John Peneycad Near The Cross (1998)

November 11, 2009

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Vocalist: John Peneycad, 32
CD Release: Near The Cross
Year: 1998
Resides: Chatham
Music: Gospel Music
Appearances:  The peoples Church in Toronto (Nationally Televised)
  100 Huntley Street

  This is the second CD release from John who has been receiving praise for his work on a larger scale than he expected. On Nov. 6th 1999, he won the covenant award for “Inspirational Song of the year”, along with nominations for Album of the Year and Favourite Male Vocalist. “Empty Cross” is not only the song that won this for John, but it was also the first song he ever wrote.
John is active with his music and travels through out Ontario sharing his music.
Photo by:  E. Shreve CDN

Update: 2002 saw John and his family move to Moose Jaw with his new work after 13 years in Chatham




  1. I heard John sing on Living Truth (Peoples Church – Toronto. I would really like a CD of his. Where do I order?

  2. I also have heard John sing on Living Truth and especially enjoy his song ‘What sin?’ Where can I obtain a CD/DVD, please?

    • Any idea where to order his CD?

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