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Franks Music Centre 1961

August 28, 2012

Music Store: Frank’s Music Centre
City: Chatham Ontario Canada
Opened: 1961
Original Location: 230 Queen Street.

* The store has had many locations over the years including many different places on King Street and a long stay on St. Clair.
* In its early days, it was a popular place to buy sheet music, get a variety of different musical instrument lessons, buy organs, and purchase records.

* Circa 1983 – Franks Music Centre had 25 music teachers at the time.

* Steve Eyres took over ownership in 1996. Previous to that, Larry Lozon had been owner for almost all of its previous years.

The above photos are circa 1970’s & 1980’s.

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Chubby and the Chips

April 30, 2010

Band: Chubby and the Chips
Home: Chatham Ontario
Formed: 1961
Disbanded: 1963

Victor Tetreault
– Vocals, Guitar
John Chorba – Slap Bass
Jerry Vandeven – Guitar
Larry Lozon – Drums

Notes: A new group was assembled, known as “Chubby and the Chips”, with John “Chubby” Chorba, on slap bass, Vic on guitar and lead vocals, Jerry Vandeven of Chatham on guitar, and Larry Lozon on drums.  The group played the halls of Kent and Essex Counties for two years quite successfully.

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