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Milo Kent 2020

March 27, 2020

Artist: Milo Kent
Home: Blenheim, Ontario.
Year: 2020
Genre: Singer Songwriter/ Covers & originals.

Previous bands: Diesel (Blenheim, ON)

Myles Lenover – Vocals & Guitar.

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Blutonium 2020

March 16, 2020

Band: Blutonium
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Genre: Rhythm & Blues
Style: Cover Band
Year: 2020
Formed: 2009

Scott Campbell – Vocals
Bob Wilson – Bass
Rick Chrysler – Drums
Jeff Mifflin – Guitar
Mark Tremblay – keyboards

Brief Members Band History:
* Bob Wilson has played bass for major acts such as Kim Mitchell, Troiano, & Black Market. He has played in popular local acts such as Tom Lockwood, Quadrant, Badge, & Friends.

* Scott Campbell – Beggers Operah, & Blueswraith, among others. * Scott Campbell took over lead vocal duties in Blutonium in 2013, with the departure of Phil Caron.

* Rick Chrysler – Hat Trick, Blues On The Rocks, Big House, The Why Nots, Stephanie McIlroy, True Blue Hoodoo, The New Love Family Band, Nexus, Quadrant , Rosco, Fifth Night, Red Herring, Chickoree, Rebel, Airtight, Route 66, Manpower, & Highwaze. Plus more I am sure.

* Jeff Mifflin – Stephanie McIlroy, A Step Further Into The Blues, & O’Hara Brothers Band. He also is a recording engineer on his own time and has done several recordings for many bands & projects. Among other things in music, Jeff is also a respected live sound engineer.

* Mark Tremblay – Currently also plays keyboards in SoulCat & Moondog Howlers. Played with Tom Lockwood, Ray Whaling, Fowler Lockwood Band, Ground Zero, Appliances Band, Nexus, Quadrant, Roscoe, Red Herring, Chickoree, Airtight, & more.

Recent performances:
* Ups n Downs in Sarnia
* Wortley Road House in London
* The Kent, the Fortresss, & the Sons of Kent, in Chatham

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L U E Y 2020

March 16, 2020
Trio: L U E Y
Genre: Classic Country Music
Style: Cover band
Year: 2020
Formed: 2013

Christal Wills
Mike Rumble
Rick Clark

* We offer musical entertainment, Karaoke, and DJ services. Very reasonable rates. We also provide entertainment to senior venues and rest homes free of charge !!!
* 3 piece harmony group, using electronically provided music for backing tracks.

Recent performances:
Park St Place (Dresden), Blenheim Community Village, Wallaceburg Retirement Residence, Fairfield & Residence on the Thames (Chatham).


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Black River Remedy 2020

March 15, 2020

Band: Black River Remedy
Genre: Southern Rock / Alt. Country
Style: Cover band
Home: Chatham Ontario
Formed: 2019

Current Members:
Howie Jd Howard – vocals & guitar
Mike Putnam – guitar & vocals
Greg Tetreault – bass guitar
David Deighton – drums & vocals

Recently performing at:
* U.S.B. & the Elephant’s Nest in Chatham.
* Richmond Tavern in London.

* Website link here.
* Facebook link here.
* Youtube link here.


Traffic Jam 2020

March 11, 2020

traffic jam

Band: Traffic Jam
Genre: Jazz & Funk (Covers)
From: Chatham Ontario
Year: 2020
Formed: 2019

Michael Rossi – Guitar
Steve Eyres – Bass
Pat Crone – Drums

  • Traffic Jam is a very talented band with leading veteran players in our community. Special guests often join them on stage to perform various songs. They can be seen performing at venues around town, and also performing at private events.

Photo credit: Scott Primeau


Watering Hole 2020

March 11, 2020

Band: Watering Hole
Release: Downpour
Year: 2020
Genre: Hardcore
Home: Chatham-Kent, Ontario

Nick Grand – Bass
Tanner Klein – Vocals
Ryan Haysum – Guitar
Cody King – Drums

  • Watering Hole began releasing music in 2016.

01. Introduction
02. Crow City Murder
03. Sanctuary
04. Ms. Grotke’s Hairy Legs
05. Burn
06. Blade
07. Waste Away
08. Dignity (feat. Jamison Berry)
09. Force Fed
10. Lash Out (Feat. Bob Calwell)
11. WW3

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* Download album @ band here.