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Ralph Murphy Circa 1982

August 11, 2013

Name: Ralph Murphy
Year: Circa 1982
Raised: (Chatham-Kent) Wallaceburg
Position: Performer, producer, songwriter & publisher.

Amongst many other projects, roles, & duties, highlights for Ralph Murphy Circa 1982 include:
1982 – Co-wrote ‘He Got You’ performed by Ronnie Milsap. Album: Inside. RCA Records.
1982 – Co-wrote the single ‘Call My name’ performed by David Lee.
1982 – Ralph worked on the Capitol records release ‘All In Time’ by Eloise Laws.

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Born To Play 1982

March 10, 2012

Band: Born To Play
Home: Chatham-Kent
Formed: 1977
Disbanded: 1982

Notes: The Born to Play were a four piece band for a few years and then became a five piece.

Gabe Gagnon – Lead Guitar
Luc Caron – Bass
Luc Martin – Steel Guitar
Rosaire Emery – Drums
Ron Jubenville – Lead Guitar – Vocals
Roger LaPointe – Rythm Guitar – Vocals

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The Force 1982

July 9, 2010

Band: The Force
Year: 1982
Circa: 1977-1983

Rick Rankin
– guitar
Brent Hunter – bass
Pat Crone – drums
Tom Starks – keyboards

The Force was formed in 1977 after the breakup of the band Beginings.

  Tom Starks on keys and Pat Crone on drums joined Rick Rankin (guitar) and Randy Young (bass). Bassist Brent Hunter replaced Randy Young in 1981.
The band was in high demand and worked steadily, playing disco (they had to) and rock/top 40 music that was popular at the time at many local hotels, festivals, and special events in Chatham-Kent from 1977-1983.

  With a talented horn section consisting of Dave Sass, Jack Drobko, Bob Fazecash and Brian Murphy, The Force had a large and unique songlist.
 About 10 times each year, the band put on themed shows with special guests Craig (Pork) Koehler and Ed Smitchen, “The Fast Fried Pork Revue”. They added musical comedy  that was zany, hilarious and often strayed from the script.  The shows were authentically costumed thanks to Ed and his family.
The movie Star Wars opened in `77 and was the inspiration for a series of “Summer Trek” concerts (Gross Encounters of the Force Kind).
Hallowe’en productions were a specialty. Parodies of popular movies like Star Wars, The Blues Brothers, The Rocky Horror Picture Show were performed at places like the Tilt’n Hilton in Erieau, the CAW Hall, the Tecumseh Hotel, the Turf Room, and the Thames Theatre (opening for Max Webster).
 When The Force and Hatrick bands split up in 1983, new bands Advance Green, Texas and Manpower were formed.
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Jubilaires II 1982

December 9, 2009

Jubilaires II

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Band: The Jubilaires II
Year: 1981
Genre: Country, pop
Home: Chatham

(L-R back row)
Floyd Bobier – Bass, vocals
J.P. Marchand – R. guitar, harmonica, vocals
John MacTavish – Keyboards, Synthesizer, strings, vocals
(L-R middle row)
Brad James – R. guitar, vocals
Marc Lozon – Drums
(L-R front row)
Roland Lozon – L. guitar, Violin, banjo, mandolin

Note: Roland’s son becomes the drummer.
  The group performs in the “Stars of the Grand Ole Opry Show” that includes acts such as Ray Price, Charlie McCoy, and Faron Young. The Jubilaires II also back up Jan Howard and Ronnie Robbins for many of the Opry shows.  Another great show the band does is The Mohawk Country Jamboree in Shelburne Ontario which featured The Oak Ridge Boys and Don Williams.



The Great Moustache Ryde

November 11, 2009

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 Band: The Great Moustache Ryde
Home: Chatham-Kent Area
Year: Circa 1982
From: Road Band

John Arnold – drums, vocals
Bob McIntyre – guitar, vocals
Ric Murphy – bass, vocals
Dave Holland – guitar, vocals



Deborah Laurie and the Marble Heart Station Band

August 22, 2009

: Deborah Laurie and the Marble Heart Station Band
Year: Circa 1982
Home: Chatham Kent Area

Deborah Laurie – Vocals
Tony Bandoni – Guitar
Frank – Drums
Dave Jeffrey – Bass and Vocals.

Update: This 2009 era video below,  shows us the natural and great guitar playing of Tony. The Twang Bastards covering a very cool Hellecasters instrumental.

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Billy Sinder And The Explosions (1982)

May 28, 2009

Band: Billy Sinder And The Explosions
What: Blues Brothers Tribute Band
Year: 1982 era
Home: Chatham Kent Ontario Canada

Bill Malcom – Singer, Harmonica
Willy Darchuck – Lead Guitar
Ted Bushey – Rhythm Guitar
Mike Vandohogen – Upright Bass, Bass
(Cliff) Charles Partridge – Drums

   Billy Sinder And The Explosions could be seen live at the Royal Tavern And The Parkview.

Ted Bushy: The photo above was the first pro gig for Ted Bushey. Ted went on to become a songwriter for many Major label record companies, which worked well for his passion of being behind the scenes of making music.
   Ted also lived out West where he played live from time to time. He mainly pitches songs to Nashville artists these days and has become well known in the industry for his ability to write 100-200 songs a year for a long stretch.