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Hundred Proof EP Sampler 2011

August 3, 2013

Band: Hundred Proof
Release: 3 Song EP Sampler & Extended Player
Released: 2011
Formed: March 2008
Style: Hardcore
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

The band released a three song sampler online.
Tracks: 1. Breaking Point, 2. Runnin’, 3. Two Faced.
* They followed it up with a six song release entitled Extended Player.
Tracks: 1. You own your future, 2. Runnin’, 3. Elitist, 4. Breaking Point, 5. Two faced, 6. Acceptable Losses.

Band Members:
Adam LeDrew – Vox
Troy Fraser – Guitar
Lee Resistant – Bass (Fletcher, the Rucks)
Alex Hill – drums (davis block)

Download link:




Dismata CD Release 2009

January 5, 2010

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Band: Dismata
Release: Understand
Year: 2009
Genre: Metal
Home: Tilbury
You can find this release through CND Records.

Darren Marchand : Vocals 
Rich Dupuis : Guitar 
Joel Caron : Drums  
Jamie Monteros : Bass 

Track List
1. March Of The Ignorant
2. Deadhorse
3. Primrose Path
4. The Only Way Out
5. Dying Since October
6. Endless Noose
7. Stop The Bleeding
8. I Am Dead
9. Leech
10. The Man Who Smacked God



Finding Core (2003)

May 4, 2009


Band: Finding Core
Formed: 2000-2001
Genre: Rock Covers

Todd Lenover – Vocals And Guitar
Eric Andrews (Eric Broadbent) – Guitar
Gary Patrick – Drums
JZ Taine – Bass

The Scoop : A new cover band made up of  skilled veteran players who have began to change direction to an original music project.
     Not to take attention away from the band, but Eric Andrews (Also known as Eric Broadbent) has made a name for himself in the area  as one of the elite top rock guitar players. He can play any Van Halen lick, has the same gear & even looks a little like Eddie himself. No one will let him off stage until he at least plays a Van Halen solo & it is always fun to watch.

Credits include : Previously played “Eddie” in Canada’s most popular Van Halen Tribute band, 5150. Won 1st place in Guitar Warz 1991, Chatham Ontario, competed for Canadian finals 1992. Won “Best Guitarist” in 2003 Band Spotlight Competition.