Junipur – Evening Feeling (1998)

May 4, 2009



Artist: Junipur
Home: Erieau (Chatham-Kent)
Release: Evening Feeling
Music Style Indie pop
Date: 1998

Musicians :
Phil Dennis – Vocals, Guitar, Synth
Matt Maillet – Guitar
Adam Dysarz – Bass
Jonathan Abrosimoff – Drums

The Demo: Junipur took on influences from the fuzzed out sub pop style scene that was happening with bands like sonic youth & Erics Trip. Sloppy but beautiful. This is a great demo with creative bursts & good when you want to get away from the typical stuff.
Oh Ya, & every CD came with a sticker, can’t beat that !

Track Listing.
1. Bus
2. so much more
3. astrohighway
4. in between
5. eightch
6. polka
7. shady pale
8. purple
9. cloudy
10. sub
11. pluto.

  • Demo Download link here.

    * Watch/listen to the preview below.





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