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Jubilation Release Music

May 2, 2010

Group: Jubilation
Release: Second Chance At Love
Year: 1998
Genre: Gospel, Christian Rock.
Home: Chatham-Kent (Dresden)

Judy Paling
Richard Arssenault

This CD includes four original songs and features Amber Ladd (Oshawa) on vocals. Paling’s three daughters can also be heard on the release.
Note: This is their second recording. The first CD was entitled “My Wings For His Glory“.

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Jubilaires II circa 1985

December 9, 2009

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Band: The Jubilaires II
Circa: 1985
Genre: Country, pop
Home: Chatham

(L-R back row)
J.P. Marchand – Rhythm guitar, harmonica, vocals
Marc Lozon – Drums
John MacTavish – Keyboards,  vocals
(L-R front row)
Roland Lozon – Lead guitar, Violin, occasionally banjo
Brad James – Rhythm Guitar, vocals
Doug Colletti – Vocals, bass

  Doug is from London and joins the band on bass guitar. He is another great player and has previously played in the local band Maple Shade.

  The band continues to play several clubs, bars, and dances. One of the  high lights include the Mohawk Country Jamboree in 1983, where they share the stage with acts such as Tommy Hunter, Rudy Davis, and Conway Twitty.
  A long lasting tradition for the members is to perform at the Belle River Singing and Fiddle Contest. The Jubilaires II performed this event from 1982 to around 1987. The event draws thousands of people from all around.
  The band goes on to change their name to “Front Page News” around 1987-88.



The Shreve Trio 1940

November 30, 2009

Group: The Shreve Trio
Home: Chatham Ontario Canada
Circa:  1940’s
Members:  Artis, Norma, and Carol Shreve

  The three sisters began singing in the C.C.I. High School Glee Club which turned into performances at high school concerts.
  Their talents were taken further when their director (Bessie Bracken) decided to take them on the road as a trio. From there, they played for radio and movie theatres.
  The sisters got together and sang once again at their family reunion in 1999 at the former fugitive slave settlement at North Buxton ON.

2009 Update:
Artis:  (now Artis Lane) went on to become a well known artist, and award-winning African American sculptor and painter. Her works were included on the sets of the “Cosby Show” (Bill Cosby’s hit television series in the 1980’s). There is plenty of information on her art online if you wish to read further. At age 21, Artis moved to Detroit and married.

If video does not appear, watch it here.

Visit Artis online here.

Source: Chatham-Kent Black Historical Society, You Tube, Artis Lane & Jim Shreve.
By S. Beaulieu