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Zeke and the Moonshiners 1964

January 31, 2012

Band: Zeke and the Moonshiners
Genre: Comedy rock ‘n roll lounge act
Circa: 1964-1966
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada

Notes:Ole & Waide were performing in this band in their teen years. The group later morphed into the popular “Missing Links” which you can read about in full under that band name.
George and Waide left the group around 1966 when they decided to tour extensively. The Moonshiners added Grant Smith as their new drummer for about 2 years.
When starting the tour, they changed the name of the group to “The Missing Links” and entertained in Ontario for about 10 years.  At one point, the hottest recording/lounge act in Toronto.
In 1968, Waide started a popular local dance band known as “The Satin Highlight”.  This group played locally from 1969 to 1979.

(left to right) 
Fred Larsen – organ
John Larsen – bass
Ole Larsen (Eddy) – Guitar (rear-center)
Waide Holland – guitar
George Stoner – drums



The Larsen Brothers 1966

November 15, 2009

Band: The Larsen Brothers
Year: 1966
Home: Chatham Ontario.

Eddy Larsen (Ole) – Vocals, lead guitar
John Larsen – Bass
Freddy Larsen – Organ
Robbie – Drums

Future: Many will know the Larsen Brothers for their later name change to ‘The Missing Links’ who toured extensively and released an album in 1966. Ole would also go on to many other popular local bands including ’Texas’.

Past: Before ‘The Larsen Brothers’, they were called ‘Zeke and the Moonshiners’.  They were a great rowdy party band that dressed up as hillbillies and kept the crowds hollering to their crazy on stage antics.

Notes:  The Larsen Brothers were cleaned up by their management to prepare them as a band who would go out and tour in bigger venues and classy establishments. It happened, and they were loved by the audience and the club owners alike. They had full page  adds in major entertainment papers,  in major cities,  with the likes of Chuck Berry.

    The picture of the guys with the accordions was taken in the 50’s. This was the Larsens before they moved to Canada from Denmark.  The picture includes sons Fred and John with their Dad Harry Larsen. The other brother Eddy (Ole) was not in the picture playing because he was not old enough to play an instrument at that time. The young Larsen’s played European style dance for polkas. The family moved to Canada around 1958-59.

   The Larsen brothers come from a musical family. Their father was a multi-instrumentalist in Denmark for over 35 years. He played on TV, Radio, night clubs and a date as a gypsy violinist for a travelling circus.

2009 Update: I was at John Larsen’s house today to pick up photos’ from him.  We were talking with him and my good buddy Kiley (John’s son). I can assure you one thing. Even though over 44 years has past since this band formed, John is still a cool cat. He can also thank the many years of noted work with the ‘Chatham Pool Sharks’ swim team for giving him his great health today. Each member of the Larsen family has gone on to do wonderful things for the community, whether it be for the youths of today, or the adults who demanded the best in entertainment. S.Beaulieu