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Eric Welton 2011

November 13, 2011

Artist: Eric Welton
Release: Kill Them with Kindness”
Genre: Indie Rock/Folk
Year: 2011
Resides: Windsor
From: Chatham Ontario

Live band:
Eric Welton – Vox, guitar
Luke Pelotte – Drums
Josh Zalev – Bass
Erik Myskow – Guitar

Eric grew up in Chatham, where his step Father (at the time) owned Sound Trax as well as the fleamarket inspired store below it. After high school,   Eric went to Toronto to study Media Arts. He moved to Windsor between 2002-2004.
Eric hosts the Open Stage at a local pub named “Villains” every Tuesday night, along with members of his band.
Eric is also the newest member of Square Root Of Margaret, The Chatham band just released a record in 2010 entitled “WYSiWYG”.

Tracks: 1. Kooler, 2. Kill Them with Kindness, 3. Gone, 4. the Evil in Your Violence, 5. Hazel Eyes, 6. Every Day, 7. Spherikal, 8. I Know I’m Dying,  9. LC/DC, 10. unOther.

Preview & download the CD online @

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Eric Welton (2008)

May 19, 2009

Artist: Eric Welton
Home: Windsor (From Chatham)

   Eric grew up in Chatham around the musical circles of underground music and the comforts of Square Root Of Margaret.

Note by Andrew MacLeod :
   Producer, singer/songwriter, sound man, photographer, bartender, advertiser, collaborator, optimist, fan. Eric Welton is a man of many hats. Coming to Windsor as a Chatham export a few years ago, Eric has lent his willing and capable hands to just about every musician in this area in one form or another. He’s made posters for six packs, recorded albums for 20’s, been there to help you mix the sound live, and written and performed in entertaining fashion, West to East, while always hoping to get a few more folks together on any given night, to share some tunes and collaborative energy just to see what happens. I’ve got to say, it’s nice to see that mind frame making progress and paying dividends.

Listen to Eric here:



Effortless Records: Basement Champions Vol. 1 (2009)

May 3, 2009


Download Entire Album (Zip File)

Track Listing:
1. Dog – Eric Welton
2. Dr.Firm – Square Root of Margaret
3. Canada – The Hip Bones
4. Last Day of Summer – Demo Kid
5. Slips Away – Kyle Workman
6. Stakes & Hammers – Hey! Death?
7. Not Yet Found – The BluIgloos
8. Poetically Impotent – Underwater Solitaire
9. Rain On My Parade – The Secret Flyers
10. Shot of Whiskey – Rudy
11. Like Eric Said (Vacate this Place) – Captain Zapoleon
12. Astral Grenades – Observatory
13. Cats & Dogs – Truth & Justice
14. I give it all – Demo Kid

Thanks to Matt W. @ Effortless Records