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Jivaro Fracus – 1992 – Enjoy

November 3, 2016

Band: Jivaro Fracus
Release: Ejoy (Demo Cassette)
Year: 1992
Genre: Rock
Home: London

Chatham Connection: Chris & Ted Hart are from Chatham-Kent, but had moved to London after graduation.

1. Got It On Film
2. Confessions
3. Stranded
4. Her Side

Chris Hart – Vocals
Ted Hart – Bass
Wayne – guitar
Shawn – drums.

“Got It On Film” was recorded at Fanshawe’s MIA studio in November of ’91.
It was produced by Nikki Servos and Matt Wormsbecker and engineered by Brad Nelson
The other songs were recorded live at Call The Office in London on December 9th by Brian Smith.

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Lesser Known 1992 Demo

October 12, 2011

Band: Lesser Known
Release: What Is Life About
Year: 1992
Genre: Metal
Format: Cassette tape
Home: Tilbury (Chatham-Kent)

Mike Davidson (Spaz) – Vocals
Cory Chauvin – Guitar
JP Caza – Guitar
Roger Beaudry – Bass
Paul Turgeon – Drums

1. *** Wrongs
2. What Is Life About?
3. Real Reality

Lesser Known Links:

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Bring an Open Mind – 1994 (11 Songs)
Inner Beast – 1998 – (12 Songs)
Higher levels – 2000
Circle the Drain – 2001 (3 Songs)
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Gary Stocking From the Heart

February 17, 2011

Artist: Gary Stocking
Release: From the Heart
Format: Cassette
Genre: Country, Rock
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1992

 Gary has been a popular musician from the area since the early eighties. He was a member of local bands such as Driftwood & Shades of Country. During the time of this release, Gary fronted ‘Gary Stocking & Magnum’ after recording in Nashville.

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Shattered Existence 1992

March 27, 2010

Band: Shattered Existence
Demo Release: Brainstorm
Year: 1992
Genre: Rock
Home: Tilbury

E.J Chapados
– Vocals
Chris Hammerton – Lead Guitars
Pat O’Donnel – Bass
Rodney Beaudry – Drums
Ryan Odette – Guitar

The band also played on the Windsor Compilation CD. That line up included:
E.J Chapados – Vocals
Rodney Beaudry – Drums
Mark Thompson – Bass
Ryan Odette – Guitars

Visit them online here.


Route 66 (1992)

October 28, 2009

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Band: Route 66
Home: Chatham
Year: 1992

(Left to Right)
Tod McGivern
Shaun Huey
Don Plouffe
Rick Chrysler



The Shoeflies (1992)

July 16, 2009

Shoeflies 2001
Shoeflies 2001

Band: The Shoeflies
Release: The Shoeflies (1992)
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 1992.

l to r in above from 2001 picture.
Randy Doucette – bassist
Cory Dawe – guitarist
David DeJonge – vocalist/guitarist
Richard DeJonge – vocalist/keyboard player
Clark Allore – drummer

   The original line-up formed in 1992 in Chatham, Ontario, with high school friends Richard DeJonge and Cory Dawe. With a Casio keyboard, a guitar and two cowboy hats, the two played as a mock-country duo known as Rikky Dee & The Shoeflies.

    In 1992, the group released a self-titled 12-song album of joke songs including “Sneaky Old Bootknife”, “Kiss Me Or Kill Me” and “Prison Life’s A Bore”. During their “Not Quite World Tour,” in early 1993 the duo, now known simply as The Shoeflies (they dropped the Rikky Dee moniker at this time), played shows in Cincinnati, Kentucky, Nashville, Memphis, and various other cities in the United States.

  At the end of 1993, The Shoeflies went into Mud Creek Studios in Chatham, Ontario to record “Fly To You”, a radio single that would be used to promote the band. Vocalist Ivan Arneill sang harmonies on the track, and the song received substantial radio airplay at the University of Windsor campus radio station, where Richard DeJonge attended at the time.





Sylvia Tyson – Gypsy Cadillac (1992)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Gypsy Cadillac
Year: 1992
Style: Folk
Born: Chatham


1 Heart Disease 2 Remain a Chile 3 Deeper Waters 4 Feeling Seventeen Again 5 The Sound of One Heart Breaking 6 I Walk These Rails 7 String Too Short to Save 8 Chocolate Cigarettes 9 Diamond Love 10 So Quiet Now 11 Hearts On the Fault Line 12 Gypsy Cadillac

Notes: Personnel includes: Sylvia Tyson (vocals); Albert Lee (acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin); Andrew Hardin (acoustic & electric guitars, percussion); Fats Kaplin (steel guitar, fiddle, accordion); Denis Pendrith (bass); Bucky Berger (drums, percussion); Colleen Peterson, Shirley Eikhard (background vocals).
Recorded at Metalworks, Toronto, Canada.

   Sylvia Tyson, CM (born Sylvia Fricker September 19, 1940 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada), is a singer-songwriter, broadcaster, and guitarist. In the 1960s, she was half of the popular folk duo Ian and Sylvia along with her performing partner Ian Tyson (who was also her husband from 1964 to 1974.) Later in the 1960s, she and Ian Tyson also headed the country-rock band Great Speckled Bird. More recently, she has been a member of the all-female folk group Quartette.

   Perhaps her best-known song was “You Were On My Mind”, which was originally recorded by Ian and Sylvia in 1964. The song became a massive hit single in the mid-1960s for the San Francisco-based folk-rock band We Five and also for the British pop singer Crispian St. Peters. It has become a rock and roll standard which has been covered numerous times, most recently by Serena Ryder in her November 2006 album If Your Memory Serves You Well.

   She and Ian Tyson are the parents of the performer Clay Tyson. Sylvia has contributed offstage to the Canadian music scene as a board member of FACTOR and the Juno Awards. She also established an independent record label, Salt Music, in the late 1970s.

Sylvia Tyson was made a Member of The Order of Canada in 1994.

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Michelle Wright – Now And Then (1992)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Michelle Wright
Now & Then  
Date May 1992
Genre: Country
Home: Originally from Merlin/Chatham-Kent

Recording credits – Arista/BMG
Producer Steve Bogard; Rick Giles
Engineer:  Mike Clute
* Recorded at Soundshop Recording Studios, Nashville.

Michelle Wright (vocals) , Brent Mason, Biff Watson (guitars) , John Willis (guitar, mandolin) , Bruce Bouton (pedal steel) , Sonny Garish (pedal steel, Dobro) , Steve Nathan (piano, keyboards) , Catherine Styron (keyboards) , Carl Marsh (Fairlight)
Spady Brannan (bass) , Lonnie Wilson (drums, percussion) , Rick Giles, Lari White, Karen Staley (b. vocals).

The Scoop: This record went Double Platinum in Canada, with 5 no. 1 singles as of 1997.

01. Take It Like A Man
02. If I’m Ever Over You
03. Now And Then
04. One Time Around
05. He Would Be Sixteen
06. Change, The
07. Don’t Start With Me
08. Guitar Talk
09. Fastest Healing Wounded Heart
10. Little More Comfortable
* Watch the CD preview below.