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Ralph Murphy Circa 2000

August 12, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: Circa 2000
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Amongst many other projects, roles, & duties, highlights for Ralph Murphy this year include:

* 2000 – Ralph Co-wrote this re-release of ‘He Got You’, performed by Ronnie Milsap. Album: 40 #1 Hits album.
* 2000 – Co-wrote this re-release of his hit ‘Half the Way’ performed by Crystal Gayle. CD: Various Artists: Classic Country, Vol. 5 (Renaissance)
* 2000 – Ralph wrote ‘In The Blood’ on Annihilator‘s CD ‘King Of The Hill.  Annihilator made waves in the metal scene with their 1989 release Alice In Hell.

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Margaret Wysman 2000 CD Release

February 5, 2010

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Artist: Margaret Wysman
Debut Release: Turns of the Century
Year: 2000
Born: Chatham Ontario

01 Turns Of The Century   
02 I Want To Be With You   
03 Betrayal   
I Am On My Way   
05 Guardian Angel   
06 Modern-Day Woman   
07 The Feel Good Song   
08 Shades Of Red, Hues Of Blue   
09 Wondrous Light: A Wayward Girl Reclaimed   
10 Blue Skies And Fields Of Green   
11 Meeting

  Margaret Wysman was born and raised in Chatham, Ontario, and she is the youngest of nine siblings.
  From 1985 to 1991 Margaret attended The University of Western Ontario, worked in molecular genetics research at UWO for a couple of years, taught laboratory courses, and in 1991, did a short stint as a field ecologist for the Ministry of Natural Resources in Wingham, Ontario. Although she was a science major in Western’s Ecology and Evolution program, Margaret loved variety, and consequently, she enrolled in English Literature and psychology courses and taught herself to play the guitar.From 1987 until 1993 she belonged to a Christian folk group, The 53RD Musicians. Margaret played some key musical roles in this group. In addition to creating many new harmonies and arrangements for the songs in their repertoire, she sang, played guitar, recorder, penny whistle, mandolin, and often provided comic relief.

  From August of 1997 to March of 1999 some 25 songs were penned and performed by Margaret  at a variety of venues in Bruce, Grey and Kent Counties. She has performed for several events at the CAW Family Education Centre in Port Elgin, including anniversaries of the Montreal Massacre, The Women’s International Dinners, political rallies for Ontario Teachers’ Federations, and CAW Cultural Nights. She has been a regular performer at The Songbird Cafe in Durham, at The Storybook Cafe in Southampton and for the Candlelight Music Series in Southampton. Also, she has opened for Keating-Jones at the annual Sing Out Cafe at Glencolton Farms and has played for the students at Saugeen District Secondary several times.



Doug Sanford 2000

November 11, 2009

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Name: Doug Sanford
Role: Conductor
Home: Chatham-Kent
Resides: British Columbia
Year: 2000

Note: Doug is coming home to Chatham to conduct a show at the Cultural Centre with Orchestra London. Doug has performed with some of the best Canadian orchestras and orchestras from Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, and Czechoslovakia,

High School: President of the CCI band.
Age 10: Plays the clarinet in the Chatham Concert Band.
2000: On the Board of Directors of Orchestra Canada and conducts two different orchestras including Toronto and Okanagan.



Ben Srokosz – Fourth CD

November 2, 2009


Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: the grass is greener
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 2000

  Who would have known that after three full length albums Ben would still be a solo artist.  Partly due to fizzled out band attempts and a lack of patience, Ben brings us his 4th release, an EP entitled “the grass is greener.”  It is a play on his move to BC.
  The EP features 7 new songs, a cover of “Listen” by Eric’s Trip, and 2 unreleased songs by Ben’s short lived band, Touch Green.
  There you have it, “the grass is greener.”  Be it in someone else’s life or home, or province, or country all Ben could do was write some songs to tell his friends how hard it was to leave, how much he missed them, and how he hoped to return.

01  take a look back
02  the picnic joke
03  ai
04  listen (Eric’s Trip)
05  5 years old
06  the world is waiting
07  its how the story goes
08  name to a face
09  catch the drift
10  everything you want is out of here

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Sylvia Tyson (2000)

October 28, 2009





Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: River Road And Other Stories
Year: 2000
Sylviia is from Chatham-Kent.

Notes: This album, essentially the soundtrack of her autobiographical stage show, is a great compilation of her work, beautifully, and thoughtfully performed.

1. Woman’s World
2. Regine
3. Denim Blue Eyes
4. Spring Of ’45
5. Bill, Won’t You Please Take Me Home
6. I’m Leaving, Elaine
7. Same Old Thing
8. The Night The Chinese Restaurant Burned Down
9. Driftwood
10. Big Spotlight
11. Last Call
12. Poor Old Rose
13. Hazel’s First Ride
14. Donegal Tavern
15. Bitter Pride
16. Gypsy Cadillac
17. River Road
18. You Were On My Mind

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Rene Brosseau 2000

September 2, 2009
Rene Brosseau and Peter Phillips

Rene Brosseau and Peter Phillips

Name: Rene Brosseau
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Instrument: Pedal Steel and slide guitar
Year: 2000

Rene worked with Peter Phillips/Tim McGraw impersonator through 2000.



Shawn Daudlin – S.T CD (2000)

August 20, 2009
CD Cover

CD Cover

Artist: Shawn Daudlin
Release: Self Titled
Year: 2000
Type: Pop
Debut Full CD Release
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Resides: Toronto area.

01. Don’t Let Go   02. Reachin’ Out For Love   03. One Way Ticket   04. Love Gone Wrong   05. Like an Angel   06. Borderline to Goodbye   07. Two Fools   08. Lost in Your Love   09. Cotcha Lookin’   10. Welcome to My Heart   11. When You Were Mine

  You can’t help but smile when you listen to the music of Shawn Daudlin. He is an artist whose musical influence spans decades. From the first note sung, it is apparent that Shawn is a singer who loves what he does and has a distinct appreciation for Pop music.

  Shawn was born in Chatham, Ontario. Having a musician/songwriter for a father, who was popular locally, Shawn grew up not only listening to but singing along with all styles of music. At a very early age he captured the attention of his Elementary School Music Teacher. Before long he was asked to sing a solo in the Christmas concert and became an active member in the school choir. Many changes marked Shawn’s early teenage years. His family relocated to the small town of Tilbury, Ontario and at 15, he was plunged into the “High School” experience. Frustrated by the fact that his new school had cancelled the music program the previous year, Shawn enrolled in Theatre Arts. Having had some acting experience in Community Theatre, he embraced this new found passion. His teacher, Lynn Fisher, worked with him extensively to improve his craft. Shawn’s hard work paid off with lead roles in many of the plays performed at his high school and eventually to winning an Outstanding Performance award in the Sears Drama Festival.

  Except for a few guest spots with his father’s band, Shawn’s singing would take a back seat. His love for acting was undisputed and brought him to the Music Theatre Program at Sheridan College in Oakville. Everyday for the next three years, Shawn acted, danced and sang in Music Theatre productions. It was during his college years that Shawn finally decided what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. Shawn wanted to be a Recording Artist. He wanted to SING! To do this successfully, he needed to retrace his steps and revisit his Pop roots.Together with Producer/Songwriter Alan Poaps, Shawn began to plan his first recording. His only writing experience being English class poetry and the odd short story, Shawn was hesitant to put the pen to paper and start writing himself songs. Convinced that if he didn’t do it nobody else would, Shawn began to write lyrics and melodies to compliment the arrangements written by Alan Poaps. This collaboration took off like wild fire! Two years and fifty songs later, Shawn and Alan had easily enough material for three CDs. One hurtle down, but there were many more to go. Not only did they have to decide which songs they were going to use to introduce themselves, they also had to consider the many expenses they were going to incur recording them.

  Temporarily putting the project on hold, Shawn and Alan took several jobs producing tracks for corporate functions, as well as creating three R&B shows for Ontario Place. The money earned from these enabled them to build their own 24 track digital recording studio, APMAR Music. The recording began. Alan was able to hire some of the best musicians in Toronto for the sessions. Talented players who have worked and toured with the likes of Bruce Cockburn, Holly Cole and Big Sugar, provided the riffs and grooves. Eager to see the release of his first recording, Shawn sang his heart out, worked diligently and waited….sometimes not so patiently. Not one to sit around and do nothing, Shawn also created the concept and design for the packaging. A team of many talents, Shawn and Alan kept their hands in all of the pots and are very proud of the end result. Shawn’s self-titled debut recording, is simply a dream realized. Joyous Pop music, often commenting on the various degrees of love and two powerful ballads, one incredibly spiritual and the other a sublime testimonial. These songs illustrate the many facets of Shawn’s voice. As his father would say, “THIS IS GOOD MUSIC!”

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