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The Good Robots in 2019

January 13, 2021

Band: The Good Robots
Home: Chatham-Kent, Ontario Canada
Year: 2019
Genre: Covers (Mostly rock)
Year formed: 2018

Notes: The Good Robots is a cover project produced by Shawn Beaulieu, collaborating with local friends and musicians from around the world, on a rotating basis.

Members (2019 Line-Up)

  • Shawn Beaulieu (Chatham, Ontario, Canada)
  • Jesse Verleye – Vocals & Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Aaron Barry – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Jordan Ginty – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Lee Resistant – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Walter Staley – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Franky Costanza – Drums (France)
  • Pedro Tinello – Drums (Santos Brazil)
  • Jason Andersen – Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Erce Arslan – Drums ( Turkey)
  • Kraig Lamb – Guitar (Wheatley, Ontario)
  • Philip Smith – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Josh Hinch – Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Cameron Fleury – Drums (Tilbury – Chatham-Kent)
  • Nick Wigcherink – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • Mitchell Doxtater – Bass (Chatham-Kent)
  • Carlos Spinassi – Drums (Brazil)
  • Colin Luby – Vocals (Chatham-Kent)
  • J-Rad Sterling – Drums (Chatham-Kent)

Covers in 2019 (Links to the videos)
* Pantera – Mouth For War
* System of a Down – Chop Suey!
* Fugazi – Waiting Room
* Pearl Jam – Corduroy
* Beck – Loser
* Foo Fighters – Everlong
* White Zombie – Thunder Kiss 65
* Slayer – Raining Blood.

* Facebook link here.
* Youtube ‘Good Robots’ Playlist link here.



Defame the Defamers

February 14, 2018


Artist: Defame the Defamers
Release: Defame the Defamers (Self Titled)
Year: 2018
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario, Canada
Genre: Metal/Rock.
Free album download here.

Shawn B.  – Vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards & percussion.

01. When Life Gets Hard Again
02. I’ll Make Mistakes
03. Happily Ever After
04. New Year’s Resolution
05. Best Friend
06. No Give Aways
07. Flying Spaghetti Monster
08. Divided in Unity
09. To Die For
10. Burning Bridges
11. Small Victory
12. Built To Win

* Since 1991, Shawn has been releasing music and performing in bands including Saint Ends, Demo Kid, Dead Girls Union, The Janet Theory, The Mad & Foster Child.
* This is a free share demo and is not available for sale in any form.
* Written, performed recorded, produced, mix and mastered by Shawn B., except for drum tracks by noted drummers below.
Dave Grohl –  Drums on ‘I’ll Make Mistakes’. Chris Adler – Drums on ‘Flying Spaghetti Monster’. Adam Carson – Drums on ‘Built To Win’. Cybernetics – Drums on ‘No Give Aways’.
* Notes: ‘Small Victory’ music written with Chuck Y. and Jesse V. (1997).
* Divided in Unity – Partial lyrics borrowed from Rob Johnston (The Mad). “Shoot the moon and let its pain rain down, into the common love train of clowns”.

* Download/preview the free album at Bandcamp here.
* Youtube video link here.

Video preview below.



Demo Kid – Home Demos Volume 6 (2014)

December 20, 2014


Artist: Demo Kid
Release: Home Demos Vol. 6 (I Heard the Drummer Quit)
Year: 2014 (Dec)
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada
Genre: Rock.
Free Direct Album download: click here.
Email Contact:

Members: Shawn B. (Demo Kid)

Notes:I heard the drummer quit‘ seemed an appropriate title for this project as most of the songs were written completely around drum tracks alone, as a type of song writing experiment. This collection also contains collabs. See inlay pics for full credits.
Shawn (Demo Kid) is also a guitarist and the ‘behind the scenes’ guy in Saint Ends, a new local Indie band from Chatham.

01. Weekends
02. Push Pull Kind Of Love
03. You Make Me Crazy
04. I’ll Make Mistakes
05. Mom & Pop Stores
06. Emo Girlfriend
07. Built To Win
08. Burning Bridges
09. Damaged Shores
10. No Give Aways
11. Round & Round
12. Daisy Daisy
13. Sky Cake.

Free CD direct Download: link.
Youtube: link.


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Demo Kid Home Demos Volume 5

April 30, 2012


click on photo to enlarge

Demo Kid
Release: Home Demos Volume 5
Year: 2012
Home: Chatham Ontario
Demo Kid: Shawn B.

Note: All music performed, written, recorded by Shawn B. except where noted. 

01 I’ll Make Mistakes
02 Will You Forgive Me..
03 Pieces
04 Don’t Stop The Party
05 123
06 With Someone Else Now
07 Beautiful Day
08 Camp Fire Songs
09 Kiss Your Halo Good-Bye
10 Occupy Religion
11 Tell You Twice
12 Sick With Me
13 I Don’t Wanna Grow Up


* Watch the preview below for this release.


Demo Kid videos on You tube: