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Steve Shearer – A Pocket Of Songs (1998)

May 17, 2009

Artist: Steve Shearer
Home: London
Release: A Pocket Of Songs
Date: 1998

All songs written and performed by Steve C. Shearer.

1. A Pocket Of Songs And A Beat Up Guitar
2. Spaceships And Aliens
3. Destiny
4. Not All That Long Ago
5. Cradle To The Grave
6. A Dream Come True
7. Learning How To Fly
8. The Ballad Of Gord And Irene
9. The Last Invitation
10. The Old Folks Memorial Hall
11. Here’s Mud In Your Eye
12. Recklessly Romantic And Hopelessly In Love
13. I Never Thought I’d Be Caught Dead Falling In Love Again
14. Going Down The Road
15. Until We Meet Again

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Steve Shearer & The Erie Ramblers (2000)

May 6, 2009


Artist : Steve Shearer & The Erie Ramblers
Home : Chatham
Release Title : Self Titled
Music Style : Roots
Date : 2000
The Scoop : Mr. Shearer is known world wide for his work as a member of the Cowboy Junkies.
  Back in town for this one, Steve includes some of the area’s top musicians to join him in this world class project.

Recording credits
Produced by : Steve Shearer, The Erie Ramblers & Bob Hiltz.
Engineered by : Bob Hiltz
Recorded @ The Eyres Space Studio Chatham. (Franks Music Center)
Front Cover Art by : Tom Hillborn.

Musicians :
Steve Shearer – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Harmonica, PPenny whistle, Accordion & Whistling.
Jonathan Davis – Drums
Jedd House – Bass
Chris Mittelholtz – Flat Top Guitar
Tom Lockwood – Nylon Guitar, Electric Guitar
Herman Rohowski – Fiddle
Glenn Jackson – Mandolin
Ernie Marchand – Pedal Steel Guitar
Julie Ross – Harmony Vocals
Rick Beneteau – Mandolin
Bill Plumridge – Backing vocal
Bill Myles – Backing vocal
Bob Hiltz – Acoustic Guitar