Aberdeen Reunion 2016 Chatham

April 5, 2016



Reunion Pics

Note: For info on the 2017 Aberdeen Reunion, Click here

The Official tribute to Chatham’s legendary Rock Bar, the Aberdeen.

Aberdeen Reunion
* Sat. August 13th, 2016
* At Bar Out Back, Chatham (Behind Swiss Chalet)
* 160 Keil Drive South, Chatham, Ontario.
* The event sold out.
* View above pic in original large size here.

* The show began at 8pm to a full house. Some of the bands on the bill were reuniting for the first time in years. Lyra reunited for the first time in 28 years and played flawlessly. Beggar’s Opera, Foster Child, & Electric Voodoo all shared in their respective reunions. The Aberdeen had closed 20 years ago this year.

* Highlights included the people who attended. It was a love fest of a true nature, in that all that attended, were attendee’s from back in the day. Many people signed the huge Aberdeen reunion sign, which can be seen at Bar Out Back, in Chatham.

Live Entertainment
Electric Voodoo (Reunion) (1-2AM)
The Smash Tones (10:30-12:30PM)
Lyra (Reunion) (9-10PM)
Foster Child & Beggars Opera (8-9PM)

* Watch the video below.




  1. What about the “Country Era” of the Aberdeen. You have completely eliminated about 15 – 20 years of good times where the bands were Country and Country Rock.
    Good luck with your venture.

    • That is a great idea. Unfortunately, everyone who has helped organize these events are from the 80-90’s era, and are unfamiliar with who could be involved in the earlier years. I would love to put one on for that era, but it wouldn’t be genuine. I would gladly help you out if this is something you would like to put on. I know you have been putting shows on for years and would make make it genuine.

  2. I spent quite a bit of time in Aberdeen back in my early 20’s when I lived in Chatham. Out of all the local bands I saw at the Ab the one that really stands out for me is ‘LYRA’. They were freakin’ awesome!! Now this was a tight band with a really great repertoire of pure party rock. One couldn’t help but have a great time seeing those guys. I was lucky enough to catch them at the Aberdeen Reunioun-2016. AWESOME!!! Those guys still got it!

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