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The Relations Circa 1977

October 26, 2019

Band: The Relations
Circa: 1977
From: Chatham-Kent, Ontario
Genre: Covers (Country)


Panda Circa 1977

September 9, 2013

Band: Panda
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Circa: 1977
Genre: Rock

Promo band pic above:
(From left to right)
Ron Chistian
Lou Osterhoff
Guy Shields
Gary Travis
Dana Cross
Ken Millson (sitting)

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Ralph Murphy circa 1977

August 6, 2013

Artist: Ralph Murphy
Release: Star Born Every Minute
Year: 1977
Format: Full Album & Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single
Genre: Pop, Rock

A1 Strong Hand On The Wheel
A2 Medicine Man
A3 Gypsy Love
A4 The Best Night Of My Life
A5 Rockin’ Train
B1 Star Born Every Minute
B2 Standing In Love’s Way
B3 California Stray
B4 Rides Me Like A River
B5 Last Affair

Added Notes:  1977 – Ralph is the producer for the  Larie Marshall Album.

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Just Friends 1977

October 7, 2012


Just friends 1977 pic

Band: Just Friends
Home: Wallaceburg
Circa: 1976 – 1978 (Picture taken 1977)
Style: Country & Rock

Members: (From left to Right)
Aggie Murphy – Rhythm Guitar & Keyboard
Rob Segaert – Rhythm & Vocals
Judy – Drums & Vocals
Bob McIntyre – Lead Guitar & Vocals

Notes: Aggie Murphy and friend Judy Vandersea formed the band in 1976. The band played at local bars and went on the road for a period of time. In 1978, Rob Segaert and Aggie Murphy went on to form another band with George Segaert. Bob McIntyre continued to play on the road and played with some top-notch entertainers.



Spring Blood Band Circa 1977

July 15, 2010


Spring Blood Moms Basement_1977

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Band: Spring Blood
Year: Circa 1977
Genre: Rock
Home: Chatham

Original Members:
Mike Shaw – Guitar
Lyle Hitchcock – Bass
Dan Bullard – Keyboards
Ralph Bekaert – Drums

Ted Shaw replaced Mike Shaw on guitar and Dan Cady was added as a second guitarist.
Lyle Hitchcock left and Dan Cady took over on Bass as Keith Barnwell was added on guitar. After that the Kiss tribute was dropped and there were more member changes as time went on until the band dissolved sometime around 1979.
Ted Shaw left to join an Alice Cooper Tribute band out of Woodstock Ontario named Razz, with former Ash Mountain drummer (Alice) Paul Nickelo.

Spring Blood was a fun band known for their Kiss Tribute set with costumes and all. They also played regular sets as well.

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Gibraltor 1977

May 7, 2010

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Band: Gibraltor
Year: 1977
Home: Chatham Ontario
Former Band Name: Friends

Around late 1977, The band “Friends” would change their name to Gibraltor. The band played under the new name through late 1977-79.

The above picture is from an add in the paper for the band playing at the Chatham Hotel.



Destiny Band 1977

April 29, 2010


Band: Destiny
Genre: Country
Home: Chatham
Year: 1977
Formed: Mar. 1976

Charlie McDonald
Len Lucier

Norm Caron
Vince Emery
Jim Devo

Destiny was selected as the top band in Southwestern Ontario and travelled to Ottawa for the nationals. They were also one of the top local acts of the day.

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Bitter Blue 1977

February 19, 2010

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Band: Bitter Blue
Year: 1977
Home: Chatham/Toronto

Two of the founding members (Brothers John and Tom) are from Chatham, but moved to Toronto roughly four years ago to further their music careers.

Tom Hoy – Lead (Chatham)
Paul Fletcher – Vocals (Hamilton)
Brent Moss – Keyboards (Calgary)
Steven Combes – Drums (England)
John Hoy – Bass (Chatham)

The band is getting ready to release their first album and swing back into Chatham to play the Turf Room.

Update 2020:
Bitter Blue “Classic Rock” band was from Ontario, Canada and toured venues from 1973 to 1978. Known for Medleys: Jesus Christ Superstar, Sgt. Pepper, Abbey Road, Elton John, Moody Blues, Tommy as well as artists such as Super Tramp, Genesis, Paul McCartney, Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody) Kansas. The original band consisted of Lead Singer: Paul Fletcher, Lead Guitar: Tom Hoy, Piano/Synthesizer: Brent Moss, Drums: Julian Chojnacki, Rhythm Guitar/Vocals: Stephen Parsons, Bass: John Hoy.

Band Links:
* Complete info link here.

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Jack Austin Trio 1977

January 4, 2010

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Band: Jack Austin Trio
Year: 1977

Jack Austin – Guitar/Vocals
Pat Crone – Drums
Marc Haslip – Bass

Notes: Marc  joined the Jack Austin Trio in the fall of 1977 and stayed on for 3-4 months.  They were the house band at the Parkview Tavern on William Street until December of that year. 

Marc later played in several other bands, Maple Shade, Harvest, Ground Zero and The Appliances.



Maple Shade (1977)

November 21, 2009

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Band: Maple Shade
Home: Chatham Ontario
Circa: 1977
Genre: Popular music of the time.

(Left to right)
Robbie Robertson – Vocals, keyboards
Doug Colletti – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Tony Meriano – Vocals, Drums




Fugitives in 1977

September 10, 2009
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Band: Fugitives
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Year: 1977
Style: Country music, polkas & waltzes

Rick O’Rourke
Gary O’Rourke
Leo Normandin
Rene Brosseau