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April 25, 2010

Band: Retro
Year: 2003
Genre: Classic Rock Cover Band
Home: Chatham Ontario

Charlene Roy
– Vocals
Bill Jackson – Drums
Bob McIntyre – Guitar
Deb McIntyre – Guitar

Notes: Bill, Bob & Deb have been playing together for almost seven years. Charlene has operated her Dj’ing business (The Singing DJ) for many years.



Captivated 2003

February 11, 2010

Group: Captivated
Release: Extreme Worship
Year: 2003
Genre: Religious
Home: Chatham
Church: Evangel Community Church

Mark Whitson Acoustic Guitar
Lindsay Cooper – Keyboard
Graham Kivell – Bass
Phil Smith – Electric Guitar
Jordan Michaelis – Drums
Additional Keyboards – Nathan Kivell
Vocals – Stephanie Michaelis, Kyla Tollefson, Ashley Fader, Phil Smith, Jordan Michaelis, Brian Fader

Worship Leaders: Brooke Nichols & Craig Luff

1. Stronger than 2. Lord reign in me 3. This is how we overcome 4. Draw me close 5. Deeply in love 6. Invitacion fountain 7. In love 8. All my heart 9. Awesome in this place 10. I exalt thee 11. King of majesty

Produced by: Craig Luff
Mix and mastered by: Bob Hiltz
Artwork and Photography: Jen Szucs



Music Store Moves 2003

December 16, 2009


Store: Frank’s Music Centre
Established: 1961
Location: 75 King Street West, Chatham Ontario

Specializing in:
Large selection of sheet music
Comfortable and quiet lesson rooms
Full line instrument sales and service
PA rentals – Eyrespace Studios

  In 2003, Franks Music Centre moved just down the road on King Street to better serve their customers. The store has been serving Chatham since 1961. Frank’s is also a great place to take drum, piano or guitar lessons in Chatham Ontario.
 For more info about what the store has to offer you, call Steve and Bob at the store today

  For further info, click on the photo above.



Jani Jakovac 2003 CD

November 29, 2009

Artist: Jani Jakovac
CD Release: This Is Her Life
Style: Vocal and Piano
Year: 2003
Home: Chatham Ontario
Resides: Vancouver

01. this is her life
02. lovin’ you
03. I’d rather be
04. strips me bare
05. she has no name
06. closer
07. something borrowed
08. take it back
09. the score

All music & lyrics by Jani Jakovac
Recorded in Vancouver B.C.
Cover photo by Carmen Day

Notes: This is her second recording, but her first to the public.
  She grew up in the small city of Chatham, Ontario, 45 minutes over the border from the Motown.  Her influences, ranging from classical to funk, are revealed in every song that she writes. Her often autobiographical lyrics leave audiences thankful for the living she has done. No, music has not been the only part of Jani’s life, but it has been the strongest, most dynamic, most necessary, always with her, traveling to every place she has been. The ever positive, vibrant, energetic Jani, admits that her music is a therapeutic device that she has used for many years to keep the smile on her face.  Audiences are thrilled she has lived enough life to have stories to tell with her songs and young enough to make it interesting.

Visit Jani online here.



Rene Brosseau 2003

September 2, 2009
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Name: Rene Brosseau
Instrument: Pedal Steel and slide guitar

Band: The Demelo Brothers Band.
Style: Country
Year: 2003 – 2007



The Speds – New Latitudes CD (2003)

May 19, 2009

Artists: The Speds
Release: New Latitudes
Date: 2003
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario

Dave Deighton – Vocals and Percussion
Gerald Poirier – Vocals, Bass guitar, and Electric Guitar
Rob Dobson – Vocals and Keyboards
Ted Shaw – Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Vocals
Terry Dobson – Lead vocals, Electric and Acoustic guitars

   The Speds are one of Canada’s premier party bands. For the past 15 years, these guys have been entertaining audiences with such a wide variety of music its hard to imagine one band could pull it off, but somehow they can! Whether you like it hard or soft, they do it all from “Van Morrisson to Van Halen” and everything in between, and I mean everything…Boston, Journey, Elvis, Beatles, Styx, etc.etc.etc.
1 Get What You Want 2 Living In Paradise 3 Fly High 4 Never Let You Go 5 Dreamin’s Behind Me 6 Believe In Me 7 New Latitudes 8 Free Me 9 Not Again

If above video does not appear, watch it here.


Preview music here:
The Speds Page:



The Janet Theory – Sacriluscious (2003)

May 19, 2009

The Janet Theory
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada
Style: Rock
Date: 2003
Cover Art By Brett Jubinville

Mat Drew
– Vox,
Shawn Beaulieu – Guitar, Vox, Loops & Programming
Jesse Verleye – Bass, Vox
Dave Richie – Guitars,
Dave Major – Drums, Vox

01.Killing The Girl (Listen to the track online here)
02.It’s Alright
03.Move On
04.Kinda Feels Good
05.You Suck (Click to play or right click and choose ‘save target as’ to download)
06.Revival Of The Fittest
07.Tree House
08.Drowning Face First In Your Bitterness
09.The Ugly In My World
11.Going Criminal
12. (Bonus) Ground Control

 Recorded and Engineered by Bob Hiltz and Steve Eyres
Executive Producer: Steve Eyres
Mixed and Mastered by Bob Hiltz
Recorded at Eyres Space Studio, Chatham ON, Canada.
Photography: Jason Moor

The Scoop:
The writing teams of Shawn & Jesse go as far back as their first band in 1991 (Foster Child).
Mat & Dave Major’s friendship go as far back as 5 year old kiddies.
The band has stuck with their golden rule, to have fun & write music they like. This demo received amazing reviews from around the world & The 2nd Indie single “It’s Alright” was released across the U.S.A. through New York label Rut Records.

Another first for the band was to perform on one of the years biggest tours (Vans Warped Tour) making stops in Montreal  Quebec (Park Jon Dropeau), Barrie Ontario (Molson Park) & the biggest stop of the tour was 20,500 people @ the Pontiac Silver Dome in Michigan U.S.A.. The guys were invited to more dates but had prior commitments at the time, (This was their respective hobby, so they had day jobs and family back home to go back to).
Despite all the good fortune, the band continues on as always & is not buying into the hype. The band has become infamous for their party antics on & off the stage. The two Dave’s are the newest additions to the band, joining in 2001.
The Janet Theory disbanded in 2004 but went out finishing there 2nd year of Warped Tour (2004) which included the Canadian & Mid U.S.A. legs of the tour.
The members went on to take it easy for awhile raising their families while still playing a little for fun. Mat & Dave Major went on to form ‘The Sound Of Static’. Dave Richie, Jesse & Shawn went on to form ‘Dead Girls Union’. Shawn also released home demos under his home recording moniker ‘Demo Kid’.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Listen to The Janet Theory here, or here.



Noel Marentette – Gypsy Roads (2003)

May 18, 2009


Artist: Noel Marentette
Release: Gypsy Roads
Date: 2003
Style: Country

All songs written by Noel Marentette
Noel – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Bob Hiltz – Bass & Electric Guitar
Quadrangle Folk Singers & Help from Albin Kristy

1. There’s a little gypsy in my soul
2. This bar at Erieau
3. Ride ride that train
4. You’re the first one
5. We’ll meet again
6. Guess I’ve learned a lot from playing guitar as a kid
7. When roses bloom again
8. My Tijuana rose
9. Dance Ballerina dance
10. Tonight Mama doesn’t have to cry
11. Don’t tell Maria I’m leaving



Jade Lester Demo Includes Many Cover Songs (2003)

May 17, 2009
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Artist: Jade Lester
Release: 11 cover song demo
Date: 2003
Home: Chatham

Jade has won many awards this year including:

1. Wallaceburg Summerfest Talent Contest “Winner” under 15
2. Chatham/Kent’s “Search For a Bright Shining Star” Overall Winner February 2002, and Winner 11-14 years- 2003
3. London Idol Finals at the Galleria March 2003
4. May 2003, 2004 – Lambton Music Festival Junior Vocal Trophy -Eyre Memorial Trophy Winner & Leckie Rose Bowl Winner 2006
5. Point Edward Optimist Junior/Youth Talent Competition- “1st Place 12-under”
6. July 1, 2003 Festival of Nations Karaoke Contest “1st place Under 16” and “1st place- Duets”
7. July 15, 2003 WMUS/FM 107 Colgate Country Showdown Finals in Fremont Michigan
8. Aug 9 2003 Comber Fair Singing Contest 1st Place 12-under
9. Aug 22 2003 Ingersoll Harvest Days Talent Contest 1st place Open Class
10. Aug 31 2003 CNE “Rising Star” Youth Talent Competition “Finals”
11. Sept. 6  2003, 2005, 2006 Petrolia Fair Talent Contest- “Intermediate Grade 6-9” 1st Place
12. Sept. 13  2003 “Troy Daze” Talent Contest, Troy Michigan, 1st Place 12 under
13. Oct. 2003 Brigden Fair talent contest 1st place Elementary School category
14. Oct. 2003 Rockton Fair talent contest 1st place 10-15 yrs category



This End Up (2003)

May 6, 2009


Artist : This End Up
Home : Chatham Ontario
Date : 2003
What : Top 40 Cover Band
The Scoop : There is only a handful of local cover bands out there doing the cover band thing steady. This End Up are regulars at the ‘Blind Dog’, packing the house.
Drummer Mark also doubles as the drummer for Fletcher Munson who put out a 3 song demo sampler this summer 2003..



Tom Lockwood – Hands On (2003)

May 6, 2009


Artist : Tom Lockwood
Home : Chatham
 Release Title : Hands On (CD) 
Music Style : Acoustical Guitar
Date : 2003

Musicians : Tom Lockwood

The Scoop : Never less than professional, Tom is one of the area’s most popular & noted Guitarist’s.
   He has performed in Rock bands in the past but his heart is in creating acoustic guitar compositions.
   Tom spreads his knowledge & passion through teaching guitar lessons & has taught most of this cities new artists. It is always nice to be able to catch Tom perform a solo show or catch him at  an open jam with other local artists.
  The tune “Mercy,Mercy,Mercy” garnered lots of CBC airplay and racked up emails from listeners all over Canada.

Recording credits
Executive Producers : Greg & Mary Bentley
Recorded & Mixed by Bob Hiltz @ Eyres Space Studio, Chatham except ‘Cirrus’ which was recorded by Dave Norris.

Track Listing 1. Nighthawks  2. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy  3. Emily  4. Fat Tuesday  5. Honey Brown 
6. Hands On  7. Waiting for an Angel  8. Prelude  9. Cirrus  10. Nine Yards
 11. Nine Yards  12. Here & Now  13. Passion Flower  14. The Shadow Of Your Smile 
15. My Favorite Things  16. Daybreak  17. Promised Land  18. If I Could….. 
19. Last Call  20. White River Rag

Click on video below to play CD preview.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Visit his web site here.



Sarah Hiltz – Close to Me (2003)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Sarah Hiltz
Home : Chatham
 Release Title : Close To Me  (CD)
Music Style : Acoustic Guitar/ Vocal
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Sarah Hiltz – Guitars, Vocals
Bob Hiltz – Add.Guitars & Vocals


The Scoop : This was recorded live January 25th 2003 at the William Street Cafe in Chatham. Sarah is making a name for herself on the scene with her beautiful music & modern style.
   This demo contains half & half of original material & cover songs. Sarah is the daughter of Bob Hiltz who also appears on this recording & has engineered a large portion of the music coming out of the Chatham Kent & surrounding areas.

Recording credits
Recorded by Nigel Barylewicz & Andy Martin.
Mixed & mastered by Bob Hiltz

Track Listing.
1. Intro   2. Little Did I know   3. Without You
4. Chameleon   5. Orphan Girl   6. All My tears
7. Good Coffee, Strong Coffee   8. So It Goes
9. I Can’t Wait   10. Revelation   11. Wayfaring Stranger
12. Close To Me   13. The Night We Went Walking
14. The Valley   15. Suppertime   16. Girl From Ipanema
17. Amazing Grace   18. Open Arms

Listen to “Little Did I Know” online here.



O’Hara Brothers Band- Small Town Metaphors (2003)

May 5, 2009


Artist : The O’Hara Brothers Band
Home : Chatham Ontario Canada
Release : Small Town Metaphors EP

Music Style : Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Toby O’Hara – Vocals, Bass
Jeff ‘Mifflin – guitars, saxophone, B. vox
Clancy O’Hara – Piano, organ, guitar, B.vox
Rod Beaudry – drums, supporting vocals, percussion

Tracks: Hide In My Mind, Fear Tonight, Trading Stars, Hurry, Remembrance Day

The Scoop : The band does it’s own thing, reminding me of good vibes & chemistry that is relatable to a David Wilcox type experience. Built around strong talent, and a solid foundation, the band has been a staple in our scene for a long time. Seeing them live at Rockin The Bush, 2003, I was amazed at there presentation, vibe, & beautiful natural sound.
  Many people may recognize Jeff from Strings & Things, or have had him engineer their musical projects. He also gets to be at almost every event in the city with his work as a sound man. Rods drumming can be heard on early demos of his former (now disbanded) band Gates Of Rage.

Sample the release by clicking on the video below.

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Modena 440 – Shoulda been a Spy (2003)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Modena 440
Home : Chatham area
 Release Title : Shoulda been a Spy
Music Style : Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Jonathan Van Wyk, Matt Drewery, Branden Drewery, Chris Kearns

Track Listing.
1. Empty 2. Flying Away 3. Can’t Handle It Bonus – Saturday
Recording credits – Recorded at Eyrespace
Chatham by Bob Hiltz.



Foreign Film Star – Dark Romantic Music (2003)

May 4, 2009

Artist : Foreign Film Star
Home : Chatham Ontario
 Release Title : Dark Romantic Music 
Date: 2003
Produced by Bob Hiltz & Jamie Reaume

The Scoop : Although some of the tracks contain a full band presence, The Recording  is mainly the work of Jamie. Jamie has a long history of recording & you can catch him often performing acoustic shows around Ontario, & often at the Elephants nest in town.
    This demo contains different views of familiar songs, including remixes, acoustic versions, & band versions.

Track Listing.
1. Cowboys  2. Past My Skin  3. Pushing The Ocean On Me  4. Moment Of Clarity  5. Eversense  6. Cascades 7. Far From Touch 8. Picture Show 9. Ecersense  10. Almost Touching 11. Blindfold 12. Cowboys 13. In The Circle 14. Crisis 15. Jungle Walk

Nice Janet Theory Shirt Jamie!

Nice Janet Theory Shirt Jamie!




Fletcher Munson – 3 song demo (2003)

May 4, 2009

Artist: Fletcher Munson
Home : Ridgetown  
Release : 3 song sampler          
Style : Contemp.Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Derek Johnston – Vocals            
Doug Eberle – Guitars
Jason Shine – Bass                         
Mark Slater – Drums 

Special guest Tom Lockwood on tracks 1 & 2.

2. Tolerance
3. Enlightened

The CD :
     Fletcher Munson had released a demo in 1999 which gained good support from our local radio stations.
     Two new guys have joined to bring back this band. Mark brings lots of live experience & is known for playing in the local cover band ‘This End Up’  which packs the Blind Dog (Chatham Night Club) every time they play.
  There is not a whole lot of material (3 songs) on this disc,   but this is a solid beginning to a ‘jam’ band, which this city could use now.
This is their third demo.

Click on video below to hear samples of the CD

If video does not appear, watch it here.



Finding Core (2003)

May 4, 2009


Band: Finding Core
Formed: 2000-2001
Genre: Rock Covers

Todd Lenover – Vocals And Guitar
Eric Andrews (Eric Broadbent) – Guitar
Gary Patrick – Drums
JZ Taine – Bass

The Scoop : A new cover band made up of  skilled veteran players who have began to change direction to an original music project.
     Not to take attention away from the band, but Eric Andrews (Also known as Eric Broadbent) has made a name for himself in the area  as one of the elite top rock guitar players. He can play any Van Halen lick, has the same gear & even looks a little like Eddie himself. No one will let him off stage until he at least plays a Van Halen solo & it is always fun to watch.

Credits include : Previously played “Eddie” in Canada’s most popular Van Halen Tribute band, 5150. Won 1st place in Guitar Warz 1991, Chatham Ontario, competed for Canadian finals 1992. Won “Best Guitarist” in 2003 Band Spotlight Competition.



Daisy Ella Mojo Crew 2 Song Demo (2003)

May 3, 2009


Artist : Daisy Ella Mojo Crew
Home : Chatham / Ottawa Area
 Release Title : 2 song demo
Music Style : Adult Contemporary Rock
Date : 2003

Musicians :
Maurizo Salvatore Piamonte – Vocals, Guitars
Joanne Polack – Drums, Backing Vocals
PJ Larabie – Bass

The Scoop : The band consists of a member from Chatham, but they mainly reside in the Ottawa area. They were down for a short period & recorded these 2 tracks in town.
  The band is getting radio support with this new material & good things are happening.