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The Good Robots in 2019

January 13, 2021

Band: The Good Robots
Home: Chatham-Kent, Ontario Canada
Year: 2019
Genre: Covers (Mostly rock)
Year formed: 2018

Notes: The Good Robots is a cover project produced by Shawn Beaulieu, collaborating with local friends and musicians from around the world, on a rotating basis.

Members (2019 Line-Up)

  • Shawn Beaulieu (Chatham, Ontario, Canada)
  • Jesse Verleye – Vocals & Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Aaron Barry – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Jordan Ginty – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Lee Resistant – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Walter Staley – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Franky Costanza – Drums (France)
  • Pedro Tinello – Drums (Santos Brazil)
  • Jason Andersen – Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Erce Arslan – Drums ( Turkey)
  • Kraig Lamb – Guitar (Wheatley, Ontario)
  • Philip Smith – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Josh Hinch – Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Cameron Fleury – Drums (Tilbury – Chatham-Kent)
  • Nick Wigcherink – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Mitchell Doxtater – Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Carlos Spinassi – Drums (Brazil)
  • Colin Luby – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • J-Rad Sterling – Drums (Chatham-Kent)

Covers in 2019 (Links to the videos)
* Pantera – Mouth For War
* System of a Down – Chop Suey!
* Fugazi – Waiting Room
* Pearl Jam – Corduroy
* Beck – Loser
* Foo Fighters – Everlong
* White Zombie – Thunder Kiss 65
* Slayer – Raining Blood.

* Facebook link here.
* Youtube ‘Good Robots’ Playlist link here.



The Casuals 2015

September 18, 2015

The casuals

The Casuals

Band: The Casuals
Formed: Aug. 2015.
Genre: Popular rock/pop covers.
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada.

Jesse V. – Vocals
Shawn B. – Acoustic Guitar, Backing vocals
Joe C. – Percussion (Cajon)

Bio: The Casuals are a new acoustic cover band from Chatham-Kent who perform popular music from modern rock to motown.
Members Jesse Verleye & Shawn Beaulieu have performed together off & on for the past 25 years, in several popular original & cover band line ups. Most notable works include Saint Ends (currently), Foster Child , The Janet Theory, Demo Kid & Face4Radio. The guys have toured around Canada & The U.S.A. a few times and have released several albums through the years. They have been united with Joe Carson on percussion, a young man who shares the same passion for music, and is also the drummer for Face4radio.

The Casuals are just that, casual. They prefer patio settings and a good summer time vibe where the interaction between the listeners and the band is relaxed & fun.

Specs: The band is equipped with its own sound system for the patio environment or small venue, and will roughly perform three 40 minute sets within a four hour time frame. No additional services, such as a sound engineer are required.

Song Selection Sample
Kenny Chesney, Steely Dan, Violent Femmes, Green Day , James, Black Keys, Tom Petty , Matchbox 20 , Alan Jackson, Lumineers, Nirvana, Otis Redding, Semi-Sonic, White Stripes, Kid Rock, Magic, Temptations, George Michael, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffet, Gin Blossoms, Oasis, Rixton, Hank Williams Jr., etc……

* Watch the Casuals below.






Stephanie Mcilroy 2014

January 5, 2014


Artist: Stephanie Mcilroy
Home Town: Merlin Ontario
Genre: Rock & pop covers & originals
Year: 2014

Stephanie Mcilroy – Vocals
Jeff Mifflin – Guitar
Rick VanRycheghem – Bass
Ryan Caron – Drums

* Released her debut CD in 2010 entitled ‘Life Is Not An Act’.
* Currently busy performing and has landed some big shows in the past few years.




Twang Bastards Band 2014

January 5, 2014


Band: Twang Bastards
Year: 2014
Genre: Country & Rock Cover Band
Home: Chatham/Wallaceburg/Sarnia

Jeff Black – Bass & Vocals (Wallaceburg)
Tony Bandoni – Guitar (Sarnia)
Shawn Tasker – Drums (Chatham)

Covers include A.Jackson, ZZ Top, Conway Twitty, Cars, Allman Brothers, Brad Paisley, CCR, Black Sabbath, Dio, Johnny Cash, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Keith Urban, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Merle Haggard, Tom Petty, Waylon Jennings, Poison & many more.

Visit their website here.



Acoustic MF 2014

January 5, 2014

acousticmf - 2014

Mat & Dave

Duo: Acoustic MF
Year: 2014
From: Chatham Ontario
Formed: 2007
Genre: Acoustic Cover songs

Mat Drew – Vocals
Dave Richie – Acoustic guitar & Backing vox

Currently members together in the party cover band Face4Radio, Mat & Dave relaunched their acoustic duo last year to play the more intimate venues such as the Central Tavern in Pain Court.




Arm The Homeless Chatham 2011

August 17, 2011

Band: Arm The Homeless
Year: 2011
Genre: Rage Against The Machine cover band
Home: Chatham Ontario
Year Formed: 2004
Contact: their Facebook group.

Tom Vandeven – Guitars
Matt Broadbent – Bass
Chris Bechard – Drums
Andrew Gallagher – Vocals

Photos by: Devin Gallagher

Notes: ATH was formed in early 2004 when Andrew, Chris, Matt and Tom just wanted to rock out to the grunge/rock tunes that they grew up on in the late 80’s/early 90’s. All four members were involved in various music projects and decided to collaborate together on this project.

Arm The Homeless is a Rage Against The Machine cover band first and foremost with the odd 90’s cover, depending on what show you hit up.

Catch them live @ The Elephants Nest in Chatham when they stop in.

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Superfly in 2010

August 23, 2010

Click pic to enlarge

Band: Superfly
Year: 2010
Genre: Funk and Jazz covers
Home: Chatham

Justin McMath – Bass
Nicky Novosad – Keyboards
Steve Walker – Guitar, Vox
Nick Sennema – Drums and Percussion
Byron Harrett – Sax / Flute
Matt Brunke – Trumpet

An all-around great live band bringing the funk and jazz classic sounds of the hit makers to Chatham-Kent with a class act of local musicians.

Visit them online here, here or here.



Circus Wreck Band in 2010

July 17, 2010

Band: Circus Wreck
Year: 2010
Formed: 2009
Home: Chatham-Kent
Genre: Rock cover band

Jamie Michaud
– Lead Vocals/Guitar
Jay Bateman – Drums/Vocals
Mark Gander – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Steve Tremblay – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Notes: Circus Wreck was formed in the summer of 2009 with members from local bands “Comaphoric”,”Fletcher Munson”,”Monkey Unit?” and “Buster Hymen”.The bands music is described as “The edgier side of mainstream radio rock”. Circus Wreck recreates music from some of rock and rolls greatest bands ranging from legends Led Zeppelin to some of todays hottest bands like Nickleback, Buck Cherry and Thousand Foot Crutch.

Contact Circus Wreck through their “circus Wreck” facebook group.
Check out Jay’s music online here.
Check out Jamie’s music online here.
Check out Steve’s music music online here.




August 6, 2009

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Type: Cover band
Home: Chatham Kent
Year: 2009

   Nashville Storm & Forty Below, performing a mix of new and old country, 50’s & 60’s music and classic rock.

Lead vocals / acoustic: Paul Larocque/Nashville Storm.
Lead Guitar/vocals: Chris Bird
Drums/vocals: Adam Danielski
Bass/vocals: Tammy Jones

Notes: Tammy has played with many different talents, such as Mark Lindsey, Rene’ Comeau, Tim Dee, Ken Ramsden, Frank Yankovitch, Greg Mankiss,Dale Revard,Chris Bird and Chuck Fitzgerald to name a few along with many known great drummers.
   Some of the bands she played with were Shenendoah,at the age of 18 which was her Mothers band, Kanyon, The Continentals, Marquis, Crooked River Band, Tempist, No Conditions,JRB TRIO,Slip n Out, 40 Below, and XSTATIC!!!
Catch them here: , ,



Face 4 Radio (2009)

July 27, 2009

Band: Face 4 Radio
Year: 2009
Type: Cover Band
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Mat Drew- Vocals/Percussion
Jesse-Dylan Verleye- Bass/B.Vox
Dave Richie- Guitar/B.Vox
Mark Levitzky- Lead Guitar
Chuck Young- Drums/Samples

   Face 4 Radio is southwestern Ontario’s newest party band. Specializing in playing what YOU want to hear, this band also knows how to get in on the fun being had on the dance floor and throughout the club. Face 4 Radio has a wide variety of material to select from and is prepared for any gig: bars, dance clubs, festivals, corporate functions, etc. The band consists of members from some of Chatham-Kent’s favourite bands: The Janet Theory, Foster Child, Dead Girls Union, Finding Core and Sound of Static.

Contact through facebook.