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The Very Best of Sylvia Tyson (2001)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: The Very Best of Sylvia Tyson
Date: 2001
Label: Varese Sarabande
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

1. You Were on My Mind 2. I Walk These Rails 3. River Road 4. Pepere’s Mill – (with Lucille Star) 5. Driftwood 6. Gypsy Cadillac 7. Sound of One Heart Breaking, The  8. Denim Blue Eyes 9. Walking on the Moon 10. Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down, The
11. Diamond Love 12. Spring of ’45 – (with Quartette) 13. Bitter Pride 14. So Quiet Now 15. Sleep on My Shoulder 16. Blind Fiddler’s Waltz, The 17. Last Call 18. Sentinel Crow – (with Quartette)

Album notes
Personnel includes: Sylvia Tyson (vocals, autoharp, tambourine); Albert Lee (acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin); Andrew Hardin (acoustic & electric guitars, percussion); Rick Whitlaw (acoustic & electric guitars); Danny Greenspan (acoustic guitar, dobro); Nathan Tinkham (acoustic guitar); Fats Kaplan (pedal steel guitar, dobro, fiddle, accordion); Mike Holder (pedal steel guitar); Don Rooke (dobro); Dan Whiteley (mandolin); Oliver Schroer (fiddle); Chris Whiteley (harmonica); Gary Breit (piano, keyboards); John Sheard (piano, synthesizer); Victor Bateman (acoustic & electric basses); Denis Pendrith (bass); Bucky Berger (drums, percussion, tambourine); Randall Coryell (percussion); Colleen Peterson (background vocals).
Producers include: Sylvia Tyson, Tom Russell, Danny Greenspoon.
Compilation producers: Cary E. Marshall, Saul Davis, Sylvia Tyson.
Includes liner notes by Bill DeYoung.
Digitally remastered by Dan Hersch (DigiPrep, Hollywood, California).
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Ian And Sylvia – Ian And Sylvia (1971)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Ian & Sylvia (MGM)
Date: 1971
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

   Their weekly CTV series, ‘Nashville North,’ introduced in 1970, became ‘The Ian Tyson Show’ (with Sylvia only an occasional guest) in 1971 and continued until 1975. Ian and Sylvia made their last appearances as a duo in May 1975 at the Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto. They have been reunited on occasion – eg, for a concert filmed 18 Aug 1986 by the CBC at the Kingswood Music Theatre, Maple, Ont, with Lightfoot, Judy Collins, Emmylou Harris, and Murray McLauchlan as guests. Ian and Sylvia were inducted into the Juno Awards Hall of Fame in 1992.



Ian And Sylvia – Greatest Hits (1969)

May 31, 2009

 Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Greatest Hits
Date: 1969
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.


Ian And Sylvia – Full Circle (1969)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Full Circle
Date: 1969
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

   Ian and Sylvia originally traveled to Nashville in 1968 with the intention of recording with some of the best session musicians that could be found in one place. Whether acoustic or electrified, Music City has always been notable for the quantity of talented musicians that make Greater Nashville their home. Not surprisingly considering their own rural roots, Ian and Sylvia quickly became caught up in the new sounds coming out of north-central Tennessee. The “Nashville Sound” itself—characterized by a heavy use of “strings” as backup—permeated commercial country music during the 1960s, one of its chief promoters being RCA-producer Chet Atkins. While finishing up their recording commitment to Vanguard with 1968’s country-jazz fusion entitled Nashville, Ian and Sylvia incorporated some of these country influences into a new stage show, put together a country band dubbed the Great Speckled Bird, and began touring in 1969. The two albums they would later record for Capitol—Full Circle and Ian and Sylvia—each showcased the duo’s avant garde country western repertoire.



Ian And Sylvia – Nashville (1968)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Nashville
Date: 1968
Genre: Folk
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

1. Mighty Quinn
2. Wheels On Fire
3. Farewell To The North
4. Taking Care Of Business
5. Southern Comfort
6. Ballad Of The Ugly Man
7. Ninety Degrees X Ninety Degrees
8. She’Ll Be Gone
9. London Life
10. Renegade
11. House Of Cards
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Recorded in Nashville in 1968, and released the same year on Vanguard, this album from the Canadian folk duo Ian & Sylvia Tyson includes a cover of the Danko/Dylan classic “This Wheel’s on Fire”. Their version is also available on CD, e.g. on the 2002 compilation IAn & Sylvia: The Complete Vanguard Recordings (Vanguard 4VCD 196).

Sylvia Fricker was born on September 19, 1940, in Chatham, Ontario.  Her mother was a music teacher and the organist and choir leader in their church; her father was employed in the appliance section of a large department shore.  after graduating from high school, she worked for a jeweler in her hometown but, unhappy with the direction her life was taking, began venturing up to Toronto on weekends.  She had always enjoyed music, particularly the folk idiom, so she decided to pursue a career as a professional singer.  After a year of traveling back and forth to Toronto, she quit her job and moved.  She first met Ian while both were performing at a local spot called the Village Corner Club.  They formed their music partnership early in 1959 and, in 1964, their personal lives were joined by marriage.

Despite their production of five more albums in the next few years, Ian & Sylvia were uncertain in which direction to take their music.  After deciding to utilize Nashville’s top-notch musicians by recording in Music City, they realized their commitment to country music — which came as no great surprise, for their musical roots were in country.  Although some “people really got uptight,” explains Tyson, “when we made the transition to country music,” they have never regretted their choice.  Out of the Nashville venture came another album for Vanguard, a subsequent LP on the MGM label, and the formation of a country band called the Great Speckled Bird.

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Ian And Sylvia – Lovin’ Sound (1967)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: The Lovin’ Sound
Date: 1967
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

01 windy weather
02 hang on to a dream
03 i don’t believe you
04 where did all the love go
05 mr spoons
06 national hotel
07 sunday
08 pilgrimage to paradise
09 reason to believe
10 big river
11 trilogy
12 lovin’ sound
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Review by Richie Unterberger
  The Ian & Sylvia records bridging their folk phase and country-rock period were always uneven folk-rockish affairs, and this one, which remains one of their least-known 1960s efforts, was not an exception. Peg down your expectations a notch, though, and it isn’t bad, and it’s perhaps their most pop-oriented venture into the folk-rock waters.
Paul Harris (keyboards and orchestral arrangements) and Harvey Brooks (bass), both among the most active session players on mid-’60s New York folk-rock records, were both in the band playing on this release. Largely forsaking the traditional folk material that had dominated their first albums, the set was split between original material and covers of contemporary songwriters Bob Dylan, Tim Hardin, and Johnny Cash (session guitarist David Rea contributed “Pilgrimage to Paradise”). Still, the duo never adapted to rock music as well as most of their ex-folkie peers, and the sound of Lovin’ Sound is rather subdued and tentative.

There are some good moody songs here, though, that grow on you, such as the title track (which would not have sounded unreasonable on AM radio) and “Trilogy.” The covers of Hardin’s “Hang on to a Dream” and “Reason to Believe,” as well as Dylan’s “I Don’t Believe You,” are well done as well. “Sunday,” written as a CBC TV theme, is uncharacteristically happy-go-lucky, with a trumpet-mimicking vocal chorus that leaves one with the impression that they were making fun of California sunshine pop; “Where Did All the Love Go?” and Johnny Cash’s “Big River” expressed their growing country leanings. As a lowlight, “National Hotel” was a cruddy goodtime-vaudevillian exercise that didn’t suit the pair at all.



Ian And Sylvia – So Much For Dreaming (1966)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: So Much For Dreaming
Date: 1966
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

Line Up:
Ian Tyson
(vocals, guitar, autoharp)
Sylvia (vocals)
David Rae (guitar)
Robert Bushnell (electric bass)
Al Rogers (drums).

01 – circle game
02 – so much for dreaming
03 – wild geese
04 – child apart
05 – summer wages
06 – hold tight
07 – cutty wren
08 – si les bateaux
09 – catfish blues
10 – come all ye fair and tender ladies
11 – january morning
12 – grey morning

Ian Sylvia’s adjustment to folk-rock was sometimes fine, sometimes awkward, and this was another inconsistent, though generally worthwhile, effort. Highlights include “Circle Game,” one of the very first recorded covers of a Joni Mitchell composition. Tyson’s “Wild Geese” and “Child Apart” count as some of their better unheralded tunes, and the occasional muted orchestration worked well on “Circle Game” and the melancholy title track. On the other hand, the attempts at blues were abominable, the traditional ballads anachronistic, and some of the material (especially Fricker’s) undistinguished. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide.

In the mid-1960s Ian and Sylvia began to move away from traditional folk toward an early synthesis of country music and rock. In place of guitar accompaniment (which had been supplied in turn by Monte Dunn, David Rea, and others) they formed a full band, the Great Speckled Bird, in 1968; the debut LP Great Speckled Bird is considered a classic of the country-rock genre. The change in style initially met with mixed if not hostile reaction but brought Ian and Sylvia before a broader audience – in 1970, for example, they appeared at the Atlanta Pop Festival and as part of the Festival Express, a rock festival that crossed Canada by train, stopping in several cities. They also performed at Expo 70 in Japan. (The Canadian Encyclopedia).
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Ian And Sylvia – Play One More (1966)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Play One More
Date: 1966
Label: Vanguard Records
Genre: Folk/Country
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

“…one of Ian & Sylvia’s best… some great original songs [and] some strong cover versions of equally powerful folk and country tunes…”

Ian Tyson (vocals, guitar); Sylvia Fricker (vocals).
Additional personnel:
Eric Weissberg (guitar, banjo); Rick Turner (guitar); Paul Griffin (organ); Felix Pappalardi (bass).

1. Short Grass
2. French Girl
3. When I Was A Cowboy
4. Changes
5. Gifts Are For Giving
6. Molly And Tenbrooks
7. Hey, What About Me
8. Lonely Girls
9. Satisfied
10. Twenty Four Hours From Tulsa
11. Friends Of Mine
12. Play One More
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Ian And Sylvia – Early Mornin’ Rain (1965)

May 31, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Early Mornin’ Rain
Date: 1965
Label: Vanguard Records
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

    Their fourth album, Early Morning Rain, consisted in large part of contemporary compositions. They introduced the work of fellow Canadian songwriter and performer Gordon Lightfoot through the title song as well a cover version of “For Loving Me”. They also covered “Darcy Farrow” by Steve Gillette and Tom Campbell, being the first artists to cover these three songs. Additionally, they recorded a number of their own compositions.

1. Come In Stranger
2. Early Morning Rain 
3. Nancy Whiskey
4. Awake Ye Drousy Sleepers
5. Marlborough Street Blues
6. Darcy Farrow
7. Travelling Drummer  
8. Maude’s Bluese 
9. Red Velvet
10. I’Ll Bid My Heart Be Stil  
11. For Lovin’ Mee 
12. Song For Canada

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Ian And Sylvia – Four Strong Winds (1964)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Four Strong Winds
Date: 1964
Genre: Folk
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
2. Tomorrow Is a Long Time
3. Katy Dear
4. Poor Lazarus
5. Four Strong Winds
6. Ella Speed
7. Long Lonesome Road
8. V’la L’Bon Vent
9. Royal Canal
10. Lady of Carlisle
11. Spanish Is a Loving Tongue
12. Greenwood Sidie, The (The Cruel Mother)
13. Every Night When the Sun Goes Down
14. Every Time I Feel the Spirit

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Ian And Sylvia Debut Release (1962)

May 31, 2009

Ian & Sylvia1962

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Ian And Sylvia
Date: 1962
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

01. rocks and gravel
02. old blue
03. c.c. rider
04. un canadien errant
05. handsome molly
06. mary anne
07. pride of petrovar
08. makes a long time man feel bad
09. rambler gambler
10. down by the willow garden
11. got no more home than a dog
12. when first unto this country
13. live a-humble
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Ian Sylvia’s debut album is their most standard affair, and indeed a fairly typical contemporary folk recording, with such traditional warhorses as “Rocks and Gravel” (also recorded, but not released, by Dylan during the same time), “C.C. Rider,” and “Handsome Molly.” What made the pair immediately distinctive was their superb vocal dueting, which was definitely a case of the sum being greater than its parts. Blended together, they canceled each other’s weaknesses and gave the material great freshness and vigor. Ian’s guitar and Sylvia’s autoharp are backed by stellar playing from guitarist John Herald and string bassists Bill Lee (director Spike Lee’s father) and Art Davis. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide


   Ian & Sylvia were Canada’s first folk act to command a large international following from their humble beginnings in the 1950’s. After a hospital stay from his career in professional rodeos, Ian had time to learn guitar. He became a regular performer at the Heidelberg Cafe in Vancouver, British Columbia starting in 1956. He would later move on as guitarist for Jerry Fyander And The Seasonal Stripes before relocating to Toronto in 1959 and hooking up with actor/singer Don Francks, and later, future wife Sylvia Fricker.

Sylvia had grown up in Chatham, Ontario and eventually headed to Toronto to pursue her life ambition as a folk singer. By late 1959 Ian & Sylvia had teamed up as musical collaborators/performers and played at the Mariposa Folk Festival for the first time in 1961.

From there they would go on to folk clubs in New York where they met Albert Grossman (Bob Dylan’s manager) who would send them through the Catskills Circuit, Chicago and Detroit. He eventually became their manager and landed them a with US based Vanguard Records. Their debut album from 1962, ‘Ian & Sylvia’, did nothing if not make them a fixture of the early 60’s folk boom.

The duo continued their remarkable rise in popularity and were inspired by the success of Dylan. Ian managed to write what would become one of the most famous of all folk songs, “Four Strong Winds”, after hearing Dylan do “Blowin’ In The Wind” in 1964. The duo were married the same year and continued working the college circuit.

Though not hits for the duo, both “Four Strong Winds” and Sylvia’s first composition ever, “You Were On My Mind”, were successes for Bobby Bare (1964) and the We Five (1965)/Crispen St. Peter (1966) respectively. The duo returned to Canada in 1964 and they had a son, Clay. Later, Sylvia would develop some throat problems leaving Ian to perform solo to make ends meet.

‘Play One More’, from early 1966, seemed like a cookie cutter collection of songs to fill the need for the public to consume more folk. That same year they released a second, ‘So Much For Dreaming’, which was a turn towards the pop mainstream with a few folk tunes thrown in.

Moving to MGM Records in 1967 they put out ‘The Lovin’ Sound’ before being informed by Vanguard that they owed that label one more album. Contractually obligated, Ian & Sylvia delivered 1969’s ‘Full Circle’ to Vanguard before resuming their new relationship with MGM for the ‘Nashville’ album.

By then their folk approach had almost completely been buried and a distinct country style had taken its place. As a means to explore this and other musical genres, the duo formed a free-form country-jazz instrumental experiment called The Great Speckled Bird which featured some of the hottest session players in the business – David Wilcox (guitar); Ben Keith (steel guitar), Jeff Gutcheon (piano), Jim Colegrove (bass) and N.D. Smart (drums).

The public reaction was scornful but high profile live events like the Atlanta Pop Festival and Festival Express 1970 received better response and so they were inspired to release an album. ‘The Great Speckled Bird’ was produced by Todd Rundgren and released on Ampex. Immediately, the public showed their dislike with their pocket books and the band had to come off tour due to lack of album sales and eventually the album’s unavailability due to Ampex folding.

Ian would soon be asked to host CTV-TV’s ‘Nashville North’ television show which would frequently feature appearances by Sylvia over the course of five years. Sylvia took on the position of hosting CBC Radio’s ‘Touch The Earth’ and in 1973 was signed to a solo record deal with Capitol.

Ian would be signed to A & M and eventually Stony Plain and pursued the on-again off-again Great Speckled Bird project. The duo played their final public performance in 1975 and The Great Speckled Bird disbanded a year later.

The duo eventually were divorced and have maintained a friendship ever since. They reunited for a CBC-TV special and live performance at Kingswood Music Theatre in 1986.

with notes from James M. Castro.



Ian And Sylvia – Long, Long Time (1994)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Long, Long Time
Date: 1994
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

  This is a compilation of songs from the five albums Ian & Sylvia recorded after they left Vanguard.

1. Hang on to a Dream
2. You Were on My Mind
3. Summer Wages
4. Lovin’ Sound
5. Stories He’d Tell
6. Trucker’s Cafe
7. Here’s to You
8. Reason to Believe
9. Joshua
10. Long Long Time to Get Old
11. Big River
12. Salmon in the Sea
13. Last Lonely Eagle
14. Crazy Arms
15. Windy Weather
16. Tears of Rage



Ian And Sylvia – You Were On My Mind (1972)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: You Were On My Mind
Date: 1972
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.
Notes: This was the last album Ian & Sylvia recorded (officially it’s a “Ian & Sylvia and Great Speckled Bird” album). It has not yet been released on CD. The title “You Were On My Mind” might mislead people into thinking that this is some sort of compilation, but it is a completely new album, with the title track re-recorded in a faster tempo with electric instruments. Sylvia also released a solo CD with the same title in 1990, and in 1994 a compilation with the same title yet again!)

1. Get Up Jake (Robbie Robertson) 2:38  2. Old Cheyenne (Tyson) 4:40  3. Antelope (Fricker, Tyson) 3:14  4. Miriam (Fricker) 3:17  5. Lonesome Valley (trad) 3:14  6. You Were On My Mind (Fricker) 2:15  7. Joshua (Fricker) 2:09  8. You’re Not Alone Anymore (Tyson) 3:23  9. Salmon in the Sea (Tyson) 2:21  10. The Beginning of the End (Fricker, Tyson)  11. Bill (Won’t You Please Take Me Home) (Fricker) 3:15

Produced by Ben Keith and Ian Tyson.




Ian And Sylvia – The Beginning of the End (1996)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: The Beginning of the End
Date: 1996
Bear Family Records (BCD 15940-AH)
Made in Germany
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

   This is where is starts to get confusing! This is a re-issue of the album Ian and Sylvia issued on Columbia (30736) in 1971. The notes by Richard Flohil imply that this CD contains their final two albums, and it even mentions songs from the second (last) Columbia album, but actually only the first Columbia album is included.

  If that weren’t confusing enough, the title of the CD is taken from one of the songs on the second Columbia album!! All this suggests to me that they must have planned to release both albums on one CD, and that their plans changed, but somehow they never got around to changing the notes. On the plus side, this has four bonus tracks (12-15) that never appeared anywhere before (perhaps they decided to include the extra tracks rather than squeeze the two albums onto one CD?). Another problem is with this CD is that it gives no writing credits. I’ve supplied some of them below.

David Wilcox: guitar, mandolin
Joe Renzetti, Stu Scharf: guitar
Lloyd Green, Weldon Myrick: steel guitar
Kirk Hamilton, Norbert Putman: bass
Ken Asher, David Briggs, Ernie Hayes: keyboards
Kenny Buttrey, Herb Lovelle: drums
Charlie McCoy: harmonica
John Hill: string arrangements
Produced by John Hill.

1 More Often Than Not (David Wiffen)   2 Creators of Rain   3 Summer Wages (Tyson)  4 Midnight   5 Barney (Tyson – words, Fricker – music)   6 Some Kind of Fool  7 Shark and the Cockroach   8 Last Lonely Eagle (John Dawson)    9 Lincoln Freed Me    10 Needle of Death (Bert Jansch)   11 Everybody Has to Say Goodbye    12 Give It to the World   13 Jordan Station   14 Long Beach  15 Love Is Strange

Notes From here.  



Ian And Sylvia – Great Speckled Bird (1970)

May 30, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Great Speckled Bird
Date: 1970
Genre: Country/Folk
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

Ian & Sylvia join a country-rock band! The new name may suggest a more dramatic change than what we actually hear, for the album flows quite naturally from their previous forays into country. Another fine album. (One problem with the CD is that the writing credits don’t distinguish between Ian & Sylvia Tyson, crediting them simply to “Tyson”, so you don’t know for sure who wrote what.)Source

Amos Garrett
: lead guitar
Buddy Cage: steel guitar
N.D. Smart II: drums
Ken Kalmusky: bass
David Briggs: piano
Produced by Todd Rundgren.

1. Love What You’re Doing Child 3:39
2. Calgary 3:03
3. Truckers Cafe 3:22
4. Long Long Time To Get Old 3:07
5. Flies In The Bottle 3:47
6. Bloodshot Beholder 2:58
7. Crazy Arms (Mooney, Seals) 2:54
8. This Dream 3:40
9. Smiling Wine 3:11
10. Rio Grande 3:51
11. Disappearing Woman 2:10
12. We Sail (Fricker) 4:42
13. New Truckers Café (Bonus Track, live) 3:08


If video does nor appear, watch it here.



Ian And Sylvia – Movin’ On (1999)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Movin’ On (1967-1968)
Date: 1999 (Mercury) Made In Canada
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.

  This CD contains the two albums Ian & Sylvia released on MGM, Lovin’ Sound (1967) and Full Circle (1968). Here they started developing a richer, fuller sound. This is probably my favorite single-CD release of Ian & Sylvia. Notes by Nicholas Jennings.

1. Windy Weather (Tyson) 3:07  2. Hang On To A Dream (Tim Hardin) 2:15  3. I Don’t Believe You (Dylan) 3:11  4. Where Did All The Love Go (Fricker) 2:41  5. Mr Spoons (Tyson) 2:24  6. National Hotel (Tyson) 2:07  7. Sunday (Tyson, Fricker) 2:03   8. Pilgrimage To Paradise (David Rea) 3:24  9. Reason To Believe (Tim Hardin) 2:13   10. Big River (Cash) 2:02   11. Trilogy (Fricker) 2:45   12. Lovin’ Sound (Tyson) 2:34  13. Here’s To You (Hamilton Camp) 2:34  14. I Learned From Leah (Tyson, Fricker)  15. Woman’s World (Fricker)   16. Mr Spoons (Tyson) 2:47   17. Shinbone Alley (Fricker)   18. Please Think (Keith McKie) 4:34   19. Stories He’d Tell (Tyson) 5:52   20. Jickson Johnson (trad) 3:57  21. Tears Of Rage (Dylan, Manuel) 4:52   22. Minstrel (David Rea) 3:55

Lovin’ Sound:
David Rea: lead guitar
Paul Harris: keyboards, orchestrations
Harvey Brooks & Don Payne: bass
Bill LaVorna & Donald MacDonald: drums
Produced by John Court.

Full Circle:
David Rea: guitar
Bill Pursell: piano, organ
Weldon Myrick: steel guitar
Norbert Putnam: bass
Ken Buttrey: drums
Charlie Fox: string choir arrangements
Produced by Elliot Mazer.



Ian And Sylvia – Live at Newport Release (1996)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: Live at Newport
Date: 1996
Sylvia is from Chatham

   Recorded at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963 and 1965. A great CD showing what a solid live act Ian & Sylvia were. All recordings previously unreleased except 3, 11, and 12, which had appeared on various Newport compilations on vinyl back in the sixties.

1 – Introduction by Ed McCurdy :08
2 – Oh Katy Dear (trad) 2:49
3 – Un Canadien Errant (trad) 3:28
4 – V’le Bon Vent (trad) 2:12
5 – The Greenwood Sidie / The Cruel Mother (trad) 2:36
6 – Royal Canal (Brendan Behan) 4:22
7 – C. C. Rider (trad) 3:00
8 – Red Velvet (Tyson) 2:21
9 – Song for Canada (Pete Gzowski, Tyson) 4:25
10 – Travelling Drummer (Fricker) 2:20
11 – Someday Soon (Tyson) 2:44
12 – Play One More (Tyson) 2:49
13 – You Were On My Mind (Fricker) 2:51
14 – Maude’s Blues (Losing is an Easy Game) (Fricker) 4:03
15 – Four Strong Winds (Tyson) 4:26

Eric “the doctor” Hord: lead guitar, tracks 1-6
Rick Turner: lead guitar, tracks 7-14
Ronny Schiff: notes
Joe Alper, John Cooke: photos
Produced by Jeff Zaraya

Thanks to:  Richard and Mimi 



Ian And Sylvia – Complete Vanguard (2001)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings
Date: 2001
Sylvia is from Chatham

  This four-CD collection contains all seven albums that Ian & Sylvia recorded with Vanguard. Also included are three bonus tracks, “Keep on the Sunny Side,” “Je t’aime Marielle,” and an alternate take of “Rocks and Gravel.” It includes a great 80-page booklet with dozens of beautiful photos, complete credits, images of the original album covers, and an essay by Colin Escott based on interviews with Ian and Sylvia. One drawback is that the original album notes are not included. Also, One might have expected a more attractive cover!

Ian & Sylvia
1 – Rocks and Gravel (Fricker, Tyson) 3:31 2 – Old Blue (Fricker, Tyson) 3:25 3 – C.C. Rider (trad) 2:56 4 – Un Canadien Errant (trad) 2:58 5 – Handsome Molly (trad) 2:09 6 – Mary Anne (trad) 3:16 7 – Pride of Petrovar (trad) 2:46 8 – Makes a Long Time Man Feel Bad 2:43  9 – Rambler Gambler (trad) 3:02  10 – Down by the Willow Garden (trad) 2:59 11 – Got No More Home Than a Dog (Handy) 3:23  12 – When First Unto His Country 2:37 13 – Live A-Humble 2:43
John Herald: second guitar, Bill Lee, Art David: string bass

Four Strong Winds
14 – Jesus Met the Woman at the Well (trad) 2:12 15 – Tomorrow Is a Long Time (Dylan) 3:18  16 – Katy Dear (trad) 3:01  17 – Poor Lazarus (trad) 4:03  18 – Four Strong Winds (Tyson) 3:28  19 – Ella Speed (trad) 2:26  20 – Long Lonesome Road (trad) 2:27 21 – V’la l’Bon Vent (trad) 1:44  22 – Royal Canal (trad) 3:35  23 – Lady of Carlisle (trad) 3:37  24 – Spanish Is a Loving Tongue (trad) 3:27  25 – The Greenwood Side (The Cruel Mother) (trad) 2:30 26 – Everynight When the Sun Goes Down 4:13
John Herald: second guitar
Eric Weissberg, Paul Weidman: bass

Northern Journey
27 – You Were on My Mind (Fricker) 2:47  28 – Moonshine Can (trad) 2:16  29 – The Jealous Lover 2:54  30 – Four Rode By (Tyson) 2:42  31 – Brave Wolfe 5:25  32 – Nova Scotia Farewell (trad) 2:51 33 – Some Day Soon (Tyson) 2:20  34 – Little Beggarman (Makem) 2:23  35 – Texas Rangers (trad) 3:27  36 – The Ghost Lover (trad) 2:45  37 – Captain Woodstock’s Courtship (trad) 2:56 38 – Green Valley (trad) 4:03  39 – Swing Down, Chariot (trad) 2:09
John Herald: second guitar, Eric Weissberg, Russ Savakus: bass, Monte Dunn: mandolin, guitar

Early Morning Rain
40 – Come in Stranger (Cash) 1:57  41 – Early Morning Rain Lightfoot 3:58 42 – Nancy Whiskey (trad) 2:37  43 – Awake Ye Drowsky Sleepers 3:27  44 – Marlborough Street Blues (Tyson) 2:18  45 – Darcy Farrow (Campbell, Gillette) 3:30  46 – Travelling Drummer (Fricker) 2:28  47 – Maude’s Blues (Fricker), (Tyson) 4:01  48 – Red Velvet (Tyson) 2:18  49 – I’ll Bid My Hear Be Still 2:51 50 – For Lovin’ Me (Lightfoot) 2:19  51 – Song for Canada (Gzowski, Tyson) 4:06
Monte Dunn: guitar, Russ Savakus: bass

Play One More
52 – Short Grass (Fricker, Tyson) 2:19  53 – The French Girl (Fricker, Tyson) 2:43  54 – When I Was Cowboy 3:49  55 – Changes (Ochs) 3:32  56 – Gifts Are for Giving (Fricker) 3:16 57 – Molly and Tenbrooks (Albertano, Gillette) 3:30 58 – Hey, What About Me (McKenzie) 3:25  59 – Lonely Girls (Fricker, Tyson) 2:41  60 – Satisfied Mind (Hays, Rhodes) 3:35  61 – Twenty Four Hours from Tulsa (Bacharach, David) 3:06 62 – Friends of Mine (Tyson) 3:39  63 – Play One More (Tyson) 3:02
Rick Turner: guitar, Felix Pappalardi: bass, arrangements, Paul Griffin: organ, Eric Weissberg: banjo, Al Gorgoni: instrumental ensemble

So Much For Dreaming
64 – The Circle Game (Mitchell) 3:01  65 – So Much for Dreaming (Tyson) 3:02 66 – Wild Geese (Tyson) 3:59  67 – Child Apart (Tyson) 3:30  68 – Summer Wages (Tyson) 4:04  69 – Hold Tight (Fricker) 2:39  70 – Cutty Wren (trad) 2:57 71 – Si Les Bateaux (Gill Vignault) 3:42  72 – Catfish Blues (trad) 3:36  73 – Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (trad) 3:25 74 – January Morning (Tyson) 3:07  75 – Grey Morning (Fricker) 2:47
David Rea: guitar, Robert Bushnell: electric bass, Al Rogers: drums, Trade Martin: orchestrations

76 – The Mighty Quinn (Quinn the Eskimo) (Dylan) 2:52 77 – Wheels on Fire (Dylan) 3:47  78 – Farewell to the North (Tyson) 3:45 79 – Taking Care of Business (Tyson) 3:14  80 – Southern Comfort (Fricker) 5:04  81 – Ballad of the Ugly Man (lyrics – Fricker, music – Tyson) 2:34 82 – 90 X 90 (Rea) 2:41  83 – She’ll Be Gone (Fricker) 2:42 84 – London Life (Fricker) 2:44  85 – The Renegade (lyrics – Tyson; music – Fricker) 3:40 86 – House of Cards (Tyson) 4:04  87 – Every Time I Feel the Spirit (trad) 1:48
Produced by Ian Tyson. , Bonus Tracks: 88 – Keep on the Sunny Side (A.P. Carter, Gary Garett) 2:40  89 – Rocks and Gravel [alternate take] (Fricker, Tyson) 3:26 90 – Je T’Aime Marielle 3:32



Sylvia Tyson – Woman’s World (1975)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Woman’s World (Capitol-EMI)
Date: 1975
Sylvia is from Chatham

   Tyson recorded two LPs for Capitol Records in the mid-1970s, Woman’s World & Cold Wind from the North.

   Sylvia Fricker, 19 September 1940, Chatham, Ontario, Canada. “I didn’t feel particularly bitter,” says Sylvia Tyson, looking back on the break-up of her marriage and musical partnership with Ian Tyson. “I wanted to get on with my own life and make sure that people knew what I did.” Produced by Ian, Sylvia’s debut solo album, Woman’s World, was regarded as a feminist album, but she comments, “It may have been a feminist album for its day, but it’s very tame in terms of what’s coming out now. The title song talks about having babies and keeping house.”

   Based in Toronto, Sylvia Tyson has continued to make her mark, often as a television host. In 1985, she was featured on the Canadian equivalent of Band Aid/Live Aid, singing the track “Tears Are Not Enough” by Northern Lights. With the help of Tom Russell she revived her musical career with You Were On My Mind. She chronicles small-town Canadian life in such songs as “The Night The Chinese…




Ian And Sylvia – Northern Journey (1965)

May 30, 2009


Ian & Sylvia Tyson
Release: Northern Journey
Date: 1965
Label: Vanguard Records
Sylvia is from Chatham

   1. You Were On My Mind 2:47
   2. Moonshine Can 2:16
   3. Jealous Lover , The 2:55
   4. Four Rode By 2:42
   5. Brave Wolfe 5:26
   6. Nova Scotia Farewell 2:51
   7. Someday Soon 2:21
   8. Little Beggarman 2:23
   9. Texas Rangers 3:27
 10. Ghost Lover, The 2:46
 11. Captain Woodstock’s Courtship 2:56
 12. Green Valley 4:03
 13. Swing Down, Chariot

The distinctively blended voices of Ian & Sylvia Tyson define the essence of the 1960’s folk music sound. These Juno Award Hall of Famers became popular in the United States at the start of the 60’s folk revival, paving the way for other Canadian performers at a time when there were limited recording opportunities for musicians in Canada.

One of the top acts of the folk scene, Ian & Sylvia helped boost the careers of Gordon Lightfoot and Joni Mitchell with their recordings of “Early Morning Rain,” “For Lovin’ Me,” and “The Circle Game,” and they introduced outstanding songs of their own, including Sylvia’s “You Were on My Mind” and Ian’s “Someday Soon” and “Four Strong Winds.”

Photographs of Sylvia playing autoharp while Ian plays guitar are among the most romantic evocations of the coffeehouse era.

“Their early Vanguard albums were an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary folksongs, sung with a purity and clarity that was unusual, even in the stripped-down days of folk music”–Mary Katherine Aldin (liner notes to Long Long Time). Nowhere is this more apparent than on their debut album Ian & Sylvia (1962).

It is a confident recording featuring mainly traditional material like “Old Blue,” “Mary Anne,” “Un Canadien Errant,” and “Rambler Gambler.” The sound is fresh and the voices are well balanced on this historically important and highly recommended recording. Still a winner after all these years.


  • Watch the Album preview below.




Sylvia Tyson – Cool Wind From the North (1976)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Cool Wind From the North (Capitol-EMI)
Year: 1976
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Produced by Ian Tyson
Genre: Country

 01 .  Good Old Song  02 .  Cool Wind from the North  03 .  Poor Old Rose  04 .  Tumble-Down Woman  05 .  River Road  06 .  Poor Fool  07 .  In My Hour of Darkness  08 .  I Can’t Learn to Love You (All Over Again)  09 .  Honey Hair  10 .  Love Is a Celebration



Sylvia Tyson – Satin on Stone (1978)

May 30, 2009


click to enlarge

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Satin on Stone
Year: 1978
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Label: Salt Records
Produced by Don Potter

As Ian and Sylvia…In the duo’s last years, Tyson began to perform on her own and was host 1974-80 for the CBC radio folk music program ‘Touch the Earth.’

   She maintained parallel careers in broadcasting and music through the 1980s, serving CBC TV as host in 1980 for ‘Heartland’ and 1981-3 for ‘Country in My Soul,’ and subsequently working as a scriptwriter for ‘Video Hits.’ Concurrently she performed in clubs and concert with successive versions of the Great Speckled Bird (the band formed in 1968 to accompany Ian andSylvia).



Sylvia Tyson – Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt (1979)

May 30, 2009


Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt,
Year: 1979
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Produced by Don Potter
   Tyson recorded two LPs for Capitol in the mid-1970s (Woman’s World, Cold Wind from the North), and two for her own Salt label in 1978 and 1979 (Satin on Stone, Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt, ). These were followed by two for Stony Plain, Big Spotlight (issued in 1986) and You Were On My Mind ( issued in 1989).



Sylvia Tyson – Big Spotlight (1986)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Big Spotlight
Year: 1986
Born: Chatham

   Two songs from Big Spotlight, ‘Denim Blue Eyes’ and ‘Too Short a Ride,’ were modest country hits in 1986 and 1987 respectively. Other Tyson titles of note include ‘Smiling Wine’ (from the days of Ian and Sylvia), later covered by Shirley Eikhard), ‘Régine,’ and ‘Pepere’s Mill’/’Le Moulin à Pépere,’ the last written and recorded by Tyson with Lucille Starr. Tyson songs also have been recorded by Crystal Gayle, Jay and the Americans, the Lettermen, Chad Mitchell, Nana Mouskouri, and Kitty Wells.

Video below from the Reunion 18.8.1986
Ian & Sylvia Tyson – You Were On MY Mind

If video does not appear, view it here.




Sylvia Tyson – Gypsy Cadillac (1992)

May 30, 2009

Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Gypsy Cadillac
Year: 1992
Style: Folk
Born: Chatham


1 Heart Disease 2 Remain a Chile 3 Deeper Waters 4 Feeling Seventeen Again 5 The Sound of One Heart Breaking 6 I Walk These Rails 7 String Too Short to Save 8 Chocolate Cigarettes 9 Diamond Love 10 So Quiet Now 11 Hearts On the Fault Line 12 Gypsy Cadillac

Notes: Personnel includes: Sylvia Tyson (vocals); Albert Lee (acoustic & electric guitars, mandolin); Andrew Hardin (acoustic & electric guitars, percussion); Fats Kaplin (steel guitar, fiddle, accordion); Denis Pendrith (bass); Bucky Berger (drums, percussion); Colleen Peterson, Shirley Eikhard (background vocals).
Recorded at Metalworks, Toronto, Canada.

   Sylvia Tyson, CM (born Sylvia Fricker September 19, 1940 in Chatham, Ontario, Canada), is a singer-songwriter, broadcaster, and guitarist. In the 1960s, she was half of the popular folk duo Ian and Sylvia along with her performing partner Ian Tyson (who was also her husband from 1964 to 1974.) Later in the 1960s, she and Ian Tyson also headed the country-rock band Great Speckled Bird. More recently, she has been a member of the all-female folk group Quartette.

   Perhaps her best-known song was “You Were On My Mind”, which was originally recorded by Ian and Sylvia in 1964. The song became a massive hit single in the mid-1960s for the San Francisco-based folk-rock band We Five and also for the British pop singer Crispian St. Peters. It has become a rock and roll standard which has been covered numerous times, most recently by Serena Ryder in her November 2006 album If Your Memory Serves You Well.

   She and Ian Tyson are the parents of the performer Clay Tyson. Sylvia has contributed offstage to the Canadian music scene as a board member of FACTOR and the Juno Awards. She also established an independent record label, Salt Music, in the late 1970s.

Sylvia Tyson was made a Member of The Order of Canada in 1994.

Listen or buy here:



Sylvia Tyson – You Were On My Mind (1990)

May 30, 2009


Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: You Were On My Mind
Year: 1990
Born: In Chatham

Tracks: 1. Pepere’s Mill 2. Slow-Moving Heart 3. Rhythm of the Road 4. Walking on the Moon 5. Thrown to the Wolves 6. Night the Chinese Restaurant Burned Down, The 7. You Were on My Mind 8. Sleep on My Shoulder 9. Trucker’s Cafe 10. River Road 11. Last Call 12. Le Moulin a Pepere 13. Reprise 14. Blind Fiddler’s Waltz, The

   Sylvia Tyson was first nominated for a Juno Award in 1987 as Country Female Vocalist of the Year. She has not yet won a Juno award, despite seven nominations to date.
The Canadian Music Hall of Fame inducted Ian and Sylvia as a duo in 1992.
In 2003, Sylvia Tyson was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame.




Geoffrey O’Hara Writes Huge Hit Song ‘K-K-K-Katy’ (1918)

May 30, 2009

Geoffrey O’Hara, composer, singer and lecturer (1882-1967)

   ‘Geoffrey O’Hara’ was a Canadian American composer, singer and music professor.
O’Hara was born in Chatham, Ontario, Canada. He initially planned a military career. O’Hara entered the prestigious Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario at age 18 and he trained with the 1st Hussars. He had to abandon his military career upon the death of his father, Robert O’Hara.

   He moved to the USA in 1904, the same year he began performing in Vaudeville. He began recording for Edison Records in 1905. In 1913 O’Hara undertook the recording of traditional Indian songs on behalf of the American government.
  During World War I he was a singing instructor of patriotic songs for American troops. In 1919 he married Constance Dougherty from Massachusetts, and together they had two children; the same year, he became a naturalized citizen of the United States.
  O’Hara lectured on music and songwriting, and held positions at Teachers’ College of Columbia University (1936-37), Huron College and the University of South Dakota, where he later received and honorary Doctor of Music degree in 1947. He lectured for the remainder of his life. In 1920 O’Hara helped organize The Composers’ and Lyric Writers’ Protective League. He also was a board member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP), was the president of the Composers-Authors Guild, and served in the United Service Organizations (USO).

   O’Hara composed over 500 popular and patriotic songs, and hymns. He had some moderate popular music hits in the 1910s with songs such as ”Your Eyes Have Told Me What I Did Not Know” (1913) and ”Tennessee, I Hear You Calling Me” (1914) and one huge hit with his song K-K-K-Katy (1918), one of the most popular tunes of the World War I era.

Reference: ”Popular American recording pioneers, 1895-1925” (2000)

Source 2,3.

From Larry Bryant’s collection of Edison Amberol Cylinder recordings is this selection of one of the most popular songs during World War I, K-K-K-Katy, written in by Geoffrey O’Hara (From here, Chatham Ontario) and sung by Billy Murray for Edison Records.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Below Notes from here

  Born in 1882. A well known Chatham native back in the early 1900’s was a song writer who wrote over 300 songs, and one well known one was “K-K-K-Katy my Beautiful K-K-Katy” sung in the trenches of world war one. He wrote some religious tunes of which “I walked Today Where Jesus Walked” and “Prayer For Peace“. O’Hara was credited with creating “Tin Pan Alley” the stage production.

  His school years in Chatham were at McKeough Public School, where he had many leading rolls in the musicals. He was a choir boy at the Holy Trinity Church, graduated from the Chatham Collegiate Institute (CCI) in music. He left the city to further his career, and went on to teach music and song writing at University of South Dakota and the Columbia University. O’Hara appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show several times. He passed away in 1967.

More Notes: According to the entry for him in the online Encyclopedia of Music in Canada he joined Lew Dockstader’s Minstrels and went on to sing light opera as a baritone at Daly’s Theater in New York. Later O’Hara travelled the Lyceum and Chautauqua vaudeville circuits as a singer, lecturer, and community song leader. Apparently, he wrote two of his hit songs – “Give a Man a Horse He Can Ride” (1917) and “K-K-K-Katy” (1918) – while he was visiting in Kingston, Ontario.



Rock Radio Station Launches In Chatham (1999)

May 30, 2009

CKUE 95.1FM: The Rock, a rock music station established on October 6, 1999. In 2002, CKUE swapped broadcasting frequencies with CKSY.



CKSY Radio Station Goes To Air. (1986)

May 30, 2009

CKSY 94.3FM: an adult contemporary music radio station began airing on July 1, 1986. In 2002, CKSY swapped broadcasting frequencies with CKUE.


CFCO Radio Station Is Launched (1926)

May 30, 2009

  CFCO 92.9FM and 630AM: a news, sports, and oldies music station. The original AM broadcasting station was launched in 1926.

   On March 3, 2008 at 9AM, after sixteen years as an oldies station, “Classic Gold 630” came to an end with the song “The Beat Goes On” by Sonny and Cher, after which CFCO signed on the new country format with “Play Something Country” by Brooks & Dunn. This is the first time Chatham-Kent has had its own country music station.

CFCO stands for ‘Coming From Chatham Ontario’.



Musical Strings ‘N’ Things Ltd. Opens For Business

May 29, 2009


Note below printed in the 2000’s

   Musical Strings ‘N’ Things Ltd., (aka “Strings ‘n’ Things”), opened for business in 1972. From its early beginnings in a small store on Fourth Street to the move to Chatham’s main retail center on King Street to its present location on Grand Ave, where it has thrived for 27 years.

   “Strings ‘n’ Things” has believed only musicians knew what other musicians and musical hopeful’s need. Now, one of the largest musical instrument and supply stores, it serves thousands of customers from all over Ontario every month.

    You just can’t survive in business for 34 years without great customer service! The staff at “Strings ‘n’ Things” are dedicated to our customers. From helping them choose the right instrument to tech support to service after the sale. Since our staff is comprised of specialists in various fields, instead of commissioned sales people, you will never feel the pressure to buy. Contact us today!



Michelle Wright Live At The Comber Fair (2009)

May 28, 2009

Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent
Year: 2009

Catch Michelle live this summer Saturday, August 8th
Comber Fair [Full Band] Comber, ON

From her official online bio.

   Since her 1990 Arista/Nashville self-titled debut CD, Michelle Wright has been drawing rave reviews for her powerful voice and her distinctive style. Over the subsequent 15 years, she has sold nearly 2 million albums in the United States and Canada and enjoyed an international career, one that has seen her grace concert stages across North America and appear in Europe, Africa, South America, Australia and Asia. Michelle has amassed a total of twenty-five Top Ten hits in her homeland of Canada and walked to podiums in music centers like Los Angeles and Toronto to accept more than 30 major awards. She is the first Canadian-born artist in the modern era of country music to have a Top Ten hit in America (Take It Like A Man, 1992) and a Number One video on CMT-USA (Take It Like A Man, 1992), and to win a major U.S. music industry award (Academy of Country Music Top New Female Artist, 1993

   From her professional beginnings as a teenager to the present day, Michelle has steadily grown into an entertainer of the highest rank and has collected a trophy room full of awards to prove it. Her career is such that opportunity continually blesses her. Highlights of her recent touring calendar include her first Australian concerts in 2004, a trip to Afghanistan in 2006 to perform for the Canadian and NATO troops serving there, and an annual Christmas tour (I’m Dreaming of a Wright Christmas, now in its fifth year) that is fast becoming a North American seasonal tradition. Michelle’s songwriting activity continues to grow: she signed her first writer’s deal with BMG Music Publishing in Los Angeles in 2001; that same year she received her first songwriting award (presented by SOCAN to mark the multi-format Canadian success of her single, I Surrender); and since then she has co-written many of her recent hits. The new decade has seen three new CDs from Michelle generating more sales and more hits: SHUT UP AND KISS ME, released by Sony/BMG in June, 2002; her first Christmas album, A WRIGHT CHRISTMAS, released in Canada on Icon Records in October, 2005 and around the rest of the world on Savannah Music in November, 2008; and her first full album of country material in ten years, EVERYTHING AND MORE, released in Canada on Icon Records in July, 2006 and around the rest of the world on Savannah Music in early 2008. Michelle has also begun to establish herself as a radio personality, launching her first syndicated radio show, The Women of Country with Michelle Wright, in April, 2005, and as an author, releasing her first book, A Year In The Life: The Journals of Michelle Wright, in May, 2005.

   These days, Michelle is happy, enjoying her career and her home in Tennessee. Since marrying Marco Convertino in April, 2002 (the first marriage for both), her personal life is as satisfying as her professional career, and the future continues to look unquestionably “Wright.”



Billy Sinder And The Explosions (1982)

May 28, 2009

Band: Billy Sinder And The Explosions
What: Blues Brothers Tribute Band
Year: 1982 era
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Bill Malcom – Singer, Harmonica
Willy Darchuck – Lead Guitar
Ted Bushey – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Vandohogen – Upright Bass, Bass
(Cliff) Charles Partridge – Drums

   Billy Sinder And The Explosions could be seen live at the Royal Tavern And The Parkview.

Ted Bushy: The photo above was the first pro gig for Ted Bushey. Ted went on to become a songwriter for many Major label record companies, which worked well for his passion of being behind the scenes of making music.
   Ted also lived out West where he played live from time to time. He mainly pitches songs to Nashville artists these days and has become well known in the industry for his ability to write 100-200 songs a year for a long stretch.



Local Boy Ron Bechard (2009)

May 25, 2009

Hometown: Chatham-Kent Area   
Instrument: Guitar

When I was 14, I met Ron. He rented the warehouse jam room next door to ours (Foster Child). I would sneak over & watch him & Walt Perin jam for hours. These guys were my idols and soon after, Ron moved to Toronto to live it up. Not only for music, Ron moved to start his successful computer design career as well.

    Ron has a big history, He has played in Edwin’s band ( Original singer for I Mother Earth. He has sided many years in a great Ozzy tribute band Crazy Babies touring heavily.
Ron shares his time between Sin Dealer and Basia Lyjak, an incredibly sweet up n comer on the Toronto music scene.

   Exposure to the local scene led him to join Atomic Tomb (now Raw Dog). The band played extensively and gained a large local fan base after releasing their 1997 album, Easy Life in a Supertrench.

   In 2000, Ron was asked to audition for Edwin’s (formerly of I Mother Earth) band, in support of the platinum Another Spin Around The Sun record. The tour took him across Canada and even to Mexico, to play stadiums and festivals such as Edgefest, with the likes of Moist, Nickelback, Sum41 and Limblifter.

   2002 brought another round of cross-country touring with Edwin & the Pressure to support their self-titled album, whose first single, Superhoney, was featured in the film Ghost Ship.

   After years of touring, Ron returned to the Crazy Babies to record an album of original material. He also joined forces with long-time friend, Eric Kuthe, to play in Sea of Green. This partnership evolved into Sin Dealer, a band filled out by Jeff Zurba (Plasma Blast, Ashley MacIsaac) on drums and Frank Sargeant (Sons of Otis) on bass. Together, they released Sin Dealer in 2004, an album that fans and critics affectionately refer to as “13.”

   Over the years, Ron has often been enlisted to play with independent artists, such as Latin sensation, Rosita Stone and rock opera star, Patrizia. As house guitarist for Sonic Deli, Ron has recorded with both up-and-comers David Janes and Jennifer Bettencourt, and industry veteran, Sergio Galli of Platinum Blonde.

   This broad recording experience has allowed Ron to work with some of the industry’s top producers, like Terry Brown (Rush, Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin), Nick Blagona (Deep Purple), Peter Hudson and Rob Sanzo.

   2006 brought many projects for Ron, including gigs with Yurko (Nelly Furtado) – with whom he has opened for George Lynch and Bad Company – and Starkiller with “Killer” Ky Anto and Starboy of Robin Black, and Colin Snortland, who’s now on tour with another band Ron briefly played with, Three Days Grace.

   More recently, Sin Dealer has come back full force after an extended break with their sophomore album, Dying To Live, a full-length CD that showcases the evolution in his songwriting and producing skills. The critically acclaimed album has allowed them to share the stage with artists such as Prong, W.A.S.P., Joey Belladonna of Anthrax and Drowning Pool in the last months.

   He brings this long history of, and passion for, performing, writing and recording to Basia’s project, and the two have an undeniable chemistry when it comes to crafting
catchy songs with addictive hooks and licks. To see him play with Sin Dealer and Basia Lyjak live is to understand why this truly versatile guitar player is in such high demand!

Update August 20 2009
Ron has been playing live as the second guitarist for Crash Karma. Crash Karma is a new band made up of musicians from many successful Canadian bands. He did play Chatham’s Rock Stock this year with the band.
Update Oct. 2010
In Oct. 2010, Ron, 41, performed for roughly 3,000 Troops at the Kandadar Air Field in Afghanistan. He has been playing with Crash Karma for a year now.

Crash Karma Members.
Jeff Burrows
– Drums – The Tea Party
Mike Turner  – Guitar – Our Lady Peace (now owner of Pocket Studios)
Edwin – Vocals – I Mother Earth and Solo
Amir Epstein – Bass – Zygote

Crash Karma perform “Next Life”

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to Ron in Sin Dealer here.
Listen to Ron in BASIA LYJAK here
Listen to Ron in Crazy Babies here.
Visit Ron on MySpace here.
Rons latest live shows with Crash Karma.



Ruthless C_nt Killers – A Dirty Damn Good Time (2008)

May 23, 2009

Band: Ruthless C_nt Killers
Release: A Dirty Damn Good Time
Year: 2008
Genre: Rock & Roll
Home: Chatham-Kent

   Notes: Formed around 2007. Ruthless C_nt Killers is a ridiculously sarcastic, yet completely serious Outlaw Honky Punk band. They played their final show  April 11th 2009 at the KBD Hall located at 34 Byng Ave in the good ol city of Chatham.

Keegan Panger
– Vox & Guitar
Bobbin’ Bob Hiltz – Bass & Vox
Tom Vandeven  – Lead Guitar
Jason Macfarlane – Drums
Adam Ledrew – Acoustic Guitar & Vocals (Original Member)
Poke C_nt – Vocals

1. F*ck it all
2. Different Strokes
3. Handicapped Hippie
4. The Cunnilingguist
* Watch the preview below.

Buy it  Here:



Drummer Brandon Valdivia in Toronto (2008)

May 22, 2009

Artist: Brandon Valdivia
Home Town: Chatham Kent Ontario
Current Home: Toronto
Position: Drummer
Year: 2008

   Brandon Valdivia (age 25) plays in five bands right now. He started drumming in his hometown of Chatham at 12 years old; after collecting a music degree at Wilfrid Laurier he packed his bags and moved to the Big Smoke. His current groups include Picastro, Friendlyness and the Human Rights, Place Hands, Not the Wind Not the Flag, and Slowly, Slowly.

   Not a showboat, it’s Brandon’s stellar craft and control that sets him apart from other percussionists. He can play with the subtlety of a kiss or the power of an electrical storm, often within seconds of each other.

   He’s probably best known for his work with Picastro (Owen Pallett is a former member.) They are going on a European tour this month to support their latest disc, ‘Whore Luck’.
above note from

Previous bands: A Second Less (2001), The Hollow (2001)

Listen Here: or



The Missing Links – It’s Link Up Time (1966)

May 22, 2009

Name: The Missing Links
Release: It’s Link Up Time (LP Record)
Year: 1966
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada.
Formerly known as: Zeke and the Moonshiners, then The Larsen Brothers.

John Larsen – Bass
Fred Larsen – Organ
Eddy Larsen (Ole) – Guitar
Bill McGrath – Drums

Bob Hunt, from England, had played drums at one point.

Notes: Produced by Paul Shaffer, who is best known as the musical director for David Letterman’s late night talk show.
   The record is a mix of originals and covers. The band was on the road allot touring, but did settle down at the end of their run. They were the house band for the Kingsway in Chatham for roughly four years.
    John Larsen’s son Kiley plays drums in the metal band Nerve.

 The Missing Links were together for 11 years and spend a good 4-5 years playing in Toronto without ever having to leave there. They were a hot band and were very well in demand.
  Grant Smith was the drummer for the first couple of years. Grant went on to form the popular Toronto rock-soul outfit “Grant Smith and the Power” that had a hit with a cover of Jackie Edwards’ “Keep On Running” (previously a big hit for The Spencer Davis Group). Grant Smith & The Power opened for The Hollies and Spanky & Our Gang at Toronto’s O’Keefe Centre on March 17, 1968. The following month, the band headed off for another US trip, supporting the likes of Janis Joplin, Traffic and Rare Earth.

1. She Taught Me How To Yodel
2. You Mean All The World To Me
3. Going Out Of My Head
4. Granada
5. It’s Now Or Never
6. Cara Mia
7. Dark Eyes
8. Cab Driver
9. Silence Is Golden
10. Mo Jo
11. Mammy
12. Jezebel



The Burnouts (2008)

May 21, 2009

Artist: The Burnouts
Home: Chatham Kent
Formed: 2007
Style: Rock

Members 2007:
JONNY EDWARDS guitar vocals
ALLAN Weller (WILLARD) bass

     Jonny started this band on his own in 2005 at the age of 14 with an acoustic guitar and small 4 track recorder. The band name was inspired by the Green Day song. They are a very young band with the ability to write catchy songs.

Listen: or

They also appear on this 2008 Chatham Kent Compilation.   legionnaires_diseasecdcover1



Superfly 2008

May 21, 2009

Artist: Superfly
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Style: Funk / Jam Band / Jazz

Year: 2008

Justin McMath – Bass Guitar
Nick Novosad – Keyboards
Steve Walker – Guitar Vox
Nick Sennema – Drums and Percussion
Byron Harrett – Sax / Flute.

Listen Here: or or


Led Zeppelin Tribute Band ‘Black Dog’ in 2008

May 20, 2009

Artist: Black Dog
Year: 2008
What: Led Zeppelin Tribute Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Band is:

The Scoop:
   The Led Zeppelin tribute Black Dog has been performing all over Canada and U.S. for the past 10 years. Black Dog was featured in the Canadian music artists’ 5440 ‘Animal In Pain’ music video which was broadcast worldwide and still appears on the band’s official website.

   Black Dog’s show consists of look a like costumes of the Rock Gods themselves. Vocalist Kevin McWatters bears a striking resemblance to Robert Plant. His vocal style and range emulate Zeppelin’s 70s fame. Guitarist Frank Longe (formerly of L.A.) has mastered Jimmy Page’s art through 15 years of playing. He has Les Paul and double neck guitars.

   The John Paul Jones bottom end is held down nicely by bass player J.Z. Taine who has many years of professional music experience. Black Dog is a must see for any Zeppelin fan!


Nick also plays in the hardcore band 100 Proof, Superfly and more.
JZ TAINE also plays bass for Finding Core.

Listen Here:



Hundred Proof – 2009

May 20, 2009

Artist: Hundred Proof
Year: 2009
Style: Hardcore
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Band is:
Nick Sennema – Drums
Troy Fraser – Bass
Danny Wright –  Guitar
Adam LeDrew – Vox

This is only the third pure hard core band to come from Chatham Ontario ( C.O.I. ’91, 4 Hard Core ’92). The first two were high school aged bands, so this band steps it up in musicianship. Not much to say but perfection here. Hard Core is truly about attitude, and that is all that matters here. They play it as well as the best of them and there is no signs of amateur stuff here.  All we can ask for is the spirit and a solid tight band. It’s all here, Period.
Listen Here:



Davis Block – Ska Punk Band (2008)

May 20, 2009

Artist: Davis Block
Formed: 2007
Style: Ska Punk Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Kelly Myre – Bass
Alex Hill – Drums and Vocals
Chris Wilkins – Guitar and Vocals
Sir Charles WJ Pickard III Esquire – Guitar

    Davis Block can be heard on the Legionnaires Disease Compilation CD put out in 2008. The band is fun to watch live as Alex steals the show with his quick & witty comments.
    Good fun. Old school punk rock played by young punk rockers.

Listen here:



Ghost Town Minstrels (2006)

May 20, 2009

Artists: Ghost Town Minstrels
Home: Chatham Ontario/ Vancouver BC
Style: Folk/Country/Western
Po Kadot – Guitar, vocals, banjo, drums etc….
D Trevlon – Guitar, Vocals, Banjo, Bass stc….
Year: 2006 era

   Lock up your daughters and grease up your goats, because a couple o’ ol’ timey gypsy bandits are staggering yr way! Wanted posters and dime-store novellas tell of two handsome fellers by the names o’ D. Trevlon and Po Kadot (he, of Square Root of Margaret infamy). But, when these peach eatin’, spaghetti western watchin’, dustbowl architects get together, they’re called the Ghost-Town Minstrels.

   You might may be ‘xpectin’ just another night at the local waterin’ hole, but then these fellers stroll in, acoustic guitars in hand. For a dollar and a drink, these glorious b_stards will sing you harmonies so purty, and play ditties so haunting…this music has been known to charm the long-johns off a mountain man whose been standing all day long, knee deep in gopher guts!

   Once the music starts, well…that’s when the magic and mayhem begins. Men-folk are so taken by the tunes, they start to drinkin’ faster, and buyin’ shots for their neighbors! They don’t right off notice how the ladies have gotten to loosening their garments. Even so, loose garments won’t put a stop to the female sweatin’ that takes place at a Ghost-Town Minstrels show! The men-folk get drunker, and the wimmin-folk get looser. Blind beggars’ dogs start to humpin’ on barstools. Next thing ya know, their’s drinkin’, dancin’ fightin’, fussin, – all sorts of goin’s on! And if you find yourself wakin’ up at the crack o’ noon, next to some gap-toothed stranger (that you might not otherwise touch with a ten foot pole)…well then, that sweet melody dancin’ in the fog of your liqour-dented skull has been brought to you courtesy o’ the Ghost-Town Minstrels. Ask for them by name.

Po is best known for his work fronting Square Root Of Margaret

Listen here or here.



Eric Welton (2008)

May 19, 2009



Artist: Eric Welton
Release: Fool Heart
Year: 2008
Genre: Pop/Indie

Home: Windsor
From: Chatham

1. Cold Hearted Woman
2. Dyed Blue
3. Flea
4. Wandering (for Bill Wyman’s Children)
5. Fool Heart Blues
6. All Good, Alright, Ok
7. All Your Life
8. I Don’t Believe in You (Too Far Gone)
9. Had a Love

All songs written, performed and recorded by Eric Welton except
“fool heart blues” written by s.a.gibb & e.w., performed and recorded by e.w.
Thank-you for lending your voices: Andrew MacLeod (track 4), Travis Reitsma (track 4 & 7) and Tara Watts (track 4).

* Download at band camp here.
* Facebook link here.
* Youtube link here.



CHRIS HART Sings for the MATADORS (1999)

May 19, 2009


Artist: The MATADORS
Release: Matadors (Demo)
Style: Rockabilly
Date: 1999

Chatham Connection: Singer Chris Hart is from Chatham.During his high school years he fronted the punk rock band L.O.T.D. (Lice Of  The Dead). After moving to London, he joined Jivaro Fracus, and later the Matadors. In 2000, Chris began a venture into solo records.

At the time, the band did a mix of covers and original music.

The Matadors are:
Joel Parkins – Guitar
Steve Crew – Drums Linda McCartney – Organ
Jefry Sheppard – Dog House Bass
Chris Hart – Vocals

01. Ride
02. Other Man
03. Hangin’ Round
04. London Dungeon (Misfits cover)

These songs were recorded at dB studios in London, Ontario in 1998-ish.
I was lucky enough to catch Chris perform in local punk & rockabilly bands before he moved on to London. Chris’s voice is amazing. He may not like that I think he has an early Danzig/Misfits sound, but he does, and he turned it into his own. Go listen.

Note from chrwradio : Chris Hart went on to record his own record entitled Lonesome Blood. Linda McCartney sadly died that year of cancer related illnesses. Jef and Joel, however, transformed the Matadors into what the original intention of the band was….a youth oriented Satanic outreach and musical revue. The new Matadors also put out a record, aptly named ‘Heartless’, in 2002.

* Watch/listen to the recording preview below.

Listen here:



CHRIS HART – Behind The Blue Wall (2004)

May 19, 2009




Release: Behind The Blue Wall
Date: 2004
Home: From Merlin (Chatham-Kent), now London.

All songs written by Chris Hart

Tracks: Behind The Blue Wall, Dionne, Falling From The Sky, Forget About Me, Heart On My Sleeve, Love (X3), Mrs. Mathieson, Rip Van Winkle.mp3, Take Me BackAngel, Waited Too Long, We Were Stoned.

Chris Hart – guitars, vocals
Blair Heddle – banjo, mandolin
Dan Fawcett – guitar
Shawn Saunders – guitar, harmony
Jerry Fletcher – steel guitar
Jeff Fountain – bass
Ted Peacock – drums
Dean Harrison – piano, Hammond B3, accordian
Aaron MacDonald – saxophone
Craig Robertson – trumpet
Casey Peavoy – harmonica

Recorded at EMAC Studios, London, Ont.
Produced, engineered and mixed by Dan Brodbeck
Assistant engineer – Sigfried Meier

* Watch CD preview below.

Listen to the CD here:


CHRIS HART – Lonesome Blood (2000)

May 19, 2009


Release: Lonesome Blood
Date: 2000
Home: From Merlin (Chatham-Kent), moved to London

Chris Hart
– acoustic guitar and vocals
Dan Brodbeck – electric guitar and backing vocals
Joel Parkins – electric guitar
Shaun Sanders – electric guitar and acoustic
Jerry Fletcher – pedal steel
Mike Bonnell – hammond b3, wurlitzer and piano
Casey Peavoy – harmonica
Jeff Fountain – bass
Ted Peacock – drums

Shoot Me To Sleep, Lonesome Blood, Dirt Beneath Your Feet, Drifting Away, Dead Savannah, The Simple Truth, The Perfect Ending, Wish I Could Turn Around, Eternally Blue

Digitally recorded At DB Studios in London, Ontario, Canada
Engineered and mixed By Dan Brodbeck at DB Studios

All songs written by Chris Hart, except Dead Savannah written by Theodore Hart. All songs registered Socan © 2001

* Watch CD preview below.

Listen to The CD here:



The Speds – New Latitudes CD (2003)

May 19, 2009

Artists: The Speds
Release: New Latitudes
Date: 2003
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario

Dave Deighton – Vocals and Percussion
Gerald Poirier – Vocals, Bass guitar, and Electric Guitar
Rob Dobson – Vocals and Keyboards
Ted Shaw – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Terry Dobson – Lead vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitars

   The Speds are one of Canada’s premier party bands. For the past 15 years, these guys have been entertaining audiences with such a wide variety of music its hard to imagine one band could pull it off, but somehow they can! Whether you like it hard or soft, they do it all from “Van Morrisson to Van Halen” and everything in between, and I mean everything…Boston, Journey, Elvis, Beatles, Styx, etc.etc.etc.
1 Get What You Want 2 Living In Paradise 3 Fly High 4 Never Let You Go 5 Dreamin’s Behind Me 6 Believe In Me 7 New Latitudes 8 Free Me 9 Not Again

If above video does not appear, watch it here.


Preview music here:
The Speds Page:



Aaron Allen And The Small City Saints CD (2007)

May 19, 2009

Aaron Allen And The Small City Saints
Home: London with a roaming cast of members from Chatham.
Style: Acoustic/folk/Pop/
Year: 2007

Aaron Allen – Vocals – Acoustic Guitar
Tom Vandeven – Guitar
Jason MacFarlane – Percussion
Keegan Panger – Bass

3.Go On Girl
4.A Good Friend
6.In Her Eyes
7.Tonight, You’ll Be Sleeping Alone
8.Hey Radio
10.Two More Days

If Video does not appear above, watch it here

Listen Here:
*Video preview here. or 0r’



Stephanie Rhodes, Pop Singer Songwriter (2009)

May 19, 2009

Stephanie Rhodes
Formerly Chatham, now Salt Spring Island, B.C.
Pop Singer Songwriter, Folk

   In the seven years she has been performing, Stephanie Rhodes has been captivating audiences with a combination of flawless vocals and lyrical road trips that enrapture even the hardest to reach audiences.
   Her solo acoustic shows are a regular feature at numerous venues on her home island of Salt Spring in British Columbia, In addition Stephanie founded, and performed with the Salt Spring Island Girls Tour in 2005 that took 7 singer/songwriters on a 12 date summer tour including a show at the Railway Club in Vancouver, British Columbia.
   Her music has also been heard on CBC Vancouver. Already a local favourite, Rhodes has shared the stage with an array of industry legends including Randy Bachman, Tal Bachman and Valdy. When she’s not writing and singing her own songs she also sings lead in a successful cover pop band with Grapes of Wrath’s Tom Hooper and 5440’s Matt Johnson. Currently she is sharpening her skills playing her originals with a band in preparation for touring. Her goals and focus now revolve around producing her first full length album.

Listen: or

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Demo Kid – Home Demos Volume 1 (2007)

May 19, 2009

Artist: Demo Kid
Release: Home Demos Volume 1
Date: 2007
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario

Shawn B – All instruments, vocals


* All music performed, written, arranged, produced & recorded by Shawn B.
* Jesse V. is also a contributor & writer to ideas and helps out doing vocals on some tracks.
* This is a collection of home demos/ first draft versions of songs written for fun. They are here in their most raw form, captured as ideas.
* Demo Kid previously wrote and played guitar for Foster Child, The Janet Theory and Dead Girls Union.

Watch the CD video preview below

If video does not appear above, watch it here.

Read a review of the album online here.

1. The last day of summer
2. To die for
3. Never let you go
4. With someone else now
5. Another stupid love song
6. Best Friend
 Guardian Angel
8. Drunk and Happy
9. Will you forgive me… (Free Download)
10. The things you didn’t know
11. Bad habits are hard to break
12. Dance like you mean it
13. Kid in the corner
14. Goth girl tragedy
15. Kiss and tell (Rumors)
16. Role model zero
17. Would you still love me if?
18. Never saw it coming
19. Keep your pants on
20. I want to be used by you
21. Our little secret
22. I don’t want to be like you
23. Told you so
24. Mom and pop stores (Free MP3 Download)

Watch & Listen to Demo Kid online at You Tube here.___________________________________


The Janet Theory – Sacriluscious (2003)

May 19, 2009

The Janet Theory
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Style: Rock
Date: 2003
Cover Art By Brett Jubinville

Mat Drew
– Vox,
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitar, Vox, Loops & Programming
Jesse Verleye – Bass, Vox
Dave Richie – Guitars,
Dave Major – Drums, Vox

01.Killing The Girl (Listen to the track online here)
02.It’s Alright
03.Move On
04.Kinda Feels Good
05.You Suck (Click to play or right click and choose ‘save target as’ to download)
06.Revival Of The Fittest
07.Tree House
08.Drowning Face First In Your Bitterness
09.The Ugly In My World
11.Going Criminal
12. (Bonus) Ground Control

 Recorded and Engineered by Bob Hiltz and Steve Eyres
Executive Producer: Steve Eyres
Mixed and Mastered by Bob Hiltz
Recorded at Eyres Space Studio, Chatham ON, Canada.
Photography: Jason Moor

The Scoop:
The writing teams of Shawn & Jesse go as far back as their first band in 1991 (Foster Child).
Mat & Dave Major’s friendship go as far back as 5 year old kiddies.
The band has stuck with their golden rule, to have fun & write music they like. This demo received amazing reviews from around the world & The 2nd Indie single “It’s Alright” was released across the U.S.A. through New York label Rut Records.

Another first for the band was to perform on one of the years biggest tours (Vans Warped Tour) making stops in Montreal  Quebec (Park Jon Dropeau), Barrie Ontario (Molson Park) & the biggest stop of the tour was 20,500 people @ the Pontiac Silver Dome in Michigan U.S.A.. The guys were invited to more dates but had prior commitments at the time, (This was their respective hobby, so they had day jobs and family back home to go back to).
Despite all the good fortune, the band continues on as always & is not buying into the hype. The band has become infamous for their party antics on & off the stage. The two Dave’s are the newest additions to the band, joining in 2001.
The Janet Theory disbanded in 2004 but went out finishing there 2nd year of Warped Tour (2004) which included the Canadian & Mid U.S.A. legs of the tour.
The members went on to take it easy for awhile raising their families while still playing a little for fun. Mat & Dave Major went on to form ‘The Sound Of Static’. Dave Richie, Jesse & Shawn went on to form ‘Dead Girls Union’. Shawn also released home demos under his home recording moniker ‘Demo Kid’.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to The Janet Theory here, or here.



The Janet Theory – Elastic Friend (2001)

May 19, 2009

Artist: The Janet Theory
Release Title: Elastic Friend
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Music Style: Rock
Date: May 2001

Note: Dave Major plays drums on Summer of ’69.  This cover song was done in the studio as an audition for Dave to replace Chuck who at the time, took a break from the band life for a few years.
Summer of ’69 (Click to play or right click and choose ‘save target as’ to download)

Mat Drew – Vocals, Percussion
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitars, Vocals
Jesse Verleye – Bass, Vocals
Chuck (Charles) Young – Drums

Additional Musicians: Moog Track on Mystery Parade by Po Kadot. (Square Root Of Margaret)

The Scoop: The bands 3rd demo release. Features a new version of ‘She Said’ from the ‘Shoot Me Down’ CD. The Janet Theory are one of Chathams underground scenes bands playing heavily around Ontario.
     The track ‘Freaks Get High’ was one of the most downloaded independent songs from Napster, an internet program that shook the music industry up with it’s file sharing capabilities.
 The line up is a continuation from their first band Foster Child.

Recording credits: Recorded 2000-2001 @ Eyres Space Studio in Chatham. (Franks Music centre).
Produced by Steve Eyres & The Janet Theory. Engineered by Steve Eyres.
Mastered by Bob Hiltz. Cover Art by Jason Moor.

Track Listing.
1. Mystery Parade
2. Butterfly Killer
3. Freaks Get High
Waiting (Part 2)
5. Center Of Gravity
6. She Said

Listen to The Janet Theory Here:

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Nigel Barylewicz – A Selection Of Works (2001)

May 19, 2009
CD Cover
CD Cover

Artist: Nigel Barylewicz
Release: A Selection Of Works Composed By A Certain Individual
Date: 2001
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

Nigel’s release comes from the post high school years after playing with Chatham Death metal band Stimotik. This release is the beginning to new experimental tastes, which he will carry on in the future with his next project ‘Assume No Order’.

All songs performed, produced & written by Nigel.



Assume No Order – Exit Dark EP (2007)

May 18, 2009

Assume No Order
Release: Exit Dark EP
Date: 2007
Style: Experimental

Nigel Barylewicz – All music, guitars, bass, and drums

  Nigel began playing in metal bands in high school in Chatham Ontario.
He has since moved to the Toronto area.
 This is a great CD that is calculated noize, jazz, metal, and everything in between, but like nothing you heard before. Fans of Mr. Bungle & other less known underground bands will love this CD.



Angry Orphans – Aorist (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: Angry Orphans
Release: Aorist
Year: 2005
Home: Chatham

    Angry Orphans reside from Chatham Ontario.  We play music of philosophy and ideas.  We’ve been a band somewhat a year and have graced stages, causing all thought. We are a five piece band of 4 young boys and one young girl. We play dark music of many types.  Our music is always a surprise.  You won’t be expecting this.  We write our music as well as cover others’ art that has spoken to us.

    Note: By the sounds of this demo, I must say this is the previous works of “The God Life” And future members of “The Grave Misunderstanding”.


Sue Jay And Ray Violot – Studio One (2004)

May 18, 2009


Artist: Sue Jay And Ray Violot
Release: Studio One
Style: Jazz/Lounge
Year: Recorded August 21st, 2004

Ray Violot – Vocals, Bass, Guitar (Tracks 1,2,3,5,6,8)
Sue Jacques – Piano/ Vocals
St. Clair Shadd – Tenor Saxophone
Pat Crone – Drums

  • Recorded at Studio One, Chatham Cultural Centre.
    Engineered And Mastered by Bob Hiltz

1. ‘S Wonderful
2. Our Love Is Here To Stay
3. The nearness Of You
4. It Had To Be You
5. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
6. Love Walked In
7. Honeysuckle Rose
8. I Wish You Were Here
9. L.O.V.E.
10. A Nightengale Sang In Berkeley Square
11. Do Nothing ‘Til You Hear From Me
12. Like Someone In Love
13. You Are Too Beautiful
14. There Will Never Be Another You
15. Someone To Watch Over Me
16. Pick Yourself Up

* Watch/listen to the preview below.





That Whaling Band – Grateful (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: That Whaling Band
Release: Grateful
Year: 2005

Ray Whaling – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Martin – Bass
Joel Laprise – Drums

   Whaling is the best 70’s inspired guitar jam band in general. A man with a true passion for his craft and is all about the music. I got to see him perform before I was of age since my Dad joined the band on bass for a while.  They rehearsed at my house. The music is solid & the passion is real, and to top it all off, they are down to earth guys.
   Not to cut the other members short, Ray has been blessed to play with the best in the business locally. Whaling is a great band that is worth a listen.

Ashley Coulter & Sarah Hiltz – Vocals on #4
Bob Hiltz – Bass on #6
Scott Galloway – Keys
Len Temelini – Sax

1. Blue Chile 2. Funky Tune 3. Guitar Song 4. Run For The Road 5. Rusty Rosy 6. Eyre Space 7. Give It Away 8. Saved My Life 9. Tell Her 10. Twilight Nest

Click on the video below to preview the CD

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to them here :



Michael Schatte – Hard Ticket (2006)

May 18, 2009

Artist: Michael Schatte
Release: Hard Ticket
Year: 2006
Home: Originally from Chatham

   Michael began his early career in music in a Chatham blues band called Midnight Mojo.
   Michael Schatte:  all vocals and instruments including electric, acoustic, and 12 string guitars; drums; electric bass; mandolin; violin; German button accordion; piano accordion; organ, piano, and electric piano synths; harmonica; and various percussive items
   All songs written by Michael Schatte except tracks 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12

   Recorded at Mithrandir Studios, Chatham, ON, Canada between the months of May and August, 2005
Mastered by Bob Hiltz at Eyrespace Studios, Chatham, ON

   Though Hard Ticket is unapologetically guitar-driven, it also showcases Michael’s considerable chops on both the mandolin and violin, both of which add wonderful colour to the album’s already diverse palette. There’s something on this record for everyone – searing blues, rootsy pop-rock, bluegrass, New Orleans flavoured “feel-good music”, country, folk and even instrumental celtic-rock – it’s both difficult to categorize and easy to enjoy!

1. Turn
2. Room For Me 
3. Hey Pocky Way
4. Crying Uncle  
5. The Hardest Part
6. Tear Stained Letter
7. If You Be My Baby 
8. Slow Burn 
9. All Work and No Play
10. Tipsy On the Cork
11. Under A Stormy Sky
12. Big Chimney
13. Aspasia  mp3 snippet
14. Five Alive

Visit Michael Schatte on the web at



The Greys – Four (2005)

May 18, 2009

Artist: The Greys
Release: Four
Date: 2005
Home: London based, Steve is from Chatham.

All songs written by Steve Kallyoon & Nathon Bond. Steve started out singing in the local metal band Ego Seed a few years back with his brother in the band on guitar.

1. Through The Hills
2. Space kennedy
3. Problems
4. All My Time
5. Daydreams
6. When The Summer Ends
7. Sleepy Soul
8. Not A Curse
9. Live
10. Still After

* Watch/Listen to the CD Preview on the youtube link here.

Listen here :