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The Unit INC

January 25, 2010

Band: The Unit INC.
Year: 1968
Genre: Horn Band, R &B Music
Home: Chatham

Raymond Violot
Mark Tremblay – Organist
Brian Edwards – Guitar
Bob Sharron – Bass

George Wilson – Trumpet
Bob Sass – Flugel Horn, Trumpet, sax etc.

Notes: The band performed around 1967-68 and had a four piece horn section.
Anyone with further info or pictures, please visit our contact page or leave a message at the bottom of this page. Thank You.


One Way Sound In 1973

January 25, 2010

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Band: One Way Sound
Year: 1973
Home: Chatham Ontario

Jim Kettle (sitting)
(Left to right)
Bob Ripley
Kim Cooper
Colin Paterson

The group plays at Church functions from Windsor to Kingston. The band began playing at the Victoria Avenue United Church in Chatham.
  The photo was taken by a CDN staff member. The original photo can be viewed in the Dec.31st 1973 issue of CDN, at the Chatham Public Library.



This End Up

January 15, 2010

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Band: This End Up
Home: Chatham-Kent
Style: Cover band
Year: 2009
Formed: Circa 1989

Mike – Vocals, bass
Carl – Guitar
Jeff – Drums

Note: This End Up has been together since 1989, with a few member changes over the years. Jeff (the original drummer) left the band for a few years but is now back with his buddies.
Mike would later form a spin off of this band known as “Toast & Jam”. They are an acoustic duo performing your favourite songs in pubs and beach area’s in Ontario & Nearby sunny american places. Good fun.
You can keep a look out for them at Jersey’s in Chatham.

Update:  ‘This End Up’ put on a reunion show on Sept. 4th 2015 @ at a Blenheim Golf & Country Club. Their very first gig was April 21, 1989, at the very same place.



The Eyes 1968

January 15, 2010


Band: The Eyes
Year: 1968
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Home: Chatham

Ray Jones – Bass
Scott Cuthbert – Vocals
Alan Jones – Lead guitar
Doug Chevalier – Rhythm guitar
Cathy Pautuk – Vocals
Lance Jones – Drummer

Scott and Cathy are from Windsor. The group’s first show was at the “Empty Bottle” in Tilbury, followed by several high schools and teen dances. The band was also known for their light show they put on.



Dan Knight and Rebel Heart 2006

January 15, 2010

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Band: Dan Knight and Rebel Heart
Year: Circa 2004, 2006
Genre: Country, R&B, Rock
Home: Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg

Rebel Heart is a high energy, variety band with deep roots in R&B, rock, and country. The band contains four members. The band has toured across Canada and the United States for more than 12 years and has played at some of both countries hottest clubs, including Laughlin, Nevada at the Riverside Casino, Miss Marquette Casino in Iowa, and several other casinos throughout the U.S.

Rebel Heart has opened for Ricky Van Shelton, Sweet Hearts of the Rodeo, Restless Heart, Jo El Sonnier, Exile and many other headliners throughout Canada and the U.S.A

Dan Knight, Ken Mungar, Tony Bandoni and Shawn Tasker are a dynamic foursome. They deliver enthusiasm and enjoyment to all of their music. Their styles and experiences combined make them the hot act they are and enable them to present versatile arrangements of old classics, through to the contemporary music of today.

Dan Knight is a rockin’ guitarist providing lead vocals to the band. Dan has been running a family business which has given him the time to write and produce the quality material that he is used to creating. In 1987 he had a release with the song “She Lives In a Big House”. Although most of Dan’s accomplishments have been on his own, he spent nearly three years with music artist Joe Firth where he performed at some of Canada’s finest rodeos (Ponoka Stampede, Calgary Stampede, and Klondike Days) and has opened for the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

Tony Bandoni is fret board rippin’ lead guitarist. Being one of Canada’s hottest lead players, Tony has been nominated as Canada’s instrumentalist of the year on three separate occasions. His portfolio includes Michelle Wright and Ronnie Fray.

Shawn Tasker is the youngest member of the band whose abilities shine as an enthusiastic drummer and vocalist. He has previously played with blues artist: Robin Banks, and country artists: Lorie Scott and Marshall Law as well as The Terry Ashley Band.

Ken Mungar is a groovin’ bass player with strong lead vocals. Ken has played with bands like the Rodriguez Twins, Charlie Clements, Dusty Wayne, The Concrete Cowboys and now Rebel Heart.

Along with their good humor and enthusiasm, both on and off stage, Rebel Heart performs up-tempo, toe-tapping music along with emotionally charged ballads, leaving audiences feeling fully entertained.


Ronnie Fray Band 1994

January 15, 2010

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Band: The Ronnie Fray Band
CD Release: Progressively Basic
Year: 1994
Genre: Country
Full Name: Ronnie Fray and the Panama Bandits.
Home: Sarnia

Chatham Connection: Tony Bandoni

  Tony Bandoni is fret board rippin’ lead guitarist. Being one of Canada’s hottest lead players, Tony has been nominated as Canada’s instrumentalist of the year on three separate occasions. His portfolio includes Michelle Wright, ‘Harvest’, and ‘Deborah Laurie and the Marble Heart Station Band’.

CD performance Notes:
Gary McCracken – drums
Tony Bandoni – guitars
Jim Lewis – bass
Al Weiss – saxophone
Michael “Woody” Woodhull – dobro guitar
“Dusty” Dale Thomas – electric guitar
Dale Rivard – pedal steel guitar
Gregg Chad and George Webber – keyboards
Billy Heater – harmony vocals.

Track Listing
1. Goin To New York (3:18)
2. I Thought About It (1:58)
3. So Goes Another Day (2:32)
4. Cedar Hills (2:40)
5. Louisiana Women (3:42)
6. Josie Anna Pine (1:52)
7. 53 Buick Blooze (4:39)
8. Dancing With Molly (4:09)
9. Life Gets Tedious (2:41)
10. A Yodeling Song (2:14)

Below is a video of  Tony’s great guitar talent. This video is from circa 2007.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



The Twang Bastards in 2007

January 14, 2010

: The Twang Bastards
Year: 2007
Home: Chatham-Kent, Wallaceburg, Sarnia

Members in Picture
Jeff Black
Phil Caron
Tony Bandoni

Notes: Tony & Phil are great musicians from Chatham who have played in many bands over the years.
Below, is a video of The Twang Bastards

If video does not appear, watch it here.


Rough Edge Circa 1988

January 12, 2010

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Band: Rough Edge
Year Formed: 1988
Circa: 1988-1995
Home: Chatham

Members (L-R)
 Terry O’Hara – bass
Tom Robinson – guitar
Grayling Church – Drums
Pete Howlett (Church) – lead Vocals
Rick Balog – guitar

  Rough Edge played a mix of their own music, as well as cover songs. During the late 80’s, rock took on a life of it’s own with established visual media like MTV and Much Music. Bands again, became very visual and long hair with a touch of glam was perfectly in order and what was leading the scene at the time.
  The band played many venues in the circut, but were most often entertaining in Chatham, Wallaceburg, Sarnia and London. The rock scene was vibrant and Rough Edge was a good band that kept up with the feel good spirit of the time.



Walkin’ 47 band in 2010

January 9, 2010

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: Walkin’ 47
Home: Chatham-Kent
Genre:  Rock cover band
Year Formed: 2007
Format:  Private and Charity Events.

Scott Aarssen: Rhythm Guitar/Back-up Vocals
Paul Demars: Drums
Brian Cox: Lead Guitar/B Vocals
Jason Denys: Bass /B Vocals
Drew Varsava: Lead Vocals/Rhythm Guitar/Percussion
Former members:
Barry Coleman : Drummer up to Jan. 2010 for the band.

The band mostly performs private and charity shows.  They have raised over $25,000.00 dollars for local charities over the past 2 yrs. Set lists include the Tragically Hip, C.C.R., Rolling Stones, The Trews, Counting Crows, Oasis, and many more.

Contact WALKIN’ 47 on their facebook page here.


Kwasnycia Guitars 2010

January 9, 2010

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Guitar Brand: Kwasnycia Guitars
Custom Guitar Builder: Dennis Kwasnycia
Home: Chatham-Kent (Blenheim)

In 1988, Dennis Kwasnycia began developing his skills by doing repairs on guitars for himself and for friends. As time progressed, his skills and reputation were being recognized by guitar shops across Ontario and they began utilizing his services.

During this time Dennis began acquiring the tools and studying the art of crafting guitars. Since 1997 he has made designing and building guitars his life’s work.

Dennis builds each Kwasnycia guitar to the finest detail to meet the needs of every client. His focus is to create one guitar: YOURS!

If your looking for an acoustic guitar, visit Dennis’s website to find out about pricing and anything you need to know about the great guitars he makes right here in Chatham-Kent.

Listen to samples of the guitars at his myspace page here.  
Visit the Kwasnycia Guitars website here.        



Buckets Of CD

January 6, 2010

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Band: Buckets Of
Release: Self-Titled EP
Year: 2008
Genre: Indie Rock, pop and country.

Chatham ConnectionWes Moore and Corey Wells are from Chatham.  Wes previously played drums in local bands such as the ‘Beat Junkies’ and ‘Pocket Muu Muus’.  He moved away after his school years.

Listen and watch the CD preview below

If video does not appear, watch it here.


Band Biography
  Buckets Of are a rock/country/art/space 5-piece that formed in Toronto, Canada. The group started when Corey Wells and Meaghan Bent began mashing together country and rock. Meaghan was learning drums and Wells was/is already a gnarly guitarist with Ancestors. The two wrote a handful of catchy ditties and in Summer ’07 synth-ist Katie McLeod (aka: KTron816) joined and filled in the spaces with the flowery imagery and spaciness that would develop the band’s style. The trio formed as Buckets Of. After recording bottomless demos in November ’07 at The Pound in Montreal drummer-turned-bassist Wes Moore (Lunchmeat) became the engine of the music with driving county/punk bass lines. Most recently, Tyler McPherson has joined playing pedal steel and baritone guitar. He adds the class to our stage show, both in dress and musicianship.

Corey Wells – Guitar, Vocals
Meaghan Bent – Drums, Harmonica, Vocals
Katie McLeod – Keys, Synth, Tambourine, Back Vocals
Wes Moore – Bass, Back Vocals
Tyler McPherson – Pedal Steel, Baritone Guitar

Buy the CD online here:

Cory & Wes also play in the Toronto band ‘ancestors’, that is made up of all Chathamites.  This is a heavier, hardcore band. Check them out online here.



Dismata CD Release 2009

January 5, 2010

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Band: Dismata
Release: Understand
Year: 2009
Genre: Metal
Home: Tilbury
You can find this release through CND Records.

Darren Marchand : Vocals 
Rich Dupuis : Guitar 
Joel Caron : Drums  
Jamie Monteros : Bass 

Track List
1. March Of The Ignorant
2. Deadhorse
3. Primrose Path
4. The Only Way Out
5. Dying Since October
6. Endless Noose
7. Stop The Bleeding
8. I Am Dead
9. Leech
10. The Man Who Smacked God




January 5, 2010

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Home: Dresden
Genre: Metal
Formed: 2009

Justin Jackson – Drums
Corey Jackson – Bass
Ryan Glover – Guitar
Jon Barnhard – Guitar
Kenny Deuxberry – Vocals

BULLETTHREAD is a young new metal band that has been busy writing songs and landing some good opening act slots for bands such as See Spot Run and Social Code.

Visit them online here or on their myspace page.



Good-Bye 2009

January 5, 2010

 Thanks to everyone who has contributed and supported our scene in 2009!

  Well 2009 has come and gone and I am sure you will all be happy to know that our little city’s music website gets plenty of hits daily. I am quite surprised by how many people are discovering music from here, so all is well. To start off the year, I thought I would list the top 30 posts people have visited for 2009. Mind you, people don’t have to click on a post to view it if they looked at it by the year. So thousands of people have viewed band pages without having to click them.
Here we go…..

01 Demo Kid – (2009)  
02 Social Code – A Year at the Movies (2004)
03 Brooke Nicholls (2009) 
04 Manpower (2009) 
05 Michelle Wright (2009)
06 Grave Misunderstanding (2009)  
07 Chatham Music Archive Article (2009)
08 Local Boy Ron Bechard (2009) 
09 That Whaling Band – Grateful (2005) 
10 The Melody Ramblers (1993)
11 Melody Ramblers Form (1953) 
12 Ken Crone Trio (2008) 
13 Guitar Summit May 22 (2009)  
14 Superfly (2008)
14 The Mad – Songs For The Ugly (1993)
15 The Jubilaires Reunion (2007)
16 O’Hara Brothers Band (2003)
17 That Whaling Band (2009) 
18 Fugitives (1977) 
19 Toast And Jam (2004)  
20 Melody Ramblers (1983)
20 7th Reign – Fallen Empires (2009)
21 Melody Ramblers (1981)  
21 Melody Ramblers (1980)  
22 Musical Strings ‘N’ Things  
23 Chatham-Kent Mountaineers (2009)
23 Melody Ramblers Retire (1994)
24 Hundred Proof (2009)
25 Sarah Hiltz – How Many Fires (2009) 
25 The Jubilaires Form (1956)
26 Quadrant band (1975) 
27 Billy Sinder And The Explosions (1982)  
27 Whatever – Whatever (1997) 
28 Home Grown (1983) 
29 Face 4 Radio (2009) 
29 Whaling (1994) 
30 Manpower (1984)  
30 Foster Child – Self Titles CD (1996) 
30 Wendy Jenkins Debut Album (1983) 


Jack Austin Trio 1977

January 4, 2010

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Band: Jack Austin Trio
Year: 1977

Jack Austin – Guitar/Vocals
Pat Crone – Drums
Marc Haslip – Bass

Notes: Marc  joined the Jack Austin Trio in the fall of 1977 and stayed on for 3-4 months.  They were the house band at the Parkview Tavern on William Street until December of that year. 

Marc later played in several other bands, Maple Shade, Harvest, Ground Zero and The Appliances.



Bob Lucier 1981

January 4, 2010


Artist: Anne Murray
Release: Christmas Wishes
Year: 1981
Label: Label: Capitol Records
Chatham Connection: Bob Lucier (from Grande Pointe, Chatham-Kent) plays steel guitar on this record and has been in Anne Murray’s band for many years.

Track Listings
1. Winter Wonderland 
2. Silver Bells 
3. Little Drummer Boy 
4. I’ll Be Home for Christmas 
5. Christmas Wishes 
6. Joy to the World 
7. Away in a Manger 
8. O Holy Night 
9. Go Tell It on the Mountain 
10. Silent Night 

Canadian country singer Anne Murray was born in Nova Scotia in 1945. She was the first Canadian solo singer to reach No.1 in the US charts for her single “Snowbird” and has album sales of over 50 million to her credit. Her 1984 album A Little Good News won the Country Music Associations Album of the Year and in 1993 she was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.

About Bob Lucier: Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability.  Bob was the resident steel guitar player (for roughly 20 years) on “The Tommy Hunter Show” which began airing on the CBC TV in the mid ’70’s. He was also the first steel guitarist with the famous Johnny Burke and Eastwind.  Before that, he played in Bill Anderson’s “Po’ Boys band”, “Myers Brothers and the Jubilaires”, and a few others. Bob’s steel guitar playing is on many of Ann Murrays albums recorded through the years.
Visit Bob online here.



Southpaw 2009

January 4, 2010




Artist: : Southpaw
Genre: Rap Music
Year: 2009

  Cary Templeman is a jack of all trades. You probably have been at a club the night he was the DJ, or attended a city event like the parade or Olympic torch ceremony, in which he was the MC or performed at.  Among other things, he is also a dance teacher in Chatham and a high spirited individual always working on something.  Well, Southpaw also released a video this year entitled the ‘Chat-Town Hustle’.

Watch the video below

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Visit him online here.


Rock Stock 2009

January 4, 2010

: Rock Stock
Date:  August 15th 2009
Location: Chatham-Kent Airport
Tickets: $44.99

The annual ‘Rock Stock’ concert is in its second year.
2009 featured many bands and reports estimated between 3-4000 people this year. Less of a crowd than last year, but still the only music event put on that draws a crowd in the small city of Chatham.

Who Played?

Main Stage:
Collective Soul
Futures Past
The Latency
Fall and Divide
Dean Lickyer
Faber Drive
Crash Karma
Mariana’s trench

Side Stage:
The Grave Misunderstanding (local band)
The Johnstones
Square Root of Margaret (local band)
Ashes of Soma

Heavy Stage:
Anu beginning (local band)
Blood Shot Eye
Nerve (local band)
Hundred Proof (Local band)
Left Turn City
Punish Them
Baptized in Blood
Arm the Homeless