Ben Srokosz – forward / gradual

November 2, 2009

Cover Art

Artists: Ben Srokosz
Release: forward / gradual
Home: Chatham-Kent
Year: 1998

  Ben Srokosz’s 2nd album, Forward/Gradual was recorded to 8-tracks between May 13 and May 28th, 1998 in Ben’s bedroom and shed. It was the first CD release by Spur of the Moment Records. The album wavers between an upbeat celebration and a dark, almost regretful rememberence.

  forward / gradual
02  personal best
03  one weekend
04  twice, gain
05  before the fall
06  your face
07  afternoon
08  hospital white
09  doubtful
10  perfect life
11  every day i do the same
12  on the escarpment

Visit Ben online here.





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