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Ralph Murphy 1968

August 9, 2013


Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: 1968
Raised: Wallaceburg Ontario
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

A selection of releases by Ralph in 1968, as a song writer & producer.
1968 – He became Raffi Murphy in the group The High Windows.
1968 – Co-writes James Royal ‎– Call My Name. Vinyl, 7″, Single, 45 RPM
1968 – Credits on The Casuals, The Toy / Touched. Decca · AT 15128 · 7″, Single · 1968 · Netherlands.
1968 – Vanity Fare ‎– Ralph wrote the B side ‘On The Other Side Of Life’. 7″, Single · 1968 · UK
1968 – UK – Wrote ‘Victim Of Perfume And Lace’ performed by Kenny Bernard, Vinyl, 7″, Single. Also co-produced it.
1968 – Co-wrote ‘Call My name’. Performed by Nicole Hernandez . Vinyl, Single, 7″. France.
1968 – Co-wrote the single ‘The Soul Of A Man’. Performed by Robbi Curtice. Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Promo.

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Elyse Weinberg 1968

October 10, 2011

Artist: Elyse Weinberg (born Cori Bishop)
Release: Elyse
Year: 1968
Genre: psych folk rock
Born: Chatham Ontario Canada
Website:  here.
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Track Listing:
Side 1:
1 Band Of Thieves (2:28)
2 Deed I Do (2:53)
3 Iron Works (2:53)
4 Spirit Of The Letter (2:22)
5 Here In My Heart (3:12)
6 Last Ditch Protocol (2:46)

Side 2:
1 Sweet Pounding Rhythm (2:38)
2 Meet Me At The Station (2:30)
3 Simpleminded Harlequin (2:22)
4 Painted Raven (1:20)
5 Mortuary Bound (3:26)
6 If Death Don’t Overtake Me (4:25)

Notes: This record was re-issued in 2001.
“Elyse” actually received much critical acclaim, and while not a commercial hit, the record sold fairly well, even prompting an appearance on Johnny Carson’s “Tonight Show”. Two more albums were recorded but never released.  Included on the 2001 re-issue of this album, are two songs from this era, one of which, “Houses”, features Neil Young wielding his distinctively ripping guitar sound.

Elyse got her start performing in Toronto alongside friends like Neil Young and Joni Mitchell. She later moved to Los Angeles where she recorded “Elyse”, and has since lived in London, New Mexico, and Ashland, Oregon where she currently lives.  She still writes and plans to record an album of new material in the near future.

Since, Elyse’s story has become something of a rock legend – after the rerelease her album received massive amount of positive feedback in the press, and she was mentioned in Magnet, Time Out NY, Aquarium Drunkard, Creative Loafing (amongst others). Perhaps the most flattering result was two extremely successful indie bands, Vetiver and Dinosaur Jr. decided to cover “Houses” in the aftermath of the re-release.

Notes: Cher recorded the song “Band of Thieves” without giving credit to Elyse. She remembers going to the movies with her friends to see Cher’s movie and to hear Cher’s version of her song “Band of Thieves”. When the credits came on it said all music by Sonny Bono, She was shocked.
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The Colours 1968 album

May 11, 2010

Band: The Colours
Release: The Colours
Year: 1968

Chatham-Kent Connection: Jack Dalton was raised in Erieau. Jack Dalton started playing music with his four brothers, The Dalton Brothers, when he was six years old. They performed the “banquet circuit” with their father, Walter Dalton (aka Michigan’s Irish Tenor), who also had his own radio show. “The Colours” were a West-Coast Psychedelic Pop act that came together in 1967 at the request of songwriters, “Jack Dalton” and “Gary Montgomery”, two hard-working, former Motown Records songwriters who also penned songs for “The Turtles”, “Nino & April” and “The Moon”.

Jack’s Background: When Jack was 17 years old, he and two of his brothers, Wally and Dan, formed a folk group called The Dalton Boys, which became successful performing at concerts and playing nightclubs such as Philadelphia’s Latin Quarter, New Orleans’ Playboy Club, and New York’s Bitter End. They were the first group to record ”San Francisco Bay Blues” on Decca Records. The Dalton Boys soon appeared on several national TV shows such as ABC’s Hootenanny, The Mike Douglas Show, and Mike Wallace’s PM East.?? 

After The Dalton Boys retired, Jack collaborated with a new writing partner, Gary Montgomery, and they signed with Motown Records, recording original songs, continuing with the name The Dalton Boys. Jack and Gary moved to the West Coast and became staff writers for White Whale Records, Robbins Fiest and Miller, and wrote for The Turtles, The Outsiders, Spiral Starecase, and April and Nino.

Jack and Gary then formed a rock group, Colours, and  had radio airplay with a single called “Love Heals”  b/w Bad Day at Blackrock Baby on Dot Records. After the group disbanded, Jack returned to Detroit and started a jingle company with Jeff Parsons. The Road Company quickly became the largest jingle company in Detroit, with Jack writing, arranging, playing, and singing on most of the commercials.

In 1980 Jack returned to his ”first love,” performing. He joined Doug Jacobs’  Red Garter Band and played 250 one-nighters annually. Jack continues to make his living in Detroit, singing and playing guitar ?and banjo in Detroit-based bands as well as being booked by Detroit agents as a solo performance act.

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Cold Sweat

April 20, 2010

Band: Cold Sweat
Year: 1968
Genre: R&B group
Home: Chatham

Leroy Hurst (from Windsor formerly with Little Leroy And The Citations) on lead vocals
Fred Stubbs – guitar
Jim Cooke – Bass
Al Nichols – drums
Dan Bullard – Keyboards
Gerry Nagle – saxophone
George Wilson – trumpet
Bob Sass – Flugel Horn, French Horn, Trombone, saxophone, etc.

 Bruce Robertson took over on vocals for the last 3 or four months. In September of 1968 the groups van hit a steer on the highway near Lucan on the way home from a gig in Wingham. Bruce Robertson was killed and three other members of the band were hospitalized. The band never re-formed.

  Chatham’s Fred Stubbs, was a local guitar teacher.



The Color 1968 Band

February 5, 2010

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Band: The Color
Year: 1968
Home: Chatham

The original Color formed in 1967.

Members were:
Dan Bullard – keyboards
Mike Houle – Lead Vocals and Guitar
Ralph Bekaert – drums & vocals
Dan Eyres on Bass.


The “Color ‘69″ Line-up was:
Mike Houle – lead Vocals and Guitar
Jim Pollock – drums 
Bob Penman – lead vocals
Dan Bullard – keyboards
Bob Charron – bass
Charlie Dawson – guitar.

Other members of the Color included:
Ray Violot – Vocals
Mark Tremblay – Organ

  They could be seen live at Tilbury’s teenage night club “Empty Bottle”.  Anyone with further info, please leave a message below.



The New Love Family Band 1968

February 3, 2010

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Band: The New Love Family Band
Year: 1968
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Home: Chatham, Windsor
Performing at:  Casino Royale, King Street West in Chatham

Scott Cuthbert, Bryan Galloway, Doug Chevalier, Owen Clarke, Ric Crowder, Kim Crowder

  The above photo was taken from the local paper with an article from Wally M. It included several comments about the band and the scene lacking the ability to see a barber. It made note of the fashion of bells, tight pants, beads, long hair, army clothing, and highly colored ties. This scene was new to Chatham Ontario, but with the styles of the day and the Famous “WoodStock Festival’ coming in 1969, it was inevitable.

  The band was formed by Doug (Chatham) and Scott (Windsor) who formerly played in the band ‘The Eyes’. Local drummer Rick Chrysler (18) is also getting involved with the band among others. Rick would go on to be the drummer in many popular local bands throughout the next several decades.
  The band also brings along a pretty big light show to help create the mood and get the audience involved.



The Unit INC

January 25, 2010

Band: The Unit INC.
Year: 1968
Genre: Horn Band, R &B Music
Home: Chatham

Raymond Violot
Mark Tremblay – Organist
Brian Edwards – Guitar
Bob Sharron – Bass

George Wilson – Trumpet
Bob Sass – Flugel Horn, Trumpet, sax etc.

Notes: The band performed around 1967-68 and had a four piece horn section.
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