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The Singing Teentones LP

October 31, 2009

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Group: The Singing Teentones
Release: Self Titled LP
Year: 1966
Formed: 1961
Recorded: Nov. 1965
Home: Chatham Ontario
Style: Religious

Vocal Members:
Eunice Tomen, Linda Kivell, Becky Sass, Gary Kivell, Pat Apthorpe, Ruth, John and Joy Cornelius, Dawna Lucas, Rick Greven, Carol Magee, Judy Abbott, Gayle Pierce, Robert Hillman, and Gordy Routley.
Pianist: Colleen Bishop

 Trainer and Director Ruth Cornelius announced that the new LP can be purchased from any of the 15 members. The Singing Teentones began in 1961 as a teenage church choir at Evangel Tabernacle on Victoria Ave. They have been featured in Churches in Canada and the U.S.A. and appeared regularly in Youth for Christ rallies in Windsor and Chatham.

  The group won two gold medals in the vocal division at the Youth for Christ Canadian convention competition in 1965. They also were involved in national and international competitions that same year.

Tracks: 13
Includes: “How Big Is God,” “Down From His Glory,” “Singing,” and “I Heard God Today.”
Photo & Source from CDN Feb 16th 1966



Rosco 1973

October 31, 2009

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Band: Rosco
Circa: 1972-73
Home: Chatham

Rick Chrysler – Drums
Tom Lockwood – Guitar
Female singer (name N/A) – Vocals
John Larmer – Bass
Mark Tremblay – Keyboards

  The costume wearing idea was pushed on the act by their management who wanted to turn them into a show band. Management hired designers to create their outfits and arranged the photo shoot. The phase was short lived, as the band soon rejected it and moved on.

  The group was made up of highly skilled hard working musicians who were exploring what would be the next step in a bands evolution beyond local performances.  The female vocalist joined the band shortly after hearing they were looking for a new singer. She is from Kansas and joined them after their show in Kansas City.

  Let’s not forget that in 1972-73, it was the norm to wear flamboyant costumes on stage. Just like any passing of time, it may look odd from today’s perspective, but that is what the scene was like and it makes that a unique period in music.
  The glam costume era would resurface in rock during the mid 80’s hair band years.

Note: Largely a British phenomenon, glam rock visuals peaked during the mid 1970s. According to many researchers, the most famous exponents of the fashion were David Bowie, Marc Bolan , T.Rex, Gary Glitter, and Slade. Other influential British and American performers include: Queen, Sweet, Wizzard, Roxy Music, Mud, Mott the Hoople, The Glitter Band, Elton John, and Suzi Quatro.



Fifth Night – 1967

October 31, 2009

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Band: Fifth Night
Year: Circa 1967
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

Brian Jones
Irwin Erickson
Rick Chrysler
Tom Lockwood
Lenny Bernard

 Fifth Night was a high school aged band who performed shows at high schools in Chatham and surrounding towns. Of Course, they were too young to perform in the clubs at the time.
  During this time period, high schools had an organization that was known as Teensters. Each Saturday night, High Schools took turns hosting a dance with live bands.
 Most, if not all members of Fifth Night went to Tecumseh High School in Chatham.



MYSTERY TRAIN with Oscar Demers

October 30, 2009

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 (Above photo Oscar in the middle)

Year: 2001
Style: Country
Home: Vancouver

Chatham Connection: Oscar Demers, on pedal steel, was born in Chatham, Ontario but moved out West for a period of time.

Oscar Demers – Pedal Steel
Larry Boudreau – Guitar
Bill Dellert – Lead Vocals, rhythm guitar & keyboards
Jay Stevens – Bass and lead vocals
Brad Kent – harmony, drums and lead vocals

  Oscar Demers first band was The Meyers Bros with his sister singing. Oscar was only twelve but would continue with the band for 18 years. The band had three albums and six 45’s. At roughly sixteen years old, Oscar and the band began touring between Detroit and Toronto opeing shows for Nashville acts.
  They appeared on the prestigious Ernest Tubb Record Shop national radio show as well as an interview with Ralph Emery on WSM radio.

  Oscar did allot of work as a session player and played with many great country artists such as Bill Anderson, Billy Walker, Donna Fargo, Ronnie Milsap, Hank Williams Jr., Hank Snow, Dolly Parton and more.

  Destiny was Oscar’s next band, another opening act for many Nashville artists. But Oscar was headed out west and by the mid- 70’s he was in Vancouver working with Ray McAuley & Wild Country and playing on the 1978 Album of the Year ‘Sometimes Good’. He also played with the Midnight Rodeo Band until he moved to the Island and joined Nanaimo’s Family Tradition.

  Oscar wanted to retire after 45 years in the music industry when Larry Boudreau approached him about replacing a member of his band who was leaving. Oscar said he didn’t want to join another band, but he’d help him out until he could find a permanent replacement. To quote Oscar, “That was three years ago and he’s still looking. Or is he?”

  They say a band is as good as its weakest link and I’m still looking to find it with this grouping. This is a band of seasoned professionals that you can count for a quality performance, no matter what the venue. Each member brings a large amount of background, skill, style and personality to create the solid country dance band, Mystery Train. Whether you buy a ticket or hire this band, you will be a happy customer, even if you have sore feet.




The Bomb Squad 2008

October 30, 2009

Band: The Bomb Squad
Year: 2008
Style: Professional Motown cover band.
Chatham Connection: Chatham resident Brian McDonnell (Dirty Weapons, United Snakes & Beggar’s Opera) is the bass player.

Mark Chichkan – Vocals & Guitar
Brian McDonnell – Vocals & Bass Guitar
Phil Charrette – Vocals & Drums
Tony Calabrese – Keyboards

  The Bomb Squad is a four piece band based on the border of Windsor Ontario Canada, and Detroit Michigan.
It is here where you could not help but be bombarded by the sounds of Motown.
It is also here where four talented musician friends have formed a band to capture the very heart and soul of the music. Their repertoire is taken out of the late 60’s and 70’s, an era of music that is considered timeless and for all ages.
This casino showstyle band with stunning vocals and musicianship bring an explosive energy to every show.

  They have played for every type of function from the most formal of settings to festivals and Casino’s across the globe.  The list of clientel the band has played for is huge.   With some of the worlds most well known and respected corporations requiring our services to make their event special.   We are glad to give you references if needed.  This group has had no member changes in the last 10 years they have been performing together.  This means that you get a very tight and polished sounding band that knows each other on stage.

They are currently playing all the casinos in the Windsor\Detroit area.
Visit them online here.



Big City – Country Band

October 30, 2009

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Band: Big City
Year: 2009
Home: Chatham kent
Style: Country

TERRY ASHLEY – lead guitar and lead vocals
NICOLE SHAW- bass guitar and vocals
RANDY COYLE- drums, whistles and web mgr.

Additional Musicians:
Charlie St. Denis – fiddle and mandolin
Dale Rivard – steel guitar and vocals
Randy Vereecken – steel guitar
Frank Yankovich – guitar and vocals

The BIG CITY Band has become one of the most popular country acts in the Chatham-Kent and surrounding areas.
They have been performing together for over 10 years, to capacity crowds wherever they go.
The group works in three configurations, therefore being able to fit any kind of event format and budget. The first would be the trio, which consists of Terry, Nicole and Randy. The second version of the band, would be the four piece quartet, that work primarily in larger dance clubs, and the third is the five piece group, for major events and shows. This combo has done shows and festivals with Charlie Majors, Beverly Mahood and Thomas Wade, to mention a few.

You can catch the band at the Golden Tap or the CBD in Wallaceburg.

View their website and listen to the music at ‘Myspace’ here.



Red Rose Portrait

October 30, 2009

Band: Red Rose Portrait
Release: Reassurance Rests In The Sea
Year: 2006
Home: Blenheim, Ontario
Style: Metal

Band Members
Marshall Feduk – Guitar, Vocals
Colin Chrysler – Drums,Vocals
Geoff Stoddard – Bass, Vocals 

Visit their website here

Watch the live video for their song “This Fatal Truth” on the external link here.
(Link last checked May 2010 and working)