Sams Percolator Chatham

May 10, 2016

Venue: Sam’s Percolator
Year: 2016
Where: 87 Thames St, Chatham-Kent, ON
Type: Coffee Shop/Bar/ Restaurant.
Opened: Late June 2014.

Note: A tiny but vibrant place, a one of a kind for Chatham.
As of late, Sam’s has been having acoustic performers (mostly solo) every other Saturday night, from 8:30-10:30pm. Although 25 people fill the place, it is actually the perfect amount to make it an enjoyable & engaging evening to start your night off.
Handmade espresso + Craft Beer & Wine + Fresh baked desserts + Free Wi-Fi

Link: http://samspercolator.com

Acoustic events so far 2016:
* May 5th – Dave Richie (Acoustic)
* April 30 – Brennan Dube (Acoustic)
* April 2 – Jesse Verleye, Kyle Jubenville & Shawn Beaulieu (Acoustic)
* March 17 – Dwayne Boismier (Acoustic)
* March 5 – Glenn Smith (Acoustic)
* Feb 20 – Dave Richie (Acoustic)



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