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Elyse Weinberg Greasepaint Smile

October 30, 2016

Artist: Elyse Weinberg
Release: Greasepaint Smile
Year: 1972
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Home town: Chatham Ontario
Recording date: 1969

* She released her first album “Elyse” in 1969 on Tetragammaton T 117 (USA) / Polydor (Canada). This label was the same label that released the first four Deep Purple albums as well as Carol Burnett. The album reached #31 on Billboard
* Elyse goes by the name Cori Bishop.
* She had recorded this album, but Tetragammaton went belly up so it was never released.
* She then recorded the album “Wildfire” with Neil Young on the Asylum label, but it too was never released.
* In 2001, “Elyse” was re-issued on CD on Orange Twin OT-001 and contains the bonus track “Houses”, from the unreleased album Wildfire, which featured Neil Young on guitar.

01. What You Call It (2:58)
02. City of the Angels (3:28)
03. Houses (3:36)
04. It’s Alright to Linger (2:47)
05. Collection Bureau (4:46)
06. Gospel Ship (2:28)
07. Nicodemus (4:06)
08. My My My (5:02)
09. Your Place or Mine (2:47)
10. Greasepaint Smile (3:37)
* Watch the album preview below.


* Download @ iTunes here.
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* Elyse (Coeri Bishop) website here.


Ralph Murphy Produces Gold record for April Wine 1972

August 5, 2013

Producer: Ralph Murphy
Work: Produced certified gold album for April Wine ‘On Record’.
Year: 1972
Raised: Wallaceburg (Chatham-Kent)

Notes: Under the guidance of producer Ralph Murphy, April Wine recorded their second album, titled On Record. The first single from the album was a cover version of the song “You Could Have Been a Lady”, originally by the band Hot Chocolate. The record was a commercial success, hitting number 5 on the Canadian charts, as well as cracking the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States where it stayed for 11 weeks, peaking at No. 32. Immediately following that triumph, April Wine released a second single from On Record, titled “Bad Side of the Moon.” It got much airplay on Canadian radio stations and was a minor hit in the U.S. as well. Both tracks remain staples on classic rock radio stations in Canada. On Record was certified Gold in Canada and the band, along with Murphy, returned the studio to exploit the popularity generated by their second release.

Song Writer: Ralph Murphy
Work: Wrote country hit in 1972 performed by Jeanie C. Riley ‘Good Enough To Be Your Wife’.
Year: 1972
Raised: Wallaceburg (Chatham-Kent)

Ralph pens a country hit in 1972 performed by Jeanie C. Riley ‘Good Enough To Be Your Wife’. During this period in 1972, Murphy wrote a song called “Good Enough to Be Your Wife” and played it for his girlfriend in his New York office. A producer there heard it, said “That’s a hit!” and cut it with Janet Lawson, a jazz singer. It was released as a single but wasn’t a hit – Murphy had bet the producer it wouldn’t be – but two or
three months later, he heard from Shelby Singleton saying, “Hey, man, I just cut your song, it’s gonna be a smash!” Murphy was “stunned” when Jeanie C. Riley’s recording
became his first country hit. The song was actually banned at the time on some stations because it was thought that he was promoting couples living together, even though it was actually making the opposite case.



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Chickoree 1972

October 30, 2009

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Band: Chickoree
Year: 1972
Home: Chatham Ontario

Note: This was a road band but they did play Chatham often.

Bottom row
Tom Lockwood
John Larmer
Rick Chrysler

Top row
girl (N/A)
Mark Tremblay




Ian And Sylvia – You Were On My Mind (1972)

May 31, 2009


Artist: Ian And Sylvia
Release: You Were On My Mind
Date: 1972
Sylvia is from Chatham. Born Sylvia Fricker.
Notes: This was the last album Ian & Sylvia recorded (officially it’s a “Ian & Sylvia and Great Speckled Bird” album). It has not yet been released on CD. The title “You Were On My Mind” might mislead people into thinking that this is some sort of compilation, but it is a completely new album, with the title track re-recorded in a faster tempo with electric instruments. Sylvia also released a solo CD with the same title in 1990, and in 1994 a compilation with the same title yet again!)

1. Get Up Jake (Robbie Robertson) 2:38  2. Old Cheyenne (Tyson) 4:40  3. Antelope (Fricker, Tyson) 3:14  4. Miriam (Fricker) 3:17  5. Lonesome Valley (trad) 3:14  6. You Were On My Mind (Fricker) 2:15  7. Joshua (Fricker) 2:09  8. You’re Not Alone Anymore (Tyson) 3:23  9. Salmon in the Sea (Tyson) 2:21  10. The Beginning of the End (Fricker, Tyson)  11. Bill (Won’t You Please Take Me Home) (Fricker) 3:15

Produced by Ben Keith and Ian Tyson.




Musical Strings ‘N’ Things Ltd. Opens For Business

May 29, 2009


Note below printed in the 2000’s

   Musical Strings ‘N’ Things Ltd., (aka “Strings ‘n’ Things”), opened for business in 1972. From its early beginnings in a small store on Fourth Street to the move to Chatham’s main retail center on King Street to its present location on Grand Ave, where it has thrived for 27 years.

   “Strings ‘n’ Things” has believed only musicians knew what other musicians and musical hopeful’s need. Now, one of the largest musical instrument and supply stores, it serves thousands of customers from all over Ontario every month.

    You just can’t survive in business for 34 years without great customer service! The staff at “Strings ‘n’ Things” are dedicated to our customers. From helping them choose the right instrument to tech support to service after the sale. Since our staff is comprised of specialists in various fields, instead of commissioned sales people, you will never feel the pressure to buy. Contact us today!