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The Rucks – 2007

June 25, 2009

Band: The Rucks
Home: Chatham
Music Style: Punk
Formed: October 2007

The Band
Lee – Guitar/Vocals
Brian – Bass/Vocals
Scott – Drums

Listen to them here,



Demo Kid – Home Demos Volume 2 (2009)

June 22, 2009

Artist: Demo Kid
Release: Home Demos Volume 2
Release Date: July 2009
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Track List
1. Another Stupid Love Song
2. I Give It All
3. Be In Love
4. Our Little Secret
5.  Will You Forgive Me..
6. Last Day Of Summer
7. With Every Broken Promise
8. Never Let You Go

Shawn B.
– Drums, percussion, vocals, programming, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, keyboards, harmonica and piano, except where noted by a special guest.
Jesse V. – Lead Vocal on # 3,4,5,7.

Special Guests
Andy T. – Electric Jazz Guitar #3
Sarah H. – B. Vocal #5.
Larry . – Jazz Organ #5.

Notes: This is the follow up to the 24-song debut Home Demos Volume obe CD in 2007. This collection of home recordings includes influences from dance, pop, metal and rock.
These songs are not intended to be polished releases, they are simply home recordings to share with friends.

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7th Reign – Self Titled CD (2007)

June 20, 2009

Artist: 7th Reign
Home: Chatham Kent /Sarnia
CD Release: Self Titled
Year: 2007
Style: Power metal.
Local connection. Mario & Dave.

Brian Soulard: Vocals
Mario Panayiotis: Guitars
Dave Davidson: Bass
Niall Mellors: Drums

1 Till the End 2 Defied 3 Believe 4 Dark of the Sun 5 Asylum 6 By Way of Deception 7 Lady Babylon 8 Executioner

   The band 7 th REIGN was formed in January 2005 by Marios Panayiotis and Brian Soulard. (ex- EIDOLON vocalist) They started off with one goal, to form the kind of band that they would want to hear and see live. They were not worried about current trends or past influences but instead concentrated on creating good music that would cross many themes and styles but was built on the best form of music……METAL!!
   Marios and Brian were introduced in April 2004 by MEGADETH/EIDOLON guitarist Glen Drover. Glen knew that the two were exactly what the other was searching for. It took another eight months for them to figure it out!! Once they decided that they were destined to play together they started to form the early foundation of 7 th REIGN. After writing and recording for six months they realized it was time to finish the forming of 7 th REIGN. By September of 2005 they had found the pieces of the puzzle that they needed. Drummer Niall Mellors and bass player Dave Davidson (Fuz z)  (Another Chatham boy Lyra/Tangled Puppet/Manpower/) completed the band.
  Over the next four months they rehearsed new songs and refined existing ones. In January of 2006, they played their debut gig at the Opera House in Toronto to a packed house in support of Finnish Metal band SONATA ARCTICA. The overwhelming response from the Metal crowd confirmed that the band was on the right track. Although 7 th REIGN was excited to start playing live they knew that it was also time to start focusing all of their attention on recording their debut album. During this process Fuz z informed the band that he was on the move and needed to leave the band. Although they were saddened at the news of his departure they were excited to welcome new band member Adrian Robichaud (EIDOLON). Brian and Adrian had played together on four albums and the band knew that the addition of Adrian would bring them to a whole new level of technical skill and professionalism.
   7 th REIGN is a POWER METAL band that has a great amount of technical ability and a theatrical sound. Their self-titled debut album is filled with fast double bass, shredding guitar solos, soaring vocal lines and passionate lyrics.

Buy it here. Listen to it here, or here.
Opera House in Toronto on January 25th 2006

If video does not appear, watch it here.


MICHELLE WRIGHT – Shut Up And Kiss Me (2002)

June 17, 2009


Release: Shut Up And Kiss Me
Release Date: 2002
Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Listen to all the songs from this CD in their entirety here.

Video below:
MICHELLE WRIGHT – 2002 – Shut Up And Kiss Me CD Preview.

or watch the video here if it does not load.

1. I Surrender
2. Shut Up And Kiss Me Or Just Shut Up
3. Still No Shangri-La
4. Broken
5. Every Time You Come Around
6. Find It In New York
7. Thank You For Your Love
8. Love Is The Only Way
9. Could You Be
10. Sorry
11. I Will Be There
12. Circle Of Life



MICHELLE WRIGHT – Greatest Hits (2000)

June 17, 2009


Release: The Greatest Hits Collection
Release Date: 2000 (Canadian Version)
Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Listen to all the songs from this CD in their entirety here.

1. New Kind Of Love
2. All You Really Wanna Do
3. Take It Like A Man
4. He Would Be Sixteen
5. Guitar Talk
6. Now & Then
7. One Good Man
8. Safe In The Arms Of Love
9. Nobody’s Girl
10. What Love Looks Like
11. The Answer Is Yes
12. People Get Ready
13. Your Love
14. Walkin’ After Midnight
15. When I Found You
16. I Surrender



MICHELLE WRIGHT Christmas (2005)

June 17, 2009

Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 2005 (Canada); 2007 (United States); 2008 (Europe

Produced by: Tony Haselden & Russ Zavitson

1. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 
2. Jingle Bell Rock 
3. Joy to THR World 
4. I Know Santa’s Been Here 
5. Little Drummer Boy 
6. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reinde 
7. Christmas Song 
8. Silent Night 
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain 
10. Winter Wonderland 
11. O Come All Ye Faithful 
12. White Christmas 




June 17, 2009

Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Year: 2006 (Canada); 2007 (United States); 2008 (Europe)

Produced by: Tony Haselden & Russ Zavitson

1. Everything and More 
2. Dance in the Boat 
3. Riding Around the Sun 
4. I Don’t Wanna Be That Strong 
5. In the Blink of an Eye 
6. I’ve Forgotten You 
7. Love Me Anyway 
8. Something Wild 
9. You Can’t Lose Them All 
10. My Give a Damn’s Busted 
11. Like an Angel 
12. Voodoo 

Album Description
   2006 release from the award-winning Canadian singer that marries her immediately identifiable voice with an impressive collection of material that mirrors many of the changes in attitude and emotion in her life. Some songs are celebrations that come from first hand experiences while others come from that place of insightful observation that has always worked so well for this Ontario-born artist who first established herself as a force back in the early `90’s during her tenure with Arista Records Nashville. “Everything And More” is a heartfelt combination of emotions and points of view, coupled with effective shifts in arrangements and tempos, make it a complete package that finds Wright singing with conviction and passion, and, when called for, injecting the right amount of urgency or subtle shading.

Click on video below to play.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Preview CD here
 or visit Michelle at



Nerve – The Tragedy Part I (2009)

June 16, 2009

Band: Nerve
Release: The Tragedy: Pt I EP
Year: 2009
Home: Chatham Kent

Internet release Mar ’09
Release on CD May ’09

Chris Wright (Guitars/Vox)
Ki Larsen (Drums, Backup Vox)
Jason Andersen (Bass)

Liar, My Binds, The Tragedy, Destruxity, We Will Not Be Ignored

Recorded @ SenLab Studios w/ Mike Sennema

NERVE returns in early 2009 with their best release yet.

Watch/Listen to the CD Preview at youtube here.
Listen to Nerve here.



Nerve – ReArrangeD (2006)

June 16, 2009

Band: Nerve
Home: Chatham
Year: 2006
Release: ReArrangeD (CD)

Chris Wright (Guitars/Vox),
Ki Larsen (Drums, Backup Vox)
Jason Andersen (Bass)

1. My Enemy
2. Rearranged
3. The Way You Feel
4. Fragment
5. Something This Bad Is As Good As It Gets
6. SDM (Sonic Death Monkey)
7. Beating Self
8. The Wrecking

 Recorded @ BY Studios w/ Shawn Meriano & Nathan Bond

…Since Fall 2005,  ‘The Way You Feel’ was played on the Rock Indie Show regularly and enjoyed a few spins in Detroit on 89X Homeboy Show & WRIF, and also the FM96 Indie Spotlight in London. Also, after this release ‘Rearranged’ & ‘SDM’ enjoyed some spins, and all 3 songs hit internet radio across the globe in a major way.  This CD, and NERVE’s constant touring/gigging across southwestern & southern Ontario put NERVE on the Ontario indie scene map and they were getting loads of attention abroad as well.  2006 through 2008 saw NERVE getting London Music Awards nominations for Best Metal Band 3 years running (07, 08, 09) and also got them invited to headline Scene Magazines showcase @ Canadian Music Week 2008 in Toronto.  In Aug 2008, NERVE took a break from playing (hiatus) for Ki to have surgery on his shoulder and to get back to the studio to record new material.



Nerve (2005)

June 16, 2009

Band: Nerve
Home: Chatham
Year: 2005
Release: 2 Song Promo CD

Chris Wright (Guitars/Vox),
Ki Larsen (Drums, Backup Vox)
Jason Andersen (Bass)

1. The Way You Feel
2. SDM (Sonic Death Monkey)

  Recorded @ BY Studios w/ Shawn Mariano & Nathan Bond
  Released as a promo CD at live shows and local radio stations.  ‘The Way You Feel’ was played on the Rock Indie Show regularly and it enjoyed a few spins in Detroit on 89X Homeboy Show,  WRIF and FM96 Indie Spotlight in London.
  This was a pre-release to the full length to get the ball rolling while they  finished the rest of the album.


Hoogie, On The Road with Shine Down (2009)

June 16, 2009

   Chatham Kent native Jeramy Donais (Hoogie) has been touring the world with different bands as part of their road crew. In 2009, he is the guitar tech for one of the worlds biggest rock bands, Shine down. Constantly on tour, he has also been called to different parts of the world to help out in his downtime. Most recent gigs include this summer with Filter. Jeremy is from Tilbury and is involved with Wett Boxx entertainment.
  Wett Boxx Entertainment, or its representatives have worked with such acts as Breaking Benjamin, Staind, Shinedown, Econoline Crush, Sum 41, Treble Charger, Simple Plan, Sam Roberts, Theory of a Deadman, Swollen Members, Not By Choice, F.N.A., Estella Fritz, JF Coley, Billy Talent, Tupelo Honey and many more great acts.

Nov update: When we last checked in with Hoogie on Nov 17th 2009, He had just arrived home for a few days off a nine week tour. He just finished working the road with ‘Lamb of God’ on their tour opening for Metallica! I am sure he has some stories to tell.  The last show was Madison Square Garden, NYC. He will be gone in a few days though, to begin a new adventure across this great planet. Tilbury for Life!!

If video does not appear, go here.



The Indie Show has a new time!

June 12, 2009
Local Music Show
Local Music Show

The Rock Indie Show is now every Sunday from 8-9 PM on Canada’s Rock Station.. 95.1 & 100.7 The Rock!

If you are a band in the Windsor-Essex or Chatham-Kent area, or anywhere in Ontario… send your demo to either the station in Windsor (2090 Wyandotte Street East) or Chatham (117 Keil Drive South) !


Square Root Of Margaret Canadian Tour (2008).

June 11, 2009

    Click the picture above to enlarge & see the dates for the Cross Canada Tour.

      This is also about the time that Ben Srokosz joined the band as the new drummer. 2008 also saw the release ‘Time Machines Box Set Volume 1’. I bought one and was impressed. It came in a custom box. It included a retro style zine, their first 3 CDs, stickers, SROM matches and a few other cool things.

   Below is a video interview with the boys on the Rogers Television Show. This “London Calling”, episode aired in early 2008.. This edited version talks a little bit about Chatham Kent & how the band came to be.

If Vid does not appear, watch it here.


The Repertoire (2008)

June 7, 2009

Band: The Repertoire
What: 60’s, 70’s & 80’s dance music cover band
Home: Chatham Kent Area
Year: 2008

Derek Johnston – vocals
Steve Tremblay – bass guitar
Brian St.Pierre – guitar
Rod Reynolds – Drums


  Weddings and gatherings is where these guys can be found performing.
  Brian’s (guitarist) musical roots go back three generations to his Great Grandfather where the first “family jams” took shape. The St.Pierre family-started the country group ‘The Melody Ramblers’ (from the fifties) that has been performing countless shows for more than five decades!

Get them here:



Ben Srokosz (2006)

June 7, 2009

Artist: Ben Srokosz
Style: Indie / Rock / Alternative
Home: Chatham
Year: 2006

Ben Srokosz – Vocals/ Guitar/Drums/Bass

  In 2009, Ben becomes the new drummer for Square Root Of Margaret.
Ben Srokosz has been releasing solo projects for over 10 years. Another local musician capable of recording his own releases himself, Ben allows his creative side to never spoil.
   Meeting Ben, you understand quickly that he is smart and loves music for all the right reasons. Ben’s style includes the sub-pop sound and heavy influences of the east coast alternative scene.

Official Note: 

Ben Srokosz, Spur of the Moments’ founder, first artist signed, is born from a lifestyle of the do it yourrself ethic.  Often found scoffing in disgust at a pair of expensive $20 blue jeans, or up after midnight working to upkeep this little record label, he is one who looks for good things in unlikely places, and it shows in his music.  His songs are about surprise, confusion and daydreams, and the music itself is both accessible and inaccessible at the same time.  Always changing but never changing.  When asked; “I like my music to come from pure feeling, not calculation.  I just seem to write songs that make me wonder exactly where they came from, and as I figure them out, it brings me so much more joy.

These days Ben has pushed his music to a part time hobby, and has all but ceased in recording new material.  With no certain intentions to ever release another album, he devotes more of his time to recording, video production, and producing local bands.  The idea is to grow Spur of the Moment Records and find new and active artists both local and abroad.

Listen to him here or here.


Silence Gone Solo (2007)

June 7, 2009

Artist: Silence Gone Solo
Genres: Rock Singer Songwriter, Folk
Home: Chatham
Year: 2007

    This is a solo project of Century Samm of the southern Ontario hiphop group stress related. However, the music here is more acoustic folk mixed with hiphop lyrics. Recording was done by Mike Sennema of Chatham Ontario. All songs and lyrics were written and performed by Samm.

   Century Samm hails from Chatham, Ontario Canada and has been involved with the local underground hip hop scene since 1998. It was then that he first started recording and debuted with the Vengeance mixtape, giving the first taste of his brand of raw rhymes and lyrical wit & precision. Other projects through the years included a local crew named Black Jacks, as well as hosting underground freestyle showcases & battles. More recently Samm has become a solid cornerstone to Stress Related, contributing to the groups groundbreaking LP.
Listen to the music here or here. 



Chatham Concert Band Forms (1927)

June 4, 2009


Chatham Concert Band

  The Chatham Concert Band was organized in 1927 and in 2002 celebrated 75 years of continuous operation. The Band members are musicians from the local area and perform at weekly concerts, parades, church services and other activities as requested. The Band provides a source of musical education for young people. The organization is culturally diversified and believes that all children interested in music should have the opportunity of learning instrumental music without financial restraints. The youth band programs currently instructs 150 students each Saturday during the school year. The youth groups participate in the local Kiwanis Music Festival and have been very successful over the past years.

  The organization has subgroups that perform for smaller or on request functions. These are the Dixie Cats (Dixieland music), the Hungry Five Polka Band, Jingle Bell Rovers Christmas Band and the Primitive Roots Jazz Band, an 18-piece stage band for dancing.

  Over the years, the Band has performed for the Queen of England, various Prime Ministers, Ontario Premiers, the R.C.M.P Musical Ride, and at the Canadian National Exhibition.

  Members of the Band are volunteers and range in age from pre-teen to 80+. We have a co-ed membership from all economical statuses and careers. Currently there are 40 active members in the Senior Band and 150 members in the youth groups.

  Attendance at the Band’s Summer concerts average 750 to 1000 people. Attendance at the other functions depends on the locations. Audiences at parades are not easily determined.

  The Band currently receives financial support from the two Optimist Clubs in Chatham to help fund our youth programs. The Band also receives a grant from the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. The Municipality also provides maintenance, hydro and water for the municipally owned Bandshell in Tecumseh Park, Chatham, Ontario.



Demo Kid Writes With Weezer Frontman And Friends. (2008)

June 3, 2009

Demo Kid – 80’s Radio . A home demo song/video co-written with Rivers Cuomo of Weezer. The song did make it onto Weezer’s 2010 album ‘Death To False Metal. Below is the demo version Demo Kid did & below that is the final album version.

Or Watch Higher Quality Version Here.

If above video does not appear, click here.


   Demo Kid released a 24-song demo in 2007 and hasn’t slowed down a bit. 2008 saw as many as 30 new original songs posted online. Above are a few fun songs/videos from this year.

Listen & watch Demo Kid here.


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Fred S. Stone – Ma Ragtime Baby(1893)

June 3, 2009


Fred S. Stone  (1873 ~ 1912)
Home Town: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1893

   Fred S. Stone was a relatively prolific composer of ragtime music. Stone was born in Chatham, Ontario, nine years before Geoffrey O’Hara.. The fact of his Canadian birth is not well known since the (relatively few) references to him in the ragtime literature is as an “African-American” composer.

  The remarkable Stone inherited the musical leadership of Detroit from the equally remarkable “Old Man” Theo Finney. The latter had started a music business in the Michigan city during the Civil War, and from that beginning had built up a formidable musical dynasty. Finney’s – and then Stone’s – orchestras monopolized the Detroit Entertainment and social world to the almost complete exclusion of white performers.

  Fred S. Stone and his stalwart colleagues . . . unionized the Detroit musicians and built the fine headquarters and club that are still in use. It was the white players who had to petition for admission to the union, apparently the only local in the country where this was the case.

  Jasen and Jones (2000:320) give 1912 as the date that Stone died; however, Blesh and Janis (1966:105) state that “Fred S. Stone died in the middle 1930’s.”

  Note: Ragtime music: the jaunty, toe-tapping music that captivated American society from the 1890s through World War I, forms the roots of America s popular musical expression. But the understanding of ragtime and its era has been clouded by a history of murky impressions, half-truths, and inventive fictions.

   First use of the word Ragtime appears in the song title “Ma Ragtime Baby” by Fred Stone in 1893.

   Fred S. Stone was a cross-border phenomenon in the music world, famous in both Detroit and Canada. In fact, in spite of his dominance in music circles in early 20th century Detroit, Stone was actually born in Chatham, Ontario, making him Canadian by birth, and technically not African-American. He owed a lot of his early success to violinist Theodore Finney, sometimes referred to as “Old Man” Finney. Mr. Finney had done fairly well as an orchestra leader in the latter part of the 19th century in Detroit, and one of his star players was W. “Jack” Johnson, a cornetist. Johnson himself had been in the Detroit City Band with Finney, then spent some time touring the south in the late 1880s with the Georgia Minstrels. When he returned, he started the Johnson Cornet Band which provided a training ground for many young black musicians in Detroit, including Stone who had come across the border by the mid 1890s with his brothers.

   Fred started composing pieces for publication in 1895, mostly dance numbers, but hit it big in 1898 with Ma Ragtime Baby, further increasing sales when his brother Charles added words for a song version. The following year he made a splash with Bos’n Rag. Between this and his considerable musicianship he quickly gained the respect of musicians throughout Detroit.

     In Stone’s capacity as an arranger and leader in Finney’s orchestra, the group became one of the earliest in the country to play ragtime. The old man did not favor this newer music, and whenever they played in some of the downtown establishments where ragtime was popular, he usually chose to not participate.

  Finney died in 1899, and very soon Stone took the group over by some acclaim from the members. He then hired a replacement for Finney, violinist Jack Shook. While the two co-conducted the orchestra mutually for some time, eventually they ended up in court deciding who would be able to use the well-established Finney name for the groups each of them ended up leading, with Shook finally taking the prize. Stone continued to lead his own groups, and recorded several pieces of ragtime and other genres for some of the earliest popular records. A few his own compositions were also recorded by other groups, including the Edison Concert Band who did Belle of the Philippines.

  During this period he also turned out a number pieces that were as intriguing and varietal as that of one of his Detroit counterparts, Harry P. Guy, including a lovely set of waltzes titled Silks and Rags, and a lively almost-rag title, Belinda. He was so busy with the union and playing engagements that little was composed or published after that time, perhaps only existing as band arrangements. Stone died in 1912 at approximately 39-years-old, although the cause of death and a concrete determination of the date have been hard to pin down. His contributions to ragtime performance and music in general in what would become the city of “Motown” were significant, and even may have prompted Harry Guy’s comment that “you might almost say that Ragtime was born in Detroit.” Not quite, but it did thrive there for some time.

1895 – The Indian: Two Step –  [w/Edward Liggett]
1896 – La Albecite: Spanish Waltzes – Mackinac March
1898 – The Cardinal March – A Lady of Quality (Waltzes) – Ma Ragtime Baby
              Ma Ragtime Baby (Song) –  [w/Charles H. Stone]
1899 – The Bos’n Rag –  1900 – Elseeta
1901 – Silks and Rags (Waltzes)
1902 – Sue
1903 – Belle of the Philippines – A Kangaroo Hop
1905 – Belinda
1908 – Melody at Twilight – Stone’s Barn Dance


2009 – Below Video of Ragtime Skedaddlers performing “Ma Ragtime Baby” by Fred S. Stone