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Zeus N Apollo 1997

May 9, 2010

Duo: Zeus ‘N’ Apollo
Release: Sky Music (CD)
Year: 1997
Genre: Spoken Word
Home: Wallaceburg Ontario

Rick Neufeld
Jon-Erik Kroon

Liner Notes:
A long time ago….
In a studio far, far away, the musical talents of Rick Neufeld and the visual eye candy of Jon-Erik Kroon wove together… thus Zeus ‘N’ Apollo were born.
The catalyst for this album was to bring Visual Art and spoken words from an artist’s journal into a multi-talented musician’s studio, to experiment with the idea of concept music. The result of this recording proved to be “eye opening” in the sense that you, the listener, now becomes ‘THE ARTIST’ within your imagination.

Visual Revelation, What a Weird Trip, Sky Music, New World order, House of Species, Temple TV.

Recorded on digital 8 track.
Engineered by: Rick Neufeld
Artwork by: Jon-Erik Kroon
Photo Credits: Cairenn Russelo



Steve Skull Saunders 1997

March 24, 2010

Band: Fear Disorder
Release: In A Rage
Year: 1997
Genre: Metal

Chatham Connection:  Steve “Skull” Saunders is from Chatham-Kent, along with John Fenton who made his debut with M.A.D. in 1988 on their Decisions, Decisions demo.

Steve “Skull” Saunders- lead vox/guitars
Dan Cardoso– vox/guitars
Desche Sparboom– drums
John Fenton– bass/vox

  Fear Disorder is an extreme metal band signed with Revolver Records in England. Their debut, “In A Rage”, is set for release in 27 countries throughout Europe and the United Kingdom by PHD and Sony. “In A Rage” also hit number 10 on Chart Magazines Hard Music chart for college/university radio in Canada. These guys have been around for many years and have opened for such bands as Fight and Voivod. Sighting influences such as Metallica and Pantera, Fear Disorder are getting ready to tour Europe in support of their debut, “In A Rage”, and have also begun to write songs for their next release.

1. In a Rage 
2. Knee Deep in the Dead
3. Bloody Knuckles
4. Hole in your Head  
5. God Kills (And so Shall I)
6. Blood & Guts 
7. My Precious Greed  
8. Loverly, Devouring Gloom
9. I am (What you made me be)

Click on video below to preview this CD release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Fat Doug and the Sinners (1997)

November 17, 2009

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Band: Fat Doug and the Sinners
Genre: Blues Band
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1997
Circa: 1997-2000
Format: 75% Covers, 25% Original Music

Vocals: Lionel Shadd
Guitar: Doug Dewitte
Guitar: Andy Tattersall
Bass: Dwayne Stephens
Drums: Scott Meriano

Note: Chatham’s hardest working blues band. A brilliant line-up of young and enthusiastic musicians who had that real love for music, like only Detroit (or its neighbouring towns… umm like Chatham) could enjoy.
  The band played steady in and around Chatham in a scene that was thriving with many venues to play. In Chatham alone, the Parkview, Blind Dog, Beatniks, The Nest, The Royal, GT’s, Chappies, and Eightball, were all home to Fat Doug and the Sinners. The bar scene was great in 1997 and this band held its ground with their own little twist of blues and extra talent per band capita. This particular line-up of the ‘Sinners’ ran from 1997-1999.
Side Note:  I just got to mention that when I turned 19 and began playing the bar scene, I did not own a proper guitar that could stay in tune for three sets a night. Doug was more than kind to let me borrow his guitar for shows around Ontario until I was able to afford one. I didn’t even really know Doug yet at the time. I think that is a special note to make about our music scene. Everyone did all they could to help out other bands. There was no real sign of competition. Many cities are cut throat, and Chatham was not like that. It meant allot to me then and I still see that community vibe lasting into 2009 as I write this. I can also say from meeting all the guys in this band, anyone of them would have done the same.
 S. Beaulieu.

Above picture taken in 1997 at the Festival of Nations (Kiwanis BandShell).




Junipur 1997

November 2, 2009

Band: Junipur
Release: self-titled
Year: 1997
Home: Chatham-Kent

Junipur, self-titled.  This recording was the first big deal for Spur of the Moment Records.  What can be said?  It is great and was recorded in only 5 hours!  There are hard rockers, poppy wonders, and even an offensive song regarding the circus.  If it wasn’t for these guys, where would Spur of the Moment Records be today?

nova scotia
02  empty
03  happy face
04  vw
05  circus song
06  bug
07  signature
08  sweet pain
09  coat
10  jay
11  spider b

  How did they meet? John and Adam were playing around, trying to get somethin started with a fellow named Jon Rose. After they called it quits, they stumbled into Matt Maillet, and soon after Matt introduced himself to Phil Dennis in the halls at school. The rest is history…… After performing at the Blenheim District High School Battle of the Bands in May of ’97, Junipur had secured a place in Spur of the Moments’ lineup. They played with Ben Srokosz’s former band Paisley, (leading to their eventual recording with him), as well as Apocalypse Revolver and local noise band Promise of Chaos. Junipur released their first self titled album, and immediately spread the word. They started playing shows in Chatham, at the CAW hall, and at UCC and CK High Schools. They played a great show with Sonic Unyon Records artists ‘The New Grand’ in Ridgetown, and made quite an impression at Groundstock in Wallaceburg. Soon after it was the Embassy in London, Ontario, and then Molson Sunfest, in summer of ’98, where they clearly controlled the crowd despite performances by a number of talented local artists.

  In July of 1999, Junipur played their final show in Thamesville, Ontario to a crowd of friends, family, and a few new and appreciative faces. The show was truly a culmination of their short lived career, featuring nearly every song the band has ever recorded. The event was video’d for a possible release but after watching the emotional show, Ben decided that the tape would instead be put away as it comes across more like a funeral than a celebration. The performance was powerful and memorable, but one can’t deny the looks on the bands’, and fans’ faces.  (Disbanned 1999)


Ben Srokosz 1997

November 2, 2009

Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: self-titled
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 1997

Note: An unexpected release to say the least.  The self-titled debut has indie rock written all over it, with the music composed, recorded, produced, and released entirely by the artist.  An appreciation for this kind experimentation is important when giving the album a first listen.

  The fact is, Ben was not planning on releasing this material and was only documenting demos for possible band use.

  A little rough around the edges, Ben Srokosz was played for friends and family only to receive a mountain of friendly praise and encouragement.

So, slap a cover on it, dub a few copies on a tape deck, and you’ve got yourself the birth of Spur of the Moment Records. Years later Ben would discover how far the tape had travelled, receiving phone calls from CBC radio and other local press to find out what this record label was all about.

01  from the mind of…
02  expiration date
03  blinded
04  in between
05  fireworks & green stars
06  down by the shores
07  :33 seconds
08  night
09  i wander
10  beauty transcends
11  be true
12  send off

Visit Ben online here.



Crossfire (1997)

August 21, 2009
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Band: Crossfire
Year: 1997
Home: Chatham Kent Area

Back Row L-R
Greg Sharpe – Bass, Vocal
J.P. Marchand – Guitar, Vocal
Brian Curtis – Guitar, Vocal

Front Row L-R
Joseph Benoit – Keyboard, Vocal
Denice Benoit – Keyboard, Vocal
Gail Trahan – Vocal
Ray Trahan – drums



Ric Moor forms The Greater Windsor Concert Band (1997)

July 25, 2009
Ric Moor
Ric Moor in 2008

Name: Ric Moor
Music:  Director of Music
Born and raised : Chatham Kent Ontario
Year: 1997
(2009 update, Ric and the band are still together making great music.)

   The Greater Windsor Concert Band was formed in September 1997 by Ric Moor. He recognized a need in the community for a traditional wind ensemble – not only for audiences, but also for those adult musicians in town looking for a place to enjoy their hobby. At that time, Ric invited many of the people he knew would be interested, and began holding Wednesday night rehearsals with a small group of about 12 musicians.

Ric Moor, Director of Music

   Ric Moor is a well-known local musician born and raised in Chatham, Ontario where he began piano lessons at eight years of age. One year later, he joined the Chatham Kiltie band and at age 10, took up the clarinet. He performed with the junior band at the CNE band competitions where they took first place.

   Ric attended George Brown College in Toronto receiving a diploma in piano technology. He has been a practicing piano tuner/technician since 1982.

   Ric enrolled at the University of Windsor in 1988 to further his music studies. There, he studied clarinet with Dr. Imre Rozsnyai, Sonia Morin, Blake Stevenson, and Steven Millen. He performed master classes with Theodore Oien and James Campbell. He performed at New York’s Carnegie Hall with the University of Windsor Chamber Choir. In 1992, he was graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree and the Board of Governor’s Medal. In 1993, he was graduated with a Bachelor of Education with specialty in Intermediate/Senior Instrumental Music.

  Ric is in demand locally on clarinet and saxophone having played with such groups as the Windsor Community Orchestra, Macomb Symphony Orchestra, Windsor Light Opera, Peabody Bridge Demolition Crew, and the Lancaster Orchestra. He devotes most of his spare time now to the Greater Windsor Concert Band which he founded in 1997.

Notes from
Visit The Greater Windsor Concert Band here



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