The Dave Murphy Band 1998

February 3, 2010

: The Dave Murphy Band
CD Release: Mysterious Juice
Year: 1998
Genre: Funk, rock & blues
Home: Toronto/Hamilton

Chatham Connection: Guitarist Dan Noordermeer is from Chatham. Dan played locally with ‘River Road’, was a long time member of the Jeff Healey Blues Band, and has done session work on several CD releases.

About Chatham’s own Dan Noordermeer:
  Guitarist extraordinaire Dan Noordermeer has been with the band for almost a decade, and continues to dazzle audiences with his formidable talents. Originally from Chatham, Dan now resides in Hamilton. Dan is known for his Samson-like mane of hair and his wicked sense of humour. Unlikely as it seems, Dan was a full time country musician for many years before joining the band. But for those familiar with his playing it’s no surprise, since he has an uncanny ability to play every style of music with incredible authenticity, passion and virtuosity.

CD & band notes:
  Over 200 shows a year quickly earned the band its reputation as one of the most talented, versatile and hardest working acts in the business. This is their second release.

Click on the video below to watch the CD Preview

If video does not appear, watch it hear.

  The disc is packed with fifteen original tunes, spanning the enormous stylistic range that the band is renown for. “Right this Moment is the lead off track – a funky horn drenched number celebrating the joys of living in the present, or “’carpeing the diem” as Dave might say! “Waking up the Dead” is driving blues that swings hard from start to finish, and features one of many stellar solos on the album by guitarist Dan Noordermeer. “It’s Only Money” is pure rock and roll, and lots of fun, whereas the gospel-tinged soul of “How’ve You Been” is highlighted by a moving vocal performance demonstrating Dave’s newfound maturity as both a singer and songwriter. The fifth song of the disc, “Lose Your Mind” is an uptempo funk-rock song which includes a great solo by Dave on the Hammond organ. And on it goes for ten more tracks, with lots of pleasant surprises along the way: The sonic wall of guitars and unrelenting groove of drummer Danny Lockwood on Lying There leave no doubt that the band can rock hard. The jazzy “Fast Twitch Blues” moves along at such a clip that one wonders how long the guys can hold on! “Let’s Play Outside” is a trip through a 70’s time machine with a very funky bass track by Chris “Bottom End” Bruce, and the upbeat groove of “Drano For Your Soul” features a fabulous extended sax solo by Toronto’s Mark Armstrong. The album closes as strongly as it begins: “Just One More” is a rousing sing-a-long swing blues number; the band rocks on “One Million Bands,” which offers a amusing commentary on the indie music scene; and the emotional Stranded on the Mainland is marked by a haunting piano and vocal performance by Dave. The final track “The Way it Goes” showcases the entire band, with an extended jam closing out the disc that recreates the excitement of the band’s live performances. “Mysterious Juice” is a huge eclectic mix of great music by one of Toronto’s most exciting live acts.



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