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Ralph Murphy Circa 1978

August 11, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: 1978
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Amongst many other projects, roles, & duties, highlights for Ralph Murphy this year include:

* 1978 – Moves to Nashville and began a joint venture publishing/production company with Roger Cook called PICALIC. The company achieved its first number one hit within a year with a song by Crystal Gayle called “Talking in Your Sleep”. Pic-A-Lic became one of the most successful independent publishers in Nashville and was eventually sold to EMI.
* 1978 – Vocal credits. Release: Zwol. Album: Zwol
* 1978 – Ralph Co produces: Walter Zwol – the song ‘A Little Bit Crazy’. & wrote Every Man For Himself.

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MCM and Company 1978

August 5, 2013


Band: MCM and Company
Year: 1978
Home: Chatham Kent Area

(Back Row L-R)
Doug Morrison – Guitar
Eugene Tremblay – Bass, Vocals
Charlie St. Denis – Drums
(Front Row)
Cassandra Vasik – Guitar, Vocals

Notes: This line up began in 1978.


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Fowler Lockwood Band 1978

November 22, 2011

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Band: Fowler Lockwood Band
Year: 1978
Home: Chatham

Tom Lockwood – Guitar
(Steve) Stephen Fowler – Guitar
Brent Hunter – Bass
Mark Tremblay – Keyboards
Pat Crone – Drums

1979: Lockwood/Fowler opens for Auger in 1979. They performed original music on this great night of rock jazz.

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The Force 1978 Chatham Band

July 9, 2010

Band: The Force
Year: 1978
Circa: 1977-1983

Members in 1978
Rick Rankin – guitar
Randy Young – bass
Pat Crone – drums
Tom Starks – keyboards
Dave Sass – sax
 The Force was formed in 1977 after the breakup of the band Beginings.

  Tom Starks on keys and Pat Crone on drums joined Rick Rankin (guitar) and Randy Young (bass). Bassist Brent Hunter replaced Randy Young in 1981. The band was in high demand and worked steadily, playing disco (they had to) and rock/top 40 music that was popular at the time at many local hotels, festivals, and special events in Chatham-Kent from 1977-1983.

  With a talented horn section consisting of Dave Sass, Jack Drobko, Bob Fazecash and Brian Murphy, The Force had a large and unique songlist. About 10 times each year, the band put on themed shows with special guests Craig (Pork) Koehler and Ed Smitchen, “The Fast Fried Pork Revue”. They added musical comedy  that was zany, hilarious and often strayed from the script.  The shows were authentically costumed thanks to Ed and his family.
  The movie Star Wars opened in `77 and was the inspiration for a series of “Summer Trek” concerts (Gross Encounters of the Force Kind).
Hallowe’en productions were a specialty. Parodies of popular movies like Star Wars, The Blues Brothers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show were performed at places like the Tilt’n Hilton in Erieau, the CAW Hall, the Tecumseh Hotel, the Turf Room, and the Thames Theatre (opening for Max Webster).
 When The Force and Hatrick bands split up in 1983, new bands Advance Green, Texas and Manpower were formed.
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Trogen 1978 Band

April 25, 2010

Band: Trogen 
Year: 1978
Home: Chatham Ontario

Jeff Parker
(Formerly of Free Ride)
Ted Masters
Wayne McDermid



Maple Shade Band circa 1978

February 5, 2010

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Band: Maple Shade
Circa: 1978-79
Home: Chatham Ontario
Genre: Popular Cover Band

Top row
Tony Meriano – Drums
Bottom Row
Tony Bandoni – Guitar
Ray Violot – Guitar,vocals, keyboards …
Marc Haslip – Bass

The band was made up of professional musicians and well known names in the local music scene. In early 1980, A few of the members would go on to form “Harvest”.



Bob Lucier 1978

December 17, 2009

Artist: Anne Murray
Release: Let’s Keep It That Way
Year: 1978
Chatham ConnectionAnne’s steel guitar player is Bob Lucier, who is originally from Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe).

Notes: Let’s Keep It That Way is a 1978 studio album by Anne Murray. On the Canadian charts, the album topped both the country and pop album charts. In the U.S., the album returned Murray to the top ten on the country album charts, a place she had not been since 1974’s Highly Prized Possession; on the pop album charts, the album reached #12 (it would ultimately be the highest charting album of Murray’s career on the pop album charts).

  Two singles were released from the album: a cover of the Everly Brothers’ hit “Walk Right Back”, which reached #4 on the U.S. country singles charts. The second single released, “You Needed Me”, would ultimately become one of the biggest hits of Murray’s career, topping all three Canadian charts; in the U.S. it reached #1 on the U.S. pop singles charts (becoming Murray’s sole chart-topper on the Hot 100 charts), as well as #4 on the country singles charts, and #3 on the A/C charts.

Track listing
.Let’s Keep It That Way
2.Walk Right Back
3.Just To Feel This Love From You
4.We Don’t Make Love Anymore
5.I Still Wish The Very Best For You
6.You Needed Me
7.You’re A Part Of Me
8.Hold Me Tight
9.Tennessee Waltz
10.There’s Always A Goodbye

Keyboards – Pat Riccio, Jr/Brian Gatto
Drums & Percussion – Jorn Anderson
Bass – Peter Cardinali
Guitars – Aidan Mason/Brian Russell/Bob Man
Steel Guitar & Dobro – Bob Lucier
Strings & Horns arranged by Rick Wilkins & Peter Cardinali

Bob Lucier also plays steel guitar on another album released this year. He is on Stormin’ Norman & Suzy’s 1974 release “Ocean of love”.