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The Ukulele Lady 2002

February 12, 2010

Artist: Eileen O’Toole (The Ukulele Lady)
Release: The Queen Of The Lonesome Island
Year: 2002
Genre: Folk
Home: Chatham
Resides: Ireland

Notes:  The original songs on this cd were written in Canada & Ireland between 1989 and 2001.

Pete Webb – Guitar
Karl Burthom – Bass
Dawn Wilson – Whistle, Fiddle
Eileen O’Toole – Accordion, Ukulele, Vocals

 01 Queen of the Lonesome Island
 02 3 Am
 03 Lily of the West
 04 Mick Maquire
 05 Catch you in the Rye
 06 Whiskey in the Jar
 07 The Old Black Tree
 08 Dreaming with Drunken Courage
 09 Guys
 10 The Returned Immigrant
11 Mr. Valentine’s Dead

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Bob Lucier Steel Guitar 2002

December 13, 2009

Name: Bob Lucier
CD Release: Eleven Favorites
Circa: 2002
Genre: Country

Home: Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe)
Resides: Toronto area

About Bob: Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability. Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show”  when it aired  on the CBC television network in Canada for many years.

Gordie Tapp From ‘Hee Haw’ Writes Liner Notes For CD   In 1952, when we started Main Street Jamboree, I became deeply engrossed in Country Music.
I heard my first steel guitar in the hands of Bobby Wingrove and Lloyd Banks. It rapidly became my favorite instrument. In 1969 I arrived in Nashville to begin Hee Haw and thought I’d gone to steel guitar heaven. I worked with such famous names as Curly Chalker, Buddy Emmons, Lloyd Green, John Hughey etc… When I talked to them about their instruments and abilities they told me there was a guy up in Canada who had equal ability. 
  I returned to Canada to guest on a well received Country TV show and met the young man they were talking about. If you ask Bobby Lucier for a sixteen bar turnaround he makes it sound like a symphony but not at the expense of your vocal presentation and the audience leaves thinking how great you are because of the intricate steel guitar background he provides.
  He features four string harmony melodies with just a touch of two of his favorites, Jimmy Day and Weldon Myrick, but it’s his own interpretations that makes him unique.
  A master steel guitar technician. A master of Cabinetry (his real income). I’m glad he’s presenting this new C.D.. May I introduce to you Bobby Lucier.
Enjoy!    Gordie Tapp

Pick Me Up (On Your Way Down) C. Walker
2. Fraulein (Lawton Williams)
3. Workin’ Man Blues (Merle Haggard)
4. I Fall To Pieces (H. Cochrane & H. Howard)
5. Fool Such As I (William Trader)
6. Magnum (Bob Lucier, SOCAN)
7. Pass Me By (Hillman Hall)
8. Blues For Felix (C. Byrd)
9. Alright I’ll Sign The Papers (M. Tillis)
10. My Special Angel (Jimmy Duncan)
11. Lonesome 77203 (Justin Tubb)

Engineered & Mixed by: Doug Deveaux
Cover photo: Brian Carnahan
Produced By : Bob Lucier & Mel Aucoin 
All Arrangements By: Bob Lucier



Conductor Doug Sanford (2002)

November 11, 2009

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Conductor: Doug Sanford
Orchestra: Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
Year: 2002
Home: Chatham Native

Sanford was appointed artistic director and conductor in June 2002. He filled this roll until 2008. In 1998 Doug conducted two orchestras, The East York and Okanagan Symphonies.




Sylvia Tyson in Quartette 2002

October 29, 2009


CD Cover


Artist: Quartette
Release: I See A Star
Year: 2002
Chatham Connection: Sylvia is from Chatham-Kent

Sylvia Tyson, Caitlin Hanford, Cindy Church, Gwen Swick

1. I See a Star
2. Message from Mary
3. Santa, Please
4. Hope, Peace, Joy and Love
5. Three Wise Men
6. In the Bleak Midwinter
7. The Miracle of Christmas
8.  Snowflakes from Heaven
9.  Send Someone for Me
10. A Christmas Waltz
11. O Holy Night
12. The Perfect Christmas Tree
13. Sans Day Carol
14. All Through the Night 
Note:  “I See a Star” is their second Christmas album. Quartette’s fresh and beautiful new Christmas collection “I See a Star”, is a lively mixture of traditional and original material, performed with the group’s trademark sparkling harmonies and unique vocal and instrumental arrangements.

  Produced by veteran producer, Danny Greenspoon, Quartette’s newest CD features 14 songs in an exciting variety of musical styles blended together in the kind of seamless performance their audience has come to love.


  Sylvia Tyson first made her mark in the ’60s with the folk/country duo Ian & Sylvia which recorded 13 albums. Ian and Sylvia, who married in 1964, were at the forefront of the ’60s North American folk movement.

  Following Ian & Sylvia’s breakup in 1977 as an act and as a couple, Sylvia released seven solo albums.

  In the ’70s, Sylvia hosted CBC-Radio’s roots music series “Touch The Earth,” and hosted CBC-TV’s “Country In My Soul” series.

  Sylvia received Canada’s highest civilian award, the Order of Canada in 1995. She is one of the founders, past president, and song honoree of the Canadian Songwriters’ Hall of Fame. She was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 1992, and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2003.

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Also on the album
Victor Bateman: upright bass
Kevin Breit: cavaquinho, National Steel
Chris Coole: claw-hammer banjo
Randall Coryell: drums
Steve Donald: trombone
Wendell Ferguson: acoustic guitar, high string guitar
Bruce Good: autoharp
Danny Greenspoon: dobro
Randy Kempf: electric bass
George Koller: upright bass, dilruba
Mitch Lewis: electric guitar
Rob Pitch: acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar
Don Reed: fiddle
John Sheard: piano
Sylvia Tyson: button accordion
Rick Whitelaw: acoustic guitar, nylon string guitar
Dan Whiteley: mandolin



ROBIN BANKS – Live After Dark (2002)

August 26, 2009


Release: Live After Dark
Year: 2002
Genre: Blues: Electric Blues

Home: Chatham Kent Ontario
Resides: Texas U.S.A.

Notes: ROBIN BANK$ is one of the country’s most exciting and hardest working female Blues entertainers! Award winning and internationally renowned, this songstress has 3 CD’s to her credit and performs some 240 nights each year throguhout Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and the U.S.!

Rompin’ After Dark 3:35 
My Daily Wish 7:56  
Rock This House 7:34 
I’m Walkin’ 5:08  
Built For Comfort 6:48   
The Whiskey Song 5:10 
Aint Nobody’s Business 6:01 
Hey Little Boy 4:52
Blue Bird 7:38  
Work It Out 5:11  
Whole Lotta Love

Preview or buy the CD here: CD Baby
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The Laws – Two (CD) 2002

July 24, 2009


Artists: The Laws
Release: Two
Year: 2002
Connection: John Law was born in Chatham Ontario.

John Law – vocals, guitar, mandolin
Michele Law – vocals, bass
Note: Two is The Laws second CD and features more country-tinged writing – Two was one of Country Music News’ top 10 CDs of 2002.

” … there’s no mistaking that this dynamic duo are about to become a headline attraction. Watch for The Laws to become the next Canadian-based act to attract international attention.”
Country Music News
Shelter Me Brother
Heartache and Booze  
Watching Over Me
Let’s Hit The Road
Pattersons Curse
Holes In My Shoes
Not In Two
Breakin’That Chain


 Visit them here or here.




Muttley Bisnett (2002)

July 3, 2009

Band: Muttley Bisnett
Type: Cover band
Year: 2002
Style: Metal / Rock

Andrew Gardner – Vocals
Jay Warwick – Guitar
Adam Dysarz – Drums
Steve McDonald – Bass

 In 2002 Muttley Bisnett was born. A four member cover band that covered material including Tool, Finger Eleven, SOAD and others. In September of 2002 front man Andrew Gardner relocated to Banff Alberta. The band continued on and jammed whenever Andrew was home but eventually split up in late October 2003. In early 2004 the bands guitarist Jay Warwick got talking to ex Janet Theory drummer Chuck Young. They both were interested in jammin a bit just for fun.

  A date was set and ex MB members Adam, Jay and Andrew met with chuck for the first time. Adam (MB Drummer) Picked up the guitar as did Andrew (MB Vocalist). Jay Switched to the bass, and Chuck took to the drums as always. By the end of March FL3P was born.



MICHELLE WRIGHT – Shut Up And Kiss Me (2002)

June 17, 2009


Release: Shut Up And Kiss Me
Release Date: 2002
Style: Country
Home: Tennessee
Raised: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Listen to all the songs from this CD in their entirety here.

Video below:
MICHELLE WRIGHT – 2002 – Shut Up And Kiss Me CD Preview.

or watch the video here if it does not load.

1. I Surrender
2. Shut Up And Kiss Me Or Just Shut Up
3. Still No Shangri-La
4. Broken
5. Every Time You Come Around
6. Find It In New York
7. Thank You For Your Love
8. Love Is The Only Way
9. Could You Be
10. Sorry
11. I Will Be There
12. Circle Of Life



The Lowdown – The Being Scene (2002)

May 17, 2009

Artist: The Lowdown
Home: Chatham
 Release Title: The Being Scene (CD Demo)
Music Style: Rock
Date: 2002

John Carberry – Vocals, Guitar
Scott Duffy – Guitars, Vocal
Scott Everingham – Drums
Michael Simoes – Bass

Recording credits
Franks Music Centre – Chatham, Eyres Space Studio

Track Listing.
1. Let’s Get Together 2. Thursday 3. The Being Scene 4. The Clinic 5. I Get Back Down 6. Fusion 7. Bringing in the Dawn 8. Hello 9. Made in the Shade 10. Tamin’ Time 11. The Crew



Assume No Order – Nigel (2002)

May 17, 2009


Artist: Nigel Barylewicz
Title: Nigel
Released : 2002
Home: Chatham native now living in Toronto

Assume No Order is a solo experimental/instrumental project by Nigel Barylewicz.

Download zip of all tracks here

Listen here:



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Trip Shot – Skankin’ With Chuck (2002)

May 6, 2009


Artist : Trip Shot
Home : Wallaceburg
 Release Title : Skankin’ With Chuck  (CD Demo)
Music Style : Punk
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Mike Richardson – Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Shane Sands – Bass, Vocals
Andrew McCready – Guitar, Vocals, Trombone
AJ McGuire – Drums, Vocals

The Scoop :
First off, this is a great name for a CD & gives you an idea of the tone here. This is a good punk CD full of pure energy. The band has been playing together for a little while & have ventured to Chatham, sharing shows with The Janet Theory & R.W.A.V.

Recording credits
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Steve Eyres @ Eyres Space Studio Chatham. (Franks Music Centre)

Track Listing.
1. Leaving the kids alone, ding ding, at-101, equal time charlie rule, putsy, hokus punkas*,kimmy blow, watching the ink dry, dial 911 for pizza, cns, pre-teen parents, fall to the floor, techno girl, farewell.



Sedated – Self Titled Image (2002)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Sedated
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Self Titled Image
Music Style : Rock
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Martin Banaszak – Vocals, Guitar
Jarry Mark Mazur – Guitar
Marlow Smith – Bass
Stephen Benn – Drums

The Scoop : Fresh in High school, Sedated emerges as one of the few local bands working hard at writing a song for the songs
sake. This is a good direction for this young new band

Track Listing.
1. Intro 2. Self Titled Image 3. Never Around 4. June 5. In Your Eyes 6. Bifocal maniac



R.O.T.E. (2002)

May 5, 2009

: Chatham
Style: Metal
Year: 2002

Andrew – Vox, Roger – Guitar, Spenser – Bass, Ryan – Drums

In 2003, they released a 3 song demo entitled ‘Fashion Of Hate’. The line up included Andrew Gallagher (vocals), Roger Kinney (Guitars), Cory Knight (Bass),  & Ryan Caron on drums.

listen here or here



Room Without A View – Morning Wood (2002)

May 5, 2009



Artist :Room Without A View
Home : Tilbury Ontario 
Release Title : Morning Wood
Music Style : Pop-Punk
Date : 2002

Musicians :
Farley – Guitar , Shawn – Guitar, Vocals , Rick – Vocals, Bass , Steve – Drums

The Scoop : The bands follow up EP to ‘The Gold Fish Bowl’. Following in the foot steps of popular music like Blink 182,  R.W.A.V. capitalize on the sound that spawned a zillion bands over night.
  The boys bring it home with this EP & never look back. The band worked hard plugging themselves across the internet to help spread the word.
   They scored $5000 worth of free gear and a date on the Vans Warped Tour from an Ernie Ball contest.
The band is working hard putting together the follow up recording & we should be hearing from them as soon as 2004.

Recording creditsN/A, Although I do believe Eyres Space Studio in Chatham
may have done this recording

Track Listing
1. Brand New Day 2. Garbage Bag 3. Polaroid 4. Another Song 5. LA’s Calling



Pit Bull Grin (2002)

May 5, 2009


Artist: Pit Bull Grin
Home: Tilbury
Release: Demos
Music Style: Death Metal
Formed: 2001
Years: Circa 2001-2003.

01. Big bad Nothing.
02. I Am Dead
03. Johnny Drop Jaw & His Travillin Freak Show
04. Leetch
05. Let the Sins Begin
06. Scab
07. Stop the Bleeding
08. The Man Who Smacked God

Joel C – Drums , Julio O – Guitar , Darren M – Vocals , Rich D – Guitars , Jamie M – Bass

The Scoop: One of the first pure death metal bands in the area  have released a few songs via the internet . The band can be seen playing the Coach in Windsor as well as underground venues through out Ontario & Quebec. Formed from the ashes of ‘Gates Of Rage’, the band has carried on the tradition & have remained heavy since day one.
Pit Bull Grin was formed in January of 2001, but was put on a short hiatus due to the band not having rehearsal space.

* Listen here or here
* New link to mp3’s as of 2020 here.



PinWheel – Wish (2002)

May 5, 2009


Artist : PinWheel
Home : Wallaceburg

Release Title : Wish
Style : Rock
Date : 2002 (No Date on Disc)

Musicians :
Vocals : Melyssa Kerr
Guitars : Jason Atchison
Bass : Eric Kerr
Drums : Jake Richards

Recording credits
Recorded, Engineered & Mastered by Steve Eyres @ Eyres Space Studio, Chatham.
Track Listing: 1. Just Another Day 2. Cover Girl 3. Formerly Happy  4. Why Must  5. Eyes Only See I

The Scoop : This CD caught my attention for the amazing charisma of Melyssa’s voice which crosses somewhere in between Belinda (The Go-Go’s) & The Dixie Chicks.



Mad Dash Tour (2002)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Mad Dash Tour
Home : Bothwell Ontario Canada
Release : No Release yet
Music Style : Rock
Date : Formed in March of 2002

Musicians :
Justin Chambers – Vocals, Guitars
Paul Doub – Bass
Eric Debergh – Drums*
Craig Smith – Guitars*
Jon McCutchen – Guitars*
Joe Newkirk – Guitars*

The Scoop :
    Many line-up changes have occurred for this band but Justin & Paul remain.
   The band began by throwing & playing others parties while doing the school thing.
   The band gained noted attention for their song ‘I’m Ready’ & scored several big shows through out the area



Lucid in 2002

May 4, 2009


Davin McMahon – vocals, Colin Goldsmith – lead guitar, Mark Prociw – Rythm Guitar, Phil Prociw – bass, Alan Pepper – drums



King Friday (2002)

May 4, 2009


Artist : King Friday               Home : Chatham Area
What : Local Cover Band      Music Style : Top 40 Rock 
Date : 2002 & Beyond

Musicians :
Leo Roy  – Bass
Francis Mailloux – Drums
Mike (Lippo) LaPlante  – Guitars
Dan Taylor  – Vocals, Guitar.

 The Scoop :  A local band that has been a staple in the scene over the past few years. A sincere group of guys who go out & have fun every time. as of 2004, they are still rocking up the area. To get a taste for what is on this year, they play Incubus, Danko Jones, The Strokes, Elvis Presley, Puddle Of Mudd, Nickelback, Default, Cake, Creed, David Wilcox, Staind, Alice Cooper, Barenaked Ladies, Nirvana, ZZ Top, The Doors, The Tragically Hip & much more

King Friday website.



(horrorshow) (2002)

May 4, 2009



 Artist : (horrorshow)                 Home : Chatham Ontario
Style : Metal                                   Formed : 2002

Mike Sennema – Guitar/Lead Vocals
Phil Guerin – Lead Guitar
Justen Wilkes- Bass/Vocals
Chris Bechard – Drums

The Scoop :    

A new band creating a big buzz & gaining recognition quickly.

Started playing covers like Alice In Chains & Weezer.

Quickly became an original band soon after.

The band is new. Early comparisons to the sounds of Silver Chair & Helmet

Band spends most of 2003 & 2004 recording their first demo.



The God Life (2002)

May 4, 2009


Release Title : The God Life
Music Style : Christian Rock/Metal
Date : 2002
Formed: Jan 2002.

Musicians :
Brandon Butler, 17 – Guitar                       
Phil Smith 18, – Vocals
Brad Benn, 17 – Drums                     
Derek Osborne,18 – Bass

The Scoop : This is a great demo from this high school aged band. Good song structures & catchy hooks.
This is the first Christian  full length rock recording from the area. My first impression from this work is that this band has huge potential & I look forward to seeing what is to come.

Recording credits – Eyres Space Studio, Chatham. Mixed by Bob Hiltz, all songs written & Produced by Phil.
Track Listing.
The God Life,  He Knows, Audience Of One   Burn In Hell, Takeover, The Many Reasons, I See Dead People, Wake Up, More Of You

Listen to them here.



Foreign Film Star – Picture Show (2002)

May 4, 2009


Artist : Foreign Film Star
Home : Chatham  

Release Title : Picture Show
Music Style : Rock
Date : July 2002

Musicians :
Dave Lane – Drums                               Matt Ellis – Bass
Mirek Blazek – Guitars                         Jamie Reaume – Guitars, Vocals

Foreign Film Star
Foreign Film Star

Recording credits
Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Bob Hiltz @ Eyres Space Studio in Chatham

Track Listing. 1. In the circle 2. Cascades 3. Eversense 4. Tonight has passed 5. Almost touching 6.  Your perfect world 7. Love & Conversation 8. Picture Show 9. Crisis 10. Embrace 11. Past my skin




Ego Seed (2002)

May 4, 2009
Ego Seed

Ego Seed

Artist: Egoseed
Home: Chatham
Release: Egoseed
Genre: Metal
Date: 2002

Steve Kaloyains – Vocals
Mike Kaloyains – Guitar
Jason Anderson – Bass
Casie Barry – Drums

The CD:  Their first CD is heavily influenced by the (current new sound of the) Def Tones mold but dipped in the Metal tradition of Youth. The two brothers (Steve & Mike) joined forces with former Crooked front man Casie, who takes on the drumming, Along with veteran Jay on bass.
With the Move to London shortly following, the brothers formed other bands, The Greys (Mike) & How Dare You (Steve). Jason would move to Nerve. Cassie also played in How Dare You.

Track Listing.
1. Aberdeen
2. Uncle Dad
3. Alone
4. Loveless

* Watch/listen to the preview below.

Listen HereMyspace or at




Carpediem’s 2002 CD Release

May 3, 2009

Artist : Carpediem
Home : Chatham
 Release Title : Land Behind The Sun
Music Style : 70’s style progressive rock
Date : 2002

The Demo : Absolute great musicianship is what this project is about. A little bit rock opera, some floyd & other blends of pure musical inspirations.
   The CD demo is  a welcome taste for this city that is lacking a listening CD to kick back & relax to.
   Dwane Stephens gets most of the credit for the compositions & has been a staple of the scene since the early 90’s, roaming endlessly from band to band sucking knowledge as he goes.
 Great production overall.


Musicians :
Dwane Stephens – Bass, Keyboards
Mike GoldHawk – Vocals, Drums, Keyboards
Mark Levitzky – Guitars

Additional Musicians
Mario Panayotis – Guitar
Darryl Denault – Guitar
Recorded by Bob Hiltz

Track Listing. Dreams, Nothing Changes, One Vision, Lost, Time To Believe, Affection, Land Behind The Sun.

Click below to play the CD preview video for this release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.