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Jeremy de Freitas 2016 CD

January 24, 2019


Artists: Jeremy de Freitas
Release: Crossed Off
Year: 2016
Genre: Acoustic Rock
From: Chatham Ontario
Resides: Toronto area

Notes: Performing at Casino Rama, Greektown Casino in Detroit and the Annual Food and Wine Expos in Toronto, Jeremy de Freitas has risen to become a top performer in the GTA. He was also rated one of Toronto’s Top 15 Wedding Singers and released his debut album “Crossed Off” in 2016.

01. Crimson and Blue
02. As Long as It’s There
03. God Damn Thing
04. Corner of My Mind
05. Since I Left You
06. Jet Black
07. Settle for More
08. When It Happens to You
09. Side Effect
10. Placebo Love

Watch the video preview of the release below:

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Brooke Nicholls – 2016 – Found In You

December 19, 2018

Artist: Brooke Nicholls
Release: Found In You
Year: 2016
Genre: Gospel
From: Chatham-Kent
Resides: Toronto Area.

* Brooke was able to travel across Canada, playing a total of 97 times in 2017, opening for acts like MercyMe, NewSong, The City Harmonic, Love & The Outcome and Dan Bremnes. The album’s lead single ‘Home’ charted Top 10 at Canadian Christian Radio and went Number 1 at the largest Christian Radio Station in Canada.
* 2017 culminated in Brooke being nominated for New Artist of the Year and Female Vocalist of the Year at the Canadian Gospel Music Awards.

1 Beauty from Ashes
2 Found in You
3 Blessed Assurance
4 All I Need to Know
5 Grace Today (A Prayer)
6 How Great Thou Art
7 Home
8 I Am Free
9 Victory in Jesus

CD Preview below

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The Blurry Pickers 2016

January 12, 2018

Band: The Blurry Pickers
Release: Diary of a Grassman
Year: 2016
Home: Southern Ontario
Genre: Roots/Bluegrass

Chatham Connection: The Blurry Pickers include Chatham natives Blair Babcock, James Davies, Jeff English and Christy Muddle.

Band Members (Circa 2017)
Blair Babcock (bass/vocals)
James Davies (washboard)
Sara Edge (vocals)
Jeff English (guitar/vocals)
Todd Gillies (guitar/vocals)
D’Arcy Good (fiddle/vocals)
Christy Muddle (vocals)
Jeff Rothwell (mandolin/vocals)
(Members list collected from circa 2017. It may or may not reflect who was on these recordings, or in the band at the time of this recording)

1. I Won’t Again
2. Bentpath Trail
3. Flowers for You
4. You’ll Come Runnin’
5. Deeds I Done
6. In the Mourning
7. Mama’s Secret
8. The Death of Jebodiah Wilkes
9. Rise to the Glory
10. The Traveller
11. Don’t Bring Me My Flowers
12. Truth, Lies ‘n Whiskey

* Reverbnation here.
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November 27, 2016

Artists: 1HQ
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 2016
Genre: Dance/club music, humour

Matt Deneau
Jeff O’rourke

Material posted online 2012-2016.
* Soap
* 10 Inches
* FireCracker
* Where you at ?
* Drinkers Anthem
* Dirty Girls
* Dance Floor
* Feel The Beat
* Back It Up
* Feel The Beat
* Booty Call
* Chocolate White
* Beat Em Up
* Hallucinate
* Cry Babies
* Shlim Baby
* Red Rover

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Chatham-Kent Mountaineers 2016

November 13, 2016

Band: Chatham-Kent Mountaineers
Year: 2016
From: Chatham Ontario.
Genre: Celtic rock
Format: Covers & originals.
Formed: 2008

Current line-up
Dan Davidson – lead vocals and drums
Alysson Storey-Davidson – fiddle, vocals, flute, harmonica
Rob Rankin – guitar, mandolin, banjo
Justin McMath – bass guitar
Steve Wiseman – guitar, vocals

Notes: The CK Mountaineers have recently played at the Sandbar in Erieau, Queen’s Head Pub in Tilbury, Blenheim (BYC Survivor competition/fund-raiser),

* Website here.
* Myspace link here.


Moondog Howlers 2016

October 29, 2016


Band: Moondog Howlers
Release: (CD) Self Titled.
Year: 2016
Genre: Blues
Home: Chatham-Kent Ontario Canada
Buy: Currently available at Aug’s video in Chatham & Blenheim. Look on iTunes, shortly.

Mike Copley – Vocals
Alex Polowick (Aug) – Guitar
Dwayne Purdy: Bass
Mark Tremblay – Keyboards
Rick Chrysler – Drums

Notes: Formerly known as the local blues cover band ‘Blues on the Rocks’, the name change comes with the release of this original release. The guys have been honing their craft on the live scene locally for many years. This line-up of some of the most talented and well rooted musicians in the local scene for decades, comes together seemingly effortlessly. Without going into the  individually rich members bio’s, it is safe to say that this release is everything you would expect to stand side by side with a major label blues album.

Kelly “Mr. Chill” Hoppe – Harmonica (Track 7,9,13).
Kelly Authier – Backing vocals (Track 1&3).

01. My way home
02. I got an angel
03. Feelin’ good
04. Is there anybody out there
05. My momma told me
06. Memories
07. I don’t want you
08. Close to you
09. Whiskey
10. Stuck on you
11. You gotta Know
12. Fly-by-nighter
13. Keep my motor running

* Watch the album preview below.



The Long Lots Deep Secret 2016

October 3, 2016

Band: The Long Lots
Release: Deep Secret
Year: 2016
Genre: Indie Rock/Blues
Home: Chatham-Kent
Formed: 2007

Gary Jongbloed – Guitar
Jay Amerlinck – Vocals, guitar
Jason O’Rourke – Bass
Jeff O’Rourke – Drums
Glenn Smith – Keyboards, percussion,

01 Hospital Bed
02 Even Keel
03 Freight Train
04 13 Shots
05 Into the Woods
06 Moon Sits Low
07 Rattlin’ Bones
08 Blue Collar Blues
09 Tail Lights
10 Deep Secret

Previous Releases:
* 2009 – Blood Runs Cold (12 songs)
* 2012 – In the Valleys of Our Hearts (EP) (5 songs)

* Watch the CD preview video below.

* iTunes download here.
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Objective Unknown 2016 EP

October 3, 2016

Band: Objective Unknown
Release: II (EP)
Year: 2016
Home: (Chatham-Kent)
Genre: Classic Rock

Objective Unknown formed in march 2009 with Cole Mills on Guitar/Lead Vocals/Drums, Dane Appleton on Guitar/drums, and Daryn Trainor on bass. After a few line up changes Hudson Cattoor joined the group in February 2010, on Drums/Percussion.

Daryn Trainor – Vocals, Bass Guitar, Keys
Cole Mills – Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Hudson Cattoor – Drums and Percussion
Dane Appleton -Lead Guitar, Producer

1 Man Tonight
2 Company You Keep
3 Sorry (So Sorry)
4 Sing If It Makes You Feel Better
5 Down and Out

* iTunes download link here.
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September 2, 2016

Artist: conVINCEing
What: Solo Acoustic Act
Home: Chatham Ontario, Canada.
Genre: 80’s, Classic Rock, Pop & Country covers.
Year: 2016
Formed: May 2016

Vince Stall – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar.

Notes: You can catch Vince live in Chatham at such venues as The Elephant’s Nest, Frendz, The Galley Grille Pub (Erieau), The Links of Kent, & Eau Buoys (Erieau)