Pseudo Star (1998)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Pseudo Star
Home : Dresden / Thamesville / Chatham Kent
Release : Pseudo Star  (the album is self titled)
Music Style : Indie Pop/Rock
Date : recorded 1998, released 2003

Musicians : (in order of appearance in picture)
Craig Robinson : Guitars + Vocals
Charlie Miller : Bass Guitar + Guitars
Steve Bellan : Drums + Vocals
Mathew Workman : Guitars + Vocals

The Scoop :     Pseudo Star is a lo-fi indie pop/rock experience.  Drawing influences from The Beatles,  The Who,  to Sonic Youth and Pink Floyd, to Treble Charge and Alternative Rock,  each member brings a different style of music into the band.  The philosophy was always simple : To write original material in the style of the bands they loved.  The band’s sounds range from soft mellow songs to loud and noisy spaced-out jams.  Pseudo Star was formed in 1996,  and has played several shows in the Chatham Kent area.  Work began on an album that was to be titled “Sunday with the empty”.  Recording was finished in 1998,  but the band lost interest in the project,  as they began to write new material,  and in some cases,  form other bands.  Pseudo Star disband on a happy note in 2000,  and were able to actually finish the album in 2003.
Recording Credits : Recorded in 1998 at The House of Bleen.
Recorded by Dennis Reisner.
Mixed down / Mastered by Rod Reynolds at the Writing Room.  Some tracks are live.
    *Editors Note : The House of Bleen was the home to Square Root Of Margaret. Dennis Reisner plays bass for S.R.O.M.

CD Track Listing
1. Lyle Pennysworth, 2. Plum 54, 3. Average Girl, 4. Green Apples, 5. Wrong 6. Chrome, 7. Peppermint, 8. Her Green Felt Hat, 9. Extremely All the Time (Live), 10. Live Rock and Roll, 11. Fugazil


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