatham farm girl” – now Londoner -is far more likely to laugh than cry, and her music reflects this sensibility. You can hear this laughter and joy in many of her songs; just try to listen to the infamous “Panty Song” without giggling.

Leah has been performing in musical theatre and playing gigs around London and Southwestern Ontario. She’s performed on CHRW, Rogers and London’s New PL, as well as at the Home County Folk Festival.

01. Heart of Many Colours
02. The Panty Song
03. Teddy Bear
04. Peaceful River
05. Street Light Shining
06. Big Wide Strum
07. She’s a Gemini
08. Almost Halfway
09. Jean 2:42
10. You Wet My Whistle
11. Too Happy to Sing the Blues
12. Fruition
13. You Can Take Me Anywhere

Visit Leah here or here.
Preview or/and buy her new CD here.

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Red Rose Portrait

October 30, 2009

Band: Red Rose Portrait
Release: Reassurance Rests In The Sea
Year: 2006
Home: Blenheim, Ontario
Style: Metal

Band Members
Marshall Feduk – Guitar, Vocals
Colin Chrysler – Drums,Vocals
Geoff Stoddard – Bass, Vocals 

Visit their website here

Watch the live video for their song “This Fatal Truth” on the external link here.
(Link last checked May 2010 and working)



Aaron Allen 2006

August 28, 2009



Artist: Aaron Allen
Release: Self Titled
Year: 2006
Home: Chatham Kent
Resides: London Area

Aaron Allen, born August 1, 1981 in Chatham, Ontario, is a Canadian alt-country/blues/acoustic/rock singer-songwriter. Driven by influences such as Neil Young, Ryan Adams and Bob Dylan, Aaron’s approach to writing music starts from the power of his lyrics which are sometimes heartbreaking, sometimes straight up rock and roll but always true to his heart and honest. Aaron believes in making music that is timeless and continues to carve out his place in the music industry to ensure a long career in doing what he loves.
1.White Lights
2.Why Try
3.A Girl
5.I’m Gonna Miss Her
7.Worth It
8.All I Need
9.She Walks
10.In the Morning
11.Hard Life





Niteflite (2006)

July 7, 2009
Nite Flite
Nite Flite

Band:  Niteflite
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Area
Year: 2006
Formed: 1981
Style: Classic Cover Band

(From left to right in the above pic.)
John Leigh (Doc) – Baritone sax
Pat Bates – Trombone
Jim Smith – Bass/Vocals
Vaughn Pugh – Keyboards/Vocals/Brass
Rocco Desantis – Alto Sax
St.Clair Shadd – Tenor Sax
Eldon Brown – Drums
Al Rathwell – Trumpet
Doug Smith – Guitar/Vocals (foreground right)

   The bands set lists include Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, Blues Brothers, Beatles, Los Lobos, Blood Sweat & Tears, Wilson Pickett, and many more.
Niteflite History   (From Official Bio)   
   Niteflite assumed its current 9-man configuration in 2003, but has existed since the early nineteen-eighties. The rhythm section, comprised of Doug Smith, Vaughn Pugh, Jim Smith, and Eldon Brown, has been together since 1970, when they formed a group called “Seven“, which featured a 3-piece horn section. And, although short-lived, this early horn-band experiment was a foretaste of things to come.
   Throughout the seventies, Doug, Vaughn, Jim, and Eldon, along with guitarist Shelley Browning, continued performing under the name “Sixth Concession“. Although lacking a full horn section, the group nevertheless continued to polish and perform tunes by groups such as Chicago and Blood, Sweat, & Tears, utilizing Vaughn on trumpet, and adding St. Clair Shadd on tenor sax.     
    As the seventies drew to a close, the band went into a period of inactivity, due in part to the family and career commitments of its members. Their love of music and performing was never lost, however. In the early eighties, inspired by the movie “The Blues Brothers”, and in particular by the line “We’re putting the band back together”, the boys decided to revive the group, this time under the name “Niteflite”. The band initially consisted of the same members as “Sixth Concession” and performed in that configuration for several years. For a short time in the late eighties, a three-piece horn section was added, featuring George Willson on trumpet, Jack Drobko on trombone, and St. Clair on tenor sax.
   Throughout the nineties, Niteflite continued to perform primarily as a 5-piece group, but their love of the horn-band sound never diminished.
   In 1984, Vaughn Pugh, himself an accomplished musician on both keyboards and trumpet, had become the director of the Chatham Concert Band. As such, he had access to many fine Chatham-area musicians, and in 2003 was thus able to select several of these talented people to form the present Niteflite horn section. The new members include Al Rathwell on trumpet, Pat Bates on trombone, Rocco Desantis on alto sax, St. Clair Shadd on tenor sax, and John Leigh on baritone sax. The group’s playlist includes tunes by Chicago, Earth, Wind & Fire, Blood, Sweat & Tears, Lighthouse, Sam & Dave, Wilson Pickett, Ides of March, The Beatles, and many, many more.

Their web page




June 17, 2009

Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 2006 (Canada); 2007 (United States); 2008 (Europe)

Produced by: Tony Haselden & Russ Zavitson

1. Everything and More 
2. Dance in the Boat 
3. Riding Around the Sun 
4. I Don’t Wanna Be That Strong 
5. In the Blink of an Eye 
6. I’ve Forgotten You 
7. Love Me Anyway 
8. Something Wild 
9. You Can’t Lose Them All 
10. My Give a Damn’s Busted 
11. Like an Angel 
12. Voodoo 

Album Description
   2006 release from the award-winning Canadian singer that marries her immediately identifiable voice with an impressive collection of material that mirrors many of the changes in attitude and emotion in her life. Some songs are celebrations that come from first hand experiences while others come from that place of insightful observation that has always worked so well for this Ontario-born artist who first established herself as a force back in the early `90’s during her tenure with Arista Records Nashville. “Everything And More” is a heartfelt combination of emotions and points of view, coupled with effective shifts in arrangements and tempos, make it a complete package that finds Wright singing with conviction and passion, and, when called for, injecting the right amount of urgency or subtle shading.

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Nerve – ReArrangeD (2006)

June 16, 2009

Band: Nerve
Home: Chatham
Year: 2006
Release: ReArrangeD (CD)

Chris Wright (Guitars/Vox),
Ki Larsen (Drums, Backup Vox)
Jason Andersen (Bass)

1. My Enemy
2. Rearranged
3. The Way You Feel
4. Fragment
5. Something This Bad Is As Good As It Gets
6. SDM (Sonic Death Monkey)
7. Beating Self
8. The Wrecking

 Recorded @ BY Studios w/ Shawn Meriano & Nathan Bond

…Since Fall 2005,  ‘The Way You Feel’ was played on the Rock Indie Show regularly and enjoyed a few spins in Detroit on 89X Homeboy Show & WRIF, and also the FM96 Indie Spotlight in London. Also, after this release ‘Rearranged’ & ‘SDM’ enjoyed some spins, and all 3 songs hit internet radio across the globe in a major way.  This CD, and NERVE’s constant touring/gigging across southwestern & southern Ontario put NERVE on the Ontario indie scene map and they were getting loads of attention abroad as well.  2006 through 2008 saw NERVE getting London Music Awards nominations for Best Metal Band 3 years running (07, 08, 09) and also got them invited to headline Scene Magazines showcase @ Canadian Music Week 2008 in Toronto.  In Aug 2008, NERVE took a break from playing (hiatus) for Ki to have surgery on his shoulder and to get back to the studio to record new material.



Ben Srokosz (2006)

June 7, 2009

Artist: Ben Srokosz
Style: Indie / Rock / Alternative
Home: Chatham
Year: 2006

Ben Srokosz – Vocals/ Guitar/Drums/Bass

  In 2009, Ben becomes the new drummer for Square Root Of Margaret.
Ben Srokosz has been releasing solo projects for over 10 years. Another local musician capable of recording his own releases himself, Ben allows his creative side to never spoil.
   Meeting Ben, you understand quickly that he is smart and loves music for all the right reasons. Ben’s style includes the sub-pop sound and heavy influences of the east coast alternative scene.

Official Note: 

Ben Srokosz, Spur of the Moments’ founder, first artist signed, is born from a lifestyle of the do it yourrself ethic.  Often found scoffing in disgust at a pair of expensive $20 blue jeans, or up after midnight working to upkeep this little record label, he is one who looks for good things in unlikely places, and it shows in his music.  His songs are about surprise, confusion and daydreams, and the music itself is both accessible and inaccessible at the same time.  Always changing but never changing.  When asked; “I like my music to come from pure feeling, not calculation.  I just seem to write songs that make me wonder exactly where they came from, and as I figure them out, it brings me so much more joy.

These days Ben has pushed his music to a part time hobby, and has all but ceased in recording new material.  With no certain intentions to ever release another album, he devotes more of his time to recording, video production, and producing local bands.  The idea is to grow Spur of the Moment Records and find new and active artists both local and abroad.

Listen to him here or here.


Ghost Town Minstrels (2006)

May 20, 2009

Artists: Ghost Town Minstrels
Home: Chatham Ontario/ Vancouver BC
Style: Folk/Country/Western
Po Kadot – Guitar, vocals, banjo, drums etc….
D Trevlon – Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Bass stc….
Year: 2006 era

   Lock up your daughters and grease up your goats, because a couple o’ ol’ timey gypsy bandits are staggering yr way! Wanted posters and dime-store novellas tell of two handsome fellers by the names o’ D. Trevlon and Po Kadot (he, of Square Root of Margaret infamy). But, when these peach eatin’, spaghetti western watchin’, dustbowl architects get together, they’re called the Ghost-Town Minstrels.

   You might may be ‘xpectin’ just another night at the local waterin’ hole, but then these fellers stroll in, acoustic guitars in hand. For a dollar and a drink, these glorious b_stards will sing you harmonies so purty, and play ditties so haunting…this music has been known to charm the long-johns off a mountain man whose been standing all day long, knee deep in gopher guts!

   Once the music starts, well…that’s when the magic and mayhem begins. Men-folk are so taken by the tunes, they start to drinkin’ faster, and buyin’ shots for their neighbors! They don’t right off notice how the ladies have gotten to loosening their garments. Even so, loose garments won’t put a stop to the female sweatin’ that takes place at a Ghost-Town Minstrels show! The men-folk get drunker, and the wimmin-folk get looser. Blind beggars’ dogs start to humpin’ on barstools. Next thing ya know, their’s drinkin’, dancin’ fightin’, fussin, – all sorts of goin’s on! And if you find yourself wakin’ up at the crack o’ noon, next to some gap-toothed stranger (that you might not otherwise touch with a ten foot pole)…well then, that sweet melody dancin’ in the fog of your liqour-dented skull has been brought to you courtesy o’ the Ghost-Town Minstrels. Ask for them by name.

Po is best known for his work fronting Square Root Of Margaret

Listen here or here.



Michael Schatte – Hard Ticket (2006)

May 18, 2009

Artist: Michael Schatte
Release: Hard Ticket
Year: 2006
Home: Originally from Chatham

   Michael began his early career in music in a Chatham blues band called Midnight Mojo.
   Michael Schatte:  all vocals and instruments including electric, acoustic, and 12 string guitars; drums; electric bass; mandolin; violin; German button accordion; piano accordion; organ, piano, and electric piano synths; harmonica; and various percussive items
   All songs written by Michael Schatte except tracks 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12

   Recorded at Mithrandir Studios, Chatham, ON, Canada between the months of May and August, 2005
Mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios, Chatham, ON

   Though Hard Ticket is unapologetically guitar-driven, it also showcases Michael’s considerable chops on both the mandolin and violin, both of which add wonderful colour to the album’s already diverse palette. There’s something on this record for everyone – searing blues, rootsy pop-rock, bluegrass, New Orleans flavoured “feel-good music”, country, folk and even instrumental celtic-rock – it’s both difficult to categorize and easy to enjoy!

1. Turn
2. Room For Me 
3. Hey Pocky Way
4. Crying Uncle  
5. The Hardest Part
6. Tear Stained Letter
7. If You Be My Baby 
8. Slow Burn 
9. All Work and No Play
10. Tipsy On the Cork
11. Under A Stormy Sky
12. Big Chimney
13. Aspasia  mp3 snippet
14. Five Alive

Visit Michael Schatte on the web at



Tom Starks – Sugar Boy (2006)

May 17, 2009

Tom Starks
Release: Sugar Boy
Style: Jazz
Date: 2006

Home Town: Chatham
Resides and performs  in Aylmer as of 2001.

Recorded live at CBC Studios, Toronto On, Canada.

Tom Starks – Hammond organ
Don Durkee – Tenor Saxophone
Sharon Beeler – Vocals
Chris Norley – Guitar
Brian McHugh – Drums
Special Guest Andy Lusher – Tenor saxophone

Sugar boy blues, 2. Street of dreams, 3. There will never be another you, 4. Almost like being in love, 5. Cry me a river, 6. Recorda me, 7. God bless the child, 8. I can’t give you anything but love, 9. Just squeeze me, 10. Au privave, 11. Sugar

Recording & Mixing Engineer – Rich Starks
Mastered by Bob Hiltz at EyreSpace Studios, Chatham.
Graphic Design – Pat Crone

NOTE:  Tom began his professional career in 1972 as keyboardist with a show group touring Ontario and several Northern States. In 1974 he returned to his home town of Chatham and continued to perform with local artists while touring Southern Ontario. After 25 years of teaching, Tom and his wife Sonja moved to Aylmer where his main focus now is on jazz and a return to his first instrument, the Hammond B3 Organ. note by




May 17, 2009

Date: 2006
Home: Leamington

Jessica Desjardins – Vocals
Shane Ivy – Guitar
Will Davis – Bass
Mike Wiebenga – Drums

   From the southern most town in Canada, Leamington Ontario comes the female fronted quartet known as BLOODSHOTEYE. Using elements of all different sytles of extreme music BLOODSHOTEYE have perfected their own “deathmetalcore” style utalizing fast riffs with heavy breakdowns and some of the most intense female vocals you’ll hear in music today!

  BLOODSHOTEYE has played all over Canada with some of the countries finest local bands and opening for major acts as well. Noteable appearances would be the Obey the Flame fest in Montreal, opening the Headbangers Ball show in Toronto, and the direct support spot on CRYPTOPSYs 2004 tour presented by Bravewords&Bloodyknuckles. Plus countless shows throughout Ontario building a secure fan base over the last couple years.

1. Lock And Load 2. The Last Laugh 3. Mourning In Silence 4. Be My Victim 5. Foul Play 6. Bound To Break 7. Torn Between Two Worlds 8. These Bloody Cravings 9. Pains Of Misfortune



In Dying Fasion (2006)

May 7, 2009
In Dying Fasion
In Dying Fasion

Artists: In Dying Fasion
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Style: Rock
Year: 2006

(Last posted line-up)
Shawn Hunter – Vocals
Cody McGowan – drums
Alex Lambier – Rythm Guitar
Jamie Miller – Bass Guitar
Kyle Lambier Lead Guitar

   In Dying Fasion was formed by the dissolving of two local bands from the Southwestern Ontario region; Against The Odds & AnyDayNow.
   Against The Odds & AnyDayNow were having auditions for new band members at the same time. It was by chance that Nick McGregor found out that Against The Odds was hosting their own auditions, and convinced Alex Lambier, one of the remaining members of Against The Odds to practice with AnyDayNow.
   In less than a year (3 months), this band has accomplished: having “GONE”, a song by IN DYING FASION, being put on a compilation CD by SEXYKILLER RECORDS. In the last phase of the band, they recorded a 7 Track EP “THE UNTIMELY DEATH”,
Disbanded in 2007.

 Listen here :,,




Monday’s Child – Cause For Dispute. (2006)

May 7, 2009

Artists: Monday’s Child
Release: “Cause for Dispute”.
Home: Blenheim, Ontario Canada
Style: Rock
Year: 2006

Mitch Dauphin – vocals/guitar
Jason Guttridge – drums/vocals
Todd Rodger – guitar/yell
Branden Drewery – Bass

01. Cause For Dispute
02. Denying Me
03. Ill Democracy
04. Lost Out There
05. Last Chance To Fly
06. Look No Further
07. The Inside
08. A War We’ve Made
09. Denying Me (Acoustic)

Produced by Mondays Child, Jeff Mifflin, Bob Hiltz, Shawn Mariano, and Nate Bond.

Watch the CD video preview below.

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 Listen here :



Finding Core – Silence – 2006

May 7, 2009


Band: Finding Core
Release: Silence
Date: 2006
Home: Chatham
Formed: 2000

Todd Lenover – Vocals And Guitar
Eric Andrews (Eric Broadbent) – Guitar
Gary Patrick – Drums
JZ Taine – Bass

Notes: Shortly after this demo release, the singer and drummer left the band.
Over the next three years the band released two new original songs via the internet with a new singer (Albert Huggett) and drummer (Adam Tuckwell).  Adam & Albert decided to leave the band in 2009.


Track Listing: Only You, So Deep, Freakin’ Out, The Ballad Of April, Silence, Sick & Tired, Shirley, In The Sun, Touch, Fly.

If Above Video doesn’t appear, view here.



Square Root Of Margaret – Cloud Nine Revisited (2006)

May 6, 2009



Square Root Of Margaret
: Cloud Nine Revisited
Date : 2006
Home: Chatham
Download the CD at ITUNES here.

Song List:
1 The 3-D Breeze
2 Circuitry Knee
3 Disappearing Hands
4 I Don’t Know Why
5 Time Machine
6 Spiders & Flies
7 Cellophane Heart
8 Whispers Sometimes
9 Brain
10 Wow
11 Alien Frequency
12 (Theme From) Inter-connectedness
13 All the Moments

In the Spring of 2005, Square Root of Margaret came out of nowhere with a new recording titled “Levitation Days.” This CDep ended years of silence from the band, and any speculation in regards to where they were, and what they were doing…. Within weeks of it’s release, “Levitation Days” landed in the Top 50 Canadian College Radio charts with no press whatsoever! Across Canada, college radio was picking up on this psych-pop gem, and helping to re-introduce the music of Square Root of Margaret to happy ears everywhere! The band soon found themselves playing more and more live shows, working on new material, and staring directly into strobelights. They set about writing and recording a pop album for our time. 13 new songs about life, love, alien frequencies, and time travel.

…. I just wanted to add that this record, in my opinion, has some of the best gems put out from around here. The song “I Don’t Know Why” is a song that must be heard & will outlive the band for years to come. Find it and pass it on.

*Watch the CD preview video on youtube, click here.