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Ralph Murphy 1979

August 9, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: 1979
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Ralph Murphy is always involved with several projects, but a few select high lights include:

1979 – Cowrote “Half the Way” , performed by Crystal Gayle and became a number one hit. Album: Miss the Mississippi.
1979 – Band: April Wine. Album: Greatest Hits. Ralph gets credit for producing many of the songs.
1979 – Larry Raspberry And The Highsteppers – Album: No Accident. (Production credits/unverified, but most likely),
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The Relation

September 24, 2012

Band: Relation (The)
Year: 1979
Home: Wallaceburg
Circa: 1978 – 1983 (Picture taken 1979)
Style: Country; 50’s 60’s, and Rock

Members: (From left to Right)
Rob Segaert – Drums & Vocals
George Segaert – Lead Guitar & Vocals
Aggie Murphy – Rhythm Guitar & Keyboard
Jack Murphy – Bass Guitar

Notes: Brothers, George and Rob Segaert teamed up with aunt & uncle, Aggie Murphy and Jack Murphy, to form the band in late 1978. The group was well versed in all kinds of music and quite popular at local pubs as well as weddings and parties.



Shades of Country 1979

February 12, 2011


Band: Shades of Country
Home: Chatham Ontario
Circa: 1978-1981
Genre: Country Music

Gary Mortier:  Lead Guitar / Lead Vocals
Jack Sullivan:  Electric Guitar / Vocals
Rosair Lozon:  Bass Guitar / Vocals
Gary Stocking:  Drums / Vocals

Other Members:
Dan Beaulieu:  Electric Guitar / Vocals
Dennis Soliginy:  Bass Guitar / Vocals

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Melody Ramblers 1979

October 1, 2010

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Band: Melody Ramblers
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year: 1979
Band: 1953-1994
Style: Country Music Covers

(Left to right)
Dan St.Pierre – Guitar
Rene Brosseau – Bass
Dennis Smith – Pedal Steel
Michelle Wright – Vocals
Bradley J. Preston – Vocals, Acoustic
Larry St. Pierre – Drums

  If you are from Chatham-Kent Ontario, then chances are you know that country music star MICHELLE WRIGHT got her start with the Melody Ramblers.
  A very young Michelle was added to the band to help diversify the band, giving them the ability to perform songs by female country artists and relieve Brad Preston of the long nights of solid vocal duties. Michelle was new to the scene but developed quickly, later leaving to join a band an hour away, across the Canadian border in Detroit.

The group’s original line-up formed in 1953, and has included the top players from the area for the better part of 40 years. This 1979 line-up was interesting because it included many members who’s talents caught the eye of the international country music scene.

You can read up on individual members  or the bands history through the years, by going to our home page and scrolling down to the list of bands/artists from Chatham.

Photo: Given to the Chatham Music Archive with permission for the Chatham Music Archive, from the St. Pierre family. Thank you to the St. Pierre family for helping us present the rich deep history of the Melody Ramblers in our community.

Demo Kid note 2010: While doing the research on the group, it was interesting to find out that my Uncle Eugene played in this band later on. In 2009, I was introduced to Rene (was the bass player for the band at the time) who is now one of the most popular pedal steel players in Canada. He played on our home demos (with Jesse V) and was just simply so pro and friendly that I was amazed I got the chance to record with a musician with such a love and experience of music. 

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The Force in 1979

July 9, 2010

Band: The Force
Year: 1979
Circa: 1977-1983

Members in 1979
Rick Rankin – guitar
Randy Young – bass
Pat Crone – drums
Tom Starks – keyboards

 The Force was formed in 1977 after the breakup of the band Beginings.

  Tom Starks on keys and Pat Crone on drums joined Rick Rankin (guitar) and Randy Young (bass). Bassist Brent Hunter replaced Randy Young in 1981.
The band was in high demand and worked steadily, playing disco (they had to) and rock/top 40 music that was popular at the time at many local hotels, festivals, and special events in Chatham-Kent from 1977-1983.

  With a talented horn section consisting of Dave Sass, Jack Drobko, Bob Fazecash and Brian Murphy, The Force had a large and unique songlist.
 About 10 times each year, the band put on themed shows with special guests Craig (Pork) Koehler and Ed Smitchen, “The Fast Fried Pork Revue”. They added musical comedy  that was zany, hilarious and often strayed from the script.  The shows were authentically costumed thanks to Ed and his family.  The movie Star Wars opened in `77 and was the inspiration for a series of “Summer Trek” concerts (Gross Encounters of the Force Kind).
Hallowe’en productions were a specialty. Parodies of popular movies like Star Wars, The Blues Brothers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show were performed at places like the Tilt’n Hilton in Erieau, the CAW Hall, the Tecumseh Hotel, the Turf Room, and the Thames Theatre (opening for Max Webster).
 When The Force and Hatrick bands split up in 1983, new bands Advance Green, Texas and Manpower were formed.
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Bob on Steel Guitar 1979

December 13, 2009

Anne Murray Album

Artist: Anne Murray
Release: New Kind of Feeling
Year: 1979
Genre: Country
Chatham ConnectionBob Lucier plays steel guitar on this album,  and many other Anne Murray albums. Bob is from Chatham-Kent (Grande Pointe).

Tracks: 1. Shadows In The Moonlight   2. You’ve Got What It Takes  3. I Just Fall In Love Again  4. Take This Heart  5. Yucatan Café  6. For No Reason At All  7. Rainin’ In My Heart  8. That’s Why I Love You  9. (He Can’t Help It If) He’s Not You 10. Heaven Is Here

About Anne Murray: Over the years, Anne’s recordings have seldom been off the charts. She has sold close to 50 million albums and has won countless awards. However, Anne Murray is more than just a Canadian icon. Her warm voice and well-loved songs have become woven into the fabric of our lives.

About Bob Lucier: Bobby Lucier has been a leader in steel guitar and is world renowned for his unique style and ability.  Bob was the resident Steel Player for “The Tommy Hunter Show” while it aired on the CBC television network from the mid ’70’s until its demise. He was also the first steel guitarist with the famous Johnny Burke and Eastwind.  Before that, he played in Bill Anderson’s “Po’ Boys band”, “Myers Brothers and the Jubilaires”, and a few others. Bob’s steel guitar playing is on many of Ann Murrays albums recorded through the years.

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Troiano – Fret Fever

October 27, 2009

Band: Troiano
Release: Fret Fever
Style: Rock
Year: 1979
Chatham Connection: Chatham’s Bob Wilson played bass guitar on this release.

About Bob: Bob is well known for his days with local bands ‘Friends’ and ‘Quadrant’, spending roughly two years in each group. He began his early days playing at Tecumseh High School with friends. Bob joined Troiano 2 years ago, just after their second album ‘The Joke’s On Me’ was released.

Bass – Bob Wilson, Pauline Wilson
Drums – Paul DeLong
Guitar – Domenic Troiano
Keyboards – Dave Tyson
Percussion – Paul Delong, Bob Wilson, Dave Tyson
Vocals – Domenic Troiano, Roy Kenner, Bob & Pauline Wilson, Bob Wilson,

1 South American Run
2 Ambush [Instrumental]
3 We All Need Love
4 It’s You
5 It’s Raining, It’s Pouring
6 Give Me a Chance
7 Your Past (Is a Part of You)
8 Fret Fever
9 Brains on the Floor
10 Victim of Circumstance [Instrumental]
11 Achilles [Instrumental]
12 End [Instrumental]

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Craig Tompkins – Tenor

September 14, 2009


Craig Tompkins – Tenor
: The Vancouver Chamber Choir Singers
Year joined: 1979
As of 2009: still involved.

About Craig
   Craig, who hails from Chatham, Ontario, is a vocalist and an instrumentalist. He studied flute at Queen’s University where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree. Craig later moved to Vancouver and continued his vocal training at the Vancouver Academy from which he received an Artist Diploma.

   In the autumn of 1979, Craig joined the tenor section of the Vancouver Chamber Choir. He held the position of Singer’s Representative on the VCC’s Board of Directors from 1999 to 2002.

   In addition to his role with the Choir, Craig teaches private lessons in voice, music theory, and speech at the Arts Connection in Steveston, British Columbia, and at the British Columbia Conservatory of Music in Burnaby where he is head of the voice department. He is also the President of the Vancouver Chapter of the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and served as Secretary of the Organizing Committee for the 2005 International Congress of Voice Teachers held in Vancouver.

   Craig enjoys performing concerts and making recordings with the Choir, and has many fond memories of its international tours. He feels privileged to have been a part of the VCC for more than two decades.

Update 2010
 In 2006, Craig left the BC Conservatory and joined the faculty of the Royal Oak Conservatory of Music where he is now the Principal and maintains a large studio. He retired from the Choir at the end of the 2007 – 2008 season and in September of 2009 joined the faculty of Capilano University where he teaches in the Music Theatre Diploma program. In 2010, Craig became the Northwest Regional Governor of the National Association of Teachers of Singing.

The Vancouver Chamber Choir on Tour
Since 1974 touring has been a vital component of the Vancouver Chamber Choir’s activities. As well as performing a full series of subscription concerts in Vancouver, annual tours are undertaken to various parts of Canada. As a cultural ambassador for Canada, the Choir has travelled throughout Asia (notably China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan), Europe (notably Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Ukraine, and Russia), the United States, and Mexico.
   In 1994, they sang in Korea and Japan, where they were awarded gold medals and the overall Grand Prize in the 11th Takarazuka International Chamber Chorus Competition. During the summer of 1997, the Choir completed a highly successful tour of Germany, France, and the Czech Republic. In March 1999, they were featured guests at the National Convention of the American Choral Directors Association, where they performed to an audience of 6,000 of their peers. During the 2002-2003 concert season, the Choir performed in Latin America’s most prestigious festival, Festival Cervantino in Guanajuato, Mexico, and in the 2002 Taipei International Choral Festival. In 2004, the Choir received an invitation to participate in the Tokyo International Performing Arts Festival.

   Educational programs are also an important element of these tours. These programs include masterclasses for conductors, workshops for choirs, school concerts, and reading sessions for choral composers.

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Sylvia Tyson – Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt (1979)

May 30, 2009


Artist: Sylvia Tyson
Release: Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt,
Year: 1979
Born: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Produced by Don Potter
   Tyson recorded two LPs for Capitol in the mid-1970s (Woman’s World, Cold Wind from the North), and two for her own Salt label in 1978 and 1979 (Satin on Stone, Sugar for Sugar, Salt for Salt, ). These were followed by two for Stony Plain, Big Spotlight (issued in 1986) and You Were On My Mind ( issued in 1989).