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Koboys 1995

January 27, 2021

Band: Koboys
Year: 1995
Genre: Country Music
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario
Music: Covers & originals

Band Members:
Bush Bushman – Lead vocals & rhythm guitar
Dwayne Boismier – Lead guitar
Darryl Boismier – Bass & backing vocals
(Diamond) Dave Foltz – Drums

Notes: The Koboys were a popular country cover band filling venues in the area.

  • Below video, was televised live from EightBall, in Chatham, Dec. 13th, 1995.
    (Bush,dwayne and darryl are the BOISMIER BROS, FOLTZ was like a bro to them.


  • Youtube link here.


Aberdeen Tavern Chatham 1995

December 27, 2011

Venue: The Aberdeen Tavern
Home: Chatham
Opened: unknown: Circa 1971.
Closed: Circa 1996.
Last owners: Ron L. (Al & George)
* Aberdeen reunion 2016 info here.


1970’s – Chatham was home to a strong music scene with bands performing at least six nights a week at the Aberdeen. Musicians from all over Ontario join the strong Union in this city. Times are good.  Country music rules the day & the Aberdeen is a bar highly respected in the music community. Touring acts from around the world played here when they crossed Ontario.

1980’s – Glam rock takes over. The bar grows rough edges but continues to thrive and becomes a legendary party venue on the touring scene.  It can be safely said that no bar may hold more good rock & roll stories than our little watering hole here in Chatham.

1990’s – Live entertainment dwindles down to just three nights a week. By the late 1990’s, the live music bar scene fades & Al & George decide to sell the venue & move. The Aberdeen becomes a storage warehouse for a local business. It still stands today (2011) in all its run down glory. The glory days are over, but the stories will never be forgotten. It was simply Chatham’s most legendary bar.

* The Aberdeens final “weekend” of live bands included Nerve, Never, Square Root Of Margaret & The Janet Theory/Foster Child.


Mama, George & Al. Good Kind people!

If you have any pictures of the venue or Al & George, please send them to us so we can share them. Thanks.
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The Gary Stocking Band

February 13, 2011

Band: The Gary Stocking Band
Circa: – 1995 – 1999
Home: Chatham
Type: Travel Road Band

Gary Stocking:  Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar
Rene Comeau:  Lead Guitar
Darryl Boismere:  Bass Guitar / Vocals
Scott Meriano:  Drums / Sound / Lights

Other Members / Show Presentations / Television Specials:

Dale Rivard:  Steel Guitar / Vocals
Paul Martin:  Bass Guitar / Vocals
Catherine Stocking-Brown:  Back Up Vocals

Notes: In 1992, Gary released a demo cassette entitled From the Heart. He previously performed in Driftwood & Shades of Country.



Judy Paling My Wings CD

August 12, 2010

Artist: Judy Paling
CD Title: My Wings (For His Glory)
Year: 1995
Home: Chatham-Kent
Genre:  Gospel

Judy Paling
Chuck FitzGerald
Steve Kubica

A Miracle And Nothing Less
02 Mary Did You Know
03 Joy
04 In The Name Of The Lord
05 Immanuel
06 Prince Of Peace
07 The Altar
08 Women Of Mystery
09 The Name Above All Names
10 Well Done My Child

Co- Produced by: Gary Barnett
Digitally recorded and mixed @ Baseline Studio, Chatham, Ontario, Canada



Gates of Rage Release

March 24, 2010

click pic to enlarge

Band: Gates of Rage
Release: The Opening
Year: 1995
Home: Tilbury (Chatham-Kent)
Genre: Metal

Darren Marchand – Vocals
Rodney Beaudry – Drums and Backing Vocals,
Rich Dupuis – Guitars
Ryan Odette – Guitars & Backing Vocals
Dave Boulion (R.I.P) – Bass

1 The Opening / All These Dreams
2 Take The Fall
3 Broken Soul
4 Blindman Deadman
5 Blind Misery
6 Unknown Life
7 Sound Of Thunder
8 No Sympathy
9 Out of The Gates




Bradley J. Preston 1995 CD

November 26, 2009

Artist: Bradley J. Preston
CD Release: Self Titled
Year: 1995
Genre: Country Music
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada

Notes: Bradley co-wrote Tracks Five and Seven with Producer Michael Francis. The album was recorded with sessions in Toronto and Nashville. Bradley had moved to Nashville for four years but around this time he had moved back to his home in Chatham and settled. The single “As Long As It’s Raining” has charted nationally and cracked the top 50 in Europe.

01. Amen Kind Of Love
02. As Long As It’s Raining (b. Hill & C. Rawson)
03. We’ve Got Love (S. Hogin, B. Lee)
04. Lonesome 77203 (J. Tubb)
05. All The Love I Had For You (B. Preston & M. Francis)
06. I Love You I Need You Good-Bye (B. Heatherington & L. Satterfield)
07. Don’t Get In The Way (B. Preston & M. Francis)
08. The Old Man (T. Dodson & A. Laney)
09. That’s All I Know About Love (S. Hogin, D. Gillon & A. Laney)
10. Natural Reaction (B. Hill & T. Hiller)

If you would like to purchase this CD, please send cheque or money order to:
Maple City Records
P.O. Box 1678
Blenheim , Ontario

2009 Update:

   Below is an interesting tidbit Preston had mentioned in our talks of  ‘the road life’.

   Current Country star Deric Ruttan (Guitar, singer and hit song writer) played in Preston’s band in 1992 through 1994.  The Bracebridge born musician had 5 Top Ten singles, (including the hits, “When You Come Around”, “Shine”, and “Take The Wheel”), and earned him a “Best Album” nomination at the 2004 Canadian Country Music Awards. “Male Vocalist” and “Rising Star” nominations followed, as did the Grand Ol’ Opry appearances, and a high-profile national tour. In 2004 he was named “Best New Solo Country Artist” at the Canadian Radio Music Awards. Stateside though, Ruttan’s artist career was about to be eclipsed by his songwriting success.
  Deric Ruttan has also co-written hits for Dierks Bentley. Bentley’s debut “What Was I Thinkin'”, was a #1 Billboard hit. Deric has written 24 hits to date for various top artists, but earned his dues touring at an early age with the likes of the ‘Bradley J. Preston Band’.
S. Beaulieu

Watch the CD preview on You Tube below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

All songs produced by Peter Sullivan except 1,2,4,5,7 produced by Michael Francis for DDP Productions.



Red Herring

October 30, 2009


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Band: Red Herring
Release: Catch Of The Day
Format: Cassette
Circa: 1995-1996
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario

Todd Mc Givern – Bass
Mark Tremblay – Keyboards
Don Plouffe – Guitar
Rick Chrysler – Drums
Diane Stephens – Vocals

Notes: Began writing original music as well as playing clubs performing covers. The band is a continuation of  ‘Route 66’, which members had played in previously. They had received interest from agents for their original material.

Click the video below to hear samples from the release.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Sylvia Tyson in Quartette (1995)

October 29, 2009


Sylvia Tyson in Quartette (1995)
Artist: Quartette
Release: Work of the Heart
Year: 1995

Chatham Connection: Sylvia is from Chatham-Kent
Note: This year (1995) Sylvia Tyson is named to the ORDER OF CANADA.

Sylvia Tyson
Caitlin Hanford
Cindy Church
Colleen Peterson

Quartette is a Canadian country-folk group featuring Cindy Church, Caitlin Hanford, Gwen Swick and Sylvia Tyson. Each of the four members also records as a solo artist in addition to their work as a group. In 1994 Quartette won the Canadian Country Music Association’s award for best vocal collaboration, and in 1995 and 1996 they were nominated at the Juno Awards in the category of best country group.

01. Runaway Heart
02. No Place Like Home
03. Inspiration
04. Spring Of ’45
05. This She Knows
06. When I Can Read My Titles Clear
07. The Best Is Yet To Come
08. Piece By Piece
09. Alison Lives By The Big Bend
10. Street Of The Mariachi
11. Just Like A Woman
12. The Promised Land

Buy the CD online here.
Official website here.



Slow Children Playing CD Compilation (1995)

May 17, 2009

Compilation CD
Slow Children Playing
Released: 1995
Style:  lo-fi underground indie.

Features bands such as:
souljunk, eggs, fly ashtray, princess superstar, square root of Margaret, benna cohen, the additional moog, samma rays, licorice, kittens, uncle wiggly, champion sprout, murder she wrote me, moby jobys, christofer, stars, merseysippi collect band, cottonheads, the exotic pet helicopters



Square Root Of Margaret – Bleen (1995)

May 6, 2009


Artist: Square Root Of Margaret
Home: Chatham
Release Title: Bleen Cassette
Genre: acid surf experimental
Date: 1993-1995
Formed: Oct.1992
Disbanded: Oct. 2012.

Bryan – Vocals, guitar
Dennis – Bass
Todd – Drums

The Scoop: every cassette cover is unique. All songs were recorded at the Briscoteque.
Mastered by Joao Carvalho @ the Dub House in Toronto. The band could be seen playing @ the Parkview & the Aberdeen often

Track Listing
Side 1 
The Chair, Summer Of The Lady Bug, Candle Light
50 Grit, Homey Got Shot
Electric Bitch, Surfin with Nostrodamus

Side 2 When Angels Were, Lobster Trivia
Outer Space, Downer
Burst Of Breedin, It Came From Nowhere
You Never Made Love Until You Made It With A Wookie



Never – More Of Nothing

May 5, 2009

Band: Never
Home: Chatham
Release: More of Nothing
Genre: Punk/Rock
Year: 1995

Rob Johnston – Vocals, Guitar
Colin Everingham – Bass
Scott Everingham – Drums

1. New Star Song
2. Blah
3. Bitter
4. Understand
5. Alone Together
6. Feel

Notes: Picture taken at the Aberdeen in Chatham.

Preview/ listen to album here.


Electric Voodoo – Synthetic Sin (1995)

May 4, 2009

Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
CD Release : Synthetic Sin
Music Style : Rock
Date : 1995

Musicians :
Mitch Robinson – Vocals, Guitars
Dave Brisco – Bass
Dave Major – Drums, Grayling Church
Guest Vocals – Robin Banks

The Scoop : In the late 80’s & early 90’s, if you wanted to rock then you knew who Mitch & the boys were, & the Aberdeen was the place where it went down. Electric Voodoo was the bar band at it’s best. A perfect Jimi Hendrix tribute with long, long open jams & lots of beer around.
   The CD contains some covers but it is the perfect gift to take home to remember these days. Guns & Roses & Glam bands ruled the day & Electric Voodoo became the instant home town party band, Not only for providing the best in entertainment, but also for being the nicest guys around.
The CD was recorded by Rick Neufeld @ Sam’s Hotel In Wallaceburg.

Track Listing.
1. Psychadelic Angel, 2. Down On You 3. Banana Song, 4. Detroit City Love Affair 5. Finnegan’s Wake, 6. Love Assylum 7. The Hypnotic, 8. Leaving Today 9. Voodoo Child, 10. Downtown Blues

Watch the video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.