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Eightball Chatham Venue closes

November 13, 2013

Venue: Eightball VIP Sports Cafe
Year: 2004
Location: 90 Richmond Street, Chatham Ontario
Main owner & manager: Tony Almeida
Opened: October, 1983 as Eightball Billiards & Games
Closed: 2004

About EightBall:
From the early 90’s to 2004, EightBall was the main consistent provider of live entertainment with variety.
Owner Tony Almeida was simply the nicest bar owner in Chatham and a true supporter of the community and its local bands. Tony decided to retire after 25 years in the business which began as EightBall simply being a Billiard hall. The venue has since changed its name to Twisters, and a few others before becoming Encore, which it is now known as in 2010.
Over the years, the bar hosted acts including Finger Eleven, Great White, Quiet Riot, I Mother Earth, Nazareth, Big Sugar, The Trews, 54-40, Econoline Crush, Default, Theory of a Deadman, Bif Naked, Rusty & many, many more.
EightBall began hosting local bands to play shows back in the mid 1990’s. They were often given Sundays to do their thing. Otherwise, the young kids would normally have to rent a hall (JC Hall, KBD Hall, CAW Hall, Polish Hall, & the Legions) which was a big burden and risk to take for these young kids. Tony did his best to share his good fortune and develop a good community spirit amongst all club goers, whether it be rap, dance, country, techno, metal, or foam parties.
 Like all bars, it had a few slow years caused by various reasons, but mainly, it held its ground as the top entertainment venue in Chatham for the majority of the time.

Personal Note: I have worked with Tony for many years performing in bands (Foster Child/ Janet Theory) & he sincerely was the best owner, taking care of the bands he had play at his club. He took care of his customers, staff, and hired entertainment with respect. He gave opportunities to young new acts, and in return, we did our best to try to make the shows extra special so that the venue would be packed and everybody wins.
Tony remarked “I certainly miss all the people that I used to work with and of course, The group Foster Child/Janet Theory was sincerely one of the best to work with. I really miss you guys and will never forget some of the good times that we all had!
I will always be gratefull for all the effort that you guys did to help Eightball become what it did back in the day”.

A few of the bands that performed here were:54-40, Ashes of Soma, Betrayer, Big Sugar, Cage 33, Carpedeim, Clark Nova, Closer To Closure, Crazy Babies, Crutch, Default, Driving Lester, Dropping Poppies, Ego Seed, Fat Doug & The Sinners, Filmores (the)Finding Core, Finger Eleven, First Line Third Planet, Flicker, FLOORrYDe, Foreign Film Stars, Foster ChildGilligans Eye Lid, Halfway There, Hatchet Man Phenomenon, Hollow (the)HorrowShow, Janet Theory, J Englishmen, Joy Drop, Limblifter, Mad Dash Tour, Modena 440, Nerve, Orinj, Power Trip, Quiet Riot, Random Time, Room Without A View, Rusty, Salads (the), Sedated, Scratching Post, Social Code, Source (the), Stutter, Tangled Puppet, This End Up, Toast & Jam, Tranzit, Trole, Typhoid Mary, Wide Mouth Mason, Whaling Band & Whatever.

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Ralph Murphy 2004

August 22, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: Circa 2004
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Amongst many other projects, roles, & duties, highlights for Ralph Murphy this year include:

* 2004 – Co-worte ‘He Got You’, re-released by Ronnie Milsap for his greatest hits collection’ Ultimate Ronnie Milsap’.
* 2004 – Co-wrote ‘The Edge’. Artist: Annihilator. Album:Set the World on Fire/In Command: Live 1989-1990. Road Runner Records.
* 2004 – Wrote the song ‘Phoenix Rising’. Artist: Annihilator. Album: The Best of Annihilator.
* 2004 – Producer credits. Artist: Brutus. Album: For The People.




February 13, 2010

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Release: Revival
Release Date: October 01, 2004
Home: Chatham-Kent, Windsor

Jamie Reaume…..Guitars, Vox
Mike Yunker…..Bass
Matt Bailey…..Guitars
Michael Najm…..Drums, Percussion

Blindfold, Breathe Me
02 Inkora
03 Whales Become White Noise
04 Don’t Ask Why, Calm
05 Reasoning With The Machines
06 Pornography Blue
07 Eyes Modern
08 Clouds & Velvet
09 In Passing, Tears From A Bleeding Woman
10 Postures

Produced by: Bob Hiltz
Recorded & engineered by: Bob Hiltz
Eyrespacre Studio, Chatham On.
All lyrics by Jamie Reaume



Winter Rose 2004

February 11, 2010

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Compilation: Windsor Indie Compilation
Release: Winter Rose
Year: 2004
Chatham Connection: Includes Chatham musicians such as ‘The Janet Theory’, ‘Foreign Film Star’ and Jamie Reaume.

‘Winter Rose’ and it’s sequel ‘Winter Rose II’ were charity albums that were organized by Jamie Reaume. Jamie had been in Windsor for a year or two (after moving from Chatham) and found the yearning of community burning in his soul. All proceeds from the sale of this CD went to ‘Transition To Betterness’.

01 Ray Whimsey – Just A Stones Throw
02 Mitch Stokes – Story Of Your Life
03 Ryan Yoker – Something Better Than Nothing
04 Kara Kaufmann – Hammock
05 8ight Past Nine – Between The Lines
06 Inoke Errati – Pieces
07 R2DJ – If Santa Don’t Bring You No Funk
08 The Janet Theory – You Suck
09 Jesse Bellon – Align
10 Foreign Film Star – Whales Become White Noise
11 Ashes Of Soma – Loaded
12 Focal Point – On The Edge
13 St James Something & Julia O’Brien – Hark Mary Star
14 Paul Thomson – O Holy Night
15 Anneke’s Star – All Or Nothing
16 Bloemfontein – Chicago, Home Of The Monk
17 Matt Piccolo & Jamie Reaume – Before You Can Laugh Again



Jani Jakovac 2004 CD

November 29, 2009

Artist: Jani Jakovac
CD Release: Take Cover
Year: 2004
Home: Chatham Ontario
Resides: Vancouver

Notes: Jani records a collection of songs by other artists that she likes, which makes “Take Cover” a great  name for this collection of covers.

Who is this Jani anyhow? Where has she been hiding? Well, actually it is Jani (jay-nee) Jakovac (jack-o-vack) but who she is can be as tricky as the name. Because she is many things. She is a singer, songwriter, pianist, actor and an athlete to name a few. She’s funny, she’s intense, she’s energetic, she’s controlled, she’s sweet, but don’t ever get on her bad side…not so sweet. She is chic while she owns 6 pairs of slippers and wears flannels to bed. Clearly, she is a Gemini with issues.
She studied drama and played varsity volleyball at the University of Guelph in Ontario. The day after graduating, she moved to Vancouver to pursue an acting career. This led her to few acting roles and many bartending jobs. She then moved to Europe to benefit from something else she had put many years into…. volleyball.  She played and coached professionally in Denmark for three years.
So, that was where she’s been “hiding”. If hiding was her intent, this would be about the only place this 6 foot blonde could have remained inconspicuous. But inconspicuous she definitely was not when she was hopping up on stages in Copenhagen and joining bands in impromptu performances.
Growing up in a house that thrived on music, it was always a part of her, a necessary element of her being. She knew she could sing, but strangely enough, she did not think it was “a big deal”. And since the only people that had ever heard her sing were friends and family, Jani assumed that they were merely being polite when they told her that she had talent. Belting out the blues or luring people into a trance with her sultry sounds was just her own act of passion. But the response to her music made it undeniably clear that people wanted to hear more. The music she writes is a soulful mix of the different styles she grew up listening to. The diverse music she appreciated were just a turn of the radio dial away from one another. The stations were numerous. The stations were from Detroit.
She grew up in the small city of Chatham, Ontario, 45 minutes over the border from the Motown.  Her influences, ranging from classical to funk, are revealed in every song that she writes. Her often autobiographical lyrics leave audiences thankful for the living she has done. No, music has not been the only part of Jani’s life, but it has been the strongest, most dynamic, most necessary, always with her, traveling to every place she has been. The ever positive, vibrant, energetic Jani, admits that her music is a therapeutic device that she has used for many years to keep the smile on her face.  Audiences are thrilled she has lived enough life to have stories to tell with her songs and young enough to make it interesting.

Visit Jani online. Visit her website to order the CD.


Crossfire (2004)

August 22, 2009
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Band: Crossfire
Year: 2004
Home: Chatham Kent Area

Members: (from L-R):
Joseph Benoit
Greg Sharpe
Gab Gagnon
Ray Trahan
Gail Trahan
Denise Benoit.


Social Code – A Year at the Movies (2004)

July 18, 2009

Band: Social Code
Release: A Year at the Movies
Date: 2004
Style: Rock
Home: Alberta
Chatham Connection: Travis Nesbitt (vocals) was born and raised in Chatham Ontario Canada.

Travis Nesbitt — vocals (Chatham)
Logan Jacobs — bass
Dave Resse – guitar
Ben Shillabeer — drums

1. Beautiful
 2. Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)  
 3. Gone Away
 4. Cats And Dogs
 5. Miss You
 6. Perfect Grave
 7. Everything Fine
 8. As Good As It Gets
 9. Flurry
 10. I Was Wrong
 11. Waiting
 12. No One To Save

   Formed in 1999 by high-school friends Travis Nesbitt (vocals) and Logan Jacobs (bass), the Canadian alternative rock act Social Code initially operated under the name Fifth Season. The group issued Patiently Waiting in 2001 before changing to its present name, the bandmembers realizing that they shared their original moniker with a popular group overseas.
   After a development deal with Columbia Records fell through, the band wound up ultimately inking a deal with Interscope in late 2003. Social Code released their proper debut album, A Year at the Movies, in May 2004, and the following fall was spent on the road, where the group played shows alongside Bif Naked, Good Charlotte, and the guys from MTV’s Jackass. The album went on to sell over 20,000 copies in Canada alone, though besides some attention for the song “Beautiful,” the band remained largely unknown in the United States.
   Several lineup changes occurred over the years; after guitarist David Hesse exited the band during the mid-2000s, Chris Ruddy (formerly of Drive by Punch) joined the existing lineup of Nesbitt, Jacobs, and drummer Ben Shillabeer. Ruddy was later replaced by guitarist Morgan “Macchio” Gies, and the revised group built a studio in the basement of bassist Jacobs’ house before setting to work on a follow-up album. Released solely in Canada in May 2007, the self-titled Social Code heightened the band’s profile when its lead single, “Bomb Hands,” received heavy video rotation from MuchMusic. Also helping things was a string of early 2008 tour dates alongside likeminded bands Hedley and Sum 41. Again, though, Social Code’s U.S. presence was minor; they hoped to change things with the release of their U.S debut, the self-released EP He Said She Said, in late October 2008. ~ Corey Apar, All Music Guide.


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Visit Social Code here or here.




CHRIS HART – Behind The Blue Wall (2004)

May 19, 2009




Release: Behind The Blue Wall
Date: 2004
Home: From Merlin (Chatham-Kent), now London.

All songs written by Chris Hart

Tracks: Behind The Blue Wall, Dionne, Falling From The Sky, Forget About Me, Heart On My Sleeve, Love (X3), Mrs. Mathieson, Rip Van Winkle.mp3, Take Me BackAngel, Waited Too Long, We Were Stoned.

Chris Hart – guitars, vocals
Blair Heddle – banjo, mandolin
Dan Fawcett – guitar
Shawn Saunders – guitar, harmony
Jerry Fletcher – steel guitar
Jeff Fountain – bass
Ted Peacock – drums
Dean Harrison – piano, Hammond B3, accordian
Aaron MacDonald – saxophone
Craig Robertson – trumpet
Casey Peavoy – harmonica

Recorded at EMAC Studios, London, Ont.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Dan Brodbeck
Assistant engineer – Sigfried Meier

* Watch CD preview below.

Listen to the CD here:


Sue Jay And Ray Violot – Studio One (2004)

May 18, 2009


Artist: Sue Jay And Ray Violot
Release: Studio One
Style: Jazz/Lounge
Year: Recorded August 21st, 2004

Ray Violot – Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,8)
Sue Jacques – Piano/ Vocals
St. Clair Shadd – Tenor Saxophone
Pat Crone – Drums

  • Recorded at Studio One, Chatham Cultural Centre.
    Engineered And Mastered by Bob Hiltz

1. ‘S Wonderful
2. Our Love Is Here To Stay
3. The nearness Of You
4. It Had To Be You
5. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
6. Love Walked In
7. Honeysuckle Rose
8. I Wish You Were Here
9. L.O.V.E.
10. A Nightengale Sang In Berkeley Square
11. Do Nothing ‘Til You Hear From Me
12. Like Someone In Love
13. You Are Too Beautiful
14. There Will Never Be Another You
15. Someone To Watch Over Me
16. Pick Yourself Up

* Watch/listen to the preview below.





Room Without A View – Apes With Laser Eyes (2004)

May 17, 2009

Artist: Room Without A View
Release: Apes With laser Eyes
Style: Pop/Punk Rock
Date: 2004
Home: Tilbury/Chatham

1. Holiday
2. Jacky
3. Hail To The Chimp

  • Watch/listen to the preview below.





Closer To Closure – Three Song Demo (2004)

May 17, 2009

Artist: Closer To Closure
Release: 3 SongDemo
Style: Metal
Date: 2004

Tom VanDeven – Vocals/Guitar
Matt Broadbent – Bass
Art Pisanski – Drums

1. Open 2. Snapshot 3. Blinded



Toast And Jam (2004)

May 6, 2009

toastandjampic02_2004   toastandjam_cdcover2004   toastandjam03_2003

Toast and Jam
: Chatham Kent Ontario
Date : 2004
Formed: 2003
What : Top 40 Cover Band

Michael Uher
– Vocals, guitar
Mark Slater – Percussion, vocals, guitar

   So, Mark & Mike were talking one day… “Hey Mike, we should do an acoustic show – like, unplugged versions of our THIS END UP tunes, and some other cool tunes from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, maybe throw in some comedy tunes…”

   “A brilliant plan, Mark.  Then we can play some smaller places, do the whole audience participation/sing-along/request thing.  And here’s an idea for our name:   How about TOAST & JAM?  Get it?  We toast…and then we jam!”
All in good fun.

They put out a live cd, recorded at Patrick O. Ryan’s in Windsor

Contact their website to hire them for your event.



Square Root Of Margaret – Levitation Days (2004)

May 6, 2009



Artist: Square Root Of Margaret
Release: Levitation Days
Home: Chatham
Date: 2004
Formed: Oct.1992
Disbanded: Oct. 2012.

Po Kadot – Vocals, Guitar
Dennis R. – Bass
Todd Clarke – drums
Joshua Brisco – guitar

The Scoop: Levitation Days is a sonic step through the looking glass, into a psychedelic world of sound and imagery. Each of the songs featured in this recording are literal translations of actual dream imagery, set to mystifying classic pop melodies. Thick layers of instrumentation set the tone and create the atmosphere, while the lyrics take the listener on a guided tour down the rabbit hole and back out through the stereo speakers! Guitars and synthesizers dance with bass and drums while space cars cross galaxies, and bubbling tulips converse with soft, colored clouds. Strange and wonderful sights and sounds await you!



Arriness era 2003-2005

May 5, 2009
Live in Tilbury
Live in Tilbury

Band : Arriness
Home : Chatham
Year: 2003-2005 Line up.

Members have included
Joel Johnston – Lead Vocals
Kris Garant – Guitar / Vocals
Jeff O’Rourke – Guitar
Jamie McConnell – Bass
Mike Wiebenga – Drums
Josh Boismier – Rythym
Corey Knight – Vocals

Listen: herehere,  or here.



Julie Ross – A Day In The Life (2004)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Julie Ross
CD Release : A Day In The Life
Style : Acoustic/ Soft Rock
Date : 2004
Home: Chatham Ontario
Buy this CD online here.

 A Day In The Life, 02. Right This Wrong, 03. Over You, 04. If You Want It, 05. Reelin’, 06. Damn You, 07. To Be You, 08. Hold On To, 09. My Room, 10. Water, 11. One More Day

All songs written by Julie Ross, except “A Day In The Life”, written with John Francis Dupuis.

Musicians :
Julie Ross – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, Keys, Djembe
Guitar – Dan Martin, Mario Panayiotis, Daryl Denault, Steve Eyres, Andy Tattersal, Jamie Michaud
Bass – Dave Davidson, Dwane Stevens, Bob Hiltz
Drums – Spence Eyres, Mark Slater
Background Vocals : Bob Hiltz, Carolyn Martin, Linz
Keyboard : Bob Hiltz, Tom Starks
   Produced by Julie Ross & Bob Hiltz. Executive Producer – Steve Eyres. Recorded @ Eyres Space Studio, Chatham Ontario Canada – Frank’s Music Centre.

The CD :
   This is the follow up disc to 1999’s ‘Middle Ground’. Julie continues to hold her own as one of Chatham’s most accessible  & visible performers. Once again Julie brings  many of her local musician friends to  perform on her disc.

Watch the CD Preview below

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listen here :



Eye In Me – Play Ball (2004)

May 4, 2009


Artist: Eye In Me
Home: Wallaceburg
Release: Play Ball
Year: 2003
Genre: Punk
Formed: Nov. 2002

Pat Richardson – Bass/Vocals
Matt Glover – Guitar/Vocals
Kurt Dickson – Drums

Track List:
1. Decimation
2. Shut It Out
3. Drilled
4. Apposition Seperation
5. Genocide Prevails

* September 9th, 2003 marked the release of our debut demo c.d. Play Ball which was recorded in our basement with a couple adats and very little experience, but thanks to Andrew McCready, we pulled it off.

Listem to them here or here.



Dropping Poppies (2004)

May 4, 2009
Dwane Stephens

Dwane Stephens


Artist : Dropping Poppies
Home : Windsor
Chatham Connection: Dwane Stephens is from Chatham
Music Style : Heavy hitting with jazz arrangements
Date : Formed in 1997

Musicians :
Mike Edmunds – Vocals,  
Nermin Selmanovic – Guitar
Joel Carrier – Drums,
Dwane Stephens – Bass
Matt Kowalyk – Guitar

The Scoop On Dwane.
    The most spoken about bassist in Chatham has been playing for over 17 years & with countless different bands.  He has played for several genres including southern rock, pop, rock, jazz, fusion, & many tribute bands including Neil Young, Jimmi Hendrix & Pink Floyd.
    He has also appeared on 2 Adam Minor demos (Sarnia) & produced & released his own work under the name Carpedium.

    The band has been playing Toronto allot & working the scene locally, we should hear more about them soon enough.

Dropping Poppies

Dropping Poppies



Janet Theory Say Good Night (2004)

May 3, 2009

Mat Drew
– Vox, 
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitar, Vox, Loops & Programming
Jesse Verleye – Bass, Vox
Dave Richie – Guitars, 
Dave Major – Drums, Vox

The guys take a break from full on music and decide to wrap it up to spend time with families for a while. After years of playing non-stop in bands, they take a rest. The Janet Theory had fun and thank everyone for their support. Band members will be back on the scene soon slowly one by one.

   The band was featured on 2 different compilation Cds put out this year also.

From The Underground – features ‘It’s Alright’. (New York Label)
Winter Rose – features ‘ You Suck’. (Chatham Kent/ Essex Release)

Both tracks are from the 2003 CD Sacriluscious.

Website with music & videos: