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Face For Radio 2017

April 8, 2017

Band: Face For Radio
Year: 2017
Year Formed: 2009
Style: Cover Band
Genre: Dance/Pop/ Wedding
Home: Chatham

Mat Drew – Vocals/Percussion
Jesse-Dylan Verleye – Bass/B.Vox
Dave Richie – Guitar/B.Vox
Joe Carson – Drums/Samples

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Unity 2016

November 13, 2016

Band: Unity
Year: 2016
Genre: Cover band: Christian/Gospel/Country/50’s 60’s 70’s Rock
Home: Chatham-Kent

Marc Caron
John Couture
Dean Robert
Brian Benoot
Rosaire Emery

It all began in 1998 with 3 people who had met on men’s retreat weekend. They first got together to provide music ministry for a wedding ceremony.

They provide music ministry for wedding ceremonies and church services. They also entertain at family celebrations, church and community socials, fundraisers, local fairs, community events and dances, and the homes for the elderly.

A portion of entertainment and ministry proceeds is distributed to needy causes such as clean drinking water, mission feeding and housing for the poor and other individual needy situations.

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Moondog Howlers 2016

October 29, 2016


Band: Moondog Howlers
Release: (CD) Self Titled.
Year: 2016
Genre: Blues
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada
Buy: Currently available at Aug’s video in Chatham & Blenheim. Look on iTunes, shortly.

Mike Copley – Vocals
Alex Polowick (Aug) – Guitar
Dwayne Purdy: Bass
Mark Tremblay – Keyboards
Rick Chrysler – Drums

Notes: Formerly known as the local blues cover band ‘Blues on the Rocks’, the name change comes with the release of this original release. The guys have been honing their craft on the live scene locally for many years. This line-up of some of the most talented and well rooted musicians in the local scene for decades, comes together seemingly effortlessly. Without going into the  individually rich members bio’s, it is safe to say that this release is everything you would expect to stand side by side with a major label blues album.

Kelly “Mr. Chill” Hoppe – Harmonica (Track 7,9,13).
Kelly Authier – Backing vocals (Track 1&3).

01. My way home
02. I got an angel
03. Feelin’ good
04. Is there anybody out there
05. My momma told me
06. Memories
07. I don’t want you
08. Close to you
09. Whiskey
10. Stuck on you
11. You gotta Know
12. Fly-by-nighter
13. Keep my motor running

* Watch the album preview below.



Southwind Buoys

September 4, 2016

Band: Southwind Buoys
Year: 2016:
Home: Chatham-Kent
Genre: Cover band (Country/popular mix)

Brandon Babkirk
Justin Babkirk

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Van Doxslater 2016

September 3, 2016

Band: Van Doxslater
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 2016
Genre: Rock cover band

Members (3):

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Youtube link here.

* Watch the preview below.






September 2, 2016

Artist: conVINCEing
What: Solo Acoustic Act
Home: Chatham Ontario, Canada.
Genre: 80’s, Classic Rock, Pop & Country covers.
Year: 2016
Formed: May 2016

Vince Stall – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar.

Notes: You can catch Vince live in Chatham at such venues as The Elephant’s Nest, Frendz, The Galley Grille Pub (Erieau), The Links of Kent, & Eau Buoys (Erieau)





Sams Percolator Chatham

May 10, 2016

Venue: Sam’s Percolator
Year: 2016
Where: 87 Thames St, Chatham-Kent, ON
Type: Coffee Shop/Bar/ Restaurant.
Opened: Late June 2014.

Note: A tiny but vibrant place, a one of a kind for Chatham.
As of late, Sam’s has been having acoustic performers (mostly solo) every other Saturday night, from 8:30-10:30pm. Although 25 people fill the place, it is actually the perfect amount to make it an enjoyable & engaging evening to start your night off.
Handmade espresso + Craft Beer & Wine + Fresh baked desserts + Free Wi-Fi


Acoustic events so far 2016:
* May 5th – Dave Richie (Acoustic)
* April 30 – Brennan Dube (Acoustic)
* April 2 – Jesse Verleye, Kyle Jubenville & Shawn Beaulieu (Acoustic)
* March 17 – Dwayne Boismier (Acoustic)
* March 5 – Glenn Smith (Acoustic)
* Feb 20 – Dave Richie (Acoustic)