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The Castaways in 1963

April 29, 2010

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Group: The Castaways
Formed: Circa 1963
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

The Original Trio:
Al Burniston – Trumpet/vocals
Roy Robinson – Drums
Dick Butler – Organ.

The above Castaways picture is circa 1965.

  In the beginning, they were known as the “Al Burniston Trio“. When Dick left, Cheryl Lancaster joined the band and soon after Fred Carney (trumpet/vocals) joined them. They changed the name to “The Castaways” around 1965.
 Cheryl left in 1968 and Dick re-joined the band and they kept the name. The Castaways continued to play at various halls throughout Kent County.

Thanks again to Cheryl L. for providing the photo & info.



Vic and the Conchords 1963

March 25, 2010

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Trio: Vic and the Conchords
Year: 1963
Disbanded: Early 1980’s
Home: Chatham

Vic Tetreault – guitar
Bill Taylor – drums
Vincent Belanger – cordovox.

  In 1963. Vic added Mr. Vince Belanger on accordion,(and later Cordovox), and Mr. Bill Taylor (formerly of Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills) on drums, to form an energetic trio known as “Vic and the Conchords”, with Vic’s wife, Betty, on backup vocals and harmony.
  They were kept very busy in the bars, halls, and at weddings in southern Ontario.   The trio remained virtually unchanged for many years until the addition of Mr. Roland Lozon (of the Jubilaires), on guitar and fiddle, in 1974 or 1975 for a couple of years.   There were several changes of drummers, including Mr. George Stoner, Mr. Roland Bechard, Mr Billy Carruthers (of Terry Sumsion’s Stagecoach fame),  Mr. Tony Meriano (owner of “Tony’s One Stoppe”),  and ending with Mr. Leonard Lucier.  
  As both Vic and Vince were in demanding businesses as well, they chose to retire the group in the early 80’s.  However, local jamborees still bring them out to do what they love best.

The photo was taken around 1964. Thanks to Betty for providing the photo and information.



Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills – 1963

December 3, 2009

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Band: Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills
Release: Country Jamboree
Format: LP Album
Year: 1963
Formed: 1958
Label: Arc Records
Genre: Country Music

Ray Francis on vocals on side one.
. Crying In The Deep Blue Sea
02. I’ve Got A Right To Know
03. A House With Everything But Love
04. I’ll Kiss The Fast GoodBye
05. The Same Old Me
06. All Over Again

John Tengelis on vocals on side two.
. Toujour Moi
08. I Can’t Run Away From Myself
09. Three Hearts In A Triangle
10. Anymore
11. A Dime Worth Of Dreams
12. Carribean

Band members:
Ray Francis, Bill Taylor, John Tangelis, Ray Dauphin, Max Dauphin

 This is the first of two albums Ray Francis and the Whippoorwills recorded. Ray went on to record four solo records also.

Liner Notes:
  “A recording company in the run of a year auditions many artists in order to find the top talent required for recording. As soon as Arc Records heard Ray Francis and The Whippoorwills they immediately recognized that here was one of the most professional sounding country bands in the land. This long play album is the result”
  The Whippoorwills have been together as a unit for five years and for the past three years have been heard regularly on radio station C.F.C.O. in Chatham, Ontario, the group’s home base. The band has toured with Grand Ole Opry, stars such as Ray Price; Johnny Cash; Brenda Lee and many others, both in Canada and the United States.
  The next goal that Ray Francis and his talented band are aiming for is their own weekly television show, and if talent and showmanship is the key to their goal, they are certain to succeed.

2009 Update by S. Beaulieu
  The band started out making $3 a night in the late 1950’s. They went on to do a weekly radio show for CFCO which ran for five years, beginning in 1960. Francis worked hard and persistently to promote the band to people with connections in the industry. Country star Jim Reeves was quick to help the band when he heard them, stating that they were the best he had heard anywhere in Canada.
  In 1963 they recorded their first LP ‘Country Jamboree’ in Toronto.  In those days, recordings were simply the band circled around a single microphone. There were no overdubs or room for error on a take.  Musicianship mattered.
By researching Ray
   I found and bought this album one day before going to interview Ray. It turns out Ray had a copy of all his albums except this first one. It was posted online from a Holland Street home in Chatham, so I drove over and bought it and then gave it to Ray. I thought that was pretty cool. He gets a copy of his first album, and I get to meet and learn about a local musician who was a real go-getter and made things happen for his music and love of it.

Photography: Des Dollery

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