Sadie SuperNova (1998)

May 5, 2009


Artist : Sadie SuperNova
Home : Chatham 
 Release Title : The Tragic
Music Style : Bealtes/Sub-pop/Acid-Metal
Date : 1998

Musicians :
Shawn Meriano – All
Scott Meriano – Drums on #1
Sean Anderson – Drums on #2, #5
Notsuoh Ekim – Fiddle on #7
Doug Dewitte – Drums on #8

The Scoop : This is Shawn’s solo project that was recorded at his fathers  (Tony Meriano – Barn Yard Studio) music studio, As well as material he worked on while touring the country with his full time band ‘Whatever’.
   The Ear Catcher is “Girl Meets Girl”. This was a good creative underground demo & helped re-introduce Shawn back into the local scene which he had left  behind the past few years in pursuit of musical adventures beyond our little city.

Recording creditsProduced, Engineered & Mixed by Shawn Meriano.

Listen to Sadi SuperNova here


One comment

  1. Taking a peak into the past and wondering how you have been. Take care, Èlizabeth

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