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Finding Core 2011 Release

October 31, 2011

Band: Finding Core
Release: Fifty Two Ten (8 song demo)
Year: 2011
Formed: Circa 2000
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham

Notes: The band broke up in August of 2012.

Kenny Deuxberry – Lead Vocals
Eric Broadbent – Guitars & Backing Vocals
J.Z Taine – Bass & Backing Vocals
Paul Demars – Drums & Backing Vocals

01. Falls Silent
02. Loaded Gun
03. Tomorrow
04. F-Bomb
05. Fantasy
06. Pass You By
07. Gemini
08. Runaway

2006 – Silence
2011 – Fifty Two Ten

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Finding Core – Silence – 2006

May 7, 2009


Band: Finding Core
Release: Silence
Date: 2006
Home: Chatham
Formed: 2000

Todd Lenover – Vocals And Guitar
Eric Andrews (Eric Broadbent) – Guitar
Gary Patrick – Drums
JZ Taine – Bass

Notes: Shortly after this demo release, the singer and drummer left the band.
Over the next three years the band released two new original songs via the internet with a new singer (Albert Huggett) and drummer (Adam Tuckwell).  Adam & Albert decided to leave the band in 2009.


Track Listing: Only You, So Deep, Freakin’ Out, The Ballad Of April, Silence, Sick & Tired, Shirley, In The Sun, Touch, Fly.

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Foster Child – Self Titles CD (1996)

May 4, 2009

Artist : Foster Child
Release Title : Foster Child
Home : Chatham
Music Style : Rock
Date : 1996

Musicians :
Shawn Beaulieu – vocals, guitars
Mat Drew – Vocals, Percussion
Jay Moskaluk – Guitar , bow
Jesse Verleye – Vocals, Bass
Chuck Young – Drums

The Demo :  This is their second demo, Recorded & Produced by Steve Eyres.
The original 3 thrash kids (Shawn,Jesse,Chuck) recruited Jay & Mat from the local cover band ‘Soul Kitchen’.
Due to the lack of venues having original music, the band doubled as a cover band with originals thrown in to keep them playing every weekend. The band found themselves booked endlessly packing venues all over Ontario for the next 2 years including a few Cornstalks, KOA Bash’s,  & a handfull of arena shows.
The band did a summer tour of Ontario in support of this demo & heavy playing everywhere & anywhere lead to a good following.
Although the plan was to gain more exposure by playing covers & getting into more clubs from this, they found covers were consuming all their time. by 1997, members started up original projects ‘Janet Theory’ & ‘Whatever’, while keeping Foster Child just a cover band once in a while until 1999 when their original projects took on life.

Track Listing.
01 40 Seconds.mp3.
02 Fall Away.mp3.
03 Kevin.mp3.
04. Baleful Dogma.mp3.
05 Enemies for Friends.mp3.
06 Two Friends & A Back Pack.mp3.
07 Seven Layer Jesus.mp3.
08 The Girl That Couldn’t Spell Her Name.mp3.
09 Levitate Above This.mp3.
10 Heart.mp3.
11 Yahve – Qui.mp3.

Engineered by Steve Eyres at Eyres Studios, Chatham.
Produced by Foster Child and Steve Eyres.
Mastered at DB Studios, London, Ontario by Brian Burnes.
Photography by Theresa Chartrand.

Summer Tour Dates 1996
Windsor – Rum Runners (2 nights)
Amherstburg – Bonkers (2 nights)
Sarnia – The Tunnel (two nights)
Blenheim – Papa Luigi’s (two nights)
Chatham – Aberdeen (three nights)
Wallaceburg – Sam’s Hotel (two nights)
Blenheim – Arena
Toronto – The 360
St. Catherines – The Club
Tilbury – Arena
Hamilton – X Club
Kitchener – Mrs. Robinsons
Chatham – Cornstalk
Mitchells Bay – Outdoor show
Acme Bash – Outdoor show
AOK Bash – Outdoor show
London – Baha Club
Chatham – CAW Hall

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Finding Core (2003)

May 4, 2009


Band: Finding Core
Formed: 2000-2001
Genre: Rock Covers

Todd Lenover – Vocals And Guitar
Eric Andrews (Eric Broadbent) – Guitar
Gary Patrick – Drums
JZ Taine – Bass

The Scoop : A new cover band made up of  skilled veteran players who have began to change direction to an original music project.
     Not to take attention away from the band, but Eric Andrews (Also known as Eric Broadbent) has made a name for himself in the area  as one of the elite top rock guitar players. He can play any Van Halen lick, has the same gear & even looks a little like Eddie himself. No one will let him off stage until he at least plays a Van Halen solo & it is always fun to watch.

Credits include : Previously played “Eddie” in Canada’s most popular Van Halen Tribute band, 5150. Won 1st place in Guitar Warz 1991, Chatham Ontario, competed for Canadian finals 1992. Won “Best Guitarist” in 2003 Band Spotlight Competition.